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E. A., she Presbiterian. / [1645] Medico mastix, or, A pill for the doctor being a short reply to a late vindictive letter, sent to Mr. Vicars in the name of Doctor Bastwick, concerning Leiut. [sic] Coll. John Lilburn / by E.A., a she Presbiterian.
E. B. / [1685] Strange and wonderful news of the birth of a monstrous child with two heads, and three arms which was lately born at Attenree, in the county of Meath, in Ireland.
E. C. / [1690] A faithful account, of the present state of affairs, in England, Scotland, and Ireland, or, The remarkable transactions and proceedings that have happened in these kingdoms, since the discovery of the horrid Popish Plot, anno 1678 to this present year, 1689/90 plainly shewing the state of affairs, from time to time, in peace and war : but more particularly what has happened under the government and reign of their present Majesties, King William and Queen Mary, and of our wonderful deliverance from popery and slavery, &c. / by E.C.
E. C. S, fl. 1626. / [1626] The gouernment of Ireland vnder the honorable, iust, and wise gouernour Sir Iohn Perrot Knight, one of the Priuy Councell to Queene Elizabeth, beginning 1584. and ending 1588 Being the first booke of the continuation of the historie of that kingdome, formerly set forth to the yeare 1584, and now continued to this present 1626. Whereof the rest succeeding this already collected, but not fully perfected, shall shortly follow.
E. C., Doctor of the civil law. / [1680] A full and final proof of the plot from the Revelations whereby the testimony of Dr. Titus Oates and Mr. Will. Bedloe is demonstrated to be jure divino, and all colours and pretences taken away that might hinder the obstinate from assenting to the truth and sincerity of their evidence : dedicated to all Roman-Catholicks and infidels / by E.C., Doctor of the civil law.
E. D., True lover of the lawes and liberties of England. / [1659] Complaints and queries vpon Englands misery acted Octob. 13, 1659, by some officers of the army, against the Parliament of the common-wealth of England / by a true lover of the lawes and liberties of England, E.D.
E. F. / [1641] Newes from heaven both good and true concerning England shewing the right way to compose all differences and reconcile all disagreements betwixt King and subjects, husband and wife, parents and children, masters and servants. Ans so to procure the Prince of peace to dwell in our land. Being a dialogue between Mr. Tindall and Mr. Bradford, two famous English martyrs. Collected by E.F.
E. F. / [1679] A letter from a gentleman of quality in the country, to his friend, upon his being chosen a member to serve in the approaching Parliament, and desiring his advice being an argument relating to the point of succession to the Crown : shewing from Scripture, law, history, and reason, how improbable (if not impossible) it is to bar the next heir in the right line from the succession.
E. F. / [1642] A discoverie of the hellish plot against divers particular of the nobility of the kingdome of England also the papists gvnpowder-plot brought to light : with the copie of a letter sent from a noble-man in Ireland to Colonel Lunsford, Jan. 11, 1642 : shewing in a most true and reall reiation the manner how this hellish plot was laid and how these noble pillars of Protestant-religion the Earl of Cork, the Earl of Kildare and the valourous Lord Iones should have been blown up : as also hovv they intended to burn dovvn the citie of Dublin vvith wild-fire and how they were beaten back by the lord chief-justices in the castles.
E. F. (Edward Ford), fl. 1630?-1660. / [ca. 1635] Impossibilities. Or, A matter of no thing, yet some thing youle finde I know in the reading, will pleasure your minde, then heare it I pray, and when you have done, you'le say that the thread is handsomely spunne. To the tune of, I sigh, I sob, &c.
E. F. (Edward Ford), fl. 1630?-1660. / [ca. 1640?] A dialogue betweene Master Guesright and poore neighbour Needy. Or A few proofes both reall and true, shewing what men for mony will doe. To a pleasant new tune, called, But I know what I know.
E. G. / [1684?] Four of the choicest new songs as they are sung at court; written by a person of quality, named E.G.
E. G., gent. / [1652] A prodigious & tragicall history of the arraignment, tryall, confession, and condemnation of six witches at Maidstone, in Kent, at the assizes there held in July, Fryday 30. this present year. 1652. Before the Right Honorable, Peter Warburton, one of the Justices of the Common Pleas. / Collected from the observations of E.G. Gent. (a learned person, present at their conviction and condemnation) and digested by H.F. Gent. To which is added a true relation of one Mrs. Atkins a mercers wife in Warwick, who was strangely caried away from her house in July last, and hath not been heard of since.
