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Cudworth, Ralph, 1617-1688. / [1678] The true intellectual system of the universe. The first part wherein all the reason and philosophy of atheism is confuted and its impossibility demonstrated / by R. Cudworth.
Cudworth, Ralph, 1617-1688. / [MDCLXIV 1664] A sermon preached to the honourable Society of Lincolns-Inne by R. Cudsworth ...
Cudworth, Ralph, 1617-1688. / [1651] Dantur rationes boni, & mali æternæ, & indispensabiles.
Cudworth, Ralph, 1617-1688. / [1647] A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons at Westminster, March 31, 1647 by R. Cudworth ...
Cudworth, Ralph, 1617-1688. / [1642] A discourse concerning the true notion of the Lords Supper by R.C.
Cullen, Francis Grant, Lord, 1658-1726. / [1698] Sadducimus debellatus: or, a true narrative of the sorceries and witchcrafts exercis'd by the devil and his instruments upon Mrs. Christian Shaw, daughter of Mr. John Shaw, of Bargarran in the County of Renfrew in the West of Scotland, from Aug. 1696 to Apr. 1697. Containing the journal of her sufferings, as it was exhibited and prov'd by the voluntary confession of some of the witches, and other unexceptionable evidence, before the Commissioners appointed by the Privy Council of Scotland to enquire into the same. Collected from the records. Together with reflexions upon witchcraft in general, and the learned arguments of the lawyers, on both sides, at the trial of seven of those witches who were condemned: and some passages which happened at their execution.
Culmann, Leonhard, 1498?-1562. / [1612] Sententiae pueriles, translated grammatically leading the learner, as by the hand, to construe right, parse, and make the same Latine; also to get both matter and phrase, most speedily and surely, without inconuenience.
Culmann, Leonhard, 1498?-1562. / [1658] Sentences for children, English and Latine collected out of sundry authors long since / by Leonard Culman ; and now translated into English by Charles Hoole, for the first enterers into Latin.
Culmer, Richard, 17th cent. / [1657] A parish looking-glasse for persecutors of ministers ... or, The persecuted ministers apologie published by Richard Culmer ... in defence of his father, Richard Culmer ...
Culmer, Richard, d. 1662. / [1644] Cathedrall newes from Canterbury shewing, the Canterburian Cathedrall to bee in an abbey-like, corrupt, and rotten condition, which cals for a speedy reformation, or dissolution : vvhich dissolution is already foreshowne, and begun there, by many remarkeable passages upon that place, and the prelats there : amongst which passages of wonder is, the Archbishop of Canterburies passing-bell, rung miraculously in that cathedrall / recorded and published by Richard Culmer ...
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1651] Semeiotica uranica, or, An astrological judgment of diseases from the decumbiture of the sick (1) from Aven Ezra by the way of introduction, (2) from Noel Duret by way of direction ... : to which is added, The signs of life or death by the body of the sick party according to the judgment of Hippocrates / by Nicholas Culpeper, Gent. ...
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1654] Opus astrologicum, &c. or, An astrological work left to posterity, by Nich. Culpeper, gent. Briefly containing, 1. A century of aphorisms, appropriated to the resolving of horary questions. 2. Elections astrological, for such as are going to war. 3. Elections and observations concerning journeys. 4. Elections for buildings, hidden treasures, and marriages. 5. Prognostications, and astrological secrets, proved by example.
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1651] An ephemeris for the yeer 1651 amplified with rational predictions from the book of the creatures. 1. Of the state of the yeer. 2. What may probably be the effects of the conjunction of Saturn and Mars, July 9. 1650. in Scotland, Holland, Zealand, York, Amsterdam, &c. and about what time they may probably happen. By Nich. Culpeper, Gent. student in astrology and physick, in Spittle-fields, next door to the Red Lyon.
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1654] An ephemeris for the year 1654, being the second after leap-year by Nich. Culpeper.
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1652 i.e. 1651] An ephemeris for the year 1652 being leap year, and a year of wonders. Prognosticating the ruine of monarchy throughout Europe; and a change of the law. Ministered by rational predictions: 1. from the eclipses of the moon. 2. From that most terrible eclipse of the sun. 3. By monethly observations, as seasonable warnings given to the kings of Europe, more especially to France and Portugal. By Nich: Culpeper, gent. student astrol.
