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Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668. / [1665] The whore unvailed, or, The mistery of the deceit of the Church of Rome revealed being a brief answer to a book entituled, the reconciler of religions, or, A decider of all controversies in matters of faith, written by a professed Roman Catholick who subscribes his name A.S. in which he endeavoured to prove the Church of Rome to be the true church ... / by a servant of the Lord, Josiah Coale ; whereunto is added the 14th Chap. of A.S. his book in which he declares the Protestant ... not to be true preachers ...
Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668. / [1664] To the king and both houses of Parliament, (who have made laws and decrees, and caused them to be put in execution, to restrain and prohibit people from having the liberty of their consciences in the exercise of the worship of God) : this is sent as a warning from the Lord.
Coale, Josiah, 1632?-1668. / [1663] A song of the judgments and mercies of the Lord wherein the things seen in secret are declared openly : being a brief demonstration of the secret work of the Almighty in me, his servant, given forth at the movings of the spirit of the Lord and is to go throughout the world ... / by Josiah Cole.
Cobb, Samuel, 1675-1713. / [1694] A Pindarique ode, humbly offer'd to the ever-blessed memory of our late Gracious Sovereign Lady, Queen Mary written by J.D., Gent.
Cobb, Samuel, 1675-1713. / [MDCC 1700] Poetæ Britannici a poem satyrical and panegyrical.
Cobb, Samuel, 1675-1713. / [1697] Pax redux a pindarick ode on the return of His Majesty and the happy conclusion of the peace / by Samuel Cobb.
Cobb, Samuel, 1675-1713. / [1695] Bersaba, or, The love of David a poem / written by Samuel Cobb ...
Cobler. / [1641] The coblers end, or his (last) sermon being a true relation of that sermon, which was preached in St. Georges Church in Southwark by a cobler last Sabbath day, being the 12. of December, 1641 : who most impudently and insolently stept up into the pulpit and broached his Brownisticall and erroneous opinions to his auditors.
Cock, Thomas. / [1676] Kitchin-physick, or, Advice to the poor by way of dialogue betwixt Philanthropos, physician, Eugenius, apthecary [sic], Lazarus, patient. With rules and directions, how to prevent sickness, and cure diseases by diet ...
Cock, Thomas. / [1665] Hygieinē, or, A plain and practical discourse upon the first of the six non-naturals, viz, air with cautionary rules and directions for the preservation of people in this time of sickness, very necessary for the gentry and citizens that are now in the country to peruse before they come into London / by Tho. Cock.
Cock, Thomas. / [1665] Advice for the poor by way of cure & caution ... by T. Cocke.
Cock, William. / [1670] [Meteorologia, or, The true way of foreseeing and judging the inclination of the air and alteration of the weather in several regions ... by William Cock ...].
Cockburn, John, 1652-1729. / [1696] Jacob's vow, or, Man's felicity and duty in two parts / by John Cockburn ...
Cockburn, John, 1652-1729. / [MDCXCVIII 1698] A letter from John Cockburn, D.D., to his friend in London giving an account why the other narratives about Bourignianism are not yet publish'd, and answering some reflections pass'd upon the first.
Cockburn, John, 1652-1729. / [1691] An historical relation of the late General Assembly held at Edinburgh from Octob. 16, to Nov. 13 in the year 1690 in a letter from a person in Edinburgh to his friend in London.
Cockburn, John, 1652-1729. / [MDCXCVII 1697] Fifteen sermons preach'd upon several occassions, and on various subjects by John Cockburn ...
Cockburn, John, 1652-1729. / [1696] An enquiry into the nature, necessity, and evidence of Christian faith. Part I. Of faith in general, and of the belief of a deity by J.C.
Cockburn, John, 1652-1729. / [1697] The dignity and duty of a married state in a sermon preach'd at the celebration of a marriage in the English Episcopal Church at Amsterdam / by John Cockburn.
Cockburn, John, 1652-1729. / [1691] A continuation of the historical relation of the late General Assembly in Scotland with an account of the commissions of that assembly, and other particulars concerning the present state of the church in that kingdom.
Cockburn, John, 1652-1729. / [1698] Bourignianism detected, or, The delusions and errors of Antonia Bourignon, and her growing sect which may also serve for a discovery of all other enthusiastical impostures / by John Cockburn.
Cockburn, W. (William), 1669-1739. / [1697] A continuation of the account of the nature causes, symptoms and cure of the distempers that are incident to seafaring people illustrated with some remarkable instances of the sicknesses of the fleet during the last summer, historically related : to which is prefix'd an essay concerning the quantity of blood that is to be evacuated in fevers : being the third part of the work / by William Cockburn ...
Cockburn, W. (William), 1669-1739. / [1696] An account of the nature, causes, symptoms, and cure of the distempers that are incident to seafaring people with observations on the diet of the sea-men in His Majesty's navy : illustrated with some remarkable instances of the sickness of the fleet during the last summer, historically related / by W.C.
Cockburn, William, Sir, d. 1628. / [anno Domini 1627] Respublica de decimis. Written by Sir VVilliam Cockburne of Langtoun Knight
Cocker, Edward, 1631-1675. / [1678] Cockers arithmetick being a plain and familiar method suitable to the meanest capacity for the full understanding of that incomparable art as it is now taught by the ablest school-masters in city and countrey / composed by Edward Cocker ... ; perused and published by John Hawkins ...
Cocker, Edward, 1631-1675. / [1685] Cocker's decimal arithmetick wherein is shewed the nature and use of decimal fractions ... together with tables of interest and rebate ... : whereunto is added, his Artificial arithmetick, shewing the genesis ... of the logarithmes ... : also, his Algebraical arithmetick, containing the doctrine of composing and resolving an equation, with all other rules requisite for the understanding of that mysterious art according to the method used by Mr. John Kerley in his incomparable treatise of algebra / composed by Edward Cocker ... ; perused, corrected, and published by John Hawkins ...
Cocks, Roger, fl. 1630-1642. / [1642] An ansvver to a book set forth by Sir Edward Peyton, knight and baronet carrying this title A discourse concerning the fitnesse of the posture necessary to be used in taking the bread and wine at the Sacrament / by Rodger Cocks ...
Cocles, Bartolommeo della Rocca, 1467-1504. / [1556] A brief and most pleasau[n]t epitomye of the whole art of phisiognomie, gathered out of Aristotle, Rasis, Formica, Loxius, Phylemo[n], Palemo[n], Consiliator, Morbeth the Cardinal and others many moe, by that learned chyrurgian Cocles: and englished by Thomas Hyll Londoner
Coddington, William, 1601-1678. / [1674] A demonstration of true love unto you the rulers of the colony of the Massachusets in Nevv-England shewing to you that are now in authority the unjust paths that your predecessors walked in, and of the Lord's dealings with them in his severe judgments, for persecuting his saints and children ... / written by ... William Coddington of Road-Island [sic].
Codrington, Robert, 1601-1665. / [1665] His Majesties propriety and dominion on the Brittish seas asserted together with a true account of the Neatherlanders insupportable insolencies and injuries they have committed, and the inestimable benefits they have gained in their fishing on the English seas : as also their prodigious and horrid cruelties in the East and West-Indies, and other places : to which is added an exact mapp, containing the isles of Great Brittain and Ireland, with the several coastings, and the adjacent parts of our neighbours / by an experienced hand.
Codrington, Thomas, d. 1691? / [1687] A sermon preached before the Queen Dowager in Her Majesties chappel at Somerset-house on Quinquagesima Sunday February the 6th. 1686/7 : being also the anniversary day of His Late Majesty King Charles the II. of blessed memory / by Thomas Codrington ...
Coeffeteau, Nicolas, 1574-1623. / [1621] A table of humane passions With their causes and effects. Written by ye Reuerend Father in God F.N. Coeffeteau, Bishop of Dardania ... Translated into English by Edw. Grimeston Sergiant at Armes.
Coeffeteau, Nicolas, 1574-1623. / [1640] An epitome of the history of faire Argenis and Polyarchus, extracted out of the Latin, and put in French, by that great and famous writer, M. N. Coeffeteau Bishop of Marseilles. And translated out of the French into English by a yong gentlevvoman. Dedicated to the Lady Anne Wentvvorth
Coelson, Lancelot, 1627-ca 1687. / [1668] Philosophia maturata an exact piece of philosophy containing the practick and operative part thereof in gaining the philosophers stone : with the wayes how to make the mineral stone and the calcinations of mettals : whereunto is added a work compiled by St. Dunstan concerning the philosophers stone : and the experiments of Rumelius and preparations of Angelo Sala, all most famous chymists in their time / published by Lancelot Colson.
Cogan, Thomas, 1545?-1607. / [1636] The haven of health Chiefly gathered for the comfort of students, and consequently of all those that have a care of their health, amplified upon five words of Hippocrates, written Epid. 6. Labour, cibus, potio, somnus, Venus. Hereunto is added a preservation from the pestilence, with a short censure of the late sicknes at Oxford. By Thomas Coghan Master of Arts, and Batcheler of Physicke.
Coggeshall, Henry, 1623-1690. / [1677] Timber-measure by a line of more ease, dispatch and exactness, then any other way now in use, by a double scale after the countrey-measure, by the length and quarter of the circumference in round timber, and by the length and side of the square in squared timber, and square equal in flat timber : as also stone-measure and gauging of vessels by the same near and exact way, likewise a diagonal scale of 100 parts in a quarter of an inch, very easie both to make and use / by Hen. Coggeshall.
Coignet, Matthieu, sieur de La Thuillerie, 1514-1586. / [1586] Politique discourses upon trueth and lying An instruction to princes to keepe their faith and promise: containing the summe of Christian and morall philosophie, and the duetie of a good man in sundrie politique discourses vpon the trueth and lying. First composed by Sir Martyn Cognet ... Newly translated out of French into English, by Sir Edward Hoby, Knight.
Cokain, Aston, Sir, 1608-1684. / [1669] The tragedy of Ovid written by Sir Aston Cokain, Baronet.
Cokain, Aston, Sir, 1608-1684. / [1658] A chain of golden poems embellished with wit, mirth, and eloquence : together with two most excellent comedies, (viz.) The obstinate lady, and Trappolin suppos'd a prince / written by Sr Aston Cokayn.
Coke, Roger, fl. 1696. / [1695] Reflections upon the East-Indy and Royal African Companies with animadversions, concerning the naturalizing of foreigners / by Roger Coke.
Coke, Roger, fl. 1696. / [1675] England's improvements in two parts : in the former is discoursed how the kingdom of England may be improved ... : in the latter is discoursed how the navigation of England may be increased and the soveraignty of the British seas more secured to the crown of England ... / by Roger Coke.
Coke, Roger, fl. 1696. / [1697] A detection of the court and state of England during the four last reigns and the inter-regnum consisting of private memoirs, &c., with observations and reflections, and an appendix, discovering the present state of the nation : wherein are many secrets never before made publick : as also, a more impartiall account of the civil wars in England, than has yet been given : in two volumes / by Roger Coke ...
Colbatch, John, 1664-1748. / [1700] An account of the court of Portugal, under the reign of the present king, Dom Pedro II with some discourses on the interests of Portugal, with regard to other sovereigns : containing a relation of the most considerable transactions that have pass'd of late between that court, and those of Rome, Spain, France, Vienna, England, &c.
Colbatch, John, Sir, 1670-1729. / [1695] Novum lumen chirurgicum vindicatum, or, The new light of chirurgery vindicated from the many unjust aspersions of some unknown calumniators : with the addition of some few experiments made this winter in England / by Jo. Colbatch ...
Colbatch, John, Sir, 1670-1729. / [1698] A relation of a very sudden and extraordinary cure of a person bitten by a viper, by the means of acids together with some remarks upon Dr. Tuthill's vindication of his objections against the doctrine of acids : wherein are contained several things in order to the further clearing of the said doctrine / by John Colbatch.
Coldwell, William, 1623 or 4-1702. / [1651] Regulæ morum ostensivæ, & obligativæ sunt lumine naturali cognoscibiles.
Cole, John, 17th cent. / [1683] A full and more particular account of the late fire with several losses at Newmarket : in a letter from thence of the 24th instant. 1683.
Cole, Robert, 17th cent. / [1642] Trve intelligence from Ireland dated from Dublin the second of April, and received here the eleventh.
Cole, Robert, 17th cent. / [1641 i.e. 1642] Nevves from Ireland. VVherein is related these particulars following. ... Sent in 2 letters, one to Mr. Roger Cole ... from his brother, M. Cole, marchant [i.e. merchant] in Dublin, and the other from a Scotch gentlewoman to her husband ...
Cole, Robert, 17th cent. / [1642] More good and true news from Ireland sent from Dublin by Master Robert Cole merchant, to his brother Iohn Cole here resident in London ; likewise a new plot discovered against our kingdome by the Danes; which was sent in a letter to the Lord Burrows, by Sir Henry Waddam; and by the Parliament ordered to be printed; together with a letter of great consequence from the Hage in Holland, written by Charles de la Fin, page to the young Prince of Orange, concerning a difference between the old Prince of Orange and the high and mighty states.
Cole, Robert, 17th cent. / [1642] The last trve intelligence from Ireland, dated in Dublin 16 March, and received in London 28 March 1642
Cole, Thomas, 1627?-1697. / [1676] The old apostolical way of preaching, or, Peters last legacy to all his true successors in the ministry and faith of the Gospel being an awakening word from a dying-preacher to his dying-hearers in a sermon preached on the death of Mr. Edward West, late minister of the gospel in London / by Thomas Cole ...
Cole, Thomas, 1627?-1697. / [1692] The incomprehensibleness of imputed righteousness, for justification, by humane reason, till enlightned by the spirit of God preached in two sermons at the Merchants-Lecture in Broadstreet / by Thomas Cole.
Cole, Thomas, 1627?-1697. / [MDCLXXXIX 1692] A discourse of regeneration, faith and repentance preached at the Merchants-Lecture in Broad-Street by Thomas Cole ...
Cole, Thomas, 1627?-1697. / [1689] A discourse of faith in two points, viz ... / by Thomas Cole ...
Cole, Thomas, 1627?-1697. / [1692] A discourse of Christian religion, in sundry points preached at the merchants lecture in Broadstreet / by Thomas Cole ...
Cole, William. / [1659] Severall proposals humbly tendered to the consideration of those that are in authority, for the ease, security, & prosperity of this common-wealth by William Cole.
Cole, William. / [1661] Noah's dove with her olive-branch, or, The happy tidings of the abatement of the flood of England's civil discords as it was delivered in a sermon preached at Preston in the county-palatine of Lancaster on the 24th of May, 1660, being the publick day of thanksgiving for the restoring of His Sacred and Most Excellent Majesty, Charles the Second / by William Cole ...
Cole, William, 1615 or 16-1698. / [printed in the year MDCLXXV. 1675] Legal and other reasons (with all humility) presented to His most Excellent Majesty, King Charles II. and to both his Honorable Houses of Parliament, why the subjects of England, should not be imprisoned for debt or damages, or any thing thereunto relating
Cole, William, 1635-1716. / [1689] A physico-medical essay concerning the late frequency of apoplexies together with a general method of their prevention and cure : in a letter to a physician / by William Cole.
Cole, William, 1635-1716. / [MDCLXXXIX 1689] Purpura anglicana being a discovery of a shell=fish found on the shores of the Severn in which there is a vein containing a juice giving the delicate and durable tincture of the antient, rich, Tyrian purple, of which it is an undoubted species, the knowledge of which hath been lost for many ages : with experimental observations upon it and figures of the shells / by W.C.
