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Title Tître
Face Visage
Face Visage
Faction Faction
Faculty Faculté
Faded; overripe Passé
Fairies Fées
Fairs [abridged] Foire [abridged]
Fairy tale Féerie
Fall Menton
Fall in, collapse Ebouler
Fall of land Chute de Terrain
Fallow deer Daim
Falls Langues de l'Iris
Falls Rabats
False wood Faux-bois
Family Famille
Family Famille
Family, House Famille, Maison
Fan Eventail
Fan Volant
Fanaticism [abridged] Fanatisme [abridged]
Fancy Fantaisie
Fantasy Fantaisie
Fantasy Fantaisie
Fantasy Fantaisie
Farce Farce
Farm laborer Laboureur
Farmers [abridged] Fermiers [abridged]
Faro Pharaon
Fart Pet
Fascination Fascination
Fascination Fascination
Fashion Mode
Fashion Mode
Fashion Merchants Mode, marchands et marchandes de
Fasti Fastes
Fates Parques
Father Père
Father Père
Fathers, conscript Pères conscripts
Feast of the dead Fête des morts
Feeble, weak Foible
Felicity Félicité
Felicity Félicité
Female Femelle
Female sex Sexe, le
Feminine Féminin (ine)
Femur Femur
Fencing Escrime
Fennel Fenouil
Ferocious Féroce
Fertile, fertility Fertile, Fertilite
Ferula Ferule
Feuille de refend Feuille de Refend
Fez Fez
Fez Fez
Fichu Fichu
Fig orchard Figuerie
Figure Figure
File Lime
Filial and fraternal love Amour filial et fraternel
Fillet Filet
Final causes Causes finales
Final proof Tierce
Finesse Finesse
Finishing tools Fers a dorer
Finishing tub Bacquet
Fire Feu
Firmer Fermoir
Fish sauce (Nước mắm) Neuc-num
Fix (stake), to Ficher
Flattery Flaterie
Flax field Liniere
Fleeting Passager
Flesh, pulp Chair
Flesh-colored Carne
Fleuron Bouquet
Fleuron Fleuron
Fleuron Fleuron
Flood Déluge
Floury, to become floury Fariner, Farineux
Flower, to Fleurir
Flowering Fleuraison
Fluid Fluide
Foliage Feuillage
Foliated scroll Rinceau
Fontange Fontange
Food reserves Farine
Foot, bottom (tree) Pié
Force Force
Force Force
Force Force
Force of inertia Force d'inertie
Force of motion Force motrice
Force of water Force des Eaux
Fordicidia Fordicides
Fore-edge Gouttiere
Foreword, to volume VIII Avertissement
Fork Fourchon
Forks Fourchettes
Form Formulaire
Form of the Earth Figure de la terre
Frame of the printing press Train de presse d'imprimerie
Frame, cold frame Chassis de verre
Franc-Carreau Franc-Carreau
France France
Freemasons Francs-Maçons
French Academy Académie Françoise
French honeysuckle, hedysarum coronarium Hedysarum ou Sainfoin-d'Espagne
French language Langue françoise
Friction Frottement
Friendship Amitié
Fringe Zone
Frisket Frisquette
Frisket handle Languette
Fritillary Fritillaire
Fructify, bear fruit Fructifier
Fruit (method of producing fine fruit) Fruit [abridged]
Fruit bud Mammelon
Fruit picking Cueillette
Fruit tree, orchard Fruitier
Frutex Frutex
Fundamental articles Fondamentaux, Articles
Furbelow Falbala
Furnace for typecasting Fourneau à fondre les caracteres d'Imprimerie
Fusee Fusée