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Cabasilas, Nicolaus, 14th cent. / [1560] A briefe treatise, conteynynge a playne and fruitfull declaration of the Popes vsurped primacye, written in Greeke aboue. vij. hundred yeres sens, by Nilus, an ancient archbyshop of Thessalonia and newly tra[n]slated into englyshe by Thomas Gressop student in Oxforde. Pervsed and allovved accordyng to the Quenes maiesties iniunctions
Caddell, Peter. / [1632] To all the most illustrious archbishops and reverend bishops of Ireland, but more particularly to those of the province of Dublin their honourable lords David, bishop of Osory, Iohn of Fernes, Ross of Kildare, and Matthew vicar apostolicall of Laghlein Peter Caddell doctour of divinitie, and Paul Harris pr. deacon of the Vniversitie of Dublin.
Caddy, William. / [1654] To the supream authority, the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England. The humble petition of William Caddy of Taunton, and Nicholas Ward of Chard, in the county of Somerset.
Cademan, Thomas, Sir, 1590?-1651. / [1641] The Earle of Bedfords passage to the highest court of Parliament May the ninth, 1641 about tenne a clocke in the morning observed by his Lordships physitian Doctor Cademan.
Cadman, Thomas. / [169-] The case of several of His Majesties loyal subjects, very much oppressed, contrary to the laws of this land as they are advised, humbly represented to the consideration of the right honourable the knights, citizens, and burgesses in Parliament assembled.
Cadman, Thomas. / [169-?] The case of several hackney-coachmen in and about the cities of London and Westminster and the suburbs, occasioned by one Robert Murrey and his adherents, to the utter ruin of many families, for his and his accomplices private interest
Caesar, Charles, 1636-1707. / [1689] Numerus infaustus a short view of the unfortunate reigns of William the Second, Henry the Second, Edward the Second, Richard the Second, Charles the Second, James the Second.
Caesar, Julius. / [Anno. 1565] The eyght bookes of Caius Iulius Cæsar conteyning his martiall exploytes in the realme of Gallia and the countries bordering vppon the same translated oute of latin into English by Arthur Goldinge G.
Caesar, Julius. / [1655] The commentaries of C. Julius Cæsar of his warres in Gallia, and the civil warres betwixt him and Pompey / translated into English with many excellent and judicious observations thereupon ; as also The art of our modern training, or, Tactick practise, by Clement Edmonds Esquire, ... ; where unto is adjoyned the eighth commentary of the warres in Gallia, with some short observations upon it ; together with the life of Cæsar, and an account of his medalls ; revised, corrected, and enlarged.
Caesar, Peter. / [1664] The last speech and confession of Peter Cæsar, a Portugal, at the place of execution together with his confession at Justice-Hall in the Old Bailey ... likewise the tryal of the Frenchmen for ravishing a gentlewoman near Holborn ... as also a true relation concerning Mary Smith, who cut off her childs' head, with her examination and confession before Justice Swallow ...
Caesar, Philipp, d. 1585. / [1578] A general discourse against the damnable sect of vsurers grounded vppon the vvorde of God, and confirmed by the auctoritie of doctors both auncient, and newe; necessarie for all tymes, but most profitable for these later daies, in which, charitie being banished, couetousnes hath gotten the vpper hande. VVhereunto is annexed another godlie treatise concernyng the lawfull vse of ritches. Seene and allowed accordyng to her Maiesties iniunctions.
Caius, John, 1510-1573. / [1576] Of Englishe dogges the diuersities, the names, the natures, and the properties. A short treatise written in latine by Iohannes Caius of late memorie, Doctor of Phisicke in the Vniuersitie of Cambridge; and newly drawne into Englishe by Abraham Fleming student. Seene and allowed.
Caius, John, 1510-1573. / [1552] A boke, or counseill against the disease commonly called the sweate, or sweatyng sicknesse. Made by Ihon Caius doctour in phisicke. Very necessary for euerye personne, and muche requisite to be had in the handes of al sortes, for their better instruction, preparacion and defence, against the soubdein comyng, and fearful assaultying of the-same [sic] disease
Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686. / [1683] A sermon preached at St. Lawrence-Jury, London, upon the 9th of September being the day of thanksgiving for the deliverance of the King & kingdom from the late treasonable conspiracy / by Benjamin Calamy ...
Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686. / [1683] Some considerations about the case of scandal, or, Giving offence to weak brethren
Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686. / [1699] A discourse concerning the rise and antiquity of cathedral worship in a letter to a friend.
Calamy, Benjamin, 1642-1686. / [1683] A discourse about a scrupulous conscience preached at the parish-church of St. Mary Aldermanbury, London / by Benjamin Calamy ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1651?] A sermon preached by Mr. Edmund Calamy at Aldermanbury, London, Aug. 24, 1651 being a funeral sermon for Mr. Love on the Sabbath-day following after he was executed ... also four excellent doctrines and proposition to the Presbyterians and others to be by them practiced and meditated upon both morning and evening.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1663] A sermon preached at Aldermanberry Church, Dec. 28, 1662 in the fore-noon by Edm. Calamy.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1655] The saints transfiguration, or, The body of vilenesse changed into a body of glory a sermon preached at Martins Ludgate, October 19, 1654, at the funerall of that reverend and faithfull minister of Jesus Christ, Dr. Samuel Bolton, late master of Christs College in Cambridg : with a short account of his death / by Edmund Calamy ... ; to which are annexed verses upon his death, composed by divers of his friends and acquaintance.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [Anno Domini, MDCLI. 1651] The saints rest: or Their happy sleep in death. As it was delivered in a sermon at Aldermanbury London, Aug 24. 1651. By Edmund Calamy B.D.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1674] Saints memorials, or, Words fitly spoken, like apples of gold in pictures of silver being a collection of divine sentences / written and delivered by those late reverend and eminent ministers of the gospel, Mr. Edmund Calamy, Mr. Joseph Caryl, Mr. Ralph Venning, Mr. James Janeway.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1658] A patterne for all, especially for noble and honourable persons, to teach them how to die nobly and honourably. Delivered in a sermon preached at the solemne interment of the corps of the Right Honourable Robert Earle of Warwick. Who aged 70 years 11. months, died April 19. And was honorably buried, May 1. 1658. at Felsted in Essex. By Edmund Calamy B.D. and pastor of the church at Aldermanbury.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1643] The noble-mans patterne of true and reall thankfulnesse presented in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable House of Lords, at their late solemne day of Thanksgiving, June 15, 1643 : for the discovery of a dangerous, desperate and bloody designe tending to the utter subversion of the Parliament and of the famous city of London / by Edmund Calamy ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1655] The monster of sinful self-seeking, anatomizd together with a description of the heavenly and blessed selfe-seeking : in a sermon preached at Pauls the 10. of December, 1654 / by Edm. Calamy, B.D. ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1646] A just and necessary apology against an unjust invective published by Mr. Henry Burton in a late book of his entituled, Truth still truth, though shut out of doors by Edmund Calamy ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [MDCLXIII 1663] Master Edmund Calamies leading case
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1645] An indictment against England because of her selfe-murdering divisions: together vvith an exhortation to an England-preserving vnity and concord. Presented in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable House of Lords in the Abby church at Westminster; at the late solemne fast, December 25. 1644. By Edmund Calamy, B.D. and pastour of Aldermanbury in London.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1662] The happinesse of those who sleep in Jesus, or, The benefit that comes to the dead bodies of the saints even while they are in the grave, sleeping in Jesus delivered in a sermon preached at the funeral of ... Lady Anne Waller, at the new church in Westminst[er], Oct. 31, 1661 : together with the testimony then given unto her / by Edm. Calamy ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1646] The great danger of covenant-refusing, and covenant-breaking. Presented in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable Thomas Adams Lord Mayor, and the Right Worshipfull the sheriffes, and the aldermen his brethren, and the rest of the Common-councell of the famous City of London, Jan. 14. 1645. Upon which day the solemne League and Covenant was renued by them and their officers with prayer and fasting at Michael Basinshaw, London. / By Edmund Calamy, B.D. and pastor of Aldermanbury London.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1642] Gods free mercy to England presented as a pretious and powerfull motive to humiliation : in a sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, Feb. 23, 1641 / by Edmvnd Calamy ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1658] The Godly mans ark, or, City of refuge, in the day of his distresse discovered in divers sermons, the first of which was preached at the funerall of Mistresse Elizabeth Moore : the other four were afterwards preached, and are all of them now made publick, for the supportation and consolation of the saints of God in the hour of tribulation : hereunto are annexed Mris. [sic] Moores evidences for heaven, composed and collected by her in the time of her health, for her comfort in the time of sickness / by Ed. Calamy ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1662] The fixed saint held forth in a farwell sermon preached at Mary-Aldermanbury, London, August 17, 1662 / Mr. Edmond Calamy.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1642] Englands looking-glasse presented in a sermon preached before the Honorable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, December 22, 1641 / by Edmund Calamy ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1657] Evidence for heaven containing infallible signs and reall demonstrations of our union with Christ and assurance of salvation : with an appendix of laying down certain rules to be observed for preserving our assurance once obtained / published by Ed. Calamy ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1652] Englands antidote against the plague of civill warre presented in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons on their late extraordinary solemn fast, October 22, 1644 / by Edmund Calamy ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1662] Eli trembling for fear of the ark a sermon preached at St. Mary Aldermanbury, December 28, 1662 / by Edmund Calamy ... upon the preaching of which he was committed prisoner to the gaol of Newgate, Jan. 6, 1662 ; together with the mittimus and manner of his imprisonment, annexed hereunto.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1655. i.e. 1654] The doctrine of the bodies fragility: with a divine project, discovering how to make these vile bodies of ours glorious by getting gracious souls. Represented in a sermon preached at Martins Ludgate at the funerall of that worthy and reverend minister of Jesus Christ, Dr. Samuel Bolton, Master of Christ College in Cambridge, who died the 15 of Octob. 1654. and was buried the 19 day of the same month. / By that painfull and pious minister of Gods Word Mr. Edmund Calamy, B.D.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1657] The city remembrancer. Or, A sermon preached to the native-citizens, of London, at their solemn assembly in Pauls on Tuesday, the 23 of June, A.D. MDCLVII. / By Edm. Calamy B.D. and pastor of the church at Aldermanbury.
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1680] The art of divine meditation, or, A discourse of the nature, necessity, and excellency thereof with motives to, and rules for the better performance of that most important Christian duty : in several sermons on Gen. 24:63 / by Edmund Calamy ...
Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. / [1642] An ansvver to the articles against Master Calamy, Master Martiall, Master Burton, Master Peters, Master Moleigne, Master Case, M. Sedgwicke, M. Evans, &c. and many other painfull divines who were impeached of high treason by His Majesty : first answering particularly the articles themselves, then shewing the mis-information of His Majestie by the bishops, concerning the same : expressing the great care and vigilancy of those theologians which they have and doe daily undertake with great zeale for the rooting out of popery the confounding of Rome and for the erecting the pious truth and sincerity of the holy gospel of Christ.
Calamy, Edmund, 1671-1732. / [1697] A practical discourse concerning vows with a special reference to baptism and the Lord's Supper / by Edmund Calamy.
Calamy, Edmund, 1671-1732. / [1698] A funeral sermon preached upon occasion of the decease of the eminently pious Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, late wife of Mr. Daniel Williams, who departed this life, June the 10th, 1698, Ætat 62 with some account of her exemplary character taken for the most part out of her own papers / by Edmund Calamy.
Calamy, Edmund, 1671-1732. / [1694] A funeral sermon preach'd at the internment of Mr. Samuel Stephens for some time employ'd in the work of the ministry, in this city : who departed life the fifth of January, 1693/4 in the twenty eighth year of his age / by Edmund Calamy.
Calder, Robert, 1658-1723. / [1677] A letter to a non-conformist minister of the kirk shewing the nullity of the Presbyterian mission or authority to preach the Gospel.
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [in the yere 1620] The speach of the Kirk of Scotland to her beloved children
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [M.DC.XIX. 1619] A solution of Doctor Resolutus, his resolutions for kneeling
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [Printed anno 1636] The re-examination of two of the articles abridged: to wit, of the communicants gesture in the act of receaving, eating, and drinking: and The observation of festivall dayes
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [anno 1636] A re-examination of the five articles enacted at Perth anno 1618 To wit. concerning the communicants gesture in the act of receaving. The observation of festivall dayes. Episcopall confirmation or bishopping. The administration of baptisme and the supper of the Lord in privat places.