Cole, William, 1635-1716. / [1674] De secretione animali cogitata authore Gulielmo Cole, M.D.
Cole, William, fl. 1659. / [1659] A rod for the lawyers who are hereby declared to be the grand robbers & deceivers of the nation : greedily devouring yearely many millions of the peoples money : to which is added a word to the Parliament and a word to the Army / by William Cole, a lover of his countrey.
Cole, William, Sir, d. 1653. / [1645] The answere and vindication of Sir William Cole Knight and Colonell (presented to the Right Honourable the Lords and others the Committee of both Kingdomes, and by them sent to be reported to the Honourable the Commons house of Parliament of England at Westminster) unto a charge given in by Sir Frederick Hamilton Knight, to the said committee, against the said Sir Will: Cole. Wherein also will appeare, how frivolous, the aspersions are, which were endeavoured to be cast upon the said Sir William, and his regiment, in a pamphlet set forth in anno Dom. 1643. Declaring the services of the said Sir Frederick. Which chiefly occasioned this answer from the presse.
Cole-Venman, John. / [1654] A true alarm in weakness, unto Babel, from God, by his spi-right minde in the soul which liveth in God. By John Cole-venman, a messenger ouf the God ouf truth.
Coleman, Edward, d. 1678. / [1678] Mr. Coleman's two letters to Monsieur L'Chaise, the French king's confessor with Monsieur L'Chaise's answer to Mr. Coleman, which the House of Commons desired might be printed : together with the D. of Y's letter to the said Monsieur L'Chaise, which sheweth what Mr. Coleman wrote to him, was by his special command and appointment.
Coleman, Edward, d. 1678, defendant. / [1678] The tryal of Edward Coleman, Gent. for conspiring the death of the King, and the subversion of the government of England and the Protestant religion who upon full evidence was found guilty of high treason, and received sentence accordingly, on Thursday, November the 28th, 1678.
Colepeper, William, d. 1726. / [MDCXCIV 1694] An heroick poem upon the King humbly presented to the Queen / by William Culpeper.
Colepepyr, Robert. / [1700?] A new method of Robert Colepepyr, Gent., for speedy and effectual preservation of the navigation on the River Thames and to repair the water-breach in to Havering and Dagenham levels in Essex ...
Coles, Elisha, 1640?-1680. / [1677] An English dictionary explaining the difficult terms that are used in divinity, husbandry, physick, phylosophy, law, navigation, mathematicks, and other arts and sciences : containing many thousands of hard words, and proper names of places, more than are in any other English dictionary or expositor : together with the etymological derivation of them from their proper fountains, whether Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, or any other language : in a method more comprehensive than any that is extant / by E. Coles ...
Coles, Gilbert, 1617-1676. / [1674] Theophilus and Philodoxus, or, Several conferences between two friends the one a true son of the Church of England, the other faln off to the Church of Rome, concerning 1. praier in an unknown tongue, 2. the half communion, 3. the worshipping of images, 4. the invocation of saints / by Gilbert Coles.
Colet, Claude, 16th cent. / [1588] The famous, pleasant, and variable historie, of Palladine of England Discoursing of honorable aduentures, of knightly deedes of armes and chiualrie: enterlaced likewise with the loue of sundrie noble personages, as time and affection limited their desires. ... Translated out of French by A.M. one of the messengers of her Maiesties Chamber.
Colet, John, 1467?-1519. / [1530?] The sermo[n] of doctor Colete, made to the conuocacion at Paulis
Colet, John, 1467?-1519. / [1661] A sermon of conforming and reforming made to the convocation at S. Pauls Church in London / by John Colet upon Rom. xii, 2 ... writ an hundred and fiftie years since : to which is now added an appendix of Bp. Andrews and Dr. Hammonds solemn petition and advice to the convocation : with his directions to the laity how to prolong their happiness.
Colet, John, 1467?-1519. / [anno verbi incarnati milesimo quingetesimo vigesimo .ix. die mesis Iunii quarto 1529] Rudimenta grammatices et docendi methodus non tam scholæ Gypsuichianæ per reuerendissimum. D. Thoma[m] cardinale[m] Ebor. feliciter institutæ q[uam] o[mn]ibus aliis totius Anglie scholis prescripta.
Colet, John, 1467?-1519. / [M.D.xxxiiii, the xxvii day of Marche 27 Mar. 1534] A ryght fruitfull monicion concernynge the order of a good Christen mannes lyfe very profitable for all maner of estates, and other, to beholde and loke vppon / made by the famouse doctour Colet, sometyme deane of Paules.
Colet, John, 1467?-1519. / [1577] A right fruitfull admonition, concerning the order of a good Christian mans life very profitable for all maner of estates, and other to beholde and looke vppon. Made by the famous Doctour Colete, sometime deane of Paules.
Colet, John, 1467?-1519. / [1684] Daily devotions, or, The Christians morning and evening sacrifice digested into prayers and meditations, for every day in the week, and other occasions : with some short directions for a godly life / by John Colet ...
Coligny, Gaspard de, seigneur de Châtillon, 1519-1572. / [1563] An answere to the examination that is sayde to haue bene made of one named Iohn de Poltrot, calling himself the Lord of Merey, vpon the death of the late Duke of Guyse by the Lord of Chastillon admyrall of Fraunce, and others named in the saide examination. At Caen. 1562
Colledge, Stephen, 1635?-1681. / [1681?] A satyr against injustice, or, Sc--gs upon sc--gs
Colledge, Stephen, 1635?-1681. / [1681] A ra-ree show to the tune of I am a senceless thing.
Colledge, Stephen, 1635?-1681. / [1681] A letter written from the Tower by Mr. Stephen Colledge (the Protestant-joyner) to Dick Janeways wife
Colledge, Stephen, 1635?-1681. / [1681] A letter written from Oxford by Mr. Stephen Colledge to his friends in London, &c. / written by himself immediately after his condemnation.
Colledge, Stephen, 1635?-1681. / [1681] A letter from Mr. Stephen Colledge to a person of quality upon his removal to Oxford to be try'd upon an impeachment of high treason.
Colledge, Stephen, 1635?-1681, defendant. / [1681] The arraignment, tryal and condemnation of Stephen Colledge for high-treason in conspiring the death of the king, the levying of war, and the subversion of the government : before the Right Honourable Sr. Francis North, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common-Pleas, and other commissioners of Oyer and Terminer and Gaol Delivery held at the city of Oxon for the county of Oxon, the 17th and 18th of August 1681.
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1689] Vindiciæ juris regii, or Remarques upon a paper, entitled, An enquiry into the measures of submission to the supream authority
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1698] A short view of the immorality, and profaneness of the English stage together with the sense of antiquity upon this argument / by Jeremy Collier ...
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1700] A second defence of the Short view of the prophaneness and immorality of the English stage, &c. being a reply to a book, entituled, The ancient and modern stages surveyed, &c. / by Jeremy Collier ...
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1696] A reply to The absolution of a penitent, according to the directions of the Church of England, &c.
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [M DC XC III 1693] A perswasive to consideration, tender'd to the Royalists particularly those of the Church of England.
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1688] The office of a chaplain enquir'd into and vindicated from servility and contempt
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1689] A moral essay concerning the nature and unreasonableness of pride in which the most plausible pretences of this vice are examined, in a conference between Philotimus and Philalethes. Licensed August 17. 1689.
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1695] Miscellanies upon moral subjects by Jeremy Collier ...
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1694] Miscellanies in five essays ... the four last by way of dialogue / by Jeremy Collier ...
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1691] Dr. Sherlock's Case of allegiance considered with some remarks upon his vindication.
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1689] The desertion discuss'd in a letter to a country gentleman
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1686] The difference between the present and future state of our bodies considered in a sermon / by Jeremy Collier.
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1699] A defence of The short view of the profaneness and immorality of the English stage, &c. being a reply to Mr. Congreve's Amendments, &c. and to the vindication of the author of The relapse / by Jeremy Collier ...
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1696] A defence of the absolution given to Sr. William Perkins, at the place of execution, April the 3d with a further vindication thereof, occasioned by a paper, entituled A declararion of the sense of the arch-bishops and bishops, &c.
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1696] The case of the two absolvers that were tryed at the Kings-Bench-Bar at Westminster on Thursday the 2d of July 1696 for giving absolution at the place of execution to Sir John Friend and Sir William Parkens.
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1690?] A caution against inconsistency, or, The connexion between praying and swearing in relation to the civil powers.
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1696] An answer to the Animadversions on two pamphlets lately published by Mr. Collier, &c.
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1692] A brief essay concerning the independency of church-power
Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. / [1689] Animadversions upon the modern explanation of II Hen. 7. cap. I, or, A King de facto
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1651] The heads and substance of a discourse; first private, and afterwards publike; held in Axbridge, in the county of Somerset, about the 6th of March, 1650. Between Iohn Smith of Badgworth, and Charls Carlile of Bitsham, &c. on the one part; and Thomas Collier of Westbury on the other. Things they are of weight and highest concernment. / Published by the said Tho. Collier of Westbury.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1647?] A brief discovery of the corruption of the ministrie of the Church of England, or, Three clear and evident grounds from which it will apear that they are no ministers of Christ published for the information of all by Thomas Colyer.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1680] A supplement to a little book entituled, A reasonable account why some pious nonconforming ministers cannot judg it lawful for them to perform their ministerial acts in publick solemn prayer, ordinarily, by the prescribed forms of others : wherein is examined whatsoever Mr. Falconer in his book called, Libertas ecclesiastica, and Mr. Pelling in a book called, The good old way, have said to prove the ancient use of forms of prayers by ministers : and it is proved, that neither of the two aforementioned authors have said anything that proveth the general use, or imposition of such forms of prayer in any considerable part of the church, till Pope Gregories time, which was six hundred years after Christ, nor in any church since the reformation, except that of England, and (which is uncertain) some in Saxony.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1679] A reasonable account why some pious, nonconforming ministers in England judge it sinful for them to perform their ministerial acts, in publick, solemn prayer by the prescribed forms of others wherein several of their arguments are modestly propounded, opended and justified against pretended answers given to them, either by Ireneus Freeman, or Mr. Falconer, in his book entituled Liberitas ecclesiastica, or others : the strength also of the several arguments brought by them, for the lawfulness of forms to be used universally by ministers, in their publick ministrations, is fairly tried.
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1683] The intercourses of divine love betwixt Christ and his Church, or, The particular believing soul metaphorically expressed by Solomon in the first chapter of the Canticles, or song of songs : opened and applied in several sermons, upon that whole chapter : in which the excellencies of Christ, the yernings of his gospels towards believers, under various circumstances, the workings of their hearts towards, and in, communion with him, with many other gospel propositions of great import to souls, are handles / by John Collinges ...
Collinges, John, 1623-1690. / [1681] The history of conformity, or, A proof of the mischief of impositions from the experience of more than 100 years
Collins, Anthony, 1676-1729. / [1700] An answer to Dr. Scot's cases against dissenters concerning forms of prayer and the fallacy of the story of Commin, plainly discovered.
Collins, John, 1625-1683. / [1659] The sector on a quadrant, or A treatise containing the description and use of four several quadrants two small ones and two great ones, each rendred many wayes, both general and particular. Each of them accomodated for dyalling; for the resolving of all proportions instrumentally; and for the ready finding the hour and azimuth universally in the equal limbe. Of great use to seamen and practitioners in the mathematicks. Written by John Collins accountant philomath. Also An appendix touching reflected dyalling from a glass placed at any reclination.
Collins, John, 1625-1683. / [1680] A plea for the bringing in of Irish cattel, and keeping out of fish caught by foreigners together with an humble address to the honourable members of Parliament of the countries of Cornwal and Devon, about the advancement of tin, fishery, and divers manufactures / by John Collins.
Collins, John, 1625-1683. / [1659] Geometrical dyalling, or, Dyalling performed by a line of chords onely, or by the plain scale wherein is contained two several methods of inscribing the hour-lines in all plains, with the substile, stile and meridian, in their proper coasts and quantities : being a full explication and demonstration of divers difficulties in the works of learned Mr. Samuel Foster deceased ... : whereto is added four new methods of calculation, for finding the requisites in all leaning plains ... : also how by projecting the sphere, to measure off all the arks found by calculation ... : lastly, the making of dyals from three shadows of a gnomon ... / written by John Collins ...
Collins, John, 1625-1683. / [1685] The doctrine decimal arithmetick, simple interest, &c. as also of compound interest and annuities generally performed for any time of payment or rate of interest by help of a particular table of forbearance of 1l principal, with enlarged rules, formerly abridged for portability in a letter case / by John Collins ; and since his death, both made publick by J.D.
Collins, John, 1625-1683. / [1683] A curious collection of law-books, ancient and modern, consisting of the libraries of John Collins, Esq. ... and of another fam'd practicer of the law with additions of the best and latest law-books hitherto extant : as also an appendix of a considerable number of books of the civil & canon-law : will be exposed to sale by way of auction, on Munday the 2d day of July, 1683, at the first house on the left-hand in Flying-Horse Court in Fleetstreet, near the Kings-Head Tavern at Chancery Lane end, by Edward Millington, bookseller.
Collins, Richard. / [1698] The cause of England's misery, or, A brief account of the corrupt practice of the law humbly offer'd to the consideration of the Lords spiritual and temporal, and Commons in Parliament assembled.
Collins, Samuel, 1576-1651. / [1628? i.e. 1617] Epphata to F.T., or, The defence of the Right Reuerend Father in God, the Lord Bishop of Elie, Lord High-Almoner and Priuie Counsellour to the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie concerning his answer to Cardinall Bellarmines apologie, against the slaunderous cauills of a namelesse adioyner, entitling his booke in euery page of it, A discouerie of many fowle absurdities, falsities, lyes, &c. : wherein these things cheifely are discussed, (besides many other incident), 1. The popes false primacie, clayming by Peter, 2. Invocation of saints, with worship of creatures, and faith in them, 3. The supremacie of kings both in temporall and ecclesiasticall matters and causes, ouer all states and persons, &c. within their realmes and dominions / by Dr. Collins ...
Collins, Samuel, 1619-1670. / [1671] The present state of Russia in a letter to a friend at London / written by an eminent person residing at the great czars court at Mosco for the space of nine years : illustrated with many copper plates.
Collins, Thomas, fl. 1610-1615. / [1610] The penitent publican his confession of mouth. Contrition of heart. Vnfained repentance. An feruent prayer vnto God, for mercie and forgiuenesse.
Collins, Thomas, fl. 1610-1615. / [1615] The teares of loue: or, Cupids progresse Together vvith the complaint of the sorrowfull shepheardesse; fayre (but vnfortunate) Candida, deploring the death of her deare-lou'd Corauin, a late liuing (and an euer to be lamented) shepheard. In a (passionate) pastorall elegie. Composed by Thomas Collins.
Collins, Thomas, Student in physick. / [1658] Choice and rare experiments in physick and chirurgery, or, A discovery of most approved medicines for the curing of most diseases incident to the body of men, women, and of children together with an antidotary of experiments never before published / found out by the studie and experience of Thomas Collins, student in physick neer the city of Gloucester.
Collins, William, 17th cent. / [1675] Missa triumphans, or, The triumph of the mass wherein all the sophistical and wily arguments of Mr de Rodon against that thrice venerable sacrifice in his funestuous tract by him called, The funeral of the Mass, are fully, formally, and clearly answered : together with an appendix by way of answer to the translators preface / by F.P.M.O.P. Hib.
