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Udall, Ephraim, d. 1647. / [1641] Good workes if they be well handled, or, Certaine projects about maintenance for parochiall ministers provision for and election of lecturers : erection and indowment of new churches in the great out parishes about London.
Udall, Ephraim, d. 1647. / [1641] Directions propovnded and hvmbly presented to the high court of Parliament concerning the Booke of common prayer and episcopall government / written by a reverend and learned divine now resident in this city.
Udall, Ephraim, d. 1647. / [printed, for the general good, 1660] The Bishop of Armaghes direction, concerning the lyturgy, and episcopall government Being thereunto requested by the Honourable, the House of Commons, and then presented in the year 1642.
Udall, John, 1560?-1592. / [1588] The true remedie against famine and warres Fiue sermons vpon the firste chapter of the prophesie of Ioel, wherein the councell that the holy Ghoste gaue the Israelites to redresse the famine which they felt and preuent the warres that were threatened to come vpon them; is applied in particular vnto our present time: Preached in the time of the dearth. 1586. By Iohn Vdall, preacher of the worde of God at Kingston vpon Thames.
Udall, John, 1560?-1592. / [1642] The true form of church government first instituted by Christ, novv used and practised in all the reformed churches of Germanie, France, and Scotland: humbly presented to the high and honourable court of Parliament, at this time most happily assembled. Plainly proved by Scripture, rectifide reason, and the testimonie of the Church, some hundreds of yeares after the Apostles time, and the generall consent of the Churches rightly reformed in these latter times, contrary to the Romish, and our archiepiscopall government.
Udall, John, 1560?-1592. / [1588] The state of the Church of Englande laide open in a conference betweene Diotrephes a bishop, Tertullus a papist, Demetrius an vsurer, Pandocheus an in-keeper, and Paule a preacher of the word of God.
Udall, John, 1560?-1592. / [Anno. 1584] Peters fall Two sermons vpon the historie of Peters denying Christ. Wherin we may see the causes of mans falling from God, and the manner how, both of the wicked thorough incredulitie, and of the godly by infirmitie: and also the way that God hath set downe in his worde to rise againe. By Iohn Vdall, preacher of the word of God at Kingston vpon Temmes.
Udall, John, 1560?-1592. / [1584] Obedience to the gospell Two sermons, conteining fruteful matter, both of doctrine, and exhortation: very needefull to be knowne, and practised in these our dayes: vpon the words of the holy ghost, written by the Euangelist S. Luke, chapter 2. verses 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. conteining the effect of the birth of Christ, (reuealed by the Angell of God) in the sheepeherds, and others that heard of it. Gathered out of the sermons of Iohn Vdall, preacher of the worde of God, at Kingston vpon Thames, and published at the request of some of them that heard them preached.
Udall, John, 1560?-1592. / [1593] A commentarie vpon the Lamentations of Ieremy vvherein are contained; first, the method and order of euery chapter layd open in seuerall tables; then, a literall interpretation of the text out of the Hebrew, with a paraphrasticall exposition of the sense thereof: afterward, a collection of diuers doctrines, gathered sometimes out of a whole verse in generall, or from the coherence of the text; and sometimes out of the particular words of the same; with examples, now and then, shewing how the same doctrines haue bin verified in experience; moreouer, the reason or proofe of euery doctrine; and lastly, the particular vses, that are to be made of them, for the edification of the Church of God.
Udall, John, 1560?-1592. / [1643] A nevv discovery of old pontificall practises for the maintenance of the prelates authority and hierarchy. Evinced by their tyranicall persecution of that reverend, learned, pious, and worthy minister in Jesus Christ, Mr. John Udall, in the raigne of Queene Elizabeth. To give satisfaction to all those that blindely endeavour to uphold episcopall government, that their lordly rule in the purest times of the said queene, is the very same with that they have exercised ever since, even to these times. Together with the prelates devises to make him submit, and to subscribe to submissions of their own contriving and invention. And also King James his letter out of Scotland to the queene, in the behalfe of Mr. Vdall and all other persecuted ministers in her realme.
Udall, John, 1560?-1592. / [1588] A demonstration of the trueth of that discipline which Christe hath prescribed in his worde for the gouernment of his Church, in all times and places, vntill the ende of the worlde Wherein are gathered into a plaine forme of reasoning, the proofes thereof; out of the scriptures, the euidence of it by the light of reason rightly ruled, and the testimonies that haue beene giuen therevnto, by the course of the churche certaine hundredths of yeares after the Apostles time; and the generall consent of the Churches rightly reformed in these latter times: according as they are alleaged and maintained, in those seuerall bookes that haue bin written concerning the same.
Udall, John, 1560?-1592. / [1588?] The combate betwixt Christ and the deuill Foure sermons vpon the temptations of Christ in the wildrenes by Sathan, wherein are to be sene the subtle sleightes that the tempter vseth agaynst the children of God, and the meanes that God hath appointed to resiste him, sanctified to our vse in the example of our Sauiour Iesus Christ. By Iohn Vdall preacher of the word of God, at Kyngston vpon Thames.
Udall, John, 1560?-1592. / [1584] Amendment of life three sermons, vpon Actes 2. verses 37. 38. conteining the true effect of the worde of God, in the conuersion of the godly: and the maner how it changeth their harts, and reformeth their liues, which is the true vvorke of regeneration. By Iohn Vdall, preacher of the worde of God, at Kingstone vpon Thames.
Udall, Nicholas, 1505-1556. / [1566?] What creature is in health, eyther yong or olde