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [Re-printed in the yeare 1638] Quæres concerning the state of the Church of Scotland
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [MDCXIX. 1619] Perth assembly Containing 1 The proceedings thereof. 2 The proofe of the nullitie thereof. 2 [sic] Reasons presented thereto against the receiving the fiue new articles imposed. 4 The oppositenesse of it to the proceedings and oath of the whole state of the land. An. 1581. 5 Proofes of the unlawfulnesse of the said fiue articles, viz. 1. Kneeling in the act of receiving the Lords Supper. 2. Holy daies. 3. Bishopping. 4. Private baptisme. 5. Private Communion.
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [Anno M.DC.XXVIII. 1628] The pastor and the prelate, or reformation and conformitie shortly compared by the word of God, by antiquity and the proceedings of the ancient Kirk, by the nature and use of things indifferent, by the proceedings of our ovvne Kirk, by the vveill of the Kirk and of the peoples soules, and by the good of the commonvvealth and of our outvvard estate with the answer of the common & chiefest objections against everie part: shewing vvhether of the tvvo is to be follovved by the true Christian and countrieman.
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [Printed Anno 1624] An exhortation of the particular kirks of Christ in Scotland to their sister kirk in Edinburgh
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [Printed Anno 1624] An epistle of a Christian brother exhorting an other to keepe himselfe vndefiled from the present corruptions brought in to the ministration of the Lords Supper.
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [Imprinted Anno. M DC XX. 1620] A defence of our arguments against kneeling in the act of receiving the sacramentall elements of bread and wine impugned by Mr. Michelsone
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [anno Dom. 1638] An ansvvere to M. I. Forbes of Corse, his peaceable warning
Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. / [Anno 1621] The altar of Damascus or the patern of the English hierarchie, and Church policie obtruded upon the Church of Scotland
Caldwell, John, parson of Winwick. / [the xiiij. day of March, 1577] A sermon preached before the right honorable Earle of Darbie, and diuers others assembled in his honors chappell at Newparke in Lankashire, the second of Ianuarie. Anno humanæ salut, 1577
Calef, Robert, 1648-1719. / [1700] More wonders of the invisible world, or, The wonders of the invisible world display'd in five parts ... : to which is added a postscript relating to a book intitled, The life of Sir William Phips / collected by Robert Calef, merchant of Boston in New England.
Callis, Robert, fl. 1634. / [1647] The reading of that famous and learned genrleman, Robert Callis ... upon the statute of 23 H.8, Cap. 5, of Sewers, as it was delivered by him at Grays-Inn in August, 1622.
Callis, Robert, fl. 1634. / [1648] The case and argument against Sir Ignoramvs of Cambridg by Robert Callis.
Calthrop, Henry, Sir, 1586-1637. / [1670] Reports of special cases touching several customes and liberties of the city of London collected by Sir H. Calthrop ... ; whereunto is annexed divers ancient customes and usages of the said city of London.
Calthrop, Henry, Sir, 1586-1637. / [1642] The liberties, usages, and customes of the city of London confirmed by especiall acts of Parliament, with the time of their confirmation : also divers ample, and most beneficiall charters, granted by King Henry the 6, King Edward the 4, and King Henrie the 7th, not confirmed by Parliament as the other charters were, and where to find every particular grant and confirmation at large / collected by Sir Henry Colthrop, Knight, ...
Calthrope, Charles, Sir, d. 1616. / [1635] The relation betweene the lord of a mannor and the coppy-holder his tenant. Delivered in the learned readings of the late excellent and famous lawyer, Char. Calthrope of the Honorable Society of Lincolnes-Inne Esq; whereby it doth appeare for what causes a coppy-holder may forfeite his coppy-hold estate, and for what not; and like wise what lord can grant a coppy, and to whom. Published for the good of the lords of mannors, and their tenants
Calver, Edward, fl. 1649. / [1643] Divine passions piously and pathetically expressed in three severall bookes / written and composed for private consolation ... by Edward Calver.
Calver, Edward, fl. 1649. / [1641] Passion and discretion, in youth and age ...
Calverley, William. / [1535?] A dyalogue bitwene the playntife and the defendaunt. Compyled by Wylliam Caluerley, whyles he was prisoner in the towre of London
Calvert, Philip, 1626-1682. / [1682] A letter from the chancellour of Mary-land to Col. Henry Meese, merchant in London concerning the late troublesin Mary-land.
Calvi, François de. / [1638] Histoire des larrons, or The history of theeves. Written in French, and translated out of the originall, by Paul Godwin
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1584] Two godly and learned sermons, made by that famous and woorthy instrument in Gods church, M. Iohn Caluin. Which sermons were long since translated out of Latine into English, by M. Robert Horne late Byshop of Winchester, at what time he suffered exile from his country, for the testimony of a good conscience, as his apology in the beginning of the booke will witnes. And because these sermons haue long lyen hidden in silence, and many godly and religious persons, haue beene very desirous of them: at theyr earnest request they are nowe published by A.M.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1574] Sermons of Master Iohn Caluin, vpon the booke of Iob. Translated out of French by Arthur Golding
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1579] Sermons of M. Iohn Caluine, vpon the.X.Commandementes of the Lawe, geuen of God by Moses, otherwise called the Decalogue. Gathered word for word, presently at his sermons, when he preached on Deuteronomie, without adding vnto, or diminishing from them any thing afterward. Translated out of Frenche into English, by I.H.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1574] Sermons of M. Iohn Caluine vpon the Epistle of Saincte Paule to the Galathians
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1577] The sermons of M. Iohn Caluin, vpon the Epistle of S. Paule too the Ephesians. Translated out of French into English by Arthur Golding
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [Anno Domini 1583] The sermons of M. Iohn Caluin vpon the fifth booke of Moses called Deuteronomie faithfully gathered word for word as he preached them in open pulpet; together with a preface of the ministers of the Church of Geneua, and an admonishment made by the deacons there. Also there are annexed two profitable tables, the one containing the chiefe matters; the other the places of Scripture herein alledged. Translated out of French by Arthur Golding.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1560] Sermons of Iohn Caluin, vpon the songe that Ezechias made after he had bene sicke and afflicted by the hand of God, conteyned in the 38. chapiter of Esay. Translated out of Frenche into Englishe. 1560.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1549] Of the life or conuersation of a Christen man, a right godly treatise, wyrtten [sic] in the latin tonge, by maister Iohn Caluyne, a man of ryghte excellente learnynge and of no lesse godly conuersation. Translated into English by Thomas Broke Esquier Paymaister of Douer. An[no] M. D. XLix. The first day of Ianuary
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [Anno Domini. 1567] A little booke of Iohn Caluines concernynge offences whereby at this daye diuers are feared, and many also quight withdrawen from the pure doctrine of the Gospell, a woorke very needefull and profitable. Translated out of Latine into Englishe by Arthur Goldinge.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [Anno. 1561 6 May Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum] The institution of Christian religion, vvrytten in Latine by maister Ihon Caluin, and translated into Englysh according to the authors last edition. Seen and allowed according to the order appointed in the Quenes maiesties iniunctions
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1584] A harmonie vpon the the three Euangelists, Matthew, Mark and Luke with the commentarie of M. Iohn Caluine: faithfully translated out of Latine into English, by E.P. Whereunto is also added a commentarie vpon the Euangelist S. Iohn, by the same authour.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1548?] A faythfull and moost godlye treatyse concernyng the most sacred Sacrament of the blessed body and bloude of our sauioure Chryst, co[m]piled by Iohn Caluyne, a man of no lesse lernyng and lytterature then godly studye, and example of liuyng. And translated into Latin by Lacius a man of lyke excellencie. And nowe last of all, translated into Englyshe by a faythfull brother, no lesse desirous to profyt the weake brotheres then to exercise the talent of the Lorde to his honoure and glorye. In declaration whereof, he hath set before this lytle booke an epistle to the reader much more effectuous then in the fyrst edicion. Whereunto the order that the churche and congregation of Christ in Denmarke doth vse at the receyuying of baptisme, the Supper of ye Lorde, and wedlocke: is added. Myles Couerdale
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1578] A commentarie of M. Iohn Caluine, vpon the booke of Iosue finished a little before his death: translated out of Latine into Englishe by W.F. Wherevnto is added a table of the principall matters.
Cambini, Andrea, d. 1527. / [1562] Tvvo very notable commentaries the one of the originall of the Turcks and Empire of the house of Ottomanno, written by Andrewe Cambine, and thother of the warres of the Turcke against George Scanderbeg, prince of Epiro, and of the great victories obteyned by the sayd George, aswell against the Emperour of Turkie, as other princes, and of his other rare force and vertues, worthye of memorye, translated oute of Italian into Englishe by Iohn Shute.
Cambridge (England) / [1636] Articles and orders agreed upon by the right worshipfull Henry Smith Doctour of Divinitie and Vicechancellour of the Universitie of Cambridge, and Richard Foxton major of the town of Cambridge, with the consent of their assistants, ann. Dom. 1636 all which, and every particular of the same, they require and command all persons whom they do or may concern, duly observe and keep upon pain of imprisonment ...
Cambridge (England) / [ca. 1635] Whereas divers disordered people inhabiting amongst us, not regarding the good of this university, and town of Cambridge, do suffer their chanels, streets, and lanes, to lie unpaved, ungravelled, and uncleansed; and do lay their muck, mire, dung, dust, and other filth, in the open streets, or under colledge-walls, church-walls, or in other lanes within the town ...
Cambridgeshire (England) / [1618?] To all Christian people to whome these presents shall come to be read [blank] and vice-chancellor of this Vniuersitie of Cambridge sendeth greeting : knowe yee, that I ... haue admitted and allowed [blank] of [blank] in the countie of Cambridge [blank] to keepe a common ale-house ...
Camden, William, 1551-1623. / [1695] A second edition of Camden's description of Scotland containing a supplement of these peers, or Lords of Parliament, who were mentioned in the first edition, and an account of these since raised to, and further advanced in the degrees of peerage, until the year 1694.
Camden, William, 1551-1623. / [1605] Remaines of a greater worke, concerning Britaine, the inhabitants thereof, their languages, names, surnames, empreses, wise speeches, poësies, and epitaphes
Camden, William, 1551-1623. / [1634] The historie of the life and reigne of that famous princesse Elizabeth containing a briefe memoriall of the chiefest affaires of state that haue passed in these kingdomes of England, Scotland, France or Ireland since the yeare of the fatall Spanish invasion to that of her sad and ever to be deplored dissolution : wherevnto also is annexed an appendix of animadversions vpon severall passages, corrections of sundry errours, and additions of some remarkable matters of this history never before imprinted.
Camden, William, 1551-1623. / [1624] The historie of the life and death of Mary Stuart Queene of Scotland
Camden, William, 1551-1623. / [1637] Britain, or A chorographicall description of the most flourishing kingdomes, England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the ilands adjoyning, out of the depth of antiquitie beautified vvith mappes of the severall shires of England: vvritten first in Latine by William Camden Clarenceux K. of A. Translated newly into English by Philémon Holland Doctour in Physick: finally, revised, amended, and enlarged with sundry additions by the said author.
Camden, William, 1551-1623. / [1625] Annales the true and royall history of the famous empresse Elizabeth Queene of England France and Ireland &c. True faith's defendresse of diuine renowne and happy memory. Wherein all such memorable things as happened during hir blessed raigne ... are exactly described.
Camel, Thomas. / [1552?] To goodman Chappels supplication Thomas Camell.
Camel, Thomas. / [1552?] To Dauid Dicars when quod T. Camel.
Camel, Thomas. / [1552?] Camelles reioindre to Churchyarde Thomas Camell.
Camel, Thomas. / [1552?] Camelles conclusion
Cameron, John, 1579?-1625. / [1628] A tract of the soueraigne iudge of controuersies in matters of religion. By Iohn Cameron minister of the Word of God, and divinity professour in the Academie of Montauban. Translated into English by Iohn Verneuil. M.A.