Collop, John. / [1661] A letter with animadversions upon the animadverter on the Bishop of Worcesters letter by J.C. ...
Collop, John. / [1656] Poesis rediviva, or, Poesie reviv'd by John Collop ...
Collop, John. / [1660] Itur satyricum in loyall stanzas / by John Collop ...
Collop, John. / [1667] Charity commended, or, A catholick Christian soberly instructed by J.C.
Collyn, Nicholas. / [1655] A briefe summary of the lavves and statutes of England so far forth as the same do concerne the office of justices of the peace, sheriffs, bayliffs, constables, churchwardens, and other officers and ministers of the commonwealth : together with divers other matters not onely acceptable for their rarity, but also very necessary for their great use and profit, for all persons, but especially for such as bear office in this common-wealth / collected by Nicholas Collyn ...
Colman, Walter, d. 1645. / [1632?] La dance machabre or Death's duell. By W.C.
Colmenero de Ledesma, Antonio. / [1640] A curious treatise of the nature and quality of chocolate. VVritten in Spanish by Antonio Colmenero, doctor in physicke and chirurgery. And put into English by Don Diego de Vades-forte
Coloma, Carlos, 1573-1637. / [Superiorum permissu. M. DC. XXXI. 1631] The attestation of the most excellent, and most illustrious lord, Don Carlos Coloma, embassadour extraordinary for Spayne. Of the declaration made vnto him, by the lay Catholikes of England concerning the authority challenged ouer them, by the Right Reuerend Lord Bishop of Chalcedon. With The answere of a Catholike lay gentleman, to the iudgment of a deuine, vpon the letter of the lay Catholikes, to the sayd Lord Bishop of Chalcedon.
Colonell in the Army. / [1643] A true relation of the late fight betweene Sr. VVilliam VVallers forces and those sent from Oxford with the manner of Sir William Wallers retreat to Bristoll, and the condition of his army at this present / sent from a Colonell in that army now in Bristoll to a friend of his in London.
Colonna, Francesco, d. 1527. / [1592] Hypnerotomachia. = The strife of loue in a dreame
Colse, Peter. / [1596] Penelopes complaint: or, A mirrour for wanton minions. Taken out of Homers Odissea, and written in English verse, by Peter Colse
Colvil, Samuel. / [1681] Mock poem, or, Whiggs supplication
Colvil, Samuel. / [1673] The grand impostor discovered, or, An historical dispute of the papacy and popish religion ... divided in four parts : 1. of bishops, 2. of arch-bishops, 3. of an œcumenick bishop, 4. of Antichrist : Part I, divided in two books ... / by S.C.
Colville, Elizabeth Melvill, Lady Colville of Culros, fl. 1603. / [1620] A godlie dreame compiled by Elizabeth Melvill, Ladie Culros younger, at the request of a friend.
Colville, John, 1542?-1605. / [1602] The parænese or admonition of Io. Coluille (laitly returnit to the Catholique Romane religion in vhilk he vas baptesit and brocht vp till he had full 14. years of age) vnto his cuntrey men. The contentes of this treatise is to be found after the epistles.
Colville, John, 1542?-1605. / [1600] The palinod of Iohn Coluill wherein he doth penitently recant his former proud offences, specially that treasonable discourse lately made by him against the vndoubted and indeniable title of his dread soueraigne Lord, King Iames the sixt, vnto the crowne of England, after decease of her Maiesty present.
Colville, John, 1542?-1605. / [Anno M.D.LXXXII. 1582] Ane declaratioun of the iust and necessar causis, moving us of the nobillitie of Scotland & vthers ye Kings Maiesteis faithful subiectis to repair to his Hienes presence and to remane with him for resisting of the present daingeris appearing to Goddis trew religion and professours thairof & to his Hienes awin person estait & croun & his faithful subiectis that hes constantly continuit in his obedience, &c to seik redres & reformatioun of the abuse and confusioun of the commoun wealth remouing fro[m] his Maiestie the cheif authoris thairof quhil the treuth of the famin may be made manifest to his Hienes estaits that with common consent redres & remeid may be prouidid.
Colynet, Antony. / [1591] The true history of the ciuill vvarres of France, betweene the French King Henry the 4. and the Leaguers Gathered from the yere of our Lord 1585. vntill this present October. 1591. By Antony Colynet.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1689] A letter to a bishop concerning the present settlement and the new oaths
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1688?] Three considerations proposed to Mr. William Pen concerning the validity and security of his new magna charta for liberty of conscience by a Baptist ; which may be worthy the consideration of all the Quakers and of all my dissenting brethren also that have votes in the choice of Parliament-men.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1686] Teg resymmeu offeiriad pabaidd wedi ei hatteb gan Brotestant o Eglwys Loegr. A gyfiethwyd [translated] gan W.J.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1686] The plausible arguments of a Romish priest answered by an English Protestant seasonable and useful for all Protestant families.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1682] The nature and usefulness of solemn judicial swearing with the impiety and mischief of vain and false-swearing in a sermon preached July 14th, 1681, in the cathedral church of S. Peter in York at the assizes for that county / by Thomas Comber.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1677] Friendly and seasonable advice to the Roman Catholicks of England by a charitable hand.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1691] The examiner examined being a vindication of the History of liturgies / by T.C., D.D.
Comber, Thomas, 1645-1699. / [1695] The church history clear'd from the Roman forgeries and corruptions found in the councils and Baronius in four parts : from the beginning of Christianity, to the end of the fifth general council, 553 / by Thomas Comber ...
Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670. / [1648] A continuation of Mr. John-Amos-Comenius school-endeavours, or, A summary delineation of Dr. Cyprian Kinner Silesian, his thoughts concerning education, or, The way and method of teaching exposed to the ingenuous and free censure of all piously-learned men ... : together with an advice how these thoughts may be succesfully put in practice / translated out of the original Latine, transmitted to Sam. Hartlib, and by him published ...
Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670. / [1642] A reformation of schooles designed in two excellent treatises, the first whereof summarily sheweth, the great necessity of a generall reformation of common learning : what grounds of hope there are for such a reformation : how it may be brought to passe : the second answers certain objections ordinarily made against such undertakings, and describes the severall parts and titles of workes which are shortly to follow / written ... in Latine by ... John Amos Comenius ... ; and now ... translated into English ... by Samuel Hartlib ...
Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670. / [1670] A generall table of Europe, representing the present and future state thereof viz. the present governments, languages, religions, foundations, and revolutions both of governments and religions, the future mutations, revolutions, government, and religion of christendom and of the world &c. / from the prophecies of the three late German prophets, Kotterus, Christina, and Drabricius, &c., all collected out of the originals, for the common use and information of the English.
Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670. / [1651] Naturall philosophie reformed by divine light, or, A synopsis of physicks by J.A. Comenius ... ; with a briefe appendix touching the diseases of the body, mind, and soul, with their generall remedies, by the same author.
Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670. / [1659] Joh. Amos Commenii Orbis sensualium pictus, hoc est, Omnium fundamentalium in mundo rerum, & in vita actionum, pictura & nomenclatura Joh. Amos Commenius's Visible world, or, A picture and nomenclature of all the chief things that are in the world, and of mens employments therein / a work newly written by the author in Latine and High-Dutch ... ; & translated into English by Charles Hoole ... for the use of young Latine-scholars.
Commelin, Johannes, 1629-1692. / [1683] The Belgick, or, Netherlandish hesperides that is, the management, ordering, and use of the limon and orange trees, fitted to the nature and climate of the Netherlands / by S. Commelyn ; made English by G.V.N.
Commissioners for Rebuilding the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in London. / [1677] At a general meeting of the lords and others, Commissioners for Rebuilding the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in London, at Guildhall, Thursday, July 5. 1677.
Commissioners of Sewers of the City of London. / [1653] At a Court of Sewers held at the Guild Hall, London on Saterday the fifth of February in the year of our Lord 1652. ...
Commissioners of Supply for Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland) / [1699] Act of the Commissioners of Supply of the sheriffdom of Edinburgh, anent the settlement of the prices of victual within the said shire, to the first day of September next. Edinburgh, Apil 28. 1699.
Committee for the Militia of London. / [1681] To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty the humble petition of Your Majesties most dutiful and loyal subjects, the commissioners of your leiutenancy, and of the officers, citizens and souldiers of the several regiments and companies of the militia and trained bands within your city of London, and the suburbs and liberties thereof.
Committee for the Militia of London. / [1644] Whereas the Committee for the Militia of London, taking into consideration that not withstanding their commission, directed to their Sub-Committee sitting at Salters Hall in Breadstreet for the listing of all persons fit for the warres, and forming them into several regiments
Committee for the Militia of London. / [1661] To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty the humble and dutifull remonstrance and addresse of the apprentices and other young men of the several regiments of Your Majesties auxiliares in your city of London.
Committee for the Militia of London. / [October 18, 1643] A declaration of the Committee for the Militia concerning the penalties that are to be inflicted upon those of the trained-bands that exempt themselves in this present expedition : together with a declaration of the Commons assembled in Parliament for the raising of money, plate, and horse to be imployed for the aid and assistance of the Lord Fairfax.
Committee for the Militia of London. / [May 11, 1644] The Committee of the Militia of the City of London and parts adjacent within the lines of communication and parishes within the weekly bils of mortality having taken knowledge that many persons within the limits aforesaid (out of a pious zeale and good affection to the publique cause) have of late freely and voluntarily subscribed divers summes of money towards the maintaining of forces to bee sent forth by the said committee ...
Committee of Adventurers in London for Lands in Ireland. / [1645] Vicessimo nono Julij, 1645. By the Committee of Grocers-Hall for Irish affaires.
Committee of Adventurers in London for Lands in Ireland. / [1644] Die Veneris, 5⁰ Ianuar. 1643. Committee for the Affaires of Ireland.
Committee of Adventurers in London for Lands in Ireland. / [1653 or 4] At the Committee of Adventurers for Lands in Ireland, the 9th day of March 1653.
Commynes, Philippe de, ca. 1447-1511. / [1596] The historie of Philip de Commines Knight, Lord of Argenton
Company of Merchant Adventurers of England. / [1643] To the Kings most excellent Majesty. The humble petition of the governor, assistants, and fellowship of Merchants-Adventurers of England.
Company of Merchant Adventurers of England. / [1695?] Reasons humbly offered for encouraging His Majesties natural born subjects to export the woollen manufactures of this realm to Germany
Company of Merchants Trading into France. / [1667?] The case of the Company of Merchants Trading into France
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1700] The original papers and letters, relating to the Scots Company, trading to Africa and the Indies from the memorial given in against their taking subscriptions at Hamburgh, by Paul Ricaut, His Majesty's resident there, to their last address sent up to His Majesty in December, 1699 : faithfully extracted from the Companies books.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1700?] The last national address presented to his Majesty at Hampton-Court, the 16th. day of November 1700 by the right honourable the Lord Yester, Sir John Pringle of Stitchell and Sir Peter Wedderburn of Gosford baronets, commissioners appointed for that end.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] Edinburgh, the 17th, day of April, 1696. At a general meeting of the Company of Scotland, trading to Africa and the Indies My Lord Tarbat chosen præses.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] Edinburgh, March 24th 1696. At a meeting of the subscribers to the Company of Scotland, trading to Africa and the Indies
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696?] Edinburgh, April 3d. 1696 at a general meeting of the Company of Scotland, Trading to Africa, and the Indies, my Lord Belhaven chosen præses.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] Constitutions agreed upon by the Committee of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] The company of Scotland, trading to Africa and the Indies, do hereby give notice. That their bookes of subscription, will be opened at Edinburgh on Wednesday the 26 of this instant February ...
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] At Edinburgh, the 9th day of July, 1696. The Court of Directors of The Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies ...
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] At Edinburgh, the 9th day of July, 1696 Whereas the books of subscription to the Company of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies, have continued open at Edinburgh for the twenty sixth day of February last, to this instant; ...
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] At Edinburgh, the 15 of June, 1696. Published by order of the said court, Rod. Mackenzie, Sec:ry.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] At Edinburgh, the 15 of June, 1696 The council-general of the Company of Scotland, trading to Africa and the Indies: ...
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1698] At a meeting of the Council-general of the Company of Scotland, trading to Africa and the Indies. Holden at Edinburgh, the 5th day of September, 1698.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] At a meeting of the committee appointed by the subscribers to the Joynt-Stock of the Company of Scotland trading to Africa and the Indies, to prepare and lay down the rules and consititions of the said company.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1699] At a court of directors of the Company of Scotland, trading to Africa and the Indies Holden at Edinburgh the 18th of April 1699.
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1699] At a council-general of the Company of Scotland, trading to Africa and the Indies, holden at Edinburgh the 18th day of October, 1699
Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies. / [1696] Advertisement. Edinburgh, the 9th of July 1696.
Company of Woodmongers (London, England) / [1621] To the honorable assembly of the Commons house of Parliament, and to the committees for grieuances of the same house: the answere of the master, wardens and fellowship of woodmongers, London, to the complaint of some few wharfingers and others, whereof, some are forraine, and some free of the same citie
Company of Woodmongers (London, England) / [1657] By the Company of VVoodmongers Whereas: a general and open scandal in an ignominious and reproachful way hath been falsely laid upon the Woodmongers in their trade of selling of wood and coals, by some who have (as it hath appeared) with unsized measures, maliciously and without lawful authority, in a turbulent manner taken upon upon them to measure coals, after the said coals have been sent from the several wharffs in lawful and well sized sacks, ...
Compassionate conformist. / [1683] Englands vanity or The Voice of God against the monstrous sin of pride, in dress and apparel wherein naked breasts and shoulders, antick and fantastick garbs, patches, and painting, long perriwigs, towers, bulls, shades, curlings, and crispings, with an hundred more fooleries of both sexes, are condemned as notiriously unlawful. With pertinent addresses to the court, nobility, gentry, city and country, directed especially to the professors in London / by a compassionate conformist.
Compton, Henry, 1632-1713. / [1685] A list of the prebendaries of St Paul's Church, appointed to preach upon the holy-days in the year following, at Saint Peter's Church in Cornhil [sic].
Compton, Henry, 1632-1713. / [1693] A list of the præbendaries of the cathedral church of St. Paul London, appointed by the Lord Bishop of London, to preach upon the holy-days, in the year of our Lord, 1693. at Saint Peter's Church in Cornhil.
Compton, Henry, 1632-1713. / [1686] A list of the præbendaries of St Paul's Church (and others), appointed to preach upon the holy-days in the year of our Lord, 1686, at Saint Peter's Church in Cornhill
Compton, Henry, 1632-1713. / [1694/1695] Henry, Lord Bishop of London, and Peter Birch, Doctor of Divinity, plaintiffs The King and Queen's Majesties, defendants. In a writ of error in Parliament brought by the plaintiffs upon a judgment in a quare impedit given for Their Majesties in the Court of King's Bench by the uniform opinion of the whole court, for the presentation to the rectory of St. James's in the liberty of Westminster, vacant by the promotion of Dr. Tennison to the Bishoprick of Lincoln.
