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Clagett, Nicholas, 1654-1727. / [1685] A perswasive to an ingenuous tryal of opinions in religion
Clagett, William, 1646-1688. / [1678] A discourse concerning the operations of the Holy Spirit together with a confutation of some part of Dr. Owen's book upon that subject.
Clanricarde, John Bourke, Earl of, 1642-1722. / [1701?] The case of John Burke, second son to William, late Earl of Clanricard, and of his six sons; humbly offered to the consideration of the ... House of Commons
Clapham, Henoch. / [M D xcvii. 1597] Theologicall axioms or conclusions publikly controuerted, discussed, and concluded by that poore English congregation, in Amstelredam: to whome H.C. for the present, ad-ministreth the ghospel. Togither with an examination of the saide conclusions, by Henoch Clapham. Here-vnto is added a litle tractate entituled. The carpenter.
Clapham, Henoch. / [1598] The syn, against the holy ghoste made manifest from those grounds of faith, which haue bene taught & received by the faithfull in Engla[n]d, & that for those 40.y. togither vnder the prosperovs raigne of my Soveraigne Lady and Quene Elishabet. Which may serue for a rayning in of the heady, & yet for a spur to slouthfull spirits: by Henoch Clapham.
Clapham, Henoch. / [1606] A manuel of the Bibles doctrine for law and Gospell, letter and spirit, signe and thing signified reduced to the first chapter of Leuiticus: Wherewith (occasionally) be plainely considered, and briefelie concluded, the most mayne questions wherewith the christian churches be combied. By H.C.
Clapham, Henoch. / [1604] Henoch Clapham his demaundes and answeres touching the pestilence methodically handled, as his time and meanes could permit.
Clapham, Henoch. / [1608] Errour on the right hand, through a preposterous zeale Acted by way of dialogue. Betweene 1 Mal-content and Flyer. 2 Flyer and Anabaptist. 3 Anabaptist, & Legatine-arrian. 4 Flyer and Legatine-arrian. 5 Flier, Legaine-arria[n] & Familist. 6 Flyer and Familist. 7 Flyer and Mediocritie. Whereto is also added, certaine positions touching Church and Antichrist: as without the true holding thereof, it is impossible for a zelous soule, to auoyde either schisme or faction. By Henoch Clapham.
Clapham, Henoch. / [1608] Errour on the left hand, through a frozen securitie Howsoeuer hot in opposition, when Satan so hears them. Acted by way of dialogue. Betw. 1 Malcontent and Romanista. 2 Mal-content Romanista & Libertinus. 3 Malcontent and Libertinus. 4 Malcontent and Atheos. 5 Malcontent and Atheoi. 6 Malcontent & the good & bad spirit. 7 Malcontent and Mediocrity. By Henoch Clapham.
Clapham, Henoch. / [1603] An epistle discoursing vpon the present pestilence Teaching what it is, and how the people of God should carrie themselues towards God and their neighbour therein. Reprinted with some additions. By Henoch Clapham.
Clapham, Henoch. / [In the Yeare from Christ his incarnation, 1599] The discription of a true visible Christian right confortable & profitable for all such as are distressed in sowle about present controversies in the churche. Dravven by He. Cl. but published by occasion (as will appeare in the epistle) by Io. I.
Clapham, Henoch. / [1609] A chronological discourse touching, 1 The Church. 2 Christ. 3 Anti-Christ. 4 Gog & Magog. &c. The substaunce whereof, was collected about some 10. or 11. yeares since (as may be gathered by an epistle prefixed before a tractate, called, The visible Christian) but now digested into better order; and first published, by the author himselfe, H. Cl.
Clapham, Henoch. / [1596] A briefe of the Bible drawne first into English poësy, and then illustrated by apte annotations: togither vvith some other necessary appendices. By Henoch Clapham.
Clapham, Henoch. / [1600] Antidoton or a soueraigne remedie against schisme and heresie: gathered to analogie and proportion of faith, from that parable of tares. Matth.13. Aug.ep.3.Nullorum disput.&c. We ought to haue no men their disputations (although men Catholike and praise worthie) in that count as we haue the canonicall scriptures: so that it should be vnlawfull for vs to improue and refuse some things in their writings, if happily we finde that they thought otherwise then the truth hath. Such a one am I in other mens writings, and so would I haue others to vnderstand of my writings.
Clapham, Henoch. / [Printed 1606] An abstract of fayth grounded on Moses, and applyed to the common Creede; plainely and briefly. By Henoch Clapham, in the beginning of his third yeares bands.