E. G., Serjeant at Arms. / [1668] A description of the island and city of Candia by E.G., Serjeant at Arms.
E. H. / [1693] A plain and true relation of a very extraordinary cure of Marianne Maillard in a letter to a friend.
E. H. / [1673] The mock-elogie on the funeral of Mr. Caryl; gloriously solemnized, February 25th. 1672/3. by an unparallell'd concourse and attendance of all sorts and sects of people.
E. H. / [1661] An epitaph upon the Solemn League and Covenant. Condemned to be burnt by the common hangman.
E. I. / [1643] To the honorable committee at Bury The humble petition of the chiefe inhabitants of the liberty of St. Ethelred and of Hoxon Hundred, in the county of Suffocke, on the behalfe of themselves and others well-affected.
E. M. / [1680?] The present danger of Tangier, or, An account of its being attempted by a great army of the Moors by land, and under some apprehensions of the French at sea in a letter from Cadiz dated the 29th of July (old stile) 1679, to a friend in England.
E. M. / [1683] A copy of a letter sent from a person that was present at the apprehension of Mr. Meade and five more
E. M. / [1658] A brief answer unto the Cambridge moddel which is to go to the two universities to be read by all the doctors and students, vice-chancellor, and fellows, as they will answer it to God : and likewise this is to go to all those they call gentlemen to the countreys to whom this moddel is directed, from the doctors, for money to maintaine the students : and is to go amongst all the priests that are, and have been heretofore made ministers by the same doctors of colledges, now planted themselves in the countreys, and this is to go amongst all the country-men, that they may see the fruits of the learning from the doctors, which fruits is persecution ... / by E.M.
E. M. / [1673] An achrostickal epitaph on Sir Edward Sprague
E. M., Mason. / [1660] The covenant acknowledged by an English Covenanter, and the manifested wants of the common prayer, or divine service, formerly used, thought the fittest for publique worship by one vvhose hearty desires are presented to all the lovers of peace and truth in these nations, and shall be the prayers of a wel-wisher to both, and a very much obliged servant to all the promoters of this just cause, E.M., Mason.
E. N. / [printed in the year, 1666] Londons destroyer detected: and destruction lamented: or, some serious ruminations, and profitable reflections upon the late dreadful, dismal, and never-to-be-forgotten conflagration Wherein is briefly comprehended several things considerable, in order to Londons present recovery, and future prosperity.
E. N. / [1665] London's sins reproved and sorrows lamented, or, A sober check, together with a friendly admonition, to the wilfull, wicked, and wofull city of London under the consideration of her present grievous sins and growing sufferings.
E. N. / [1665] London's plague-sore discovered. or, Some serious notes and suitable considerations upon the present visitation at London wherein is something by way of lamentation, information, expostulation, exhortation and caution : whereunto is annexed, A never-failing antidote against the plague.
E. N. P. / [M DC XC VII. 1697] To the King, on his peaceable return, and magnificent entry into London By E. N. P.
E. P. / [1683] The revels; or A satyr against temple-ryots
E. P. / [1680] The dialogue betwixt Cit and Bumpkin answered in another betwixt Tom the Cheshire piper, and Captain Crackbrains dedicated to Right Worshipful the Mayor of Quinborough.
E. P. (Ezra Pierce) / [1692] A discourse of self-murder lately written, and now published as a disswasive from so horrid and inglorious a thing. By E.P., in a letter to his intimate friend R.F. Licens'd, November 24. 1691.
E. R., Gent. / [1681] The experienced farrier, or, Farring compleated In two books physical and chyrurgical. Bringing pleasure to the gentleman, and profit to the countrey-man. ... For here is contained every thing that belongs to a true horse-man, groom, farrier or horse-leach, viz. breeding; the manner how, the season when, ... and what are fit for generation; the feeder, rider, keeper, ambler and buyer; as also the making of several precious drinks, suppositories, balls, purgations, ... and directions how to use them for all inward and outward diseases. Also the paring and shooing of all manner of hoofes, ... The prices and vertues of most of the principal drugs, both simple and compound belonging to farring, ... also a large table of the virtues of most simples set down alphabetically, and many hundreds of simples placed one after another, for the cure of all ... diseases, ... with many new receipts of excellent use and value; never yet printed before in any author. By E.R. Gent.