Compton, Henry, 1632-1713. / [1688] An exact account of the whole proceedings against the Right Reverend Father in God, Henry, Lord Bishop of London, before the Lord Chancellor and the other ecclesiastical commissioners
Compton, Henry, 1632-1713. / [1686] Episcopalia, or, Letters of the Right Reverend Father in God, Henry, Lord Bishop of London, to the clergy of his diocess
Compton, Henry, 1632-1713. / [1690] The Bishop of London's seventh letter, of the conference with his clergy held in the year 1686, upon the King's letter, dated 1685 : and directed to the two arch-bishops, with directions concerning preachers.
Compton, Henry, 1632-1713. / [1699] The Bishop of London's ninth conference with his clergy upon the fifth and tenth injunctions given by the King, February the 15th, 1694/5 held in the years 1695 and 1696.
Compton, Henry, 1632-1713. / [1679] The Bishop of London his letter to the clergy of his diocess
Compton, Henry, 1632-1713. / [1696] The bishop of London's charge to the clergy of his diocese at his visitation begun Ann. 1693 and concluded Ann. 1694.
Comyne, Eustace. / [1680] The information of Eustace Comyne, servant to Mr. Keadagh Magher treasurer to the papists in Ireland, of their mony to carry out this horrid plot, who was barbarously murthered for discovering the same, and turning Protestant : given in writing to the honorable House of Commons, the 15th of this present November, 1680.
Condé, Louis, prince de, 1530-1569. / [Anno. 1562] The treaty of thassociation made by the Prince of Condee, together wyth the princes, knyghtes of thorder, lordes, capitaines, gentlemen, [and] others of al estates which be entred, or hereafter shall entre into the said association, for to mainteine the honour of God, the quiet of the realme of Fraunce, and the state and lybertie of the kyng under the gouernance of the Quene his mother who is authorized therunto and establyshed by the estates.
Condé, Louis, prince de, 1530-1569. / [1562] A seconde declaration of the Prince of Conde, to make knowen the causers of the troubles whyche are at this day in this realme, and the dutie wherein he hathe and yet putteth hym selfe in at this presente, for the pacifyeng of the same. 1562
Condé, Louis, prince de, 1530-1569. / [1562] A declaration made by my lord prince of Conde, for to shew and declare the causes, that haue co[n]strained him to take vpon him the defence of the Kinges authoritie of the gouernement of the Queene, and of the quietness of this realme, with the protestation therevpon requisite
Conestaggio, Gerolamo Franchi di. / [1600] The historie of the vniting of the kingdom of Portugall to the crowne of Castill containing the last warres of the Portugals against the Moores of Africke, the end of the house of Portugall, and change of that gouernment. The description of Portugall, their principall townes, castles, places ... Of the East Indies, the isles of Terceres, and other dependences ...
Confederate Catholics. / [1646] By the Generall Assembly of the Confederate Catholicks of Ireland whereas severall declarations and protestations are said to have been unlegally and unduely by secret, foule and sinister practices, and under-hand-working, lately obtained from some particular persons ...
Confederate Catholics. / [1648] By the generall assemblie of the Confederate Catholiques of Ireland whereas Colonell Owen O Neill, coming into this kingdome, under pretence of serving His Majestie and his faithfull subiects the Confederate Catholicks ...
Confederate Catholics. / [1645] By the Generall Assembly of the Confederate Catholicks of Ireland it is ordered, that any commander or officer whatsoever, that shall ... refuse or decline the service for the present supply of His Majestie ...
Confederate Catholics. / [1648] By the generall assemblie of the Confederate Catholiques of Ireland this assembly taking seriously into consideration that Owen Mac Arte O Neill, late generall of Ulster, & Emer Lord Bishop of Clogher, being traiterously disaffected ...
Confederate Catholics. / [in the yeare of our Lord, 1646] By the Councell and congregation whereas such of the Roman Catholiques as reside within the English quarters feare to be plundered ...
Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council. / [In the Yeare of our Lord, 1648] By the Supreame Councell of the Confederate Catholiques of Ireland wee the Supreame Councell of the said Confederate Catholiques, hauing of a long tyme, with deepe sense of the sufferings of the people and the wayes taken to heape miseries on this afflicted kingdome ...
Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council. / [1648] By the Supreame Councell of the Confederate Catholicks of Ireland whereas by our late proclamation we have assured all and everie the inhabitants of the province of Ulster ...
Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council. / [Anno Domini, 1643] By the Supreame Councell of the Confederate Catholicks of Ireland forasmuch as after a long and serious debate, a cessation of armes and all acts of hostilities, to beginne at twelve of the clocke the fifteenth day of September ...
Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council. / [in the yeare of our Lord, 1648] By the Supreame Councell of the Confederat Catholicks of Ireland although wee find our selves much afflicted for the expressions wee are forced to make, of the Lord Nuncio his violent proceedings against the gouerment of the kingdome ...
Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council. / [In the Yeare of our Lord, 1648] By the Supreame Councell of the Confederat Catholick[s] of Ireland [it] cannot be expressed by what suttle practices such, as for their own ambitious ends ...
Confraternity of St. John (Beverley, England) / [ca. 1520] These folowynge be the priuyleges pardon and indulgence graunted to the bretherne and susters, [and] benefactours of the College churche of seynt Ioh[a]n Beuerley
Confucius. / [1691] The morals of Confucius, a Chinese philosopher who flourished above five hundred years before the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ : being one of the most choicest pieces of learning remaining of that nation.
Congregational Church in England and Wales. Savoy Meeting (1658). / [1659] A declaration of the faith and order owned and practised in the Congregational Churches in England; agreed upon and consented unto by their elders and messengers in their meeting at the Savoy, Octob. 12. 1658.
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [1700] The way of the world a comedy, as it is acted at the theatre in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields by His Majesty's servants / written by Mr. Congreve.
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [MDCXCV 1695] A pindarique ode humbly offer'd to the King on his taking Namure by Mr. Congreve.
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [1693] The old batchelour a comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre Royal, by Their Majesties servants / written by Mr. Congreve.
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [1695] The mourning muse of Alexis a pastoral lamenting the death of our late gracious Queen Mary of ever blessed memory / Mr. Congreve.
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [1697] The mourning bride a tragedy : as it is acted at the theatre in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields by His Majesty's servants / written by Mr. Congreve.
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [1695] Love for love a comedy : acted at the Theatre in Little Lincolns-Inn Fields by His Majesty's servants / written by Mr. Congreve.
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [1692] Incognita, or, Love and duty reconcil'd a novel
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [1694] The double-dealer a comedy, acted at the Theatre Royal by Their Majesties servants / written by Mr. Congreve.
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [between 1693-1695] Buxom Joan of Lymas's love to a jolly sailer: or, The maiden's choice: being love for love again. To an excellent new play-house tune.
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [1698] The birth of a muse a poem to the right honourable Charles Montague, Chancellor of the Exchequer &c. / by Mr. Congreve.
Congreve, William, 1670-1729. / [1698] Amendments of M. Collier's false and imperfect citations, &c. from the Old batchelour, Double dealer, Love for love, Mourning bride / by the author of those plays.
Coniers, George, 1646-1711. / [1681] A true copy of a dispute lately held at Rome between Father Conyer, a Jesuit, and Alexander Thompson, a Church of England man and barrister at law, concerning the plot
Connor, Bernard, 1666?-1698. / [1698] The history of Poland. vol. 2 in several letters to persons of quality, giving an account of the antient and present state of that kingdom, historical, geographical, physical, political and ecclesiastical ... : with sculptures, and a new map after the best geographers : with several letters relating to physick / by Bern. Connor ... who, in his travels in that country, collected these memoirs from the best authors and his own observations ; publish'd by the care and assistance of Mr. Savage.
Connor, Bernard, 1666?-1698. / [1698] The history of Poland. vol. 1 in several letters to persons of quality, giving an account of the antient and present state of that kingdom, historical, geographical, physical, political and ecclesiastical ... : with sculptures, and a new map after the best geographers : with several letters relating to physick / by Bern. Connor ... who, in his travels in that country, collected these memoirs from the best authors and his own observations ; publish'd by the care and assistance of Mr. Savage.
Connor, Bernard, 1666?-1698. / [1697] Evangelium medici, seu, Medicina mystica de suspensis naturæ legibus, sive, de miraculis .. / a Bernardo Connor.
Conold, Robert. / [1676] The notion of schism stated according to the antients, and considered with reference to the non-conformists, and the pleas for schismaticks examined being animadversions upon the plea for the non-conformists : with reflections on that famous Tract of schism, written by Mr. Hales in two letters to a very worthy gentleman.
Constable, Henry, 1562-1613. / [Octob. 1589] Examen pacifique de la doctrine des Huguenots Prouuant contre les Catholiques rigoureux de nostre temps & particulierement contre les obiections de la response faicte a l'Apologie Ctholique [sic], que nous qui sommes membres de l'Eglise Catholique Apostolique & Romaine ne deurions pas condemner les Huguenots pour heretiques iusques a ce qu'on ait faict nouuelle preuue.
Constable, Henry, 1562-1613. / [1600] Discoverye of a counterfecte conference helde at a counterfecte place, by counterfecte travellers, for thadvancement of a counteerfecte tytle, and invented, printed, and published by one (person) that dare not avovve his name
Constable, Henry, 1562-1613. / [1623] The Catholike moderator: or A moderate examination of the doctrine of the Protestants Prouing against the too rigid Catholikes of these times, and against the arguments especially, of that booke called, The answer to the Catholike apologie, that we, who are members of the Catholike, apostolike, & Roman Church, ought not to condeme the Protestants for heretikes, vntill further proofe be made. First written in French by a Catholike gentleman, and now faithfully translated. See the occasion of the name of Huguenots, after the translaters epistle.
Constable, Henry, 1562-1613. / [1592] Diana The praises of his mistres, in certaine sweete sonnets. By H.C.
Constable, Robert. / [1680] God and the king, or, Monarchy proved from Holy Writ to be the onely legitimate species of politick government, and the onely polity constituted and appointed by God wherein the phantasied principles of supereminencing the peoples welfare above the kings honour, and popular election of kings are manifested to be groundless and unseasonable / briefly collected by Robert Constable.
Constant and cordial adherers to the Parliament and Common-wealth. / [1660] A faithfull representation of the state of Ireland: whose bleeding eye is on England for help. Or The horrid conspiracy discovered and most humbly presented to the wisdom of Parliament for timely prevention, if not impossible. Wherein it appears the designe is laid at the root of all the Parliaments interest there, the adventurers lands, and the new-English mens lives, (as they call them) as well as at the power of godliness, and of the present government. Published by constant and cordial adherers to the Parliament and Common-wealth, on the behalf of themselves, and of thousands in Ireland.
Contzen, Adam, 1571-1635. / [1641] Looke about you the plot of Contzen, the Moguntine Jesuite, to cheate a church of the religion established therein and to serve in popery by art without noise or tumult.
Converted cavalier. / [1644] The converted cavaliers confession of their designe when first we drew the King away from his Parliament as also (now our eyes are in some measure opened) that we see there was a deeper plot and designe in hand at that time by the papists who made use of us to accomplish their own designe, which then lay hid from us, but now discovereth it selfe : with our resolution to forsake the papists / written by a converted cavalier, for full satisfaction to all neutralists.
Conway, Anne, 1631-1679. / [1692] The principles of the most ancient and modern philosophy concerning God, Christ and the creatures ... being a little treatise published since the author's death, translated out of the English into Latin, with annotations taken from the ancient philosophy of the Hebrews, and now again made English / by J.C., Medicinæ Professor.
Conway, William, fl. 1550. / [1551?] An exortacion to charite very needefull at this tyme for eche man and woman to inbrace, compyled by Wyllyam Conway.
Cook, John, d. 1660. / [1651] Monarchy, no creature of Gods making, &c. wherein is proved by Scripture and reason, that monarchicall government is against the minde of God, and that the execution of the late king was one of the fattest sacrifices that ever Queen Iustice had ... / by Iohn Cooke ...
Cook, John, d. 1660. / [1649] King Charls, his case, or, An appeal to all rational men concerning his tryal at the High Court of Justice : being for the most part that which was intended to have been delivered at the bar, if the king had pleaded to the charge, and put himself upon a fair tryal : with an additional opinion concerning the death of King James, the loss of Rochel, and the blood of Ireland / by John Cook ...
Cook, Moses. / [1676] The manner of raising, ordering, and improving forrest-trees also, how to plant, make and keep woods, walks, avenues, lawns, hedges, &c. : with several figures proper for avenues and walks to end in, and convenient figures for lawns : also rules by M. Cook.
Cook, William, fl. 1661. / [1661] A dose for Chamberlain, and a pill for the doctor; being an answer to two scurrilous pamphlets, written against the author of the Asses complaint, &c.
Cooke, Alexander, 1564-1532. / [1610] Pope Ioane A dialogue betvveene a protestant and a papist. Manifestly prouing, that a woman called Ioane was Pope of Rome: against the surmises and obiections made to the contrarie, by Robert Bellarmine and Cæsar Baronius Cardinals: Florimondus Ræmondus, N.D. and other popish writers, impudently denying the same. By Alexander Cooke.
Cooke, Alexander, 1564-1632. / [1622] Yet more vvorke for a Masse-priest
Cooke, Alexander, 1564-1632. / [1628] Worke, more vvorke, and a little more work for a masse-priest Reviewed and augmented by the authour. VVith an epistle of an vnknowne priest remaining in London, sent to the authour, excepting against fiue points therein. With the authours answere thereunto: returned vnto the priest within twelue dayes after the receipt of the priests exceptions. ...
Cooke, Alexander, 1564-1632. / [1625] The weather-cocke of Romes religion: with her seuerall changes. Or: The world turn'd topsie-turuie by papists
Cooke, Alexander, 1564-1632. / [1617] VVorke for a Masse-priest
Cooke, Alexander, 1564-1632. / [1624] Saint Austins religion VVherein is manifestly proued out of the vvorks of that learned Father, that he dissented from popery, and agreed with the religion of the Protestants in all the maine points of faith and doctrine. Contrary to that impudent, erronious, and slanderous position of the bragging papists of our times, who falsely affirme, we had no religion before the times of Luther and Caluine.
Cooke, Alexander, 1564-1632. / [1621] More vvorke for a Masse-priest
Cooke, Alexander, 1564-1632. / [1625] The abatement of popish braggs, pretending Scripture to be theirs. Retorted by the hand of Alexander Cooke
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1626-1631. / [1628] The prospectiue glasse of vvarre Shevving you a glimpse of vvarres mystery, in her admirable stratagems, policies, wayes; in victualling of an armie, prouiding money to pay souldiers, finding out the enemies purposes, traps, and stratagems: ordering of marches, framing of battails, sundry fights, retreats, and the like, to auoide battell or fight. Furnished with argument to encourage and skill to instruct. By C.E. Warre is a schoole of necesary knowledge.
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1658-1670. / [1660] Here is something of concernment in Ireland, to be taken notice off: by all officers and souldiers, & others in authority and all sorts of people whatsoever, a warning and a charge to you is, that you stand clear and acquit yourselves like men (for ever) never to be uphoulders of those priests as you tender the everlasting good of your soules; have no fellowship with them, neither come you near their tents, for the Lord hath a purpose to destroy them, and his controversy is against them, and all that takes their parts
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1678. / [1678] Love's triumph, or, The royal union a tragedy / written by Edward Cooke, Esq., and dedicated to Her Highness the Princess of Orange.
Cooke, Francis, d. 1682. / [1642] The true Protestants prayer or the godly mans supplication unto Almihgty [sic] God, for the afflicted Church in Ireland. Composed by that learned and religious divine, Francis Cook Batchelor in Divinity, and preacher at Yoxall in Stafford-shire. Humbly desiring all godly Christians, for the Lord Christs sake, to joyne with him in prayer for the afflicted brethren.
