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Title Tître
Absent Absent
Absolute monarchy Monarchie absolue
Academic Eulogies Eloges academiques
Academy of Architecture Académie d'Architecture
Academy of Painting Académie de Peinture
Acadia Acadie ou Accadie
Accelerating Forces Forces accélératrices
Acceleration Accélératrice
Accused Accusé
Acer, maple Erable
Acid, to Sprinkle Eau-forte, jetter l'
Acidity Acidité
Aco Aco
Aconite Aconit
Acorn; Acorn harvest Gland, Glandee
Acrid Acre
Action Action
Acts of the Apostles Actes des Apôtres
Adam Adam
Adam's apple Pommier d'adam
Adepts Adeptes
Adimian Adimian
Adjust, To Ajuster (un oillet)
Adonic Adonique ou Adonien
Adonis Adonis
Adore Adorer
Adultery Adultère
Advantage Avantage
Africa Afrique
Against Contre
Agati Agaty
Age Age
Agnus scythicus Agnus scythicus
Agrafe Agrafe
Agriculture Agriculture
Aguapa Aguapa
Aguaxima Aguaxima
Air Air
Aius Locutius Aius -Locutius
Akalinization Alkalisation
Alberge Alberge, Albergier
Albigenses Albigeois
Alcatrace Alcatrace
Alchemy Alchimie
Alder plantation Aulnaie, Aunaie
Alder plantation Vernage
Algonquins Algonquins
Align, To Aligner
Allemande Allemande
Allées, walks Allées de jardin
Alphabet Alphabet
Alphange Alphange
Althaea officinalis, marsh mallow Althe A-Frutex, Guimave royale
Amaranthus Amarante
Ambassador Ambassadeur
Ambassador Extraordinary Ambassadeur extraordinaire
Ambassador Ordinary Ambassadeur ordinaire
Ameliorate, To Ameliorer
Amenthes Amenthes
America Amérique
Amor or Cupid Amour ou Cupidon
Ampelopsis Vigne-vierge
Amphiphon Amphiphon
Anabaptists Anabaptistes
Anarchy Anarchie
Anatomy of Plants Anatomie des Plantes
Andilly peach Andilly, le Blanche d'Andilly
Androgyn Androgyne
Androgynes Androgynes
Androgynes Androgynes
Anger Colère
Angobert pear Angobert
Angola Angola
Animal Soul Ame des bêtes
Anteros, or Requited Love Anteros, ou le Contre-amour
Anti-Caucasus Anti-caucase
Antiquarian Antiquaire
Antirrhinum, snapdragon Anthirrinum, mufle de lion
Antitheist Antithées
Apaches Apaches
Apocrypha Apocryphe
Apostasy Apostasie
Appearance Apparence
Appearance Apparence
Appearance Apparence
Appearance Apparence
Apple Pomme
Apple Orchard Pommeraie
Apple tree Pommier
Apprehension Appréhension
Apprehension Appréhension
Approval Approbation
Arabia Arabie
Arcade Arcade
Architect Architecte
Architecture Architecture
Arctic Arctique
Aristocracy Aristocratie
Arlequin Arlequin
Armorique Armorique
Arot and Marot Arot and Marot
Arrangement Distribution
Arsenic Arsenic
Art Art
Artichoke Artichaut
Asbestos Amiante
Asparagus Asperge
Aspen plantation Tremblaie
Aster, Michaelmas daisy Aster Atticus, Oculus Christi
Astrologer Astrologue
Astrology Astrologie
Athens Athenes
Atomism Atomisme
Attache Attache
Attached to the tree, to be (fruit) Tenir a l'arbre
Augustinians Augustiniens
Authority in Discourse and Writings Autorité
Automaton Automate
Autumn Automne
Awl Poinçon