Clapham, Henoch, fl. 1600. / [1602] A tract of prayer by He. Clapham.
Clapham, John, b. 1566. / [1606] The historie of Great Britannie declaring the successe of times and affaires in that iland, from the Romans first entrance, vntill the raigne of Egbert, the West-Saxon prince; who reduced the severall principalities of the Saxons and English, into a monarchie, and changed the name of Britannie into England.
Clapham, John, b. 1566. / [1591] Narcissus. Siue amoris iuuenilis et præcipue philautiæ breuis at que moralis descripto
Clare, John, 1577-1628. / [Anno. M.DC.XXX. 1630] The conuerted Iew or Certaine dialogues betweene Micheas a learned Iew and others, touching diuers points of religion, controuerted betweene the Catholicks and Protestants. Written by M. Iohn Clare a Catholicke priest, of the Society of Iesus. Dedicated to the two Vniuersities of Oxford and Cambridge ...
Clare, Ralph, Sir, 1587-1670. / [1649] A declaration to the English nation, from Fardinando the IVth Emperour of Germany, &c., Lewis the 14th, King of France and Navarre, Philip the 5th King of Spain & Arragon, &c., Christiern the third King of Denmark, Zealand, & Lodowick Duke of Lorain, and Adolphina Queen of Sweden, in detestation of the present proceedings of the Parliament and Army, and of their intentions of coming over into England in behalf of King Charls the second being translated out of the true copy.
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [Anno, 1645] Transcendent and multiplied rebellion and treason, discovered, by the lawes of the land.
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [1680?] Two letters written by the Right Honourable Edward, Earl of Clarendon, late Lord High Chancellour of England one to His Royal Highness the Duke of York, the other to the Dutchess, occasioned by her embracing the Roman Catholick religion.
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [Printed in the yeare M.CD.XLII. sic i.e. 1643] Tvvo speeches made in the House of Peeres, on Munday the 19th. of December, for, and against accomodation. The one by the Earl of Pembroke, the other by the Lord Brooke. The latter printed by the desire of the House of Commons
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [1667?] To the Right Honourable, the Lords spiritual and temporal, in Parliament assembled, the hvmble petition and address of Edward, Earl of Clarendon
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [1660?] Second thoughts, or, The case of a limited toleration, stated according to the present exigence of affairs in church and state
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [1648] Plenum responsum ad famosum et proditorium libellum inscriptum, (Declaratio Communium Angliæ congregatorum in Parlamento, explicans rationes, propter quas nuper statuerint non ampliùs agere cum Rege) ... : ex Anglico in Latinum fideliter translatum.
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [1641] Mr. Hides argvment before the Lords in the Vpper Hovse of Parliament, April 1641
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [1666] An ordinance made the eighteenth day of July ... 1666
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [1641] Mr. Edvvard Hydes speech at a conference betweene both Houses on Tewsday the 6th of July 1641 at the transmission of the severall impeachments against the Lord Chiefe Barron Damport, Mr. Barron Trevor, and Mr. Barron Weston.
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [Printed in the year 1656] A letter from a true and lawfull member of Parliament, and one faithfully engaged with it, from the beginning of the war to the end. To one of the lords of his highness councell, upon occasion of the last declaration, shewing the reasons of their proceedings for securing the peace of the Commonwealth, published on the 31th of October 1655.
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [1648] A full ansvver to an infamous and trayterous pamphlet, entituled, A declaration of the Commons of England in Parliament assembled, expressing their reasons and grounds of passing the late resolutions touching no further addresse or application to be made to the King.
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [1676] A brief view and survey of the dangerous and pernicious errors to church and state, in Mr. Hobbes's book, entitled Leviathan by Edward Earl of Clarendon.
Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of, 1609-1674. / [1673] Animadversions upon a book intituled, Fanaticism fanatically imputed to the Catholick Church, by Dr. Stillingfleet, and the imputation refuted and retorted by S.C. by a person of honour.
Claridge, Richard, 1649-1723. / [MDCLXXXIX 1689] A second defense of the present government under K. William and Q. Mary delivered in a sermon preached October the 6th 1689 at St. Swithin's in Worcester ... by R. Claridge.
Claridge, Richard, 1649-1723. / [1689] A defence of the present government under King William and Queen Mary shewing the miseries of England under the arbitrary reign of the late King James II, the reasonableness of the proceedings against him, and the happiness that will certainly follow a peaceable submission to, and standing by King William and Queen Mary / by a divine of the Church of England.