Cooke, Jo., fl. 1614. / [1614] Greenes Tu quoque, or, The cittie gallant As it hath beene diuers times acted by the Queenes Maiesties seruants, written by Io. Cooke Gent.
Cooke, Peter, d. 1696. / [MDCXCVI. 1696] The arraignment, tryal, and condemnation of Peter Cooke, Gent. for high-treason, in endeavouring to procure forces from France to invade this kingdom, and conspiring to levy war in this realm for assisting and abetting the said invasion, in order to the deposing of His sacred Majesty, King William, and restoring the late King Who upon full evidence was found guilty at the Sessions-House in the Old-Baily, on Wednesday the 13th of May, 1696. And received sentence the same day. With the learned arguments both of the King's and prisoner's council upon the new Act of Parliament for regulating tryals in cases of treason. Perused by the Lord Chief Justice Treby, and the council present at the tryal.
Cooke, Richard, 1574 or 5-1639. / [1629] A white sheete, or A warning for whoremongers A sermon preached in the parish church of St. Swithins by London-stone, the 19. of Iuly, anno Domi: 1629. the day appointed by honorable authoritie, for penance to be done, by an inhabitant there, for fornication, continued more then two yeares, with his maide-seruant. By Richard Cooke B: of D: and parson there.
Cooke, Shadrach, 1655?-1724? / [1685] A sermon preached at Islington upon the 26th day of July, 1685, in the afternoon being the day of solemn thanksgiving to almighty God for His Majestie's late victories over the rebels / by Shadrach Cooke.
Cooke, Shadrach, 1655?-1724? / [1691] Christian supports under the terrours of death
Cooke, Shadrach, 1655?-1724? / [1696] Christian supports under the terrors of death a sermon preached to Sir John Friend in Newgate, preparatory to his sufferings / by Shadrach Cooke ...
Cooke, Thomas, d. 1669. / [1641] Episcopacie asserted, as it now stands established in our church and common-wealth with the titles of honours, the dignity of authority, the endowments of revenues : by these following argumnts taken 1 from the Word of God, 2 from the light of nature, 3 from the rights of His Majesty, 4 from the lawes of the kingdome, 5 from the lawes of civility and common humanity / by Thomas Cooke ...
Coole, Benjamin, d. 1717. / [1696] The Quakers cleared from being apostates, ok [sic], The hammerer defeated and proved an impostor being an answer to a scurrilous pamphlet falsly intituled William Penn and the Quakers either apostates or impostors, subscribed Trepidantium Malleus : with a postscript containing some reflections on a pamphlet intituled The spirit of Quakerism and the danger of their divine revelation, laid open / by B.C.
Cooper, Edmund. / [MDCLXIV 1664] On the recovery of Our Most Gracious Queen Katharine from her late grievous and deplorable fit of sicknesse a vision / by E.C. ...
Cooper, Edmund. / [1661] The asse beaten for bawling; or, A replie from the city to the crie of the country.
Cooper, John, fl. 1626. / [1615] The Christians daily sacrifice containing a daily direction for a setled course of sanctification : diuided into three bookes / by Th. Cooper.
Cooper, Joseph, chiefe cook to the late king. / [1654] The art of cookery refin'd and augmented containing an abstract of some rare and rich unpublished receipts of cookery / collected from the practise of that incomparable master of these arts, Mr. Jos. Cooper, chiefe cook to the late king ; with severall other practises by the author ; with an addition of preserves, conserves, &c., offering an infallible delight to all judicious readers.
Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594. / [1578] Thesaurus linguæ Romanæ & Britannicæ tam accurate congestus, vt nihil penè in eo desyderari possit, quod vel Latinè complectatur amplissimus Stephani Thesaurus, vel Anglicè, toties aucta Eliotæ Bibliotheca: opera & industria Thomæ Cooperi Magdalenensis. ... Accessit dictionarium historicum et poëticum propria vocabula virorum, mulierum, sectarum, populorum, vrbium, montium, & cæterorum locorum complectens, & in his iucundissimas & omnium cognitione dignissimas historias.
Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594. / [1575] The true and perfect copie of a godly sermon preached in the minister at Lincolne, by the reuerend father in God, Thomas L. Bishop of Lincolne the .28. of August. Anno. 1575.
Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594. / [Anno Domini 1580] Certaine sermons vvherin is contained the defense of the gospell nowe preached against such cauils and false accusations, as are obiected both against the doctrine it selfe, and the preachers and professors thereof, by the friendes and fauourers of the Church of Rome. Preached of late by Thomas by Gods sufferance Byshop of Lincolne.
Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594. / [1613] The estates of the hypocrite and syncere Christian Containing, certaine liuely differences, betweene synceritie and hypocrisie; very necessarie, for the tryall of our estates in Grace. By Tho. Cooper.
Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594. / [An. Dom. 1580] A briefe homily wherein the most comfortable and right vse of the Lords Supper, is very plainly opened and deliuered, euen to the vnderstanding of the vnlearned and ignorant. Made to be vsed throughout the Diocesse of Lincolne, before euerie celebration of the Lordes Supper, in all such churches and parishes as haue not a sufficient hable preacher allowed vnder the hand and authentike seale of the Bishop there, and to be read by the minister of each such place, so distinctly and in such sorte, that all which shalbe then assembled, may well heare and marke the same.
Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594. / [1573] A briefe exposition of such chapters of the olde testament as vsually are redde in the church at common praier on the Sondayes set forth for the better helpe and instruction of the vnlearned. By Thomas Cooper Bishop of Lincolne.
Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594. / [1615] The blessing of Iapheth prouing the gathering in of the Gentiles, and finall conuersion of the Iewes. Expressed in diuers profitable sermons. By Thomas Cooper.
Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594. / [1589] An admonition to the people of England vvherein are ansvvered, not onely the slaunderous vntruethes, reprochfully vttered by Martin the libeller, but also many other crimes by some of his broode, obiected generally against all bishops, and the chiefe of the cleargie, purposely to deface and discredite the present state of the Church. Seene and allowed by authoritie.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1621] VVilie beguile ye, or The worldlings gaine shevving how they hazard their pretious soules for the attaining of these vaine and transitory things, and withall teaching how to obtaine and enioy the benefits of this life: that so we may lay vp a good foundation thereby against the life to come: expressed in some sauoury and effectuall meditations and obseruations hereupon. By Thomas Cooper.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1622] Sathan transformed into an angell of light expressing his dangerous impostures vnder glorious shewes. Emplified [sic] specially in the doctrine of witchcraft, and such sleights of Satan, as are incident thereunto. Very necessary to discerne the speciplague raging in these dayes, and so to hide our selues from the snare thereof.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1619] The worldlings aduenture discouering the fearefull estate of all earthwormes, and men of this world, in hazarding their pretious soules for the enioying of worldly happines / deliuered in two sermons before the worthy visitors of the right worshipfull Company of the Grocers, at the visitation of their free grammar schoole at Oundell in North-Hamptonshire, by Thomas Cooper, Batchelour in Diuinity, imployed in that businesse.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1617] The mystery of witch-craft Discouering, the truth, nature, occasions, growth and power thereof. Together with the detection and punishment of the same. As also, the seuerall stratagems of Sathan, ensnaring the poore soule by this desperate practize of annoying the bodie: with the seuerall vses therof to the Church of Christ. Very necessary for the redeeming of these atheisticall and secure times. By Thomas Cooper.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1620?] The mysterie of the holy government of our affections Contayning their nature, originall, causes, and differences. Together with the right ordering, triall, and benefit thereof: as also resoluing diuers cases of conscience, incident hereunto. Very necessarie for the triall of sinceritie, and encreasing in the power of Godlinesse. The first booke.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1620] The cry and reuenge of blood Expressing the nature and haynousnesse of wilfull murther. Exemplified in a most lamentable history thereof, committed at Halsworth in High Suffolk, and lately conuicted at Bury assize, 1620.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1610] The conuerts first loue discerned iustified, left and recouered. Resoluing the truth of an effectuall conuersion. And informing the right way to perseverance and perfection. By Thomas Cooper.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1609] The Churches deliuerance contayning meditations and short notes vppon the booke of Hester. In remembrance of the wonderfull deliuerance from the Gunpoulder-treason. By Thomas Cooper.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1608] The Christians daily sacrifice containing a daily direction for a setled course of sanctification. Expressing the scope of the seuen treatises of Master Rogers, as also the summe of Master Greenham his spirituall obseruations, with some further increase tending to perfection. By Tho. Cooper.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1606] A brand taken out of the fire. Or The Romish spider, with his webbe of treason. VVouen and broken together with the seuerall vses that the world and Church shall make thereof. By T. Cooper, preacher of Gods word.
Cooper, Thomas, fl. 1626. / [1615] The art of giuing Describing the true nature, and right vse of liberality: and prouing that these dayes of the gospell haue farre exceeded the former times of superstition in true charitie and magnificence. By Thomas Cooper.
Coote, Edmund, fl. 1597. / [1630] The English schoole-master teaching all his schollers, of what age soever, the most easie, short, and perfect order of distinct reading, and true writing our English-tongue, that hath euer yet beene knowne or published by any. And further also, teacheth a direct course, hovv any vnskilfull person may easily both vnderstand any hard English words, ... Deuised for thy sake that wantest any part of this skill, by Edward Coote, Master of the Free-schoole in Bury St. Edmond.
Cope, Anthony, Sir, d. 1551. / [Anno. M.D.XLIIII. 1544] The historie of tvvo the moste noble capitaines of the worlde, Anniball and Scipio of theyr dyuers battailes and victories, excedyng profitable to reade, gathered and translated into Englishe, out of Titus Liuius, and other authoures, by Antonye Cope esquier.
Coperario, John, 1570 (ca.)-1626. / [1613] Songs of mourning bevvailing the vntimely death of Prince Henry. VVorded by Tho. Campion. And set forth to bee sung with one voyce to the lute, or violl: by Iohn Coprario.
Copland, Patrick, ca. 1570-ca. 1655. / [1622] Virginia's God be thanked, or A sermon of thanksgiving for the happie successe of the affayres in Virginia this last yeare. Preached by Patrick Copland at Bow-Church in Cheapside, before the Honorable Virginia Company, on Thursday, the 18. of Aprill 1622. And now published by the commandement of the said honorable Company. Hereunto are adjoyned some epistles, written first in Latine (and now Englished) in the East Indies by Peter Pope, an Indian youth, borne in the bay of Bengala, who was first taught and converted by the said P.C. And after baptized by Master Iohn Wood, Dr in Divinitie, in a famous assembly before the Right Worshipfull, the East India Company, at S. Denis in Fan-Church streete in London, December 22. 1616
Copland, Patrick, ca. 1570-ca. 1655. / [Printed the 18. of Februarie, 1622. Stilo nouo] A second courante of newes from the East India in two letters. The one written by Master Patricke Copland then preacher to the English in the East India, to master Adrian Iacobson Hulsebus preacher to the Dutch. The other written by Master Thomas Knowles factor there &c. By both which letters you may vnderstand of some other occurrents betwixt the English and Dutch in those parts
Copland, Patrick, ca. 1570-ca. 1655. / [1622] A declaration how the monies (viz. seuenty pound eight shillings sixe pence) were disposed, which was gathered (by M. Patrick Copland, preacher in the Royall Iames) at the Cape of good hope, (towards the building of a free schoole in Virginia) of the gentlemen and marriners in the said ship a list of whose names are vnder specified, for Gods glory, their comfort, and the incouragement of others to the furthering of the same, or the like pious worke.
Copland, Robert, fl. 1508-1547. / [ca. 1565] The seuen sorowes that women haue when theyr husbandes be deade. Compyled by Robert Copland
Copland, Robert, fl. 1508-1547. / [1536?] The hye way to the spyttell hous Copland and the porter. Who so hath lust, or wyll leaue his thryft ...
Copland, Robert, fl. 1508-1547. / [ca. 1567?] Iyl of braintfords testament Newly compiled.
Copley, Anthony, 1567-1607? / [1595] Wits fittes and fancies Fronted and entermedled with presidentes of honour and wisdome. Also: Loves Ovvl. An idle conceited dialogue betwene loue, and an olde man. Recta securus. A. C.
Copley, Anthony, 1567-1607? / [1602] Another letter of Mr. A.C. to his dis-Iesuited kinseman, concerning the appeale, state, Iesuites Also a third letter of his, apologeticall for himselfe against the calumnies contained against him in a certaine Iesuiticall libell, intituled, A manifestation of folly and bad spirit, &c.
Copley, Lionel. / [1642] A letter sent from a gentleman to Mr. Henry Martin Esquire, a member of the House of Commons from Worcester this 19. of Octob. 1642 who was imployed by His Excellence to deliver a letter to the Earle of Dorset with the votes of both Houses of Parliament concerning a petition to be delivered to His Majestie : shewing the desperate resolution of the cavalliers, who sweare they will neither give nor take quarter.
Coppe, Abiezer, 1619-1672. / [1649. i.e. 1650] A fiery flying roll: a word from the Lord to all the great ones of the Earth, whom this may concerne: being the last warning piece at the dreadfull day of judgement. For now the Lord is come to 1 Informe 2 Advise and warne 3 Charge 4 Judge and sentence the great ones. As also most compassionately informing, and most lovingly and pathetically advising and warning London. With a terrible word and fatall blow from the Lord, upon the gathered churches. And all by his Most Excellent Majesty, dwelling in, and shining through Auxilium Patris, vu alias, Coppe. With another flying roll ensuing (to all the inhabitants of the Earth.) The contents of both following.
Coppe, Abiezer, 1619-1672. / [1680.] A character of a true Christian. Written by Abiezar Copp. The tune is, The fair nimphs..
Coppe, Abiezer, 1619-1672. / [1680] A character of a true Christian written by Abiezar Copp.
Coppin, Richard, fl. 1646-1659. / [1656] A blow at the serpent; or a gentle answer from Madiston prison to appease wrath advancing it self against truth and peace at Rochester. Together with the work of four daies disputes, in the Cathedral of Rochester, in the Countie of Kent, betweene several ministers, and Richard Coppin, preacher there, to whom very many people frequentlie came to hear, and much rejoyced at the way of truth and peace he preached, at the same whereof the ministers in those parts began to ring in their pulpits, saying, this man blasphemeth, ... Whereupon arose the disputes, at which were some magistrates, some officers, and souldiers, peaceable and well-minded, and very many people from all parts adjacent, before whom the truth was confirm'd and maintained. The whole matter written by the hearers, on both sides. Published for the confirmation and comfort of all such as receive the truth in the love of it. By Richard Coppin, now in Maidston Prison for the witness of Jesus. Twenty five articles since brought against him by the ministers, as blasphemie, and his answers to them, how he was
Coppinger, Matthew. / [1682] Poems, songs and love-verses, upon several subjects by Matthew Coppinger ...
Coppinger, Nathaniel, Sir. / [1641] A seasonable speech by Sir Nathaniell Coppinger spoken in the high covrt of Parliament October 24, 1641 for the bringing of the Arch-bishop of Canterbury to his long expected tryall : and concerning the expulsion of papists in respect of their late dangerous plots : and the correcting of separatists in regard of their errours.
Corbet, Edward, d. 1658. / [1642] Gods providence, a sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, Decemb. 28, 1642, in S. Margarets Church at Westminster by Ed. Corbett ...