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1652] The English physitian, or An astrologo-physical discourse of the vulgar herbs of this nation being a compleat method of physick, whereby a man may preserve his body in health, or cure himself being sick for three pence charge, with such things only as grow in England ... / by Nich. Culpeper.
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1662] Culpeper's directory for midwives: or, A guide for women. The second part. Discovering, 1. The diseases in the privities of women. 2. The diseases of the privie part. 3. The diseases of the womb ... 14. The diseases and symptoms in children.
Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. / [1652] Catastrophe magnatum, or, The fall of monarchie a caveat to magistrates, deduced from the eclipse of the sunne, March 29, 1652, with a probable conjecture of the determination of the effects / by Nich. Culpeper, Gent. ...
Culpeper, Thomas, Sir, 1578-1662. / [1621] A tract against vsurie. Presented to the High Court of Parliament.
Culpeper, Thomas, Sir, 1626-1697. / [1668] A short appendix to a late treatise concerning abatement of usury by the same author.
Culpeper, Thomas, Sir, 1626-1697. / [Printed in the year, 1671] Several objections against the reducement of interest propounded in a letter with the Answer thereunto.
Culpeper, Thomas, Sir, 1626-1697. / [1673] Plain English in a familiar conference betwixt three friends, Rusticus, Civis, and Veridicus, concerning the deadness of our markets : offer'd as an expedient to serious consideration, and for the general good of gentry and commons.
Culpeper, Thomas, Sir, 1626-1697. / [1670] The necessity of abating usury re-asserted in a reply to the discourse of Mr. Thomas Manly entituled, Usury at six per cent. examined, &c. Together with a familiar and inoffensive way propounded for the future discovery of summes at interest, that so they may be charged with their equal share of publick taxes and burthens, the long defect whereof hath exceedingly fomented usury, embased land, and much decay'd the better half of the kingdom. By Sr. Thomas Culpeper, Jun. Knight.
Culpeper, Thomas, Sir, 1626-1697. / [1668] The advantages which will manifestly accrue to this kingdom by abatement of interest from six to four per. cent
Culpeper, Thomas, Sir, 1626-1697. / [1655] Morall discourses and essayes, upon severall select subjects written by T.C., Esquire.
Culverwel, Nathanael, d. 1651? / [1652] An elegant and learned discourse of the light of nature, with several other treatises Nathanael Culverwel ...
Culverwell, Ezekiel, 1553 or 4-1631. / [1634] Time vvell spent in sacred meditations. Divine observations. Heavenly exhortations Serving to confirme the penitent. Informe the ignorant. ... And, cherish the true-hearted Christian. By that late able, painfull, and worthy man of God, Mr. Ezechiel Culvervvel minister of the Word.
Cumberland, Henry Clifford, Earl of, 1591-1643. / [1642] The declaration of the Right Honourable Henry, Earle of Cumberland, together with diverse gentlemen of the county of York, who desire it may be put in print, and published in all the parish churches of this county, 26 August, 1642
Cumberland, Henry Clifford, Earl of, 1591-1643. / [1642] The declaration of the right honourable Henry, Earle of Cumberland, Lord Lievtenant Generall of His Maiesties forces in Yorke-Shire and of the nobility, gentry, and others His Majesties subjects now assembled at Yorke for His Majesties service and the defence of this city and count.
Cumberland, Richard, 1631-1718. / [1686] An essay towards the recovery of the Jewish measures & weights, comprehending their monies, by help of ancient standards, compared with ours of England useful also to state many of those of the Greeks and Romans, and the eastern nations / by Richard Cumberland ...
Cuningham, David, Sir, fl. 1653 / [1653] To the Honourable Committee of Parliament appointed for prisoners. The most humble petition of Sir David Cuningham prisoner in the upper-bench, and the rest of the creditors of James Enyon Esquire, lately called Sir James Enyon Baronet deceased.