Clark, Henry, 17th cent. / [1680] His grace the Duke of Monmouth honoured in his progress in the west of England in an account of a most extraordinary cure of the kings evil given in a letter from Crookhorn in the county of Somerset from the minister of the parish and many others.
Clark, James, 1660-1723. / [1690] A sermon preached at the Kirk of Auldhamstocks, September the 28, 1690 on the occasion of the intimation of a sentence of deposition passed upon Mr. John Gibson ... according to the order ... of the presbyteries of Dumbar and Haddingtown / by Mr. J.C.
Clark, James, 1660-1723. / [Printed in the year 1695] Presbyterial government described, or, A methodical synopsis of it, as it is professed and practized in the Church of Scotland gathered out of the confessions of faith, and other publick records of that church ... / by Britannus Philopresbyter.
Clark, Joseph Wilkinson. / [1690] Mr. John Mackenzyes Narrative of the siege of London-Derry a false libel, in defence of Dr. George Walker written by a friend in his absence.
Clark, Margaret, d. 1680. / [1680] Warning for servants, and a caution to Protestants, or, The case of Margret Clark, lately executed for firing her masters house in Southwark faithfully relating the manner (as she affirmed to the last moment of her life) how she was drawn in to that wicked act, set forth under her own hand after condemnation, her penitent behaviour in prison, her Christian advice to visiters, discourses with several ministers, and last words at execution / impartially published, with the attestations of persons of worth, and many substantial eye and ear witnesses, whose names are inserted in this narrative.
Clark, Margaret, d. 1680. / [1680] The true confession of Margret Clark, who consented to the burning of her masters Mr. Peter Delanoy's house in Southwark delivered in prison to many witnesses a little before her death, and confirmed by her self at the place of execution, by answering all the questions then put to her by the reverend and worthy divine, Dr. Martin ...
Clark, Robert, Captain of the Swan frigate. / [September 30. 1648] A letter concerning Colonel Monks surprizing the town and castle of Carrickfergus and Belfast, in Ireland; and his taking General Major Monro prisoner. For the Honorable, Col: Iohn Moor, a member of the House of Commons.
Clark, William, advocate. / [1663] Marciano, or, The discovery a tragi-comedy, acted with great applause before His Majesties High Commissioner, and others of the nobility, at the Abby of Holyrud-house, on St. Johns night, by a company of gentlemen.
Clark, William, advocate. / [1685] The grand tryal, or, Poetical exercitations upon the book of Job wherein suitable to each text of that sacred book, a modest explanation, and continuation of the several discourses contained in it, is attempted / by William Clark.
Clark, William, d. 1603. / [Anno Dom. 1603] A replie vnto a certaine libell, latelie set foorth by Fa: Parsons, in the name of vnited priests, intituled, A manifestation of the great folly and bad spirit, of certaine in England, calling themselues seculer priestes VVith an addition of a table of such vncharitable words and phrases, as by him are vttered in the said treatise, aswell against our parsons, as our bookes, actions, and proceedings.
Clarke, George, fl. 1677-1685. / [1685] A treatise of wool and the manufacture of it in a letter to a friend, occasion'd upon a discourse concerning the great abatements of rents and low value of lands ... : together with the presentment of the grand jury of the county of Somerset at the general quarter sessions begun at Brewton the thirteenth day of January, 1684.
Clarke, Jeremiah, 1669?-1707. / [1700?] The country farmer a song / set by Mr. Jeremiah Clark.
Clarke, John, 1609-1676. / [1652] Ill newes from New-England, or, A nar[r]ative of New-Englands persecution wherin is declared that while old England is becoming new, New-England is become old : also four proposals to the Honoured Parliament and Councel of State, touching the way to propagate the Gospel of Christ ... : also four conclusions touching the faith and order of the Gospel of Christ out of his last will and testament, confirmed and justified / by John Clark ...
Clarke, John, apothecary. / [1602] The trumpet of Apollo sounding out the sweete blast of recouerie, in diuers dangerous and desperate diseases.
Clarke, John, d. 1658. / [1627] To haue, or not to haue
Clarke, John, d. 1658. / [1638] Phraseologia puerilis, Anglo-Latina, in usum tirocinii scholastici. Or, selected Latine and English phrases wherein the purity and propriety of both languages is expressed. Very usefull for young Latinists, to prevent barbarismes, and bald Latine-making, and to initiate them in speaking and writing elegantly in both languages. By I. Clarke B.D. and Master of the Free Schoole in Lincolne.