Cameron, John, 1579?-1625. / [Ann. Dom. 1626] An examination of those plausible appearances which seeme most to commend the Romish Church, and to preiudice the reformed Discovering them to be but meere shifts, purposely invented, to hinder an exact triall of doctrine by the Scriptures. By Mr Iohn Cameron. Englished out of French.
Camfield, Benjamin, 1638-1693. / [1678] A theological discourse of angels and their ministries wherein their existence, nature, number, order and offices are modestly treated of : with the character of those for whose benefit especially they are commissioned, and such practical inferences deduced as are most proper to the premises : also an appendix containing some reflections upon Mr. Webster's displaying supposed witchcraft / by Benjamin Camfield ...
Camilton, John. / [1641] Camiltons discoverie of the devilish designes and killing projects of the Society of Jesuites of late years projected and by them hitherto acted in Germany : intended but graciously prevented in England / translated out of the Latine copie ... by W. F. X. B. ...
Camm, John, 1604?-1656. / [1689] The memory of the righteous revived being a brief collection of the books and written epistles of John Camm & John Audland, those two faithful and honourable servants of the Lord, who were called to the work of the ministry in the morning of Gods blessed day dawned in this generation, and, with other brethren, bore the heat and burden of the day faithfully, to the end and finishing of their course, being entered into the joy of their Lord : together with several testimonies relating to those two faithful labourers / published for the service of truth and friends, by Thomas Camm & Charles Marshal.
Camm, Thomas, 1641-1707. / [1684] The admirable and glorious appearance of the eternal God, in his glorious power, in and through a child of the age of betwixt eight and nine years, upon her dying bed, opening her mouth to speak forth his praise, and extol his reverent holy name and power: a short relation whereof, together with her exercise throughout her sickness, is hereafter collected, or so much thereof as was by us certainly remembred.
Camões, Luís de, 1524?-1580. / [1655] The Lusiad, or, Portugals historicall poem written in the Portingall language by Luis de Camoens ; and now newly put into English by Richard Fanshaw, Esq.
Campanella, Tommaso, 1568-1639. / [1660] Thomas Campanella, an Italian friar and second Machiavel, his advice to the King of Spain for attaining the universal monarchy of the world particularly concerning England, Scotland and Ireland, how to raise division between king and Parliament, to alter the government from a kingdome to a commonwealth, thereby embroiling England in civil war to divert the English from disturbing the Spaniard in bringing the Indian treasure into Spain : also for reducing Holland by procuring war betwixt England, Holland, and other sea-faring countries ... / translated into English by Ed. Chilmead, and published for awakening the English to prevent the approaching ruine of their nation ; with an admonitorie preface by William Prynne, of Lincolnes-Inne, Esquire.
Campbel, Agnes. / [1666?] Advertisement be [sic] Agnes Campbel relict of the deceast Master William Guthrie, minister of the Gospel, unto whose hands some printed papers called sermons, bearing the said Master William his name, may come.
Campbell, Ninian, 1599-1657. / [Anno 1635] A treatise upon death first publickly delivered in a funerall sermon, anno Dom. 1630. And since enlarged By N.C. Preacher of Gods word in Scotland at Kilmacolme in the baronie of Renfrew.
Campbell, William, Sir. / [1688] To the right honourable the noble Lord Chancellor, and Lords of his Majesties Privy Council and Thesaurie, and Lords of the Session, and all who are entrusted to serve God, and his Majestie in church and state.
Campbell, William, Sir. / [1688] To his grace, his Majesties High Commissioner, and the right honourable the Estates of Parliament. The humble petition of Sir William Campbell.
Campion, Edmund, Saint, 1540-1581. / [M.DC.XXXIII. 1633] Tvvo histories of Ireland. The one written by Edmund Campion, the other by Meredith Hanmer Dr of Divinity
Campion, Edmund, Saint, 1540-1581. / [1687] Reasons of a challenge sent to the universities of England, in matters of religion by Edmund Campion ; faithfully translated into English.
Campion, Edmund, Saint, 1540-1581. / [1581] Rationes decem quibus fretus, certamen aduersarijs obtulit in causa fidei / Edmundus Campianus ...
Campion, Edmund, Saint, 1540-1581. / [1581] The great bragge and challenge of M. Champion a Jesuite co[m]monlye called Edmunde Campion, latelye arriued in Englande, contayninge nyne articles here seuerallye laide downe, directed by him to the lordes of the Counsail, / co[n]futed & aunswered by Meredith Hanmer ...
Campion, Edmund, Saint, 1540-1581. / [Printed with licence. M. DC. XXXII. 1632] Campian Englished. Or A translation of the Ten reasons in which Edmund Campian (of the Societie of Iesus) priest, insisted in his challenge, to the Vniuersities of Oxford and Cambridge Made by a priest of the Catholike and Roman Church.
Campion, Robert. / [printed in the year 1681] The case between the Right Honourable City of London, and Robert Campion Represented to publick view, after sixteen years private sad sufferings, and attendance, early and late, upon the several Lord Mayors, aldermen, and common-councels, without relief.
Campion, Thomas, 1567-1620. / [1613?] Tvvo bookes of ayres The first contayning diuine and morall songs: the second, light conceites of louers. To be sung to the lute and viols, in two, three, and foure parts: or by one voyce to an instrument. Composed by Thomas Campian.
Campion, Thomas, 1567-1620. / [1617?] The third and fourth booke of ayres: composed by Thomas Campian. So as they may be expressed by one voyce, with a violl, lute, or orpharion
Campion, Thomas, 1567-1620. / [1613] A relation of the late royall entertainment giuen by the Right Honorable the Lord Knovvles, at Cawsome-House neere Redding: to our most gracious queene, Queene Anne, in her progresse toward the Bathe, vpon the seuen and eight and twentie dayes of Aprill. 1613 VVhereunto is annexed the description, speeches, and songs of the Lords maske, presented in the Banquetting-house on the mariage night of the high and mightie, Count Palatine, and the royally descended the Ladie Elizabeth. Written by Thomas Campion.
Campion, Thomas, 1567-1620. / [1602] Obseruations in the art of English poesie. By Thomas Campion. Wherein it is demonstratiuely prooued, and by example confirmed, that the English toong will receiue eight seuerall kinds of numbers, proper to it selfe, which are all in this booke set forth, and were neuer before this time by any man attempted
Campion, Thomas, 1567-1620. / [1654?] A friends advice In an excellent ditty, concering [sic] the variable changes in this world. To a pleasant new tune.
Campion, Thomas, 1567-1620. / [between 1663-1674] A friends advice, in an excellent ditty, concerning the variable changes in this life. : To pleasant new tune,.
Campion, Thomas, 1567-1620. / [ca. 1625] A friends aduice in an excellent ditty, concerning the variable changes in this world : to a pleasant new tune.
Campion, Thomas, 1567-1620. / [1628 or 9] A friends aduice: in an excellent ditty, concerning the variable changes in this world. To a pleasant new tune.
Campion, Thomas, 1567-1620. / [1607] The discription of a maske, presented before the Kinges Maiestie at White-Hall, on Twelfth Night last in honour of the Lord Hayes, and his bride, daughter and heire to the Honourable the Lord Dennye, their marriage hauing been the same day at court solemnized. To this by occasion other small poemes are adioyned. Inuented and set forth by Thomas Campion doctor of phisicke.
Campion, Thomas, 1567-1620. / [1614] The description of a maske: presented in the Banqueting roome at Whitehall, on Saint Stephens night last at the mariage of the Right Honourable the Earle of Somerset: and the right noble the Lady Frances Howard. Written by Thomas Campion. Whereunto are annexed diuers choyse ayres composed for this maske that may be sung with a single voyce to the lute or base-viall.
Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652. / [M.DC.XXXII. 1632] A spirituall combat a tryall of a faithfull soule or consolation in temptation. Written in French by I.P. Camus Bishope of Belley, and translated into English by M.C. P. of the Eng. Coll. of Doway.
Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652. / [1667] The loving enemy or A famous true history written orignally in the French tongue, by the most incomparable pen-man of this age, J. P. Camus B. of Belley. Made English by Maior Wright, as his recreation, during his imprisonment.
Canaries, James. / [1685] A sermon preacht at Selkirk upon the 29th of May, 1685 being the anniversary of the restoration of the royal family to the throne of these kingdoms / by James Canaries ...
Canaries, James. / [1689] A sermon preached at Edinburgh, in the East-Church of St. Giles, upon the 30th of January, 1689 being the anniversary of the martyrdome of King Charles the first / by James Canaries ...
Canaries, James. / [1686] Rome's additions to Christianity shewn to be inconsistent with the true design of so spiritual a religion in a sermon preached at Edinburgh, in the east-church of St. Giles. Feb. 14. 1686 : to which is prefixt a letter, vindicating it from the misrepresentations of some of the Romish-Church / by James Canaries ...
Cancellar, James, / [1556?] The pathe of obedience, compiled by Iames Cancellar, one of the Quenes Maiesties moste honourable chapell
Cancellar, James, / [Anno. 1565. Septembris 3.] The alphabet of prayers very fruitefull to be exercised and vsed of euerye Christian man. Newly collected and set forth, in the yeare of our Lorde, 1564. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed in the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions.
Candy, Nathaniel. / [1695?] To each gentleman soldier in the company of Captain Robert Gore, Captain in the Orange regiment of trained bands of London
Canisius, Petrus, Saint, 1521-1597. / [1611] Opus catechisticum D. Petri Canisii theologi ex Societate Iesu Sef yu: Sum ne grynodebo adysc Gristionogaụl, a dosparth Catholic, ar hoḷ bụncian'r phyd, hụn a yscrifenoḍ yr hybarchus a'r arḍerchaug athraụ uchod yn gynta yn ḷadin ag a gyfiaithụyd o'r ladin i'r gymeraeg druy dyfal lafyr ag astudiaeth. D. Rosier Smyth o dref lanelụy athraụ o theologydiaeth, megis dialogiaith ne' mḍiḍan rhụng y discibl ar athraụ, un yn holi, a'r ḷaḷ yn atteb, ag a breintrụyd yn ninas Paris, ex officina typographica: Ioannis Laquehay, via Iudæ.
Canisius, Petrus, Saint, 1521-1597. / [1609] [Crynnodeb] o adysc Cristnogaul a dosparth catholic ar daudeg punc y phyd, a eluir y gredo, hefyd ar uedir argluyd, sef yu y pader ar gyfarchiad yr angel, a eluir yr Aue Maria, yn dyuaethas ar y deg gair dedf, a eluir y deg gorchymyn, guedi gyfiaithu o'r ladin i'r gymeraeg, druy dyfalastudiaeth a lasur D. Rosier Smyth ...
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1657] The time of the end shewing first, until the three years and an half are come (which are the last of the 1260 dayes) the prophecies of the Scripture will not be understood, concerning the duration and period of the fourth monarchy and kingdom of the beast : then secondly, when that time shall come ... the knowledge of the end ... will be revealed, by the rise of a little horn, the last apostacy, and the beast slaying the witnesses ... / by John Canne.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [Printed in the yeare 1639] A stay against straying. Or An answer to a treatise intituled: The lavvfulnes of hearing the ministers of the Church of England. By John Robinson. Wherein is proved the contrarie, viz: The unlawfulnes of hearing the ministers of all false Churches. By John Canne.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [1649] The snare is broken wherein is proved by Scripture, law and reason, that the Nationall covenant and oath was unlawfully given and taken ... : here also is vindicated the Parliaments later proceedings, shewing the grounds and principles of the London ministers to be weak and unsound ... : moreover something is said against violence in religion, and the duty of the civill magistrate about worship and church-government / by John Canne.
Canne, John, d. 1667? / [in the yeare 1634] A necessitie of separation from the Church of England, prooved by the nonconformists principles Specially opposed vnto Dr. Ames, his Fresh suit against humane ceremonies, in the point of separation only. Also Dr. Laiton, Mr. Dayrel, and Mr. Bradshaw, are here answered, wherein they have written against us. With a table in the later end, of the principal occurrents in this treatise. By Iohn Canne, pastor of the ancient English church, in Amsterdam.