Corbet, Jeffrey. / [1656] The Protestant's warning-piece or, The humble remonstrance of Ieffery Corbet citizen and grocer of London, composed for the view of his Highness, the Parliament, and all the good people in England, Scotland, and Ireland; and published to frustrate the designes of the incendiaries employed by the Pope, and the King of Spain, who have severall yeares contrived to fire the city of London in a 100 places at once, and then proceed to their long intended massacre.
Corbet, Jeffrey. / [1654] Eye-salve for English-men, and an alarvm to the Londoners wherein is contained the summary of Romes late designes against England, and the present plots and enterprizes in hand against London, so many as hath yet come to the knowledge of the author : together with the opening of an effectual door, to the happiness of this nation : whereunto is annexed a postscript containing reasons and motives to his Highness and the present power in being, to grant us s[u]ch a committee which hath been long promised, and much longer desired and sought for / composed for the view of His Highness, and all the people of England, by Jeffrey Corbet ...
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1681] Self-imployment in secret ... left under the hand-writing of that learned & reverend divine, Mr. John Corbet ...; with a prefatory epistle of Mr. John Howe.
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1668] A second discourse of the religion of England further asserting, that reformed Christianity, setled [sic] in its due latitude, is the stability and advancement of this kingdom : wherein is included, an answer to a late book, entitled, A discourse of toleration.
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1679] The point of church-unity and schism discuss'd by a nonconformist, with respect to the church-divisions in England.
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1683] The nonconformist's plea for lay-communion with the Church of England together with a modest defence of ministerial nonconformity, and the exercise of their ministry / by Mr. John Corbet ...
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1679] The kingdom of God among men a tract of the sound state of religion, or that Christianity which is described in the holy Scriptures and of the things that make for the security and increase thereof in the world, designing its more ample diffusion among the professed Christians of all sorts and its surer propagation to future ages : with The point of church-unity and schism discuss'd / by John Corbet.
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1661] The interest of England in the matter of religion the first and second parts : unfolded in the solution of three questions / written by John Corbet.
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1683] A humble endeavour of some plain and brief explication of the decrees and operations of God, about the free actions of men, more especially of the operations of divine grace written by Mr. John Corbet ...
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1645] An historicall relation of the military government of Gloucester, from the beginning of the Civill Warre betweene King and Parliament, to the removall of Colonell Massie from that government to the command of the westerne forces by John Corbet ...
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1682] An enquiry into the oath required of non-conformists by an act made at Oxford wherein the true meaning of it, and the warrantableness of taking it, is considered / by John Corbett ...
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1667] A discourse of the religion of England asserting, that reformed Christianity setled in its due latitude, is the stability and advancement of this kingdom.
Corbet, John, 1620-1680. / [1682] An account given of the principles & practices of several nonconformists wherein it appears that their religion is no other than what is profest in the Church of England in vindication of themselves and others of their perswasion, against the misrepresentation made of them, and in hearty desire of unity in the Church, and of peace and concord among all true Protestants, for the strengthening of their common interest, in this time of their common danger / written by Mr. John Corbet ...
Corbet, Richard, 1582-1635. / [1647] Certain elegant poems, written by Dr. Corbet, Bishop of Norvvich
Cordemoy, Géraud de, d. 1684. / [1670] A discourse written to a learned frier by M. Des Fourneillis, shewing that this systeme of M. Des Cartes, and particularly his opinion concerning brutes, does contain nothing dangerous, and that all he hath written of both seems to have been taken out of the first chapter of Genesis ; to which is annexed the Systeme general of the same Cartesian philosophy, by Francis Bayle ... ; Englished out of French.
Cordier, Mathurin, 1479-1564. / [1636] Corderius dialogues translated grammatically For the more speedy attaining to the knowledge of the Latine tongue, for writing and speaking Latine. Done chiefly for the good of schooles, to be used according to the direction set downe in the booke called Ludus literarius, or The grammar-schoole.
Cork, Richard Boyle, Earl of, 1566-1643. / [May the ninth, 1642] A letter of the Earle of Corke to the state at Dvblin and sent over from thence by the governour to his lady in London : vvherein is shewed the barbarous cruelty the rebels have lately used to twenty of the Lord Barrimoores men at Coole, killing and spoiling all the rest of the English there : and how my Lord Barrimoore burned and spoiled their countrey and killed all the rebels hee could light upon : also the taking of Rochfords castle, killing the captaine and foure hundred of the Rebels : another defeat wherein two hundred and forty of the rebels were killed with little losse to the English : likewise the taking of Barnehely castle wherein were found a thousand barrels of wheat with other provision and victuals.
Corker, James Maurus, 1636-1715. / [1681] Stafford's memoires, or, A brief and impartial account of the birth and quality, imprisonment, tryal, principles, declaration, comportment, devotion, last speech, and final end, of William, late lord viscount Stafford, beheaded upon Tower-hill on Wednesday the 29. of December 1681 hereunto is also annexed a short appendix concerning some passages in Stephen Colleges trial.
Corker, James Maurus, 1636-1715. / [1682] Stafford's memoires, or, A brief and impartial account of the birth and quality, imprisonment, tryal, principles, declaration, comportment, devotion, last speech, and final end of William, late Lord Viscount Stafford, beheaded on Tower-hill Wednesday the 29. of Decemb. 1680 whereunto is annexed a short appendix concerning some passages in Stephen Colledges tryal / the whole now again set forth for a more ample illustration of that so wonderfully zealous pamphlet entituled The papists bloody aftergame, writ in answer to the said Memoirs, and published by Langley Curtis, 1682.
Corker, James Maurus, 1636-1715. / [1680] Roman-Catholick principles in reference to God and the King explained in a letter to a friend and now made publick to shew the connexion between the said principles and the late Popish plot.
Corkine, William, fl. 1610-1612. / [1612] The second booke of ayres some, to sing and play to the base-violl alone: others, to be sung to the lute and base violl. VVith new corantoes, pauins, almaines; as also diuers new descants vpon old grounds, set to the lyra-violl.
Corkine, William, fl. 1610-1612. / [1610] Ayres to sing and play to the lute and basse-violl. VVith pauins, galliards, almaines, and corantos for the lyra violl. By William Corkine.
Corneille, Pierre, 1606-1684. / [1664] Pompey the Great a tragedy as it was acted by the servants of His Royal Highness the Duke of York / translated out of French by certain persons of honour.
Corneille, Pierre, 1606-1684. / [1663] Pompey a tragœdy, acted with great applause.
Corneille, Pierre, 1606-1684. / [1655] Polyeuctes, or, The martyr a tragedy / by Sir William Lower.
Corneille, Pierre, 1606-1684. / [1671] Nicomede a tragi-comedy translated out of the French of Monsieur Corneille by John Dancer as it was acted at the Theatre-Royal, Dublin / ; together with an exact catalogue of all the English stage plays printed till this present year 1671.
Corneille, Pierre, 1606-1684. / [1656] Horatius, a Roman tragedie, by Sir William Lower.
Corneille, Pierre, 1606-1684. / [1671] Horace, a French tragedy of Monsieur Corneille Englished by Charles Cotton, esq.
Corneille, Pierre, 1606-1684. / [1664] Heraclius, Emperour of the East a tragedy / written in French by Monsieur de Corneille ; Englished by Lodowick Carlell, Esq.
Corneille, Pierre, 1606-1684. / [1637] The Cid a tragicomedy, out of French made English: and acted before their Majesties at court, and on the Cock-pit stage in Drury-lane by the servants to both their Majesties.
Corneille, Thomas, 1625-1709. / [1654] The extravagant sheepherd a pastoral comedie / written in French by T. Corneille ; Englished by T.R. 1654.
Corneille, Thomas, 1625-1709. / [1665] Amorous orontus, or, The love in fashion
Cornwall (England : County) / [January 18, 1643] The association, agreement and protestation of the counties of Cornvvall and Devon, January 5, 1643
Cornwallis of Eye, Charles Cornwallis, Baron, 1655-1698. / [1679] An impartial account of the trial of the Lord Conwallis [sic]
Cornwallis, Charles, Sir, d. 1629. / [1641] The life and death of our late most incomparable and heroique prince, Henry Prince of Wales A prince (for valour and vertue) fit to be imitated in succeeding times. Written by Sir Charles Cornvvallis knight, treasurer of his Highnesse houshold.
Cornwallis, Charles, Sir, d. 1629. / [1641] A discourse of the most illustrious prince, Henry late Prince of Wales written Anno 1626 / by Sir Charles Cornwallis ...
Cornwallis, William, Sir, d. 1631? / [1604] The miraculous and happie vnion of England and Scotland by how admirable meanes it is effected; how profitable to both nations, and how free of inconuenience either past, present, or to be discerned.
Cornwallis, William, Sir, d. 1631? / [1600-1601] Essayes. By Sir William Corne-Waleys the younger, Knight
Cornwallis, William, Sir, d. 1631? / [1616] Essayes of certaine paradoxes
Cornwallis, William, Sir, d. 1631? / [1601] Discourses vpon Seneca the tragedian. By Sir William Cornwalleys, Knight
Cornwell, Francis. / [1645] King Jesvs is the beleevers prince, priest, and law-giver, in things appertaining to the conscience, Isai. 55.4. Heb. 7.17. Jam. 4. 12. Or, The loyall spouse of Christ hath no head, nor husband, but royall King Jesvs. Written by Francis Cornwell, a minister of Jesus Christ, out of the learned workes of Mr. John Fox in his book of Martyrs, excepting onely some explanations of his owne, for the benefit of the reader.
Corporation of London (England) / [1666] A Table of the severall scantlings & sorts of tymber that shall bee vsed in ye future buildings of all edifices within the citty of London and liberties thereof agreed upon by the lord maior, aldermen, & com̃ons of the said citty in com̃on councell assembled as a rule for those that are to build, and a direction for those that are minded to furnish tymber for that service.
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [1683] To the Kings most Excellent Majesty, the humble address of the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and commons of the City of London, in Common Council assembled.
Corporation of North Allerton. / [1681] A congratulatory letter of thanks from the Corporation of North Allerton in the county of York to their two representatives in Parliament upon the advice of the late prorogation; published for an example to the kingdom in general. To Sir Gilbert Gerard. And Sir Henry Calverly. North Allerton, January 14. 1680
Corporation of Shipwrights of England (London, England) / [1621] By the master, wardens and assistants of the Companie of Ship- wrights
Corrozet, Gilles, 1510-1568. / [1602] Memorable conceits of diuers noble and famous personages of Christendome, of this our moderne time
Corss, John. / [1650] Unto his Grace the Duke of Argile her Majesty's High Commissioner, and the right honourable Estates of Parliament. The petition of John Corss writer in Edinburgh.
Corte, Claudio. / [1584] The art of riding conteining diuerse necessarie instructions, demonstrations, helps, and corrections apperteining to horssemanship, not herettofore expressed by anie other author: written at large in the Italian toong, by Maister Claudio Corte, a man most excellent in this art. Here brieflie reduced into certeine English discourses to the benefit of gentlemen and others desirous of such knowledge.
Cortés, Martín, 1532-1589. / [1589] The arte of nauigation conteyning a compendious description of the sphere, with the making of certayne instruments and rules for nauigations, and exemplifyed by many demonstrations. Written by Martin Cortes Spanyarde. Englished out of Spanishe by Richard Eden, and now newly corrected and amended in diuers places.
Coryate, Thomas, ca. 1577-1617. / [1616] Thomas Coriate traueller for the English vvits: greeting From the court of the Great Mogul, resident at the towne of Asmere, in easterne India.
Coryate, Thomas, ca. 1577-1617. / [1611] Coryates crambe, or his colwort tvvise sodden and now serued in with other macaronicke dishes, as the second course to his Crudities.
Coryate, Thomas, ca. 1577-1617. / [1618] Mr Thomas Coriat to his friends in England sendeth greeting from Agra the capitall city of the dominion of the great Mogoll in the Easterne India, the last of October, 1616. Thy trauels and thy glory to ennamell, with fame we mount thee on the lofty cammell; ... .
Corye, John. / [1672] The generous enemies, or, The ridiculous lovers a comedy : as it is acted at the Theatre Royal by His Maiesties servants / by John Corye, Gent.
Cosin, John, 1594-1672. / [1676] The history of Popish transubstantiation to which is premised and opposed, the Catholick doctrin of Holy Scripture, the ancient fathers and the Reformed churches, about the sacred elements, and presence of Christ in the blessed sacrament of the eucharist / written nineteen years ago in Latine, by the Right Reverend Father in God, John, late Lord Bishop of Durham, and allowed by him to be published a little before his death, at the earnest request of his friends.
Cosin, John, 1594-1672. / [1700] Bishop Cozens's argument, proving, that adultery works a dissolution of the marriage being the substance of several of Bishop Cozens his speeches in the House of Lords, upon the debate of Lord Ross's case : taken from original papers writ in the Bishop's own hand.
Cosin, Richard, 1549?-1597. / [1593] An apologie for sundrie proceedings by iurisdiction ecclesiasticall, of late times by some chalenged, and also diuersly by them impugned By which apologie (in their seuerall due places) all the reasons and allegations set downe as well in a treatise, as in certaine notes (that goe from hand to hand) both against proceeding ex officio, and against oaths ministred to parties in causes criminall; are also examined and answered: vpon that occasion lately reuiewed, and much enlarged aboue the first priuate proiect, and now published, being diuided into three partes: the first part whereof chieflie sheweth what matters be incident to ecclesiasticall conisance; and so allowed by statutes and common law: the second treateth (for the most part) of the two wayes of proceeding in causes criminal ... the third concerneth oaths in generall ... Whereunto ... I haue presumed to adioine that right excellent and sound determination (concerning oaths) which was made by M. Lancelot Androvves ....
Coste, Pierre, 1668-1747. / [1693] The life of Lewis of Bourbon, late prince of Conde digested into annals, with many curious remarks on the transactions of Europe for these last sixty years / done out of French.
Cosyn, John. / [1585] Musike of six, and fiue partes Made vpon the common tunes vsed in singing of the psalmes. By Iohn Cosyn.
Cother, John. / [1678] Strange and wonderful news from the county of Wicklow in Ireland, or, A full and true relation of what happened to one Dr. Moore (late schoolmaster in London), how he was taken invisibly from his friends, what happened to him in his absence, and how, any by what means he was found, and brought back to the same place
Cotta, John, 1575?-1650? / [1616] The triall of vvitch-craft shewing the true and right methode of the discouery: with a confutation of erroneous wayes. By Iohn Cotta, Doctor in Physicke.
Cotta, John, 1575?-1650? / [1612] A short discouerie of the vnobserued dangers of seuerall sorts of ignorant and vnconsiderate practisers of physicke in England profitable not onely for the deceiued multitude, and easie for their meane capacities, but raising reformed and more aduised thoughts in the best vnderstandings: with direction for the safest election of a physition in necessitie: by Iohn Cotta of Northampton Doctor in Physicke.
Cotta, John, 1575?-1650? / [1624] The triall of vvitch-craft shewing the true and right methode of the discouery: with a confutation of erroneous wayes. By Iohn Cotta, Doctor in Physicke.
Cotta, John, 1575?-1650? / [1624] The infallible true and assured vvitch: or, The second edition, of The tryall of witch-craft Shewing the right and true methode of the discouerie: with a confutation of erroneous vvayes, carefully reuiewed and more fully cleared and augmented. By Iohn Cotta, Doctor in Physicke.