Clarke, John, d. 1658. / [1639] Paroemiologia Anglo-Latina in usum scholarum concinnata. Or proverbs English, and Latine, methodically disposed according to the common-place heads, in Erasmus his adages. Very use-full and delightful for all sorts of men, on all occasions. More especially profitable for scholars for the attaining elegancie, sublimitie, and varietie of the best expressions.
Clarke, John, d. 1658. / [1634] Holy incense for the censers of the saints. Or, A method of prayer with matter, and formes in selected sentences of sacred scripture. Also A praxis upon the holy oyle shewing the vse of scripture-phrases. And choyse places taken out of the singing Psalmes, digested into a method of prayer and praises.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1671] A true and full narrative of those two never to be forgotten deliverances one from the Spanish Invasion in 88, the other from the hellish Powder Plot, November 5, 1605 : whereunto is added the like narrative of that signal judgment of God upon the papists, by the fall of the House in Black-Friers, London, upon their fifth of November, 1623 / collected for the information and benefit of each family, by Sam. Clark ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1670] A true and faithful account of the four chiefest plantations of the English in America to wit, of Virginia, New-England, Bermudus, Barbados : with the temperature of the air, the nature of the soil, the rivers, mountains, beasts, fowls, birds, fishes, trees, plants, fruits, &c. : as also, of the natives of Virginia, and New-England, their religion, customs, fishing, hunting, &c. / collected by Samuel Clarke ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1699] Three practical essays ... containing instructions for a holy life, with earnest exhortations, especially to young persons, drawn from the consideration of the severity of the discipline of the primitive church / by Samuel Clark ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1642] The saints nosegay, or, A posie of 741 spirituall flowers both fragrant and fruitfull, pleasant and profitable / collected and composed by Samuel Clark.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1689] A new description of the world, or, A compendious treatise of the empires, kingdoms, states, provinces, countries, islands, cities, and towns of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America in their scituation, product, manufactures, and commodities, geographical and historical : with an account of the natures of the people in their habits, customes, warrs, religions, and policies &c. : as also of the rarities, wonders, and curiosities of fishes, beasts, birds, rivers, mountains, plants, &c., with several remarkable revolutions and delightful histories / faithfully collected from the best authors by S. Clark.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1654] A mirrour or looking-glasse both for saints and sinners held forth in about two thousand examples wherein is presented as Gods wonderful mercies to the one, so his severe judgments against the other collected out of the most classique authors both ancient and modern with some late examples observed by my self : whereunto are added the wonders of nature and the rare ... / by Sa. Clark ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1659] Medulla theologiæ, or, The marrow of divinity contained in sundry questions and cases of conscience, both speculative and practical : the greatest part of them collected out of the works of our most judicious, experienced and orthodox English divines, the rest are supplied by the authour / by Sa. Clarke ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1654] The marrow of ecclesiastical history contained in the lives of one hundred forty eight fathers, schoolmen, first reformers and modern divines which have flourished in the Church since Christ's time to this present age : faithfully collected and orderly disposed according to the centuries wherein they lived, together with the lively effigies of most of the eminentest of them cut in copper / by Samuel Clark.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1674] A looking-glass for persecutors containing multitudes of examples of God's severe, but righteous judgments, upon bloody and merciless haters of His children in all times, from the beginning of the world to this present age : collected out of the sacred Scriptures, and other ecclesiastical writers, both ancient and modern / by Sam. Clarke ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1660] The lives of two and twenty English divines eminent in their generations for learning, piety, and painfulnesse in the work of the ministry, and for their sufferings in the cause of Christ : whereunto are annexed the lives of Gaspar Coligni, that famous admirall of France, slain in the Parisian massacre, and of Joane Queen of Navarr, who died a little before / by Samuel Clarke ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1675] The lives & deaths of most of those eminent persons who by their virtue and valour obtained the sirnames of Magni,or the Great whereof divers of them give much light to the understanding of the prophecies in Esay, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel, concerning the three first monarchies : and to other Scriptures concerning the captivity, and restauration of the Jews / by Samuel Clark ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1653] The life of Tamerlane the Great with his wars against the great Duke of Moso, the King of China, Bajazet the Great Turk, the Sultan of Egypt, the King of Persia, and some others ... : wherein are rare examples of heathenish piety, prudence, magnanimity, mercy, liberality, humility, justice, temperance, and valour.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1673] The life and death of the thrice noble and illustrious Edvvard, surnamed the Black Prince son to our victorious King Edward the Third, by whom he was made the First Knight of the most honourable Order of the Garter / by Samuel Clark ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1665] The life and death of Pompey the Great with all his glorious victories and triumphs : as also the Life and death of Artaxerxes Mnemon, one of the great Persian emperours / by Sa. Clarke, sometime pastor in St. Bennet Finck London.