Canning, William, fl. 1686-1690. / [1688] Gesta Grayorum, or, The history of the high and mighty prince, Henry Prince of Purpoole ... who reigned and died, A.D. 1594 : together with a masque, as it was presented (by His Highness's command) for the entertainment of Q. Elizabeth, who, with the nobels of both courts, was present thereat.
Cant, Andrew, 1590?-1663. / [M. DC. XC. IX 1699] A sermon preached at a general meeting in the Gray-Friar-Church of Edinburgh, upon the 13 day of June, 1638 by that eminent, faithful, and zealous servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Andrew Cant ...
Caoursin, Guillaume, d. 1501. / [ca. 1482?] [The siege of Rhodes]
Capel of Hadham, Arthur Capel, Baron, 1610?-1649. / [1683] Excellent contemplations, divine and moral written by the magnanimous and truly loyal Arthur Lord Capel, Baron of Hadham ; together with some account of his life, and his letters to several persons whilst he was prisoner in the tower ... likewise his affectionate letters to his lady, the day before his death ... March 9, 1648, with his pious advice to his son the late Earl of Essex.
Capel of Hadham, Arthur Capel, Baron, 1610?-1649. / [1654] Certain letters written to severall persons
Capel of Hadham, Arthur Capel, Baron, 1610?-1649. / [1643] Arthur Lord Capell Lieutenant Generall under the Prince His Highnesse of His Majesties forces, in the counties of VVorcester, Salop, and Chester, and the sixt northern counties of VVales To all commanders, officers, and souldiers, and to all other His Majesties subjects whatsoever, whom these presents shall or may in anywise concern.
Capel, Richard, 1586-1656. / [1633] Tentations their nature, danger, cure. By Richard Capel. Sometimes fellow of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford. To which is added a briefe dispute, as touching restitution in the case of usury.
Capel, Richard, 1586-1656. / [1658] Capel's remains being an useful appendix to his excellent Treatise of tentations, concerning the translations of the Holy Scriptures : left written with his own hand / by that incomparably learned and jucicious divine, Mr. Richard Capel, sometimes fellow of Magdalen-Colledge in Oxford ; with a preface prefixed, wherein is contained an abridgement of the authors life, by his friend Valentine Marshall.
Capito, Wolfgang, 1478-1541. / [1539] An epitome of the Psalmes, or briefe meditacions vpon the same, with diuerse other moste christian prayers, translated by Richard Tauerner
Caponi, Peter. / [1659] To the right honourable, the lord mayor, and common-council of the city of London. Peter Caponi citizen of Florence, sendeth greeting.
Capriata, Pier Giovanni. / [1663] The history of the wars of Italy from the year MDCXIII to MDCXLIV in XVIII books / written originally in Italian, by Pietro Giovanni Capriata ... ; and rendred in English by Henry Earl of Monmouth.
Captain in the King's camp. / [1692] A true and impartial relation of a wonderful apparition that happen'd in the royal camp in Flanders, the beginning of this instant September, 1692, concerning King William / in a letter to a gentleman in London, from his friend, a captain in the King's camp.
Caradoc, of Llancarvan, d. 1147? / [1584] The historie of Cambria, now called Wales: a part of the most famous yland of Brytaine, written in the Brytish language aboue two hundreth yeares past: translated into English by H. Lhoyd Gentleman: corrected, augmented, and continued out of records and best approoued authors, by Dauid Powel Doctor in diuinitie
Caradoc, of Llancarvan, d. 1147? / [1633?] Cambria, ou VVallia
Cardano, Girolamo, 1501-1576. / [1573] Cardanus comforte translated into Englishe. And published by commaundement of the right honourable the Earle of Oxenford
Cardenas, Alonso de. / [Jan. 17. 1643] A speech, or complaint, lately made by the Spanish embassadour to his Majestie at Oxford, upon occasion of the taking of a ship called Sancta Clara in the port of Sancto Domingo, richly laden with plate, cocheneal and other commodities of great value, by one Captaine Bennet Strafford, and by him brought to Southampton. Being a matter of high concernment betwixt the two Kings of Spaine and England. Also a proclamation prohibiting the buying or disposing of any the lading of the ship called the Sancta Clara, lately brought into Southampton. / Translated out of Spanish, in Oxford, by Sr Torriano, an Italian.
Cardonnel, P. de (Pierre), d. 1667. / [1662] Complementum fortunatarum insularum, p. II, Sive, Galathea vaticinans being part of an epithalamium upon the auspicious match of the most puissant and most serene Charles II and the most illustrious Catharina Infanta of Portugal : with a description of the fortunate islands / written originally in French by P.D.C. Gent. and since translated by him into Latin and English ; with the translations also of The description of S. James's Park, and the late fight at S. Lucar by Mr. Ed. Waller ; The panegyrick of Charles II by Mr. Dreyden ; and other peeces relating to the present times.
Care, George. / [1685] A reply to the Answer of the man of no name to His Grace the Duke of Buckingham's paper of religion, and liberty of conscience by G. C. ...
Care, George. / [1689] Liberty of conscience, asserted and vindicated by a learned country-gentleman ...
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1679] A word in season being a parallel between the intended bloody massacre of the people of the Jews, in the reign of King Ahasuerus and the hellish powder-'plot against the Protestants in the reign of King James : together with an account of some of the wicked principles and practises of the Church of Rome, demonstrated in their barbarous and cruel murders and massacres of the Protestants in the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Piedmont, the Albigenses, &c. : also shewing that the present Church of Rome is an apostate church ... / by H.C., a lover of true Protestants.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1682] Utrum horum, or, The nine and thirty articles of the Church of England, at large recited, and compared with the doctrines of those commonly called Presbyterians on the one side, and the tenets of the Church of Rome on the other both faithfully quoted from their own most approved authors / by Hen. Care.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1681] Towser the Second, a bull-dog, or, A short reply to Absalon and Achitophel
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1682] A perfect guide for Protestant dissenters in case of prosecution upon any of the penal statutes made against them together with the statutes of 35 Eliz. and 22 Car. 2 at large : to which is added a post-script about ecclesiastical courts and prosecution in them.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1687] A modest enquiry, whether St. Peter were ever at Rome, and bishop of that church? wherein, I. the arguments of Cardinall Bellarmine and others, for the affirmative are considered, II. some considerations taken notice of that render the negative highly probable.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1680] The history of the damnable popish plot, in its various branches and progress published for the satisfaction of the present and future ages / by the authors of The weekly pacquet of advice from Rome.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1682] The history of popery, or, Pacquet of advice from Rome the fourth volume containing the lives of eighteen popes and the most remarkable occurrences in the church, for near one hundred and fifty years, viz. from the beginning of Wickliff's preaching, to the first appearance of Martin Luther, intermixt with several large polemical discourses, as whether the present Church of Rome be to be accounted a Church of Christ, whether any Protestant may be present at Mass and other important subjects : together with continued courants, or innocent reflections weekly on the distempers of the times.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1680?] English liberties, or, The free-born subject's inheritance containing, I. Magna Charta, the petition of right, the Habeas Corpus Act ... II. The proceedings in appeals of murther, the work and power of Parliament, the qualifications necessary for such ... III. All the laws against conventicles and Protestant dissenters with notes, and directions both to constables and others ..., and an abstract of all the laws against papists.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1678] An elegie sacred to the memory of Sir Edmund-bury Godfrey Knight whose body was lately found barbarously murthered, and since honourably interr'd, the 31th of October, 1678.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1678] An elegie sacred to the memory of Sir Edmund-bury Godfrey Knight; whose body was lately found barbarously murthered, and since honourably interr'd, the 31th of October, 1678.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1683] The darkness of atheisme expelled by the light of nature, or, The existence of a deity, and his creation and government of the world demonstrated from reason and the light of nature only : with an appendix touching the most proper method of preaching the Gospel among the heathens / Englished by H.C.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1678] The character of a turbulent, pragmatical Jesuit and factious Romish priest
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1688] An answer to a paper importing a petition of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and six other bishops, to His Majesty, touching their not distributing and publishing the late declaration for liberty of conscience
Care, Henry, 1646-1688. / [1687] Animadversions on a late paper entituled, A letter to a dissenter upon occasion of His Majesties late gracious declaration of indulgence by H.C.
Care, Henry, 1646-1688, defendant. / [1681] The triall of Henry Carr, gent, at the Guild-Hall of the city of London, the 2d day of July, 1680 upon an information brought against him in the Crown-Office, charging him to be author (as in the said information it is called) of a certain false, scandalous, and malitious book intituled, The weekly pacquet of advice from Rome, or the history of Popery, particularly for that of the 1 st. of August, 1680, which was the next Fryday after the tryal of Sir George Wakeman at the Old-Baily before the Lord Chief Justice Scroggs : also the tryal of Elizabeth Cellier, at Kings Bench bar, July the 11th, 1680, where she was cleared, and Mr. Thomas Dangerfield, the chief witness against her, for some defect in his pardon, committed to the Kings-Bench prison.
Carew, Abel, 17th cent. / [1695?] To the honourable, the Commons of England in Parliament assembled[.] The humble petition of Abel Carew, an excluded door-keeper from this honourable House
Carew, Abel, 17th cent. / [1695?] To the Honourable the Commons of England in Parliament assembled, the second humble petition of Abel Carew, an excluded door-keeper from this Honourable House with a true account of the cause of the present serjeants acting against your petitioner : also a description of the serjeant's power in reference to any place belonging to this House.
Carew, George, Esq. / [1675] Severall considerations offered to the Parliament concerning the improvement of trade, navigation and comerce more especially the old draperies and other woolen manufactures of England / by G.C., a louer of his country.
Carew, George, Esq. / [Printed Anno Dom. 1661] A retrospect into the Kings certain revenue annexed to the crown under the survey of His Majesties court exchequer : with the proceedings upon two sevral petitions presented to His Majesty, concerning the chauntry rents, &c. and the first fruits, and tenths of the clergy ... / by George Carew.
Carew, George, Esq. / [1675] A vindication of the severall actions at law, brought against the heires of Sr. Peter Courten, Knight, and Peter Boudaen, merchants deceased by George Carew, Esqr., James Boeve, merchant, and Hester de Weyer ; with the arraignment of a most scandalous pamphlet called, De quade Minees en practiken van seeckeren George Carew, ontdeckt en opengeleght, tot onderrichtingh en waerschouw aen Nederlandt, door d'Erfgenamen van P.B.C., Zalr. 1675, privately given out to the magistrates in Zeeland.
Carew, George, Esq. / [1675?] To the honnorable the knights, cittizens and burgesses in Parliament assembled the humble petition of George Carew, Esquire administrator of the goods and chattles of Sr. William Courten, Knight, deceased (with his will annexed), John White, and James Boeve, of London, marchants, on the behalfe of themselves and diverse others, His Majesties good subjects of England.
Carew, George, Esq. / [1660] Severall grounds, reasons, arguments, and propositions, offered to the Kings most excellent Majesty, for the improvement of his revenue in the first-fruits, and tenths annexed to the petition of James, Earl of North-hampton, Leicester, viscount Hereford, Sir William Farmer, Baronet, George Carew, Esq; and the rest of the petitioners for a patent of the first-fruits and tenths, for the term of one and thirty years, at the yearly rent of threescore thousand pounds.
Carew, George, Esq. / [M.DC.LXII 1662] Fraud and violence discovered and detected, or, A remonstrance of the interessed in the ships Bona Esperanza and Henry Bona Adventura of London with a narrative of the proceedings in the case (depending before the States General of the Seven United Provinces) between the assignes of William Courten and the East-India Company of the Netherlands : also, several reasons and arguments for the speedy decision of differences (by amicable conferences of state) arising upon depredations and spoyls / by George Carevv ...
Carew, George, Esq. / [Printed anno Domini 1676] Fraud and oppression detected and arraigned. Or An appeal to the Parliament of England in a short narative and deduction of severall actions at law depending in the ordinary courts of justice in Holland & Zealand, between diverse subjects of the King of England, and the subjects of the States Generall of the Seven United Provinces. With severall remarkable observations and animadversions thereupon, by the creditors of Sr. William Courten, Sr. Paul Pyndar, Sr. Edward Littleton and Willam [sic] Courten Esquire deceased. Faithfully recollected and digested into a method by G.C. a lover of his countrey. Whereunto are added some necessary advertisements concerning the improvement of navigation and trade.