Cuningham, William, b. 1531. / [Anno. 1559] The cosmographical glasse conteinyng the pleasant principles of cosmographie, geographie, hydrographie, or nauigation. Compiled by VVilliam Cuningham Doctor in Physicke.
Cunningham, Alexander. / [1690] Some questions resolved concerning Episcopal and Presbyterian government in Scotland
Cunningham, Alexander. / [1689] An essay concerning church government out of the excellent writings of Calvin and Beza / by A.C.
Cunningham, Alexander. / [1690] The divine right of episcopacy demonstrated from Calvin and Beza together with a letter to a Presbyterian minister.
Cunningham, James, d. 1697? / [1678] An essay upon the inscription of Macduff's crosse in Fyfe by I.C., 1678.
Curate of the same county. / [1675] A letter of religion to the Protestant-dissenters from the Church of England, of what denomination soever in the county of Kent wherein is reported the ground of their dissent, their worship, way of instruction, and behaviour towards laws and government : to which is added a perswasive to conformity, at least an acquiescence in the religion established / by a curate of the same county.
Curate, Jacob. / [1692] The Scotch Presbyterian eloquence, or, The foolishness of their teaching discovered from their books, sermons and prayers and some remarks on Mr. Rule's late Vindication of the kirk
Curione, Celio Augustino, 1538-1567. / [1575] A notable historie of the Saracens Briefly and faithfully descrybing the originall beginning, continuaunce and successe aswell of the Saracens, as also of Turkes, Souldans, Mamalukes, Assassines, Tartarians and Sophians. With a discourse of their affaires and actes from the byrthe of Mahomet their first péeuish prophet and founder for 700 yéeres space. VVhereunto is annexed a compendious chronycle of all their yeerely exploytes, from the sayde Mahomets time tyll this present yeere of grace. 1575. Drawn out of Augustine Curio and sundry other good authours by Thomas Newton.
Curione, Celio Secondo, 1503-1569. / [1566?] Pasquine in a traunce a Christian and learned dialogue (contayning wonderfull and most strange newes out of heauen, purgatorie, and hell) wherein besydes Christes truth playnely set forth, ye shall also finde a numbre of pleasaunt hystories, discouering all the crafty conueyaunces of Antechrist. Whereunto are added certayne questions then put forth by Pasquine, to haue bene disputed in the Councell of Trent. Turned but lately out of the Italian into this tongue, by W.P. Seene allowed [sic] according to the order appointed in the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.
Curli, de. / [1678] Tudor, Prince of Wales an historical novel : in two parts.
Curteys, Richard, 1532?-1582. / [Anno. 1573] A sermon preached before the Queenes Maiestie, by the reuerende Father in God the Bishop of Chichester, at Grenewiche, the 14. day of Marche. 1573. Seene and allowed according to the order appoynted
Curtius Rufus, Quintus. / [1674] The life and death of Alexander the Great, King of Macedon in ten books / by Curtius Rufus ... done into English by the same hand that translated the last volume of The holy court.
Curtius Rufus, Quintus. / [1553] The history of Quintus Curcius conteyning the actes of the greate Alexander translated out of Latine into Englishe by Iohn Brende.
Cushman, Robert, 1579?-1625. / [1622] A sermon preached at Plimmoth in Nevv-England December 9. 1621 In an assemblie of his Maiesties faithfull subiects, there inhabiting. VVherein is shevved the danger of selfe-loue, and the sweetnesse of true friendship. Together vvith a preface, shewing the state of the country, and condition of the sauages. Written in the yeare 1621.
Cutler, Edward. / [1622?] A pleasant new song of the backes complaint, for bellies wrong, or, A farwell to good fellowship to the tune of A,B,C / [Edward Cutler]
Cutts, John Cutts, Baron, 1661-1707. / [1687] Poetical exercises written upon several occasions presented and dedicated to Her Royal Highness, Mary, Princess of Orange.
Cutts, John Cutts, Baron, 1661-1707. / [1695] On the death of the Queen by a person of honour.
Cutts, John Cutts, Baron, 1661-1707. / [1685] La muse de cavalier, or, An apology for such gentlemen as make poetry their diversion, not their business : in a letter from a scholar of Mars to one of Apollo.