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Xenophon. / [1632] Cyrupædia The institution and life of Cyrus, the first of that name, King of Persians. Eight bookes. Treating of noble education, of princely exercises, military discipline, vvarlike stratagems, preparations and expeditions: as appeareth by the contents before the beginning of the first booke. Written in Greeke by the sage Xenophon. Translated out of Greeke into English, and conferred with the Latine and French translations, by Philemon Holland of the city of Coventry Doctor in Physick. Dedicated to his most excellent Maiesty.
Xenophon. / [1623] The historie of Xenophon containing the ascent of Cyrus into the higher countries. VVherein is described the admirable iourney of ten thousand Grecians from Asia the Lesse into the territories of Babylon, and their retrait from thence into Greece, notwithstanding the opposition of all their enemies. Whereunto is added a comparison of the Roman manner of warres with this of our time, out of Iustus Lipsius. Translated by Ioh. Bingham.
Xenophon. / [1685] Kyrou paideia, or, The institution and life of Cyrus the Great written by that famous philosopher and general, Xenophon of Athens, and from the original Greek made English, the first four books by Francis Digby ..., the four last by John Norris.
Xenophon. / [an. M.D.xxxij. 1532] Xenophons treatise of housholde