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1671] The life & death of William, surnamed the Conqueror, King of England and Duke of Normandy, who dyed Anno Christi, 1087 by Samuel Clarke ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1671] The life & death of the valiant and renowned Sir Francis Drake his voyages and discoveries in the West-Indies, and about the world, with his noble and heroick acts / by Samuel Clark ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1664] The life & death of Nebuchadnezzar, the Great, the first founder of the Babylonian Empire, represented by the golden head of that image, Dan. 2. 32., and by the lion with eagles wings, Dan. 7. 4. as also of Cyrus, the Great, the first founder of the Empire of the Medes and Persians, represented by the breast, and arms of silver in that image, Dan. 2. 32., and by a bear, Dan. 7. by Sa. Clarke ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1665] The life & death of Julius Cæsar, the first founder of the Roman empire as also, The life and death of Augustus Cæsar, in whose raign [sic] Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Chri[s]t was borne / by Sa. Clarke ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1665] The life & death of Hannibal, the great captain of the Carthaginians who maintained wars against all the power of Rome for eighteen years together in Italy : as also The life and death of Epaminondas, the great captain of the Thebans ... / by Sa. Clarke ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1665] The life & death of Alexander the Great, the first founder of the Grecian empire ... as also, The life and death of Charles the Great, commonly called Charlemagne, the first founder of the French empire / by Sa. Clarke ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1682] The history of the glorious life, reign, and death of the illustrious Queen Elizabeth containing an account by what means the Reformation was promoted and established, and what obstructions it met with, the assistance she gave to all Protestants abroad, the several attempts of the papists upon her life, the excommunications of Rome, Bishop Jewel's challenge to the papists, the several victories she gained, and more particularly that in 1588 ... / by S. Clark ; illustrated with pictures of some considerable matters, curiously ingraven in copper plates.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1653] An item against sacriledge: or, Sundry queries concerning tithes. Wherein is held forth, the propriety and title that ministers have to them. The mischiefs which would ensue if tithes were brought into a common treasury, and ministers reduced to stipends. The danger of gratifying the petitioners against tithes, and all imposed maintenance. Collected and composed by one that hath no propriety in tithes.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1690] The historian's guide, or, Britain's remembrancer being a summary of all the actions, exploits, sieges, battels, designs, attempts, preferments, honours, changes &c. and whatever else is worthy notice that hath happen'd in His Majesty's kingdoms from Anno. Dom. 1600 to this time : shewing the year, month and day of the month in which each action was done : with an alphabeticall table for the more easie finding any thing out.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [MDCLVII 1657] A geographicall description of all the countries in the known vvorld as also of the greatest and famousest cities and fabricks which have been, or are now remaining : together with the greatest rivers, the strangest fountains, the various minerals, stones, trees ... which are to be found in every country : unto which is added, a description of the rarest beasts, fowls ... which are least known amongst us / collected out of the most approved authors ... by Sa. Clarke ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1660] A generall martyrologie containing a collection of all the greatest persecutions which have befallen the church of Christ from the creation to our present times, both in England and other nations : whereunto are added two and twenty lives of English modern divines ... : as also the life of the heroical Admiral of France slain in the partisan massacre and of Joane Queen of Navar poisoned a little before / by Sa. Clarke.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1643] Englands covenant proved lawful and necessary also at this time both by Scripture and reason together with sundry answers to the usual objections made against it / by S.C.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1677] England's remembrancer a true and full narrative of those two never to be forgotten deliverances : one from the Spanish invasion in 88, the other from the hellish Powder Plot, November 5, 1605 : whereunto is added the like narrative of that signal judgment of God upon the papists by the fall of the house in Black-Fryers London upon their fifth of November, 1623 / collected for the information and benefit of each family by Sam. Clark.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1672] A description of the seaventeen provinces commonly called the Low-Countries (the present stage of action) as also of the rivers, cities, commodities, strong towns, forts, and other things remarkable therein.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1662] A collection of the lives of ten eminent divines famous in their generations for learning, prudence, piety, and painfulness in the work of the ministry : whereunto is added the life of Gustavus Ericson, King of Sueden, who first reformed religion in that kingdome, and of some other eminent Christians / by Sa. Clarke ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1664] The blessed life and meritorious death of Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, from His conception to His cross, and from His cross to His crown together with the series, and order of His ministery, and miracles, as they are recorded by the four Evangelists, wherein what is wanting in one is supplied out of the other / by Sam. Clarke ...