Cotta, John, 1575?-1650? / [1625] The infallible true and assured vvitch, or, The second edition of the tryall of witch-craft shevving the right and true methode of the discoverie : with a confutation of erroneous waies, carefully reviewed and more fully cleared and augmented / by Iohn Cotta ...
Cottesford, Samuel. / [1622] A very soueraigne oyle to restore debtors; being rightly and seasonably vsed Extracted out of that most tried and quintessensed oyle, by the prophet Elisha. By vertue whereof the vviddovv indebted, (mentioned in the second booke of the Kings) was restored out of debt, and her children released of the bondage whereof they were in danger. Written by Samuel Cotesford, late minister at Stepney: and now newly published by W. Crashavve ...
Cottesford, Samuel. / [1591] A treatise against traitors Meete for all faithfull subiects in these dangerous dayes. Taken out of the 40. chapter of Ieremye, the 13, 14, 15, 16. verses, and 41. 1, 2, 3, 4. Made and published for the benefite of the Church and common wealth of England: by Samuell Cottesford Minister and publique preacher of the woord of God.
Cottington, R. / [An. Dom. 1609] A true historicall discourse of Muley Hamets rising to the three kingdomes of Moruecos, Fes, and Sus The dis-vnion of the three kingdomes, by ciuill warre, kindled amongst his three ambitious sonnes, Muley Sheck, Muley Boferes, and Muley Sidan. The religion and police of the More, or barbarian. The aduentures of Sir Anthony Sherley, and diuers other English gentlemen, in those countries. With other nouelties.
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1681] The wonders of the peake by Charles Cotton.
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1664] Scarronides: or, Virgile travestie A mock-poem. Being the first book of Virgils Æneis in English, burlésque.
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1689] Poems on several occasions written by Charles Cotton ...
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1675] The planters manual, being instructions for the raising, planting, and cultivating all sorts of fruit-trees, whether stonefruits or pepin-fruits, with their natures and seasons very useful for such as are curious in planting and grafting / by Charles Cotton.
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1660] A panegyrick to the King's Most Excellent Majesty by Charles Cotton.
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1679] The confinement a poem, with annotations.
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1684] Erōtopolis, the present state of Betty-land
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1674] The fair one of Tunis, or, The generous mistres a new piece of gallantry / out of French.
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1674] The compleat gamester, or, Instructions how to play at billiards, trucks, bowls, and chess together with all manner of usual and most gentile games either on cards or dice : to which is added the arts and mysteries of riding, racing, archery, and cock-fighting.
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1676] The compleat angler being instructions how to angle for a trout or grayling in a clear stream.
Cotton, Charles, 1630-1687. / [1675] Burlesque upon burlesque, or, The scoffer scoft being some of Lucians dialogues, newly put into English fustian for the consolation of those who had rather laugh and be merry, then be merry and wise.
Cotton, Clement. / [1613] The mirror of martyrs in a short vieuu lively expressing the force of their faith, the feruency of their loue, the wisedome of their sayings, the patience of their suffrings, etc. : with their prayers and preparation for their last farevvell : whereunto is added two godly letters written by M. Bradford, full of sweet consolation for such as are afflicted in conscience.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1650] Singing of Psalmes a Gospel-ordinance, or, A Treatise wherein are handled these particulars 1. Touching the duty itselfe, 2. Touching the matter to be sung, 3. Touching the singers, 4. Touching the manner of singing / by John Cotton ...
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1656] An exposition upon the thirteenth chapter of the Revelation by that reverend and eminent servant of the Lord, Mr. John Cotton ... ; taken from his mouth in short-writing, and some part of it corrected by himself soon after the preaching thereof ; and all of it since viewed over by a friend to him ... wherein some mistakes were amended, but nothing of the sense altered.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1658] A defence of Mr. John Cotton from the imputation of selfe contradiction, charged on him by Mr. Dan. Cavvdrey written by himselfe not long before his death ; whereunto is prefixed, an answer to a late treatise of the said Mr. Cavvdrey about the nature of schisme, by John Owen ...
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1641] A coppy of a letter of Mr. Cotton of Boston, in New England, sent in answer of certaine objections made against their discipline and orders there, directed to a friend vvith the questions propounded to such as are admitted to the church-fellowship and the covenant it selfe.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1646] A conference Mr. John Cotton held at Boston with the elders of New-England 1. concerning gracious conditions in the soule before faith, 2. evidencing justification by sanctification, 3. touching the active power of faith : twelve reasons against stinted forms of prayer and praise : together with the difference between the Christian and antichristian church / written by Francis Cornwell ...
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1642] A brief exposition of the whole book of Canticles, or Song of Solomon lively describing the estate of the church in all the ages thereof, both Jewish and Christian, to this day ... / written by that learned and godly divine, John Cotton ...
Cotton, John, 1640-1699. / [1687] Upon the death of that aged, pious, sincere-hearted Christian, John Alden, Esq. late magistrate of New-Plimouth Colony, who died Sept. 12th, 1687, being about eighty nine years of age.
Cotton, Priscilla. / [1661] A visitation of love unto all people
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1657] Warrs with forregin [sic] princes dangerous to our common-wealth: or, Reasons for forreign wars answered With a list of all the confederates from Henry the firsts reign to the end of Queen Elizabeth. Proving, that the kings of England alwayes preferred unjust peace, before the justest warre.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1641] A treatise, shewing that the soveraignes person is required in the great councells or assemblies of the state, as well at the consultations as at the conclusions written by Sir Charles Cotton.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [MDCXLI 1641] Serious considerations for repressing of the increase of Iesvites, priests, and papists without shedding blood written by Sir R.C. and presented to King James of happie memory.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [cI I cxxvII 1627] A short vievv of the long life and raigne of Henry the Third, King of England presented to King Iames.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1642] The histories of the lives and raignes of Henry the Third, and Henry the Fourth, Kings of England written by Sr. Robert Cotton and Sr. John Hayvvard.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1642] The forme of government of the kingdome of England collected out of the fundamental lawes and statutes of this kingdome : wherin is manifested the customary uses of the kings of England upon all occasions, either of marriage, peace or warre, to call their peeres and barons of the realme to be bartners [sic] in treatizes, and to give their judicious advice : the state and security of the whole kingdome depending upon such counsells and determinations : likewise the names of the kings and the times when such Parliaments were called, and the acts that passed upon those and the like occasions : Henry I, Iohn, Henry 3, Edward I, Edward 2, Edward 3, Richard 2, Henry 4, Henry 5, Henry 6, Edward 4, Henry 7, Henry 8 : published for the satisfaction of all those that desire to know the manner and forme of the government of the land, and the fundamentall lawes of the kingdome.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1681] The field of bloud, or, rebellion blazoned in all its colours in a lively representation (grounded upon fact) of the fatal consequences of inhability in a prince, exorbitant ambition in the nobility, and licentious insolence in the Commons.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1690] A discourse of foreign war with an account of all the taxations upon this kingdom, from the conquest to the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth : also, a list of the confederates from Henry I to the end of the reign of the said queen ... / formerly written by Sir Robert Cotton, Barronet, and now published by Sir John Cotton, Barronet.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1628] The danger wherein the kingdome now standeth, & the remedie
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1672] Cottoni posthuma divers choice pieces of that renowned antiquary, Sir Robert Cotton, Knight and Baronet, preserved from the injury of time, and exposed to publick light, for the benefit of posterity / by J.H., Esq.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [MDCLV 1655] An answer made by command of Prince Henry to certain propositions of warre and peace delivered to His Highnesse by some of his military servants whereunto is adjoyned The French charity, or, An essay written in French by an English gentleman, upon occasion of Prince Harcourt's coming into England, and translated into English by F.S.J.E.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1680] A brief survey (historical and political) of the life and reign of Henry the III, King of England dedicated to His Most Sacred Majesty.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1680] The antiquity and dignity of parliaments written by Sir Robert Cotton.
Cotton, Roger. / [1596] A spirituall song conteining an historicall discourse from the infancie of the world, vntill this present time: setting downe the treacherous practises of the wicked, against the children of God: describing also the markes and ouerthrow of antichrist, with a thankesgiuing to God for the preseruation of her Maiestie, and of his Church. Drawen out of the holy Scriptures, by Roger Cotton.
Cotton, Roger. / [1590] A direction to the waters of lyfe Come and beholde, how Christ shineth before the Law, in the Law, and in the Prophetes: and withall the iudgements of God vpon all nations for the neglect of his holy worde, wherein they myght haue seene the same: both which are layde before your eyes in this litle discourse, by Roger Cotton draper.
Cotton, Roger. / [1596] An armor of proofe brought from the tower of Dauid, to fight against Spannyardes, and all enimies of the trueth, by R.C.
Couch, John, of Horsmonden. / [1660] His Majesties miraculous preservation by the oak, maid, and ship.
Council for New England. / [1627] An historicall discoverie and relation of the English plantations, in Nevv England Containing their aventurous passages, their happie arivall and comfortable planting, manifesting the goodnesse of God in their preservations from many apparent dangers. With a relation of such religious and ciuill lawes, and customs as are in practise amongst the indians, with their natures and habits. As also a naration of the ayre, earth, water, fish, and fowles of that countrie. continued from the first beginning, in the yeare of our Lord 1607. and so handling all passages of moment successiuely from time to time.
Council for New England. / [M.DC.XXII. 1622] A briefe relation of the discouery and plantation of Nevv England and of sundry accidents therein occurring, from the yeere of our Lord M.DC.VII. to this present M.DC.XXII. Together with the state thereof as now it standeth; the generall forme of gouernment intended; and the diuision of the whole territorie into counties, baronries, &c.
Counseil for Virginia (England and Wales) / [1610] A publication by the counsell of Virginea, touching the plantation there
Counseil for Virginia (England and Wales) / [1613] By His Maiesties Councell for Virginia whereas sundrie the aduenturers to Virginia, in their zeale to that memorable worke, the plantation of that country with an English colony ... haue published a little standing lotterie consisting of but 12 pence for euery lot ... in consideration whereof, we do certifie all men, that we do purpose ... to begin the drawing of this lotterie the 10 day of May next ...
Counseil for Virginia (England and Wales) / [1610] A true declaration of the estate of the colonie in Virginia vvith a confutation of such scandalous reports as haue tended to the disgrace of so worthy an enterprise. Published by aduise and direction of the Councell of Virginia.
Counseil for Virginia (England and Wales) / [1610] A true and sincere declaration of the purpose and ends of the plantation begun in Virginia of the degrees which it hath receiued; and meanes by which it hath beene aduanced: and the resolution and conclusion of his Maiesties councel of that colony, for the constant and patient prosecution thereof, vntill by the mercies of God it shall retribute a fruitful haruest to the kingdome of heauen, and this common-wealth. Sett forth by the authority of the gouernors and councellors established for that plantation.
Counseil for Virginia (England and Wales) / [1620] A declaration of the state of the colonie and affaires in Virginia with the names of the aduenturors, and summes aduentured in that action. By his Maiesties Counseil for Virginia. 22 Iunij. 1620.
Counseil for Virginia (England and Wales) / [1611] By the counsell of Virginea whereas the good shippe called the Hercules, is now preparing, and almost in a readiness with necessarie prouisions, to make a supplie to the Lord Governour and the Colonie in Virginea ...
Counseil for Virginia (England and Wales) / [1611] By the Counsell of Virginea seeing it hath pleased God ... that now by the wisdome and industry of the Lord Governour settled in Virginea, the state and business of the English plantation there succeedeth with hope of a most prosperous event ...
Counseil for Virginia (England and Wales) / [1616] By His Maiesties counseil for Virginia. A briefe declaration of the present state of things in Virginia and of a diuision to be now made, of some part of those lands in our actuall possession, as well to all such as haue aduentured their monyes, as also to those that are planters there.
Counseil for Virginia (England and Wales) / [1617?] By his Maiesties Councell for Virginia. Whereas vpon the returne of Sir Thomas Dale Knight, (Marshall of Virginia) the Treasurer, Councell, and Company of the same, haue beene throughly informed and assured of the good estate of that colony ...
Countrey minister. / [1688] The countrey-minister's reflections on the city-ministers letter to his friend shewing the reasons why we cannot read the King's declaration in our churches.
Countrey wit. / [1659] The Cock-crowing at the approach of a free-parliament, or, Good newes in a ballat more sweet to your palat, then figge, raison or stewed prune is a countrey wit made it who ne'r got by th' trade yet, and Mad Tom of Bedlam the tune is.
Countrey-poet. / [1684] A character of London-village by a countrey-poet.
Country Curate. / [MDCLXXXVIII. 1688] A letter from a country curate to Mr. Henry Care, in defence of the seven bishops Licensed July 18. 1688.
Country-conformist. / [1689] Advice to English Protestants being a sermon preached November the fifth, 1689 / by a country-conformist.
Courten, William, 1642-1702. / [1674?] To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty the humble peticion of William Courten, esquire, grandchild and heyre of Sr. William Courten, deceased and George Carew, esquire, administrator of the goods and chattells of Sr. William Courten on the behalf of themselves and several others, your Majesties good subjects of England.
Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien, 1644-1712. / [1695] The political testament of M. Jean Baptist Colbert, minister and Secretary of State wherein is contain'd all that hath pass'd under the reign of Lewis the XIV unto the year 1684 : with remarks upon the government of the kingdom of France / translated out of French.
Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien, 1644-1712. / [1696] The memoirs of the Count de Rochefort containing an account of what past most memorable, under the ministry of Cardinal Richelieu and Cardinal Mazarin, with many particular passages of the reign of Lewis the Great / made English from the French.
Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien, 1644-1712. / [1695] The life of John Baptist Colbert, late minister and secretary of state to Lewis XIV, the present French king done into English from a French copy printed at Cologne this present year, 1695.
Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien, 1644-1712. / [1686] The history of the life and actions of that great captain of his age the Viscount de Turenne written in French by Monsieur du Buisson, eldest captain & major of the regiment de Verdelin ; and translated into English by Ferrand Spence.
Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien, 1644-1712. / [1685] The amorous conquests of the great Alcander, or, The amours of the French king and Madam Montespan
Courtin, Antoine de, 1622-1685. / [1684] A treatise of jealousie, or, Means to preserve peace in marriage wherein is treated of I. The nature and effects of jealousie, which for the most part is the fatal cause of discontents between man and wife, II. And because jealousy is a passion, it's therefore occasionally discoursed of passions in general ... III. The reciprocal duties of man and wife ... / written in French, and faithfully translated.
Courtney, Thomas, 17th cent. / [Novemb. 21, 1642] Good newes from Ireland being a true and exact relation of two great victories obtained against the rebels there : the one by Sir Charles Vavasour, who with lesse then 500 men hath raised the siege of Kelly and Barry, taken 12 of the chief commanders of the rebels, and brought them in chaines to Dublin, and took from them 1000 cowes and 700 sheep besides other cattell doing also great spoil by fire : the other by Captain Bartlet, who took 40 Irish commanders with great store of ammunition, and carried them prisoners to Barranakilly, and how the great Oneale is wounded and not like to escape / sent in a letter from Captaine Courtney at Dublin to M. Snow, one of the adventurers for Ireland, dated Novemb. 10, 1642 ; also an order mady by both Houses of Parliament, prohibiting the aiding and relieving of the rebels in Ireland.
Cousin, Gilbert, 1506-1567. / [Anno. M.D.XLIII. 1543] Of the office of servavntes a boke made in Latine by one Gilbertus Cognatus and newely Englyshed.