E. S. / [1656] The vvitty rogue arraigned, condemned, & executed. Or, The history of that incomparable thief Richard Hainam. Relating the several robberies, mad pranks, and handsome jests by him performed, as it was taken from his own mouth, not long before his death. Likewise the manner of robbing the King of Denmark, the King of France, the Duke of Normandy, the merchant at Rotterdam, cum multis aliis. Also, with his confession, concerning his robbing of the King of Scots. Together with his speech at the place of execution. / Published by E.S. for information & satisfaction of the people.
E. S. / [1660] Truth seeks no corners, or, Advice from a non-interessed souldier to his loving fellow-souldiers that were under Fleetwood and Lambert.
E. S. (Edward Sharpe), 17th cent. / [1615] Britaines busse. Or A computation aswell of the charge of a busse or herring-fishing ship As also of the gaine and profit thereby. With the States proclamation annexed vnto the same, as concerning herring-fishing. By E.S.
E. S., D.D. / [1700] The case stated between the Church of England and the dissenters wherein the first is prov'd to be the onely true church, and the latter plainly demonstrated from their own writings and those of all the reformed churches to be downright schismaticks / collected from the best authors on either side ... by E.S.
E. S., fl. 1597. / [1597] The discouerie of the knights of the poste: or The knightes of the post, or co[m]mon common [sic] baylers newly discried Wherein is shewed and plainely laide open, many lewde actions, and subtill deuises, which are daily practised by them: to the great abuse of most honorable councelers, learned iudges, and other graue maiestrates: and also to the defrauding and vtter vndoing of a great number of her Maiesties good and loyall subiects. By E.S.
E. S., Gentleman in prison. / [1699] A companion for debtors and prisoners, and advice to creditors in ten letters from a gentleman in prison, to a member of Parliament : wherein, first, the villianies [sic] and insolencies of bayliffs, secondly, the evil practices of jaylers and pretended solicitors, and thirdly, the irregularities of prisons in general, are briefly detected and exposed : together with a particular description of Newgate, the Marshallsea, the two compters, Ludgate, the Fleet, and Kings Bench, with reflections upon prisons in general, and proposals for regulating the whole.
E. W. / [Printed in the yeare 1673] Severall remarkable passages concerning the Hollanders since the death of Queene Elizabeth, untill the 25th of December, 1673 Some animadversions thereupon, in answere to a scandulous pamphlett called Englands appeale to the Parliament, from the private caball at white hall. With the continuation of the case between Sr. VVilliam Courten his heires and assignes and the East-India Company of the Netherlands, faithfully recollected by E.W. armig: and rendred into English, French, and Dutch, for satisfaction of his particular friends, in England, France, and the low countriers.
E. W. / [1645] Four queries resolved for the satisfaction of all men, who are not willingly ignorant, touching the late arch-bishop I. What his religion was, he so coloured over at his death?, II. What his church was, he so bemoaned at that time?, III. What his confessions was?, IV. And prayer, which his brethren, in iniquity, do approve of at this day : concluded that all those four are so many abominations before the Lord God, and all good men.
E. W. / [1681] The death, burial, and resurrection of the act of the 35th of Eliz. entituled, An act to retain the Queens Majesties subjects in their due obedience being an answer to a late lying pamphlet, entituled The life and death of the 35th of Eliz.
E. W., an actor in the late change in Ireland. / [1660] A reply to the answer of Lieutenant General Ludlow, or, His answer to the officers at Dublin examined with a concluding word to the present authoritie in Parliament / by E.W.
E. W., English gentleman at Naples. / [1675] An exact relation of all the late revolutions in Messina with their original, causes and progress to this present : as it was communicated by a letter / from an English gentleman at Naples to a person of quality here.
E. W., Gent. / [1691] A poem to His Most Sacred Majesty King William upon his return from Flanders by E. W. ...