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1655] Christian good-fellowship, or, Love and good works held forth in a sermon preached at Michael's Cornhill London before the gentlemen natives of Warwickshire at their feast November the 30, 1654 / by Samuell Clarke.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1659] A caution against sacriledge: or Sundry queries concerning tithes. Wherein is held forth the propriety, and title that ministers have to them, the mischiefs which would ensue if tithes were brought into a common treasury, and ministers reduced to stipends. The danger of gratifying the petitioners against tithes, and all imposed maintenance. And something of the spirit and end of their actings. Collected, and composed by the one that hath no propriety in tithes, and humbly tendred to this present Parliament.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1659 i.e. 1660?] An antidote against immoderate mourning for the dead. Being a funeral sermon preached at the burial of Mr. Thomas Bewley junior, December 17th. 1658. By Sa. Clarke, pastor in Bennet Fink, London.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1665] A briefe and yet exact and accurate description of the present state of the great & mighty empire of Germany both touching the formes of their civil government and profession in religion / taken by a diligent and faithfull surveyor of it, with much paines travelled over that whole country to informe himself and others of these things ; now published by Sa. Clarke ... for the publick good.
Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. / [1682] Aurea Legenda, or Apothegms, sentences, and sayings of many wise and learned men, useful for all sorts of persons Collected out of many authors by Sa. Clark, sometimes pastor in B.F.
Clarke, Thomas, seminarie priest of the English college at Rheims. / [Anno Domini, 1594] The recantation of Thomas Clarke (sometime a Seminarie Priest of the English Colledge in Rhemes; and nowe by the great mercy of God conuerted vnto the profession of the gospell of Iesus Christ) made at Paules Crosse, after the sermon made by Master Buckeridge preacher, the first of Iuly, 1593. Whereunto is annexed a former recantation made also by him in a publique assembly on Easter day, being the 15. of April, 1593
Clarkson, David, 1622-1686. / [1681] The case of Protestants in England under a popish prince if any shall happen to wear the imperial crown.
Claude, Jean, 1619-1687. / [1687] Mr. Claude's answer to Monsieur de Meaux's book, intituled, A conference with Mr. Claude with his letter to a friend, wherein he answers a discourse of M. de Condom, now Bishop of Meaux, concerning the Church.
Claude, Jean, 1619-1687. / [1683] An historical defence of the Reformation in answer to a book intituled, Just-prejudices against the Calvinists / written in French by the reverend and learned Monsieur Claude ... ; and now faithfully translated into English by T.B., M.A.
Claude, Jean, 1619-1687. / [1686] An account of the persecutions and oppressions of the Protestants in France
Claudianus, Claudius. / [1617] The rape of Proserpine. Translated out of Claudian in Latine, into English verse: by Leonard Digges, Gent
Clavell, John, 1601-1643. / [1628] A recantation of an ill led life, or, A discouerie of the high-way law with vehement disswasions to all (in that kind) offenders : as also many cautelous admonitions and full instructions, how to know, shun, and apprehend a theefe : most necessarie for all honest trauellers to per'use, obserue and practise / written by Iohn Clauell ... ; approued by the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie, and published by his expresse commaund.
Clayton, Anne. / [1660?] A letter to the king.
Clayton, Gyles. / [Anno 1591] The approoued order of martiall discipline with euery particuler offycer his offyce and dutie: with many other stratagemes adioyning to the same. Whereunto is adioyned a second booke, for the true ordering and imbattelling of any number so euer, with the proportions of euery battell, which best serueth in these our dayes of seruice. Newlie written by Gyles Clayton.
Clayton, Robert, Sir, 1629-1707. / [1679] The speech of Sir Robert Clayton, Kt., Lord Mayor elect for the city of London, at the Guild-Hall of the said city, to the citizens there assembled on the 29th of September 1679, for the electing of a lord mayor for the year ensuing
Cleadon, Thomas. / [1674] A serious and brief discourse touching the Sabbath-Day intended to decide and determine all controversies respecting that subject / by Thomas Cleadon ...
Cleaver, Robert, 1561 or 2-ca. 1625. / [1621] A godly forme of houshold government for the ordering of priuate families, according to the direction of Gods word : wherunto is adioyned in a more particular manner, the seuerall duties of the husband towards his wife, and the wiues dutie towards her husband, the parents dutie towards their children, and the childrens towards their parents, the maisters dutie towards his seruants, and also the seruants duty towards their maisters / first gathered by R.C. ; and now newly perused, amended and augmented by Iohn Dod and Robert Cleuer.