Carew, Richard, 1555-1620. / [1602] The survey of Cornvvall. Written by Richard Carew of Antonie, Esquire
Carew, Richard, 1555-1620. / [1598] A herrings tayle contayning a poeticall fiction of diuers matters worthie the reading.
Carew, Richard, Sir, d. 1643? / [1660] Excellent helps really found out, tried and had, (whereof the parties hereafter mentioned are true and sufficient witnesses, by a warming-stone in his case, which not costing much, will save much cost in fire, and withall avoid the danger of fire And likewise is very useful and comfortable for the colds of aged and sick people, and for women with child or in child-bed, and for sucking and young children, and such as have their hearing and seeing decaying, and for the toothache, sore throats, and the cold fits of agues. As also for fluxes, rheumes, collicks, ruptures, and many other infirmities, or any cold diseases; and for those that in beds, studies, shops, ships, churches or elsewhere have need of heat, yet cannot conveniently make use of fire. And likewise for the poor, when having no fire of their own, they may borrow the heating of this stone at a neighbours fire, if his charity be not altogether cold. Published by Sir Richard Carew Barronet, for the honour of God from whom every good gift comes, and for the good of all people, from the new-born babe to the decrepit and decaying old man.
Carew, Thomas, 1595?-1639? / [1651] Poems, with a maske by Thomas Carew ... ; the songs were set in musick by Mr. Henry Lawes ...
Carew, Thomas, 1595?-1639? / [1640] Poems By Thomas Carevv Esquire. One of the gentlemen of the Privie-Chamber, and Sewer in Ordinary to His Majesty.
Carew, Thomas, 1595?-1639? / [1681] Hinc illæ lacrymæ, or, An epitome of the life and death of Sir Wlliam Courten and Sir Paul Pyndar ... with their great services and sufferings under the crown of England : together with a brief narrative of the case and tryal of certain persons for pyracy and felony on the 10th of February 1680 : upon a special commission of Oyer and Terminer, grounded upon the statute of the 28 of Henry the 8 / faithfully and modestly collected by Thomas Carew ... ; with some remarques thereupon.
Cargill, Donald, 1619?-1681. / [1680] A true and exact copy of a treasonable and bloody-paper called the Fanaticks new-covenant which was taken from Mr. Donald Cargill at Queens-Ferry the third day of June, anno Dom. 1680 one of their field-preachers, a declared rebel and traitor ; together with their execrable declaration published at the Cross of Sanquhair upon the twenty two day of the said month of June after a solemn procession and singing of Psalms by Cameron the notorious ring-leader of and preacher at their field-conventicles, accompanied with twenty of that wretched crew.
Cargill, Donald, 1619?-1681. / [1681?] A lecture and sermon preached at different times by that faithfull minister of the Gospel, and now glorified martyr, Mr. Donald Gargill [sic]
Carier, Benjamin, 1566-1614. / [1614] A treatise, vvritten by M. doctor Carier, vvherein hee layeth downe sundry learned and pithy considerations by which he was moued, to forsake the Protestant congregation, and to betake himselfe to the Catholke Apostolike Roman Church. Agreeing verbatim with the written copye, addressed by the sayd doctor to the King his most excellent Maiestie.
Carion, Johannes, 1499-1537 or 8. / [1550] The thre bokes of cronicles, whyche Iohn Carion (a man syngularly well sene in the mathematycall sciences) gathered wyth great diligence of the beste authours that haue written in Hebrue, Greke or Latine Whervnto is added an appendix, conteynyng all such notable thynges as be mentyoned in cronicles to haue chaunced in sundry partes of the worlde from the yeare of Christ. 1532. to thys present yeare of. 1550. Gathered by Iohn Funcke of Nurenborough. Whyche was neuer afore prynted in Englysh. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.
Carkesse, James, fl. 1679. / [1679] Lucida intervalla, containing divers miscellaneous poems, written at Finsbury and Bethlem by the Doctors patient extraordinary.
Carlell, Lodowick, 1602?-1675. / [1655] The passionate lovers a tragi-comedy : the first and second parts ... / written by Lodowick Carlell, Gent.
Carlell, Lodowick, 1602?-1675. / [1657] The fool would be a favourit, or, The discreet lover a trage-comedy / written by Lodowick Carlell, Gent.
Carlell, Lodowick, 1602?-1675. / [1657] The famous tragedy of Osmond the great Turk, otherwise called the noble servant written by Lodowick Carlell, Gent.
Carleton, George, 1559-1628. / [1606] Tithes examined and proued to bee due to the clergie by a diuine right VVhereby the contentious and prophane atheists, as also the dissembling hypocrites of this age, may learne to honour the ministers and not to defraude them, and to rob the Church. The contents heereof is set downe in the page next following. Written by George Carleton Batchelour in Diuinitie.
Carleton, George, 1559-1628. / [1624] A thankfull remembrance of Gods mercy In an historicall collection of the great and mercifull deliverances of the Church and state of England, since the Gospell began here to flourish, from the beginning of Queene Elizabeth. Collected by Geo: Carleton, Doctor of Divinitie, and Bishop of Chichester.
Carleton, George, 1559-1628. / [1619] An oration made at the Hage, before the Prince of Orenge and the assembly of the high and mighty lords, the States Generall of the Vnited Prouinces: by the reuerend father in God, the Lord Bishop of Landaff, one of the commissioners sent by the Kings most excellent Maiesty to the Synod of Dort.
Carleton, George, 1559-1628. / [1629] The life of Bernard Gilpin a man most holy and renowned among the northerne English. Faithfully written by the Right Reverend Father in God George Carleton Lord Bishop of Chichester, and published for the sake of his common auditors, by whom it was long since earnestly desired.
Carleton, George, 1559-1628. / [1610] Iurisdiction regall, episcopall, papall Wherein is declared how the Pope hath intruded vpon the iurisdiction of temporall princes, and of the Church. The intrusion is discouered, and the peculiar and distinct iurisdiction to each properly belonging, recouered. Written by George Carleton.
Carleton, George, 1559-1628. / [1626] An examination of those things wherein the author of the late Appeale holdeth the doctrines of the Pelagians and Arminians, to be the doctrines of the Church of England written by George Carleton ...
Carleton, George, 1559-1628. / [1642] Bp Carletons testimonie concerning the Presbyterian discipline in the Low-Countries, and Episcopall government here in England. VVherein is briefly discovered the novelty of the one, and antiquity of the other; with a short taste of the inconveniences that attend the new plat-forme, where that is set up in the roome of the old primitive government. Published for the common good.
Carleton, George, 1559-1628. / [1624] Astrologomania: the madnesse of astrologers. Or An examination of Sir Christopher Heydons booke, intituled A defence of iudiciarie astrologie. Written neere vpon twenty yeares ago, by G.C. And by permission of the author set forth for the vse of such as might happily be misled by the Knights booke. Published by T.V. B. of D.
Carleton, John, b. 1645? / [1663] The ultimum vale of John Carleton of the Midde Temple, London, Gent. being a true description of that grand imposter, late a pretended Germane-lady.
Carleton, John, b. 1645? / [1663] The replication of certain vindicatory depositions occasioned by way of answer to the various aspersions and false reports of ignorant and malicious tongues, and the pamphlets of base detractors concerning the late acted cheat / written by Iohn Carleton.
Carleton, Mary, 1642?-1673. / [1663] An historical narrative of the German princess containing all material passages, from her first arrivall at Graves-end, the 30th of March last past, untill she was discharged from her imprisonment, June the sixth instant. Wherein also is mentioned, sundry private matters, between Mr. John Carlton, and others, and the said princess; not yet published. Together with a brief and notable story, of Billing the Brick-layer, one of her pretended husbands, coming to New-Gate, and demanding of the keeper her deliverance, on Monday the eighth instant. Written by her self, for the satisfaction of the world, at the request of divers persons of honour.
Carleton, Mary, 1642?-1673. / [1663] The arraignment, tryal and examination of Mary Moders, otherwise Stedman, now Carleton, (stiled, the German Princess) at the sessions-house in the Old Bayly being brought prisoner from the Gatehouse Westminster, for having two husbands, viz. Tho. Stedman of Canterbury Shooemaker, and John Carleton of London, Gent. : who upon a full hearing was acquitted by the jury on Thursday, June 4, 1663.
Carlile, Christopher, d. 1588? / [Anno salutis. 1572] A discourse Wherein is plainly proued by the order of time and place, that Peter was neuer at Rome. Furthermore, that neither Peter nor the Pope is the head of Christes Church. Also an interpretation vpon the second Epistle of S. Paul to the Thessalonians, the second chapter. Seene and alowed according to the order appointed.
Carlile, Christopher, d. 1588? / [Anno 1582] A discourse, concerning two diuine positions The first [ef]fectually concluding, that the soules of the faithfull fathers, deceased before Christ, went immediately to heauen. The second sufficientlye setting foorth vnto vs Christians, what we are to conceiue, touching the descension of our Sauiour Christ into hell: publiquely disputed at a commencement in Cambridge, anno Domini 1552. Purposely written at the first by way of a confutation, against a booke of Richard Smith of Oxford, D. of Diuinity, entitled a Refutation, imprinted 1562, & published against Iohn Caluin, & C. Carlile: the title wherof appeareth in ye 17. page. And now first published by the said Christopher Carlile, 1582.
Carlile, James, d. 1691. / [1689] The fortune-hunters, or, Two fools well met a comedy : as it is acted by His Majesty's servants / written by James Carlile, Gent.
Carlingford, Francis Taaffe, Earl of, 1639-1704. / [1684] Count Taaffe's letters from the imperial camp to his brother the Earl of Carlingford here in London giving an account of the most considerable actions, both before, and at, the raising of the siege at Vienna, together with several remarkable passages afterward, in the victorious campagne against the Turks in Hungary : with an addition of two other letters from a young English nobleman, a voluntier in the imperial army.
Carlisle, James Hay, Earl of, ca. 1612-1660. / [1648] A declaration by James Earl of Carlile, Lord of the Caribee Islands, or province of Carliola. Manifesting his care of, and affection to, the good and welfare of the inhabitants of the island of Barbadoes, and of all other people under his government.
Carlton, Richard, ca. 1558-1638? / [1601. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum] Madrigals to fiue voyces: newly published by Richard Carlton preist: batchelor in musique
Carol, James. / [1673?] To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty a true and exact relation of the petitioner James Carol, in discovering the treasonable words spoke by one Thomas Allin ...
Carol, James. / [1681] A narrative of the popish plot in Ireland for the murdering the Protestants there, and the introducing of popery : and the assistance they depended upon from England / discovered by me James Carrol, in the year 1672 ; with an account of my sufferings for discovering the same.
Caron, François, 1600-1673. / [1663] A true description of the mighty kingdoms of Japan and Siam written originally in Dutch by Francis Caron and Joost Schorten ; and novv rendred into English by Capt. Roger Manley.
Carpenter, Nathanael, 1589-1628? / [Anno Domini, M.DC.XXXV. 1635] Geographie delineated forth in two bookes Containing the sphericall and topicall parts thereof, by Nathanael Carpenter, Fellow of Exceter Colledge in Oxford.
Carpenter, Nathanael, 1589-1628? / [1633] Chorazin and Bethsaida's vvoe, or warning peece A judicious and learned sermon on Math. II. vers. 21. Preached at St. Maries in Oxford, by tha[t] renowned and famous divine, Mr. Nathanael Carpenter, Batchellor in Divinity, sometime Fellow of Exceter Colledge; late chaplaine to my Lords Grace of Armah in Ireland.
Carpenter, Nathanael, 1589-1628? / [1629] Achitophel, or, The picture of a wicked politician Diuided into three parts.
Carpenter, Nathanael. 1589-1628? / [1627] Achitophel, or, The picture of a wicked politician devided into three parts : a treatise presented heretofore in three sermons to the Vniversitie of Oxford and now published / by Nathanael Carpent[er].
Carpenter, Richard, d. 1670? / [1665?] A new play call'd The Pragmatical Jesuit new-leven'd a comedy / by Richard Carpenter.
