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Title Tître
Jacobins Jacobins
Jalousie Jalousie
Japan Japon
Japan paper Papier du Japon
Jargon Jargon, (Gram.)
Jargons Jargons
Jealousy Jalousie
Jehovah Jehova ou Jehovah
Jesuit J├ęsuite
Jesuitesses J├ęsuitesses
Jew Juif
John, Gospel according to Jean, Evangile de saint
Joke, Joking Plaisant, Plaisanterie
Journalist Journaliste
Joy Joie
Joy Joie
Judicious Judicieux
Judith, Book of Judith, livre de
Juglans, walnut tree; Carya, hickory Noyer
Justification Justification
Justify Justifier