Cleeve, Charles, b. 1661. / [1685] The songs of Moses and Deborah paraphras'd with poems on several occasions : never before publish'd : to which is added, a Pindarick on Mr. L'Estrange.
Cleland, William, 1661?-1689. / [1697] A collection of several poems and verses composed upon various occasions by Mr. William Cleland.
Clement IX, Pope, 1600-1669. / [1669] A form of the indulgences, with which our Holy Father Pope Clement IX. blesseth the beads, rosaries, crosses, pictures, or medals, on the occasion of canonizing of St. Peter of Alcantura, and St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzis.
Clement, Simon. / [1698] The interest of England, as it stands, with relation to the trade of Ireland, considered the arguments against the bill for prohibiting the exportation of woollen manufactures from Ireland to forreign parts fairly discusst ...
Clement, Simon. / [1695] A discourse of the general notions of money, trade & exchanges, as they stand in relation to each other attempted by way of aphorism : with a letter to a minister of state, further explaining the aphorisms, and applying them to the present circumstances of this nation : wherein also some thoughts are suggested for the remedying the abuses of our money / by a merchant.
Cleombrotus. / [1679] The most strange and wonderful predictions of Cleombrotus, an heathen Jew prophesied in the year one thousand two hundred seventy and two, upon the reigns of twenty nine kings of England, from Edward the first to Charles the fifth, one thousand seven hundred ninety nine : found in the College of Wittenburgh in Germany.
Clere-Ville, Bartholomé de. / [1518?] The copye of the letter folowynge whiche specifyeth of ye greatest and meruelous uisyoned batayle that euer was sene or herde of and also of the letter yt was sent frome the great Turke vnto our holy fad[er] ye pope of Rome
Clergy-man in the country. / [1689] A letter from a clergy-man in the country, to a minister in the city, concerning ministers intermedling with state-affairs in their sermons & discourse
Clerk, John, d. 1552. / [Anno. 1545] Opusculum plane divinum de mortuorum resurrectione et extremo iuditio, in quatuor linguis succincte conscriptum. Authore Ioanne Clerco. Latyne. Englysshe. Italian. Frenche
Clerk, John, d. 1552. / [Anno. M.D.XLVII. 1547] De mortuorum resurrectione, & extremo iuditio in quatuor linguis succincte conscriptum opusculu[m]. Ioanne Clerco autore. cui, ut studiosa iuuenta facilius peregrinarum linguarum comprehenderet mysteria, recenter accessere eiusdem autoris Italicæ & Gallicæ verborum coniugationes
Clerk, William. / [An. Dom. 1631] An epitome of certaine late aspersions cast at ciuilians, the ciuil and ecclesistical lawes, the courts Christian; and at bishops and their chancellors Wherein the authors thereof are refuted, and refelled. With an appendix, wherein the ciuill and canon lawes, with the causes of the cognisance or cognition of either of them in the Church or commou-wealth [sic] in the Kings dominions, (what they are), are opened. By VVilliam Clerk, Bach. of the Ciuill Law. The aspersions follow in the next fol.
Clerke, Francis, fl. 1594. / [1667?] Proposals for printing by subscription, Clarke's Praxis, in one volume, in octavo consisting of two parts, I. The practice of the ecclesiastical courts, II. The practice of the admiralty court : containing the compleat proceedings in both of them, being a book very necessary and useful for all persons that have, or may have, any concerns in either of the said courts, as likewise, for all gentlemen belonging to the common-law, or courts of equity ... / collated, corrected, and enlarg'd from divers choice manuscripts, by William King ...
Clerke, William, fl. 1595. / [1594] The triall of bastardie that part of the second part of policie, or maner of gouernement of the realme of England: so termed, spirituall, or ecclesiasticall. Annexed at the end of this treatise, touching the prohibition of marriage, a table of the Leuitical, English, and positiue canon catalogues, their concordance and difference. By William Clerke.
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1687] The works of Mr. John Cleveland containing his poems, orations, epistles, collected into one volume, with the life of the author.
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1647] The Scots apostacy.
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1658] The rustick rampant or rurall anarchy affronting monarchy : in the insurrection of VVat Tiler. / By J.C.
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1648] Midsummer-moone, or, Lvnacy rampant being a character of Master Cheynell the arch visitor of Oxford and mungrell-president of Saint John Baptist's Colledge : with a survey of the three renegado-fellowes Web, Inkersell and Lownds.