Covbridge, Cranmer. / [ca. 1618] The ladder of hell, or, The Protestants libertine doctrine being the broad way which leadeth the followers of it to their eternall ruine and destruction in hell / set foorth in prose and verse.
Covel, William. / [1661] The true copy of a letter sent to the Kings Most Excellent Majestie. By W. Covell Gent.
Covel, William. / [1654] A proclamation, to all, of all sorts, high and low, rich and poore, wherein is proclaimed the law-royall, which is in keeping thereof is true liberty given forth by force and power for every one to observe, upon pain of death.
Covel, William. / [1649] A declaration unto the Parliament, Council of State and Army, shewing impartially the cases of the peoples tumults, madness and confusions as also eleven particulars which will perfectly cure their distempers : with the method of a commonwealth, hinted in twelve particulars, with what persons and callings are usefull therein : also shewing the benefit which comes by a common wealth rightly constituted in nine particulars and answering six objections / humbly offered to consideration by William Covel.
Covell, William, d. 1614? / [1595] Polimanteia, or, The meanes lawfull and vnlawfull, to iudge of the fall of a common-wealth, against the friuolous and foolish coniectures of this age Whereunto is added, a letter from England to her three daughters, Cambridge, Oxford, Innes of Court, and to all the rest of her inhabitants: perswading them to a constant vnitie of what religion soever they are, for the defence of our dread soveraigne, and natiue cuntry: most requisite for this time wherein wee now live.
Covell, William, d. 1614? / [1604] A modest and reasonable examination, of some things in vse in the Church of England, sundrie times heretofore misliked and now lately, in a booke called the (Plea of the innocent:) and an assertion for true and Christian church policy, made for a full satisfaction to all those, that are of iudgement, and not possessed with a preiudice against this present church gouernment, wherein the principall poynts are fully, and peaceably aunswered, which seeme to bee offensiue in the ecclesiasticall state of this kingdome. The contentes whereof are set downe in the page following.
Covell, William, d. 1614? / [1603] A iust and temperate defence of the fiue books of ecclesiastical policie: written by M. Richard Hooker against an vncharitable letter of certain English Protestants (as they tearme themselues) crauing resolution, in some matters of doctrine, which seeme to ouerthrow the foundation of religion, and the Church amongst vs. Written by William Covel Doctor in Diuinitie, and published by authority. The contents whereof are in the page following.
Covell, William, d. 1614? / [1606] A briefe ansvver vnto certaine reasons by way of an apologie deliuered to the Right Reuerend Father in God, the L. Bishop of Lincolne, by Mr. Iohn Burges wherin he laboureth to prooue, that hauing heretofore subscribed foure times, and now refusing (as a thing vnlawfull) that he hath notwithstanding done lawfully in both. Written by VVilliam Couell, Doctor in Diuinitie.
Coventry, William, Sir, 1628?-1686. / [1685] A letter written to Dr. Burnet, giving an account of Cardinal Pool's secret powers from which it appears, that it was never intended to confirm the alienation that was made of abbeylands : to which are added, two breves that Card. Pool brought over, and some other of his letters, that were never before printed.
Coverdale, Miles, 1488-1568. / [1593] Fruitfull lessons, vpon the passion, buriall, resurrection, ascension, and of the sending of the holy Ghost Gathered out of the foure Euangelists: with a plaine exposition of the same. By Miles Couerdall.
Coverdale, Miles, 1488-1568. / [1541?] A confutacion of that treatise, which one Iohn Standish made agaynst the protestacion of D. Barnes in the yeare. M.D.XL. Wherin, the holy scriptures (peruerted and wrested in his sayd treatise) are restored to their owne true vnderstonding agayne by Myles Couerdale.
Coverdale, Miles, 1488-1568. / [1543?] A Christen exhortacion vnto customable swearers What a ryght [and] lawfull othe is: whan, and before whom, it owght to be. Item. The maner of sayinge grace, or geuynge thankes vnto God.
Coverte, Robert. / [1612] A true and almost incredible report of an Englishman, that (being cast away in the good ship called the Assention in Cambaya the farthest part of the East Indies) trauelled by land through many vnknowne kingdomes, and great cities VVith a particular description of all those kingdomes, cities, and people. As also a relation of their commodities and manner of traffique, and at what seasons of the yeere they are most in vse. Faithfully related. With a discouery of a great emperour called the Great Mogoll, a prince not till now knowne to our English nation. By Captaine Robert Couerte.
Cowell, John, 1554-1611. / [Anno 1607] The interpreter: or Booke containing the signification of vvords wherein is set foorth the true meaning of all, or the most part of such words and termes, as are mentioned in the lawe vvriters, or statutes of this victorious and renowned kingdome, requiring any exposition or interpretation. ... Collected by Iohn Cowell ...
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1682] Wit and loyalty reviv'd in a collection of some smart satyrs in verse and prose on the late times / by Mr. Abraham Cowley, Sir J. Berkenhead, and the ingenious author of Hudibras, &c.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1661 i.e. 1660] The visions and prophecies concerning England, Scotland, and Ireland, of Ezekiel Grebner, son of Obadiah Grebner, son of Paul Grebner, who presented the famous book of prophecies to Queen Elisabeth.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1661] A vision, concerning his late pretended highnesse, Cromwell, the Wicked containing a discourse in vindication of him by a pretended angel, and the confutation thereof, by the Author.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1663] Verses, written upon several occasions by Abraham Cowley.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1680] A translation of the sixth book of Mr. Cowley's Plantarum being a poem upon the late rebellion, the happy restoration of His Sacred Majesty, and the Dutch war ensuing.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [M.DC.XLIII i.e. 1643] The Puritan and the papist by a scholler in Oxford.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1661] A proposition for the advancement of experimental philosophy. By A. Cowley.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1642] The prologve and epilogve to a comedie presented at the entertainment of the Prince, His Highnesse, by the schollars of Trinity Colledge in Cambridge in March last, 1641 / by Francis Cole.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1633] Poetical blossomes by A.C.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1656] Poems written by A. Cowley.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1679] A poem on the late civil war by Mr. Abraham Cowley.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [Anno Dom. 1660] Ode, upon the blessed restoration and returne of His Sacred Majestie, Charls the Second. By A. Cowley.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1645] A letter to a freind [sic] shewing the illegall proceedings of the two houses of Parliament and observing God's aversenesse to their actions, which caused the authours returne to the king and his alleagiance.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1667] The mistresse, or, Several copies of love-verses written by Mr. A. Cowley, in his youth, and now since his death thought fit to be published.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1638] Loves riddle A pastorall comædie; written, at the time of his being Kings scholler in Westminster Schoole, by A. Cowley.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1688] The learned and loyal Abraham Cowley's definition of a tyrant (published by the present Lord Bishop of Rochester) in his discourse concerning the government of Oliver Cromwell.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1650] The guardian, a comedie acted before Prince Charls, His Highness at Trinity-Colledg in Cambridge, upon the twelfth of March, 1641 / written by Abraham Cowley.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1648] The foure ages of England, or, The iron age with other select poems / written by Mr. A. Cowley.
Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. / [1663] Cutter of Coleman-Street a comedy : the scene London, in the year 1658 / written by Abraham Cowley.
Cowling, Nicholas. / [1648] A word to the LII London ministers shevving that the most zealous professors of religion in all ages have been the greatest persecutors of Christ and his most spirituall members, illustrated and proved / by Nicolas Cowling.
Cowper, Spencer, 1669-1728, defendant. / [1699] The tryal of Spencer Cowper, Esq, John Marson, Ellis Stevens, and William Rogers, gent. upon an indictment for the murther of Mrs. Sarah Stout, a Quaker before Mr. Baron Hatsell, at Hertford assizes, July 18, 1699 : of which they were acquitted : with the opinions of the eminent physicians and chyrurgeons on both sides, concerning drowned bodies, delivered in the tryal and the several letters produced in court.
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1618] Tvvo sermons preached in Scotland before the Kings Maiesty the one, in his chappell royall of Holy-Roode-house at his Highnesse comming in: the other, in the church of Drumfreis at his Highnesse going out: by W. Cowper ...
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1608] The triumph of a Christian contayning three excellent and heauenly treatises. 1 Iacobs wrestling with God. 2 The conduit of comfort. 3 A preparatiue for the Lords Supper. Full of sweet consolations for all that desire the comfortable sweetnesse of Iesus Christ, and necessary for those who are troubled in conscience. Written by that worthy man Master William Couper, minister of Gods word.
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1612] Three heavenly treatises, concerning Christ [brace] 1. His genealogie, 2. His baptisme, 3. His combat with Sathan : together vvith deuout meditations, for Christian consolation and instruction / by Mr. William Cowper ...
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1609] Three heauenly treatises vpon the eight chapter to the Romanes Viz. 1 Heauen opened. 2 The right way to eternall glory. 3 The glorification of a Christian. VVherein the counsaile of God concerning mans saluation is so manifested, that all men may see the Ancient of dayes, the Iudge of the World, in his generall iustice court, absoluing the Christian from sinne and death. Which is the first benefit wee haue by our lord Iesus Christ. Written by Mr. William Cowper, minister of Gods word.
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1613] Seuen dayes conference betweene a catholicke christian, and a catholicke Romane. Concerning some controuersies of religion. By William Cowper, B. of Galloway.
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1607] A preparatiue for the new Passeouer very profitable to be perused and read of all those who are called to the holy table of our Lord / by Maister William Cowper ...
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1619] Pathmos: or, A commentary on the Reuelation of Saint Iohn diuided into three seuerall prophecies. The first prophecie contained in the fourth, fift, sixt and seuenth chapters. By Mr. William Cowper, Bishop of Galloway.
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1617] A most comfortable and Christian dialogue, betweene the Lord, and the soule. By Mr. William Covvper, minister of Gods word
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1615] A mirrour of mercie or The prodigals conuersion briefely, and learnedly expounded, and full of comfortable consolations for all penitent sinners. By William Cooper, minister of Gods word, and B. of Galloway.
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1619] The life and death of the Reuerend Father, and faithfull seruant of God, Mr. William Cowper, Bishop of Galloway who departed this life at Edenburgh, the 15. of February. 1619. Whereunto is added a resolution penned by himselfe, some few dayes before his death, touching the Articles concluded in the late generall Assembly holden at Perth. 1618.
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1613] A holy alphabet for Sion's scholars full of spiritual instructions, and heauenly consolations, to direct and encourage them in their progresse towards the new Ierusalem: deliuered, by way of commentary vpon the whole 119. Psalme. By William Covvper ...
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1685] Harmony evangelical between St. Mathew & Luke in the deduction of Christ's geneologie by William Cowper ...
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1610] A defiance to death Wherein, besides sundry heauenly instructions for a godly life, we haue strong and notable comforts to vphold vs in death. By Mr. William Covvper, minister of Gods Word.
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1606] A conduit of comfort Preached at Sainct Iames before the Commissioners of the Vnion of the Realmes. By W. Couper, Minister of Gods word.
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1614] The Bishop of Gallovvay his dikaiologie contayning a iust defence of his former apologie. Against the iniust imputations of Mr. Dauid Hume.
Cowper, William, 1568-1619. / [1611] The anatomie of a Christian man VVherein is plainelie shewed out of the VVord of God, what manner of man a true Christian is in all his conuersation, both inward, and outward. ... By M. William Covvper, minister of Gods Word.
Cowper, William, 1588-1619. / [1616] Two fruitfull and godly treatises, to comfort the afflicted viz. 1. Of the heauenly mansions. 2. The praise of patience. The first contayning the description of the house of glory: the second the loue of patience, to endure all tribulations and affliction to obtaine that heauenly kindome full of sweet consolation for the godly. By Mr. William Covvper, Bp. of Galloway.
Cowper, William, 1666-1709. / [1694] Myotomia reformata, or, A new administration of all the muscles of humane bodies wherein the true uses of the muscles are explained, the errors of former anatomists concerning them confuted, and several muscles not hitherto taken notice of described : to which are subjoin'd a graphical description of the bones, and other anatomical observations : illustrated with figures after the life / by William Cowper, Surgeon.
Cowper, William, 1666-1709. / [1698] The anatomy of humane bodies with figures drawn after the life by some of the best masters in Europe and curiously engraven in one hundred and fourteen copper plates : illustrated with large explications containing many new anatomical discoveries and chirurgical observations : to which is added an introduction explaining the animal œconomy : with a copious index / by William Cowper.
Cox, Benjamin, fl. 1646. / [1646] Some mistaken scriptvres sincerely explained in answer to one infected with some Pelagian errours / written by Benjamin Cox when he was first prisoner in Coventrie, now published by the author for the clearing of the truth.
Cox, Leonard, fl. 1572. / [The yere of our lorde god a thousande, fyue hundred and two and thyrty 1532] The art or crafte of rhetoryke
Cox, Nicholas, fl. 1673-1721. / [1686] The gentleman's recreation in four parts, viz. hunting, hawking, fowling, fishing : wherein these generous exercises are largely treated of, and the terms of art for hunting and hawking more amply enlarged than heretofore : whereto is prefixt a large sculpture, giving easie directions for blowing the horn, and other sculptures inserted proper to each recreation : with an abstract at the end of each subject of such laws as relate to the same.
Cox, Nicholas, fl. 1673-1721. / [1680] An exact catalogue of all the comedies, tragedies, tragi-comedies, opera's [sic], masks, pastorals and interludes that were ever yet printed and published till this present year 1680
Cox, Owen. / [October 17, 1642] The last and truest intelligence from Ireland being a true relation of the taking of a castle from the rebels, called the Castle of the Knights of the Elms, on the river of Limbrick, by the souldiers of the Englishe fleet, who took in the castle 1000 bushels of wheat, 4000 weight of butter, with great store of barley, malt, and salted beefe, Septemb. 28 : also the taking of a French ship on the river of Limbrick which brought ammunition and other provision from S. Mallos to assist the rebels : wherein the English fleet took 120 barrels of powder, ammunition for 500 men, 35 butts of sack, with great store of salt : set forth in the true copie of a letter / sent to M. Barnet, pewterer in Fanchurch Street, Lon. from M. Owen Cox ...
Cox, Richard, Sir, 1650-1733. / [1698] Some thoughts on the bill depending before the right honourable the House of Lords for prohibiting the exportation of the woolen manufactures of Ireland to foreign parts, humbly offer'd to their lordships.
Cox, Richard, Sir, 1650-1733. / [1689-90] Hibernia anglicana, or, The history of Ireland, from the conquest thereof by the English, to this present time with an introductory discourse touching the ancient state of that kingdom and a new and exact map of the same / by Richard Cox ...
Cox, Robert, d. 1655. / [1656] Acteon & Diana with a pastoral storie of the nimph Oenone followed by the several conceited humours of Bumpkin the huntsman, Hobbinal the shepherd, Singing Simpkin, and John Swabber the seaman / by Rob. Cox, acted at the Red Bull with great applause.
Coxe, Francis, fl. 1560. / [1561] A short treatise declaringe the detestable wickednesse, of magicall sciences as necromancie. coniurations of spirites, curiouse astrologie and such lyke. Made by Francis Coxe:
Coxe, Thomas, 1615-1685. / [1669] A discourse wherein the interest of the patient in reference to physick and physicians is soberly debated, many abuses of the apothecaries in the preparing their medicines are detected, and their unfitness for practice discovered : together with the reasons and advantages of physicians preparing their own medicine.