Carr, John, citezein of London. / [Anno. 1573] The ruinous fal of prodigalitie with the notable examples of the best aprooued aucthours which hath bin written of the same. Newly set foorth by Iohn Carr.
Carr, John, citezein of London. / [1573] A larume belle for London, with à caueat or warning to England also a pitifull complaint of the penitente synner, newlie set forthe by Ihon Carre, citezein of London.
Carr, Robert, fl. 1686-1696. / [1686] The delightful companion, or, Choice new lessons for the recorder or flute to which is added, several lessons for two and three flutes to play together : also plain and easie instructions for beginners, and the several graces proper to this instrument.
Carr, William. / [1669] Pluto furens & vinctus, or, The raging devil bound a modern farse / Per Philocomicum.
Carr, William, 17th cent. / [1695] The travellours guide and historians faithful companion giving an account of the most remarkable things and matters relating to the religion, government, custom, manners, laws, pollicies, companies, trade, &c. in all the principal kingdoms, being the 16 years travels of William Carr, Gentleman ...
Carr, William, 17th cent. / [1688] Remarks of the government of severall parts of Germanie, Denmark, Sweedland, Hamburg, Lubeck, and Hansiactique townes, but more particularly of the United Provinces with some few directions how to travell in the States dominions : together with a list of the most considerable cittyes in Europe, with the number of houses in each citty / written by Will. Carr ...
Carr, William, 17th cent. / [1676] A particular account of the present siege of Mastricht with the sundry remarkable circumstances thereto relating : being the substance of a letter written out of Holland by a friend to a person of quality in London.
Carré, Ezechiel. / [1697] Le te-deum laudamus, ou Cantique spiritue[l]. Pour etre chanté, quelquefois au service du Matin, dans son ... Sur le chant du pseaume VIII. Par E. Carré ministre.
Carrillo de Mendoza y Pimentel, Diego, 16th/17th cent. / [anno. Dom. 1588] The deposition of Don Diego Piementellj, cheefe maister of one regiment of the campe of the King of Spayne as hee deposed before, and in the presence of the chiefest lords of the counsaile of the Haghe in Holland. Translated out of Dutch into English, by F.M.
Carrington, John, d. 1701. / [1698] The Lancashire Levite rebuk'd, or, A farther vindication of the dissenters from popery, superstition, ignorance and knavery unjustly charged on them by Mr. Zachary Taylor in his two books about the Surey demoniak in a letter to himself.
Carrington, S. (Samuel) / [1659] The history of the life and death of His Most Serene Highness, Oliver, late Lord Protector wherein, from his cradle to his tomb, are impartially transmitted to posterity, the most weighty transactions forreign or domestique that have happened in his time, either in matters of law, proceedings in Parliaments, or other affairs in church or state / by S. Carrington.
Carswell, Francis, d. 1709. / [1689] England's restoration parallel'd in Judah's, or, The primitive judge and counsellor in a sermon before the honourable judge at Abington assizes, for the county of Berks, Aug. 6. 1689 / by Francis Carswell ...
Cart, John. / [ca. 1625] The cunning age, or, A re-married woman repenting her marriage, rehearsing her husbands dishonest carriage being a pleasant dialogue between a re-married woman, a widdow, and a young wife : to the tune of The wiuing age.
Carter, John, d. 1655. / [1653] The tomb-stone, and A rare sight
Carter, John, d. 1655. / [1647] The nail & the wheel the nail fastned by a hand from heaven, the wheel turned by a voyce from the throne of glory / both described in two severall sermons in the Green-yard at Norwich by John Carter, pastor of Great St. Peters.
Carter, John, diacon. / [1640] Vindiciæ decimarum. Of tithes, a plea for the ius divinum. Drawne from the text, by Iohn Carter diacon
Carter, Matthew, fl. 1660. / [1650] A most true and exact relation of that as honourable as unfortunate expedition of Kent, Essex, and Colchester by M.C., a loyall actor in that engagement, Anno Dom. 1648.
Carter, Matthew, fl. 1660. / [1660] Honor rediviuus [sic] or An analysis of honor and armory. by Matt: Carter Esq.
Carter, Richard. / [MDCXL 1640] A military dialogue betweene Philomusus and Miles lively expressing the horrible effects of war, and the unspeakable benefit of peace / by Richard Carter.
Carter, Richard, 17th/18th cent. / [1641] The schismatick stigmatized wherein all make-bates are branded : whether they are eves-dropping-newes-carriers, murmurers, complainers, railers, reproachers, revilers, repining reformers, fault-finders, quarrell-pickers and corner-creepers : with all the rabble of brain-sicks who are enemies to old Englands peace / by Richard Carter.
Carter, Samuel, barrister at law. / [1696] Lex custumaria, or, A treatise of copy-hold estates in respect of the lord, copy-holder wherein the nature of customs in general, and of particular customs, grants and surrenders, and their constructions and expositions in reference to the thing granted or surrendred, and the uses or limitations of estates are clearly illustrated : admittances, presentments, fines and forfeitures are fully handled, and many quaeries and difficulties by late resolution setled : leases, licences, extinquishments of copy-hold estates, and what statutes extend to copy-hold estates are explained : and also of actions by lord or tenant, and the manner of declaring and pleading, either generally or as to particular customs, with tryal and evidence holder may recieve relief in the Court of Chancery : to which are annexed presidents of conveyances respecting copy-holds, releases, surrenders, grants presentmets, and the like : as also presidents of court rolls, surrenders, admittances, presentments, &c. / by S.C., Barister at Law.
Carter, W. (William) / [1677] The reply of W.C.
Carter, W. (William) / [1669] England's interest asserted, in the improvement of its native commodities; and more especially the manufacture of wool plainly shewing its exportation un-manufactured, amounting unto millions of loss to His Majesty, and kingdom. With some brief observations of that worthy author Sir Walter Rawley, touching the same. All humbly presented to His Majesty, and both Houses of Parliament. By a true lover of His Majesty, and native country. Licensed by Roger L'estrange.
Carter, W. (William) / [1695] The usurpations of France upon the trade of the woollen manufacture of England briefly hinted at, being the effects of thirty years observations, by which that King hath been enabled to wage war with so great a part of Europe, or, A caution to England to improve a season now put into her hand, to secure her self by William Carter.
Carter, W. (William) / [1677] The proverb crossed, or, A new paradox maintained (viz.) that it is not at all times true, that interest cannot lye being a full, clear and distinct answer to a paper of an English gentleman, who endeavours to demonstrate that it is for the interest of England that the laws against transportation of wooll should be repealed.
Cartier, Jacques, 1491-1557. / [Anno Domini. 1580] A shorte and briefe narration of the two nauigations and discoueries to the northweast partes called Newe Fraunce: first translated out of French into Italian, by that famous learned man Gio: Bapt: Ramutius, and now turned into English by Iohn Florio; worthy the reading of all venturers, trauellers, and discouerers
Cartigny, Jean de, 1520?-1578. / [the xxvij. of May. 1581] The voyage of the wandering knight. Deuised by Iohn Carthenie, a Frenchman: and translated out of French into English, by VVilliam Goodyear of South-hampton merchant. A vvorke vvorthie of reading, and dedicated to the Right worshipfull Sir Frauncis Drake, Knight
Cartwright, Christopher, 1602-1658. / [1675] Exceptions against a vvriting of Mr. R. Baxters in answer to some animadversions upon his aphorisms / by Mr. Chr. Cartwright ...
Cartwright, Francis. / [1621] The life, confession, and heartie repentance of Francis Cartwright, Gentleman for his bloudie sinne in killing of one Master Storr, Master of Arts, and minister of Market Rason in Lincolnshire. Written with his owne hand.
Cartwright, George, fl. 1661. / [1661] The heroick-lover, or, The infanta of Spain by George Cartwright ...
Cartwright, John, of Magdalen College, Oxford. / [1611] The preachers trauels Wherein is set downe a true iournall to the confines of the East Indies, through the great countreyes of Syria, Mesopotamia, Armenia, Media, Hircania and Parthia. With the authors returne by the way of Persia, Susiana, Assiria, Chaldæa, and Arabia. Containing a full suruew of the knigdom [sic] of Persia: and in what termes the Persian stands with the Great Turke at this day: also a true relation of Sir Anthonie Sherleys entertainment there: and the estate that his brother, M. Robert Sherley liued in after his departure for Christendome. With the description of a port in the Persian gulf, commodious for our East Indian merchants; and a briefe rehearsall of some grosse absudities [sic] in the Turkish Alcoran. Penned by I.C. sometimes student in Magdalen Colledge in Oxford.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. / [1648] Helpes for discovery of the truth in point of toleration: being the judgment of that eminent scholler Tho. Cartwright, sometimes Divinity-Professor in the University of Cambridge in the reigne of Queen Elizabeth of happy memory, and then a famous non-conformist, for which through the tyranny of the Bishops he suffered exile. Wherein the power and duty of the magistrate in relation to matters of religion is discussed; as also whether the judiciall lawes given by Moses to the Jewes are abrogate by the coming of Christ. More particularly in relation to some sinnes, viz. blasphemy, adultery, &c. Occasionally handled in a controversie betweene the said publike professor T.C. and Doctor Whitgift. Here also by the way is laid downe his judgment in the case of divorce, and that the party innocent may marrie again.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1634-1689. / [1673] The judgment of M. Cartwright and M. Baxter concerning separation and the ceremonies
Cartwright, Thomas, 1634-1689. / [1687] An answer of a minister of the Church of England to a seasonable and important question, proposed to him by a ... member of the present House of Commons viz. what respect ought the true sons of the Church of England ... to bear to the religion of that church, whereof the King is a member?
Cartwright, William. / [1642] Semography, or, Short and swift writing invented and composed for the benefit of others by the author hereof, William Cartwright, and is now set forth and published by his nephew, Ieremiah Rich, immediate next to the authour, deceased ...
Cartwright, William, 1611-1643. / [printed. 1641] To the right honourable Philip, Earle of Pembroke and Mountgomery, Baron Herbert of Cardiffe and Shirland, Lord Par and Rosse of Kendall, Lord Fitzhugh Marmion, and Saint Quintine, Lord Warden of the Staneries, in the county of Devon and Cornwall Lord High Steward of the duchy of Cornwall, Chancellour of the Vniversity of Oxford. Lord Lieutenant of the counties of Kent, Cornwall and Wilts: Lord Chamberlaine of his Majesties most honourable houshold, knight of the most noble Order of the Garter, and one of his Majesties most honourable privie counsell. Upon his lordhips election of Chancellor of the Vniveristy of Oxford.
Cartwright, William, 1611-1643. / [1641] To the right honovrable Philip Earle of Pembroke and Mountgomery, Baron Herbert of Cardiffe and Shurland, Lord Par and Rosse of Kendall, Lord Fitzhugh Marmion, and Saint Quintine, Lord Warden of the Staneries, in the countie of Devon and Cornewall, Lord High Steward of the duchie of Cornewall, Chancellour of the Vniversity of Oxford, Lord Lieutenant of the counties of Kent, Cornewall and Wilts: Lord Chamberlaine of his Majesties most honourable houshold, knight of the most noble order of the Garter, and one of his Majesties most honourable privie counsell. Vpon his lordhips election of Chancellor of the Vniveristy of Oxford.
Cartwright, William, 1611-1643. / [1639] The royall slaue A tragi-comedy. Presented to the King and Queene by the students of Christ-Church in Oxford. August 30. 1636. Presented since to both their Majesties at Hampton-Court by the Kings Servants.
Cartwright, William, 1611-1643. / [1651] The ordinary a comedy / written by William Cartvvright ...
Cartwright, William, 1611-1643. / [1647] November.
Cartwright, William, 1611-1643. / [1671] November, or, Signal dayes observed in that month in relation to the crown and royal family written by ... William Cartwright ...
Cartwright, William, 1611-1643. / [1651] The lady-errant a tragi-comedy / written by Mr. William Cartvvright ...
Carver, Marmaduke. / [1666] A discourse of the terrestrial paradise aiming at a more probable discovery of the true situation of that happy place of our first parents habitation / by Marmaduke Carver ...
