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Title Tître
Babel Babel
Back file Dossier
Baconism or the philosophy of Bacon Baconisme ou Philosophie de Bacon
Baker Boulanger
Balance Balancier
Bale, to Botteler
Ballet Ballet
Ballets of songs Ballets aux chansons
Balotin lemon Balotin
Bands Nerfs
Bank up the foot of (tree) Rechausser
Banked-up bed, border (facing the sun) Ados
Bankrupt Banqueroutier
Bankruptcy Banqueroute
Bankruptcy Faillite
Banquette Banquette
Baobab Baobab, ou Hahobab
Baraicus Baraicus
Barbarians Barbares
Barbary Barbarie
Bark Ecorce
Bark Teille
Barometer Baromètre
Barrel Barrillet
Barrette Barrette
Barriers Barrieres
Basal claw Unguis
Basque language Langue de Cantabres
Basset Bassette
Bat Chauve-souris, vespertilio
Batrachomyomachia Batrachomyomachie
Baucis and Philemon Baucis et Philemon
Bean, broad bean Feve
Bearings of the rounce Pitons de presse d'Imprimerie
Beast, Animal, Brute Bête, Animal, Brute
Beat the boards Battre les plats
Beaten section Battée
Beating books for binding Battre les livres pour les relier
Beating paper Battre du papier
Beating the boards Battre les cartons
Beating the slips Battre les ficelles
Beautiful Beau
Beautiful nature Nature belle, la
Beautiful, Nice Beau, Joli
Bec de Corbin Bec de Corbin
Become detached Decoller
Become etiolated Setioler
Bed Couche
Beechnut Faine
Beelzebub Beelzebub
Beer Bierre
Believe Croire
Bell tower Clocher
Bell-glass, straw cloche Cloche
Bend, elbow Coude
Benguela Benguela
Bergamot oranges Bergamottes
Berkshire Barckshire
Bevel Biseau
Bhang or Indian hemp Bangue ou chanvre des Indes
Bible Bible
Bible (additional notes) Bible
Bibleists Biblistes
Bibles (Arabic) Bibles Arabes
Bibles (Armenian) Bibles Arméniennes
Bibles (Chaldean) Bibles Chaldéens
Bibles (Coptic) Bibles Cophtes
Bibles (Ethiopian) Bibles Ethiopiennes
Bibles (Gothic) Bibles Gothiques
Bibles (Greek) Bibles Grecques
Bibles (Latin) Bibles Latines
Bibles (Muscovite) Bibles Muscovites
Bibles (Oriental) Bibles Orientales
Bibles (Persian) Bibles Persannes
Bibles (Syriac) Bibles Syriaques
Bibliomania Bibliomanie
Bibliotaph Bibliotaphe
Binder Relieur
Birch, silver birch Bouleau
Blacksmith Forgeron
Bleed Pleurer
Blight, to blight Brouir, Brouissure
Blocking (vascular tissue) Engorgement
Blocking coats of arms Tirer les armes
Blood Sang
Blood sausage Boudin
Blotter Brouillard
Blotting paper Papier brouillard
Blue Bleu
Blue paper Papier bleu
Blurred, muddy Brouille
Boardmaker Cartonnier
Bolted (lettuce) Montee
Boo Huée
Book trade Librairie
Bookbinder’s scissors Ciseau de Relieur
Bookmark Signet
Bookseller Librairie
Border Plate-Bande
Born Naitre
Bostanci Basi Bostangi Bachi
Boughs Ramage
Bouillon Bouillon
Bower, tunnel arbor Berceau, Tonnelle
Box Buis
Box, to Encaisser
Braces of printing press Etançons de presse d'Imprimerie
Bracing a press Etançonner une presse d'imprimerie
Bract Plaque
Braid, to Galonner
Bramble, blackberry Ronce
Branches Branches
Break (branch) Rompre
Breeches Culotte
Brindille Brindille
Bring on (plant) Dessaisonner
Bring together (branches) Rapprocher
Broaden Evaser, Evase
Brocading Brocher
Broderie Broderie
Brossailles Brossailles
Bruise, to Cotir
Bruise, to; bruised Meurtrir, Muertri
Bud Bourgeon, bouton
Bud Bouton
Budding knife Ecussonoir
Bundles (of hay) Villottes
Bupthalmum salicifolium, ox-eye Bupthalmum, Oiel de Boeuf
Burlesque Burlesque
Burning bush, dittany Fraxinelle
Burnisher Frottoir
Burnisher Lisse
Bury (manure) Enfouir
Bush Buisson
Bush honeysuckle, Diervilla lonicera Dierville
Butter Beurre
Butterfly Papillon