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1651] Poems by J.C. ; with additions.
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1647] The Kings disguise.
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1659] J. Cleaveland revived poems, orations, epistles, and other of his genuine incomparable pieces never before publisht : with some other exquisite remains of the most eminent wits ... that were his contemporaries.
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1654] The idol of the clovvnes, or, Insurrection of Wat the Tyler with his priests Baal and Straw together with his fellow kings of the commons against the English church, the king, the laws, nobility and royal family and gentry, in the fourth year of K. Richard the 2d, an. 1381.
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1649] The hue and cry after Sir John Presbyter.
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1677] Clievelandi Vindiciæ, or, Clieveland's genuine poems, orations, epistles, &c. purged from the many false and spurious ones which had usurped his name, and from innumerable errours and corruptions in the true copies : to which are added many never printed before, with an account of the author's life.
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1657] Cleaveland's petition to His Highnesse the Lord Potector [sic].
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1647] The character of a London-diurnall with severall select poems / by the same author.
Cleveland, John, 1613-1658. / [1644] The character of a London diurnall
Clifford, Abraham. / [1676] Methodus Evangelica, or, The gospel method of Gods saving sinners by Jesus Christ practically explained in XII propositions / by Abraham Clifford ; to which is prefixed a preface by Dr. Manton, and Rich. Baxter.
Clifford, M. (Martin), d. 1677. / [1674] A treatise of humane reason
Clifford, M. (Martin), d. 1677. / [1687] Notes upon Mr. Dryden's poems in four letters / by M. Clifford .... ; to which are annexed some Reflections upon the Hind and panther, by another hand.
Clifford, William, A.M. / [1682] The power of kings, particularly the British monarchy asserted and vindicated, in a sermon preached at Wakefield in the county of York, Sunday, October the 30th, 1681 by William Clifford.
Clift, Samuel. / [1657] A true relation of the persecution of Samuel Clift by Samuel Hierne, priest of Minchin-hampton and Iohn Stevens one who is set to do justice
Clinton, Atkinson. / [1583?] Clinton, Purser & Arnold, to their countreymen wheresoeuer Wherein is described by their own hands their vnfeigned penitence for their offences past: their patience in welcoming their death, & their duetiful minds towardes her most excellent Maiestie.
Close prisonner. / [M.D.XCII. 1592] A spiritual songe of thankesgiuing vnto God, for his grace and power. VVritten by a close prisonner (with a coale) for his owne comforte
Closse, George. / [1606] The parricide papist, or Cut-throate Catholicke A tragicall discourse of a murther lately committed at Padstow in the countie of Cornewall by a professed papist, killing his owne father, and afterwardes himselfe, in zeale of his popish religion. The 11 of March last past. 1606. Written by G Closse, preacher of the word of God at Blacke Torrington in Deuon.
Cloth-workers of London. / [1624?] To the most honorable assembly of the Commons House of Parliament the humble petition of the artizan cloth- workers of the citie of London.
Clothworkers' Company (London, England) / [1642] To the honourable knights, citizens, and burgesses, of the Commons-House of Parliament assembled. The humble petition of the master, warden and assistants of the Company of Clothworkers of the City of London, in the behalfe of themselves, and of the artizan clothworkers of the same company.
Clovis, King of the Franks, ca. 466-511. / [1643] A svveet prosopopeia of the speech of King Clodoveus to the bishops and their opposers, after he vvas converted and baptized.
Clowes, William, ca. 1540-1604. / [1588] A prooued practise for all young chirurgians, concerning burnings with gunpowder, and woundes made with gunshot, sword, halbard, pyke, launce, or such other Wherein, is deliuered with all faithfulnesse, not onely the true receipts of such medicines as shall make them bolde, but also sundry familiar examples, such, as may leade them as it were by the hand, to the doyng of the lyke. Heereto is adioyned a treatise of the French or Spanish pockes, written by Iohn Almenar, a Spanish physition. Also, a commodious collection of aphorismes both English and Latin, taken out of an old written coppy. Published for the benefyte of his countrey, by Wylliam Clowes, mayster in chirurgery. Seene, and allowed, according to the order appoynted.
Club of the Fair Sex. / [1694] Abstersæ lacrymæ, The poet buffoon'd, or, A vindication of the unfortunate ladies from the sawcy reflections in a late doggrel satyr against the famous lottery in Freemans-yard by a club of the fair sex for that purpose assembled.