Carwell, Thomas, 1600-1664. / [1658] Labyrinthvs cantuariensis, or, Doctor Lawd's labyrinth beeing an answer to the late Archbishop of Canterburies relation of a conference between himselfe and Mr. Fisher, etc., wherein the true grounds of the Roman Catholique religion are asserted, the principall controversies betwixt Catholiques and Protestants thoroughly examined, and the Bishops Meandrick windings throughout his whole worke layd open to publique view / by T.C.
Cary, Elizabeth, Lady, 1585 or 6-1639. / [1613] The tragedie of Mariam, the faire queene of Iewry. VVritten by that learned, vertuous, and truly noble ladie, E.C.
Cary, John, d. 1720? / [1696] An essay towards the setlement of a national credit in the kingdom of England humbly presented to the two honourable Houses of Parliament / by John Cary ...
Cary, John, d. 1720? / [1700?] A proposal offered to the committee of the honourable House of Commons appointed to consider of ways for the better providing for the poor and setting them on work, and now under their consideration.
Cary, John, d. 1720? / [1695] An essay on the state of England in relation to its trade, its poor, and its taxes, for carrying on the present war against France by John Cary, merchant in Bristoll.
Cary, John, d. 1720? / [1696] An essay on the coyn and credit of England as they stand with respect to its trade by John Cary.
Cary, John, d. 1720? / [1700] An account of the proceedings of the Corporation of Bristol in execution of the act of Parliament for the better employing and maintaining the poor of that city
Cary, Mary. / [1648] The resurrection of the witnesses and Englands fall from (the mystical Babylon) Rome clearly demonstrated to be accomplished, whereby great encouragement is administred to all saints, but especially to the saints in England, in the handling of a part of the eleventh chapter of the Revelation / by M. Cary ...
Cary, Philip. / [1690] A just reply to Mr. John Flavell's arguments by way of answer to a discourse lately published, entitled, A solemn call, &c. wherein it is further plainly proved that the covenant made with Israel on Mount Sinai, as also the covenant of circumcision made with Abraham, whereon so much stress is laid for the support of infants baptism ... : together with a reply to Mr. Joseph Whiston's reflections on the forementioned discourse, in a late small tract of his entituled, The right method for the proving of infants baptism ... / by Philip Cary ...
Cary, Walter. / [Anno Dom. 1626] The present state of England expressed in this paradox, our fathers were very rich with little, and wee poore with much. Written by Walter Cary.
Cary, Walter. / [1580] The hammer for the stone so named, for that it sheweth the most excellent remedie that euer was knowne for the same. Latelie deuised by Walter Carie Maister of Art, and student in physicke.
Cary, Walter. / [1609] A briefe treatise published by Walter Cary 1587, and now the fift time 1609. newly imprinted ; wherein are to be found diuers good and speciall helpes for many diseases ; and for any thing herein mentioned, as heretofore I referred the patientes to M. Gray, so now (he being dead) I referre them to M. Clapham ...
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [M.D.C.XLIII 1643] An exposition with practical observations upon the three first chapters of the book of Iob delivered in XXI lectures at Magnus neare the bridge, London, by Joseph Caryl ...
Caryll, John, 1625-1711. / [1671] Sir Salomon, or, The cautious coxcomb a comedy as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke of York's Theatre.
Caryll, John, 1625-1711. / [M.DCC 1700] The Psalms of David translated from the Vulgat.
Caryll, John, 1625-1711. / [1679] Naboth's vinyard, or, The innocent traytor copied from the orginal of Holy Scripture : in heroick verse.
Caryll, John, 1625-1711. / [1667] The English princess, or, The death of Richard the III a tragedy written in the year 1666, and acted at His Highness the Duke of York's Theatre.
Casas, Bartolomé de las, 1474-1566. / [1656] The tears of the Indians being an historical and true account of the cruel massacres and slaughters of above twenty millions of innocent people, committed by the Spaniards in the islands of Hispaniola, Cuba, Jamaica, &c. : as also in the continent of Mexico, Peru, & other places of the West-Indies, to the total destruction of those countries / written in Spanish by Casaus, an eye-witness of those things ; and made English by J.P.
Casas, Bartolomé de las, 1474-1566. / [1583] The Spanish colonie, or Briefe chronicle of the acts and gestes of the Spaniardes in the West Indies, called the newe world, for the space of xl. yeeres: written in the Castilian tongue by the reuerend Bishop Bartholomew de las Cases or Casaus, a friar of the order of S. Dominicke. And nowe first translated into english, by M.M.S.
Casas, Bartolomé de las, 1474-1566. / [1699] An account of the first voyages and discoveries made by the Spaniards in America containing the most exact relation hitherto publish'd, of their unparallel'd cruelties on the Indians, in the destruction of above forty millions of people : with the propositions offer'd to the King of Spain to prevent the further ruin of the West-Indies / by Don Bartholomew de las Casas, Bishop of Chiapa, who was an eye-witness of their cruelties ; illustrated with cuts ; to which is added, The art of travelling, shewing how a man may dispose his travels to the best advantage.
Casas, Bartolomé de las, 1474-1566. / [1689] Popery truly display'd in its bloody colours, or, A faithful narrative of the horrid and unexampled massacres, butcheries, and all manner of cruelties, that hell and malice could invent, committed by the popish Spanish party on the inhabitants of West-India together with the devastations of several kingdoms in America by fire and sword, for the space of forty and two years, from the time of its first discovery by them / composed first in Spanish by Bartholomew de las Casas, a bishop there, and an eyewitness of most of these barbarous cruelties ; afterward translated by him into Latin, then by other hands, into High-Dutch, Low-Dutch, French, and now taught to speak modern English.
Casaubon, Isaac, 1559-1614. / [1612] The ansvvere of Master Isaac Casaubon to the epistle of the most reuerend Cardinall Peron. Translated out of Latin into English. May 18. 1612
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [1624] The vindication or defence of Isaac Casaubon against those impostors that lately published an impious and vnlearned pamphlet, intituled The originall of idolatries, &c. vnder his name, by Meric Casaubon his sonne. Published by his Maiesties command.
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [1641] The use of daily pvblick prayers in three positions
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [1672] A treatise proving spirits, witches, and supernatural operations, by pregnant instances and evidences together with other things worthy of note / by Meric Casaubon.
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [1665] To J.S., the author of Sure-footing, his letter, lately published, The answer of Mer. Casaubon, D.D., concerning the new way of infallibility lately devised to uphold the Roman cause, the Holy Scriptures, antient fathers and councills laid aside
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [Anno. Dom. M.D.C.XXXVIII. 1638] A treatise of vse and custome
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [1655] A treatise concerning enthusiasme, as it is an effect of nature, but is mistaken by many for either divine inspiration, or diabolical possession by Meric Casaubon ...
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [1663] The question to whom it belonged anciently to preach and whether all priests might or did discussed out of antiquity : as also, what preaching is, properly / by Meric Casaubon ...
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [1664] Of the necessity of reformation in, and before Luther's time and what (visibly) hath most hindred the progress of it : occasioned by some late virulent books written by Papists, but especially, by that intituled, Labyrinthus Cantuariensis : here besides some other points, the grand business of these times, infallibility, is fully discussed / by Meric Casaubon ...
Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. / [1660] A King and his subjects unhappily fallen out, and happily reconciled being the substance of a sermon with very little alteration fitted for the present time : preached in the sermon-house belonging to the cathedral of Christ-Church Canterbury Jan. 15, 1643, upon Hos. 3,4,5 / by Meric Casaubon ...
Case, John, fl. 1680-1700. / [1682] The wards of the key to Helmont proved unfit for the lock, or, The principles of Mr. William Bacon examined and refuted and the honour and value of true chymistry asserted / by John Case ...
Case, John, fl. 1680-1700. / [1682] A prophecy on the conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter in this present year 1682 with some prophetical predictions of what is likely to ensue thereupon in the year / 1684 by John Case ...
Case, John, fl. 1680-1700. / [1697] The angelical guide shewing men and women their lott or chance in this elementary life, in four books ... / by John Case.
Casimir, Johann, Pfalzgraf bei Rhein, 1543-1592. / [1579] Certaine orations and answeres made by Iohn Casimire Countie Palatine of Rhyne ... vnto the French king & his embassadours in defence of ye maintenance of his peace, and Christian religion. Translated out of French. 1579.
Cassagnes, Jacques de, 1635-1679. / [1694] A moral treatise upon valour divided into two books / translated from the French.
Castamore. / [1700] Conjugium languens, or, The natural, civil, and religious mischiefs arising from conjugal infidelity and impunity by Castamore.
Castanheda, Fernão Lopes de, d. 1559. / [1582] The first booke of the historie of the discouerie and conquest of the East Indias, enterprised by the Portingales, in their daungerous nauigations, in the time of King Don Iohn, the second of that name VVhich historie conteineth much varietie of matter, very profitable for all nauigators, and not vnpleasaunt to the readers. Set foorth in the Portingale language, by Hernan Lopes de Castaneda. And now translated into English, by N.L. Gentleman.
Castell, William, d. 1645. / [1644] A short discoverie of the coasts and continent of America, from the equinoctiall northward, and the adjacent isles by William Castell ... ; whereunto is prefixed the authors petition to this present Parliament for the propagation of the Gospell in America, attested by many eminent English and Scottish divines ... ; together with Sir Benjamin Rudyers speech in Parliament, 21 Jan. concerning America.
Castell, William, d. 1645. / [Printed in the yeare, 1641] A petition of W.C. exhibited to the high court of Parliament now assembled, for the propagating of the Gospel in America, and the West Indies; and for the setling of our plantations there; which petition is approved by 70 able English divines. Also by Master Alexander Henderson, and some other worthy ministers of Scotland.
Castelli, Benedetto, 1577 or 8-1643. / [1661] Of the mensuration of running waters an excellent piece written in Italian by Don Benedetto Castelli ... ; Englished from the third and best edition ; with the addition of a second book not before extant / by Thomas Salusbury.
Castellion, Sébastien, 1515-1563. / [1574] Dialogorum sacrorum libri quatuor autore Sebastiano Castalione, qui nunc postremò opus recognouit ; argumenta singulis dialogis præposuit, & sententias subiecit ; ex quibus pueri discant officium ; hoc est, quid imitandum sit, aut declinandum.
Castiglione, Baldassarre, conte, 1478-1529. / [1561] The courtyer of Count Baldessar Castilio diuided into foure bookes. Very necessary and profitable for yonge gentilmen and gentilwomen abiding in court, palaice or place, done into English by Thomas Hoby.
Castillo Solórzano, Alonso de, 1584-1648? / [1665] La picara, or, The triumphs of female subtilty display'd in the artifices and impostures of a beautiful woman, who trapann'd the most experienc'd rogues, and made all those unhappy who thought her handsome : originally a Spanish relation, enriched with three pleasant novels / render'd into English with some alterations and additions by John Davies ...
Castlehaven, James Touchet, Earl of, 1617?-1684. / [1680] The memoirs of James, Lord Audley, Earl of Castlehaven, his engagement and carriage in the wars of Ireland from the year 1642 to the year 1651 written by himself.
Castlehaven, Mervyn Touchet, Earl of, 1592?-1631. / [printed in the year, 1699] The tryal and condemnation of Mervin, Lord Audley Earl of Castle-Haven At Westminster, April the 5th 1631. For abetting a rape upon his Countess, committing sodomy with his servants, and commanding and countenancing the debauching his daughter. With the learned speeches of the Lord High-Steward, the arguments of the King's-Councel upon that occasion, and the Lord Audley's speech at the place of execution.
Castlehaven, Mervyn Touchet, Earl of, 1592?-1631, defendant. / [1679] The trial of the Lord Audley, Earl of Castlehaven, for inhumanely causing his own wife to be ravished, and for buggery
Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705. / [1681] The tryal of Roger Earl of Castlemaine for high treason in conspiring the death of the King, the subversion of the government, and introducing of popery and arbitrary power : before the Lord Chief Justice Scroggs &c. at the King's Bench Bar at Westminster the 23th of June 1680 where he was acquitted.
Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705. / [1666?] To all the Royalists that suffered for His Majesty, and to the rest of the good people of England the humble apology of the English Catholicks.
Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705. / [M. DC. LXVIII 1668] A reply to the ansvver of the Catholiqve apology, or, A cleere vindication of the Catholiques of England from all matter of fact charg'd against them by their enemyes
Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705. / [1679] The English globe being a stabil and immobil one, performing what the ordinary globes do, and much more / invented and described by the Right Honorable, the Earl of Castlemaine ; and now publish't by Joseph Moxon ...
Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705. / [1679] The compendium, or, A short view of the late tryals in relation to the present plot against His Majesty and government with the speeches of those that have been executed : as also an humble address, at the close, to all the worthy patriots of this once flourishing and happy kingdom.
Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705. / [1690] An account of what past on Monday the 28th of October, 1689, in the House of Commons, and since at the King's-Bench-Bar at Westminster, in relation to the Earl of Castlemaine
Castlemaine, Roger Palmer, Earl of, 1634-1705. / [1666] An account of the present war between the Venetians & Turk with the state of Candie (in a letter to the king, from Venice) / by the Earl of Castlemaine.
Cater, Samuel, d. 1711. / [1676] A relation of some of the most material matters that passed in a publick dispute at Thriploe in Cambridgeshire the 15th day of the 2d month 1676 between Francis Holdcraft and Joseph Odde his assistant, both Presbyterian priests, on the one party, and Samuel Cater with some others of the Friends of truth called Quakers
Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. / [the. v. day of Nouember, in the yere of our Lord. 1547] The lamentacion of a synner, made by ye most vertuous Ladie, Quene Caterin, bewayling the ignoraunce of her blind life: set furth and put in print at the instaunt desire of the righte gracious ladie Caterin duchesse of Suffolke, [and] the earnest requeste of the right honourable Lord, William Parre, Marquesse of North Hampton
Catholic Church. / [1699] A true and exact account of all the ceremonies observed by the Church of Rome at the opening, during the progress, and at the conclusion of the next approaching Jubilee in the year 1700 / taken and translated into English from the Latin original.
Catholic Church. / [M.ccccc.xxxi. 1531] This prymer of Salysbury vse is set out a long wout ony serchyng with many prayers, and goodly pyctures in the kale[n]der, in the matyns of our lady, in the houres of the crosse in the. vii. psalmes, and in the dyryge.
Catholic Church. / [M·DC·XXVII· 1627] The Roman martyrologe according to the reformed calendar faithfully translated out of Latin into English, by G.K. of the Society of Iesus.
Catholic Church. / [1534] A prymer in Englyshe with certeyn prayers [et] godly meditations, very necessary for all people that vnderstonde not the Latyne tongue. Cum priuilegio regali.
Catholic Church. / [1540?] The primer in Englishe wyth the A.B.C. for children after the vse of Salisburye. Newlye imprinted
Catholic Church. / [M.D.xxxviij. 1538] Here after foloweth the prymer in Englysshe sette out alonge, after the vse of Sarum. 1538
Catholic Church. / [M.cccc.xcvii 1497] Expositio hymnorum secu[n]dum vsum Saru[m]
Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Paris (France). Archbishop (1671-1695 : Harlay de Champvallon) / [1696] The condemnation of Monsieur Du Pin his history of ecclesiastical authors by the Archbishop of Paris ; together with his own retractation ; translated out of French.
Catholic Church. Assemblée générale du clergé de France. / [1680] A letter written to the French King, by the lords spiritual the arch-bishops and the bishops, together with the other ecclesiasticks, appointed by the clergy of France, assembled at St. Germains en Laye About the last breve of the Pope, upon the subject of the regale.
Catholic Church. Assemblée générale du clergé de France. / [1682] Actes of the General Assembly of the clergy of France, Anno Domini 1682, concerning religion translated into English for the satisfaction of curious inquisitors into the present French persecution of Protestants.
Catholic Church. Diocese of St. Andrews. Archbishop (1546-1571 : Hamilton) / [the xxix. day of August, the zeir of our Lord M.D.lii. 1552] The catechisme that is to say, ane co[m]mon and catholik instructioun of the christin people in materis of our catholik faith and religioun, quhilk na gud christin man or woman suld misknaw: set furth be ye maist reuerend father in God Iohne aschbischop of sanct Androus legatuit and primat of ye kirk of Scotland, in his prouincial counsale haldin at Edinburgh the xxvi. day of Ianuarie, the yeir of our Lord 1551. with the aduise and counsale of the bischoippis and uthir prelatis with doctours of theologie and canon law of the said realme of Scotland present for the tyme.
Catholic Church. Pope (1484-1492 : Innocent VIII) / [1489] Ioha[n]nes de Gigliis alias de Liliis apl'icus subdiacon[us] ...
Catholic Church. Pope (1484-1492 : Innocent VIII) / [1494] Alexander Ep[iscopu]s seruus seruor[um] dei ad futuram Rei memoria[m]. ...
Catholic Church. Pope (1513-1521 : Leo X) / [1520?] Unto all maner & singuler Cristen people beholdynge or herynge these present letters shall come gretynge ...
Catholic Church. Pope (1513-1521 : Leo X) / [1520?] Indulgences graunted to all and euery crysten man and whoman in what soeuer party of the worlde they be, entrynge into the fraternyite of Saynt Katheryn in the mounte of Synay
Catholic Church. Pope (1513-1521 : Leo X) / [ca. 1520?] The hole īdulgēce of p̲dō graūted to blessed. S. Cornelis is. vi. score yers. vi. score lēts. ii. M. ix. C. [and] xx. dais of p̲dō for euermore to ēdure.
Catholic Church. Pope (1513-1521 : Leo X) / [1517?] Be it knowen to all Criste[n] people, that Syr Iohn Pyllet Eng[lysshe] knyght of the holy sepulcre of Criste co[m]mynge from Iherusalem, was t[aken by the] Mauris & infidels ...
Catholic Church. Pope (1667-1669 : Clement IX) / [printed in the year M DC LXXIV. 1674] A letter from the Pope to his distressed sons the Catholicks in England. As it was intercepted, and now published by S.V.
Catholic Church. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1556-1558 : Pole) / [1556] Articles to be enquyred of in thordinary visitation of the most reuerende father in God, the Lord Cardinall Pooles grace Archbyshop of Cannterbury wythin hys Dioces of Cantorbury. In the yeare of our Lorde God. m.d.c.lvi
Caton, William, 1636-1665. / [1660] William Catons salutation and advice unto Gods elect, of what county, meeting, or family soever they are; mercy and peace, joy, and everlasting refreshment be multiplied among you all.
Caton, William, 1636-1665. / [1660] Truths caracter of professors and their teachers which by looking through may bring to their remembrance the dayes of old, and how it was then with them, which may evidently shew unto them what hath befallen them since they degenerated from the measure of God, which some of them had in them, and it may also put them in mind of Gods justice and severity towards them ... / by William Caton.
Caton, William, 1636-1665. / [1662] Three general epistles for the whole body of Friends 1 from William Caton, 2 from R. Greenway, 3 from Christopher Bacon.
Caton, William, 1636-1665. / [1662] The testimony of a cloud of witnesses who in their generation have testified against that horrible evil of forcing of conscience, and persecution about matters of religion ... / composed together, and translated into English, by ... William Caton.
Caton, William, 1636-1665. / [1658] The moderate enquirer resolved in a plain description of several objections which are summed up together and treated upon by way of conference, concerning the contemned [sic] people commonly called Quakers who are the royal seed of God and whose innocency is here cleared in the answers to the many objections that are frequently produced by their opponents : which may be profitable for them to read that have any thing against them, and useful for all such as desire to know the certainty of those things which are most commonly reported of them / written in behalf of the brethren, in vindication of the truth, by VV. C.
Caton, William, 1636-1665. / [1660] An epistle to King Charles the II sent from Amsterdam in Holland, the 28 of the 10 month, 1660 wherein is contained certain orders and laws there, concerning the liberty granted to those which cannot take up arms, nor swear, which laws there do yet continue : as also several arguments shewing that the people called Quakers are no popish recusants, who are cast into prison for not swearing : with advice & direction to King Charles, that his tendernesse may appear likewise to tender consciences, who keep to their yea and nay, that if they break their yea and nay, they may be punished as for breaking an oath / William Caton.
Cats, Jacob, 1577-1660. / [1680] Self-conflict, or, The powerful motions between the flesh & spirit represented in the person and upon the occasion of Joseph when by Potiphar's wife he was enticed to adultery : a divine poem / written originally in low-Dutch by Jacob Catts ... ; and from thence translated.
Caudry, Thomas. / [1606] The examination of the Accidence by questions and answeres wherein the accidentes of the eight partes of speech are familiarly handled and all difficulties in the same arising explained : whereby young scholers may in shorter time learne to vnderstand, and maisters vvith more ease, and better successe teach the principles of the Accidence, then it vsually happeneth / set forth by T.C.
Caus, Isaac de, 1590-1648. / [1659] New and rare inventions of water-works shewing the easiest waies to raise water higher then the spring by which invention the perpetual motion is proposed : many hard labours performed : and varieties of notions and sounds produced : a work both usefull profitable and delightfull for all sorts of people / first written in French by Isaak de Caus ... ; and now translated into English by John Leak.
Cave, John, d. 1690. / [1685] Daphnis. A pastoral elegy on the death of that hopeful young gentleman Mr. Francis Wollaston.
Cave, William, 1637-1713. / [1683] A serious exhortation, with some important advices, relating to the late cases about conformity recommended to the present dissenters from the Church of England.
Cave, William, 1637-1713. / [1675] Primitive Christianity, or, The religion of the ancient Christians in the first ages of the Gospel in three parts / by William Cave.
Cave, William, 1637-1713. / [1683] A dissertation concerning the government of the ancient church by bishops, metropolitans, and patriarchs more particularly concerning the ancient power and jurisdiction of the bishops of Rome and the encroachments of that upon other sees, especially the See of Constantinople / by William Cave ...
Cave, William, 1637-1713. / [1684] A discourse concerning the unity of the Catholick Church maintained in the Church of England
Cave, William, 1637-1713. / [1676] Antiquitates apoitolicæ, or, The history of the lives, acts and martyrdoms of the holy apostles of our Saviour and the two evangelists SS. Mark and Lvke to which is added an introductory discourse concerning the three great dispensations of the church, patriarchal, Mosiacal and evangelical : being a continuation of Antiquitates christianæ or the life and death of the holy Jesus / by William Cave ...
Cavendish, George, 1500-1561? / [1641] The negotiations of Thomas Woolsey, the great Cardinall of England containing his life and death, viz. (1) the originall of his promotion, (2) the continuance in his magnificence, (3) his fall, death, and buriall / composed by one of his owne servants, being his gentleman-vsher.
Cavendish, Michael, ca. 1565-1628. / [1598] 14.Ayres in tabletorie to the lute expressed with two voyces and the base violl or the voice & lute only. 6.more to 4.voyces and in tabletorie. And 8.madrigalles to 5.voyces By Michaell Cavendish Gentleman
Cawdrey, Zachary, 1616-1684. / [1681] A preparation for martyrdom a discourse about the cause, the temper, the assistances and rewards of a martyr of Jesus Christ : in a dialogue betwixt a minister, and a gentlemanhis [sic] parishioner.
Cawley, J. (John), 1632?-1709. / [1689] The nature and kinds of simony discussed wherein it is argued whether letting and ecclesiastical jurisdiction to a lay-surrogate , under a yearly pension reserved out of the profits, be reducible to that head : and a sentence in a cause depending about it near six years in the court of arches, is examined / by J. Cawley ...
Cawley, J. (John), 1632?-1709. / [1695?] The case of the founders kinsmen with relation to the statutes of ---------- College, in the University of ----------- / humbly proposed and submitted to better judgments.
Cawton, Thomas, 1637-1677. / [1662] The life and death of that holy and reverend man of God, Mr. Thomas Cawton ... with severall of his speeches and letters, while in exile, for his loyalty to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty : to which is annexed a sermon preach'd by him at Mercers Chappel, Febr. 25. 1648 ... : published with the approbation of several of his brethren, ministers of the Word in London.
Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491. / [1477?] If it plese ony man spirituel or temporel to bye ony pyes of two and thre comemoracio[n]s of saliburi vse ...
Caylie, Mathew. / [1623] The cleansing of the ten lepers, or, Briefe notes on Luke 17, vers. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 by Mathevv Caylie minister of Gods Word at Maidford in Northamptonsh.