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Title Tître
Pachacamac Pachacamac
Pachacamac, valley of Pachacamac, Vallée de
Pachamacali Pachacamali
Pack (in straw), cover (plants) with straw litter Empailler
Packing Hausse
Paeonia Peone
Painting Peinture
Painting of fabric Peinture des toiles
Paladin Paladin
Palermo Palerme
Palestine Palestine
Palisade; palissade; hedgerow Palissade
Pallet Palette
Palmette Palmette
Pamphlet binding Brocher
Pantalon Pantalon
Papermaking Papeterie
Papermill Moulin à papier
Papermill Papeterie
Paragon Parangon, Parangoine
Paralipsis Paralipse
Paring Parer
Paring knife Couteau à parer
Parisienne Parisienne
Parody Parodie
Parricide Parricide
Parricide or Patricide Parricide ou Patricide
Parrot Perrouquet
Parterre Parterre
Party wall Mitoyen, mur
Pass Passager
Passenger Passager
Passenger Passager
Passions Passions
Past Passé
Pasting the slips Mettre les ficelles à la colle
Pastorale Pastorale
Pastorale poetry Pastorale, Poesie
Paternal authority Pouvoir paternel
Paternal love Amour paternel
Paths Sentiers
Patrician Patrice, Patriciat, Patricien
Paws Pattes
Peace [abridged] Paix [abridged]
Peach Péche
Peach tree Pécher
Pear tree Poirier
Pedant Pédant, Pedanterie
Peg Cheville
Pegs, pickets Taquets, Piquets
Penguin Pengouin, Pinguin, Oie de Magellan, Pinguin Batavorum
Pentateuch Pentateuque
Perch; pole Perche
Perfecting Retiration
Perfume Parfum
Perfume Parfum
Perfume Parfum
Perfume Parfum
Perfume Parfum
Peritoneum Péritoine
Permutation Alternation
Perpetual lamp, or inextinguishable lamp Lampe perpétuelle, ou Lampe inextinguible
Peru Pérou, le
Phantom Fantome
Philosopher Philosophe
Philosophy Philosophie
Phlebotomy Phlébotomie
Phlogiston Phlogistique
Phoenix Phoenix
Picket Piquet
Piece (of ground) Piece
Piece of land, base (of flower) Fond
Pieces Pieces
Piercing the boards Piquer les cartons
Pigeon-dung Colombine
Pile of wood Ramier
Pinch, to Pincer, Pincement
Pine tree Pin
Pineapple Ananas
Pinion Pignon
Pinion face polisher Faces, outil à faire des
Pinion faces Faces de pignon
Pinion wire Fil de pignon
Pirate Pirate
Pirouette Pirouette
Pirouette Pirouette
Pistil Dard
Pivot, to Pivoter
Pivots Pivots
Plaits, twists (onions) Torches
Plan Plan
Plane tree Platane
Plant growth Accroissement
Plant in rows, to Affiler
Plant, to (tree) Planter un arbre
Plantation (ornamental trees) Gaulis
Planting Plantation
Plants Végétaux
Plants which do not shoot vigorously Rechigner
Platen Platine
Platen plate Crapaudine
Platform Estrade
Platform Plein-Pié
Pleasing Plaire
Pleasure Plaisir
Pleasure Plaisir
Plow blade Couteau à rogner
Plum Prune
Plum orchard Prunelage
Plum tree Prunier
Poet Poëte
Poetic art Poétique, art
Poetic harmony Poétique harmonie
Points Pointures
Pole fence Perchis
Polianthes tuberosa, tuberose Tubéreuse
Polish Polir
Polishing iron Fer à polir
Politeness Politesse
Political arithmetic Arithmétique Politique
Political authority [abridged] Autorité politique [abridged]
Political economy [abridged] Economie ou oeconomie [abridged]
Political liberty Liberté politique
Pollard, to Etronconner
Pollard, to Etêter
Pollock Goberge
Polyandry Polyandrie
Polyglot Polyglotte
Polyhedron Polyhédre
Polyhedron Polyhédre, ou Polyscope
Polymathy Polymathie
Polytheism Polythéisme
Pomp Faste
Pomp Faste
Poncirus trifoliata (lemon tree) Poncire
Pondicherry Pondichéry ou Pontichery
Poor (soil) Maigre
Poplar Peuplier
Popular Populaire (Endémique)
Pores Pores
Port Royal Port-royal
Portepage Portepage
Portugal Portugal
Position (of the feet) Position (des piés)
Positive theology Théologie positive
Pot, to Empoter
Potence Potence
Potence tip Nez de potence
Potidea Potidée
Pots Pots
Powdered night-soil Poudrette
Powdery mildew Blanc
Powdery mildew Meunier ou Blanc
Preacher Prédicateur
Preacher Prêdicateur
Preachers, friars Prêcheurs, freres
Prejudice Préjugé
Preliminary Discourse Discourse Préliminaire
Prelude Préluder
Prepare Préparer
Press Presse
Press Presse
Press boards Ais à presser
Press, the Presse
Priests Prêtres
Primary (root) Séminale
Printer's bench Banc d'imprimerie
Printer's brush Brosse d'imprimerie
Printer's case Case ou Casse d'imprimerie
Printing from copper plates Imprimerie en taille douce
Printing house, print shop, print works Imprimerie
Printing in summary Sommaire, Imprimer en
Printing ink Encre noir
Printing press Presse d'imprimerie
Printing privilege Privilege d'impression
Printing type Caracteres d'Imprimerie
Printing, history of Imprimerie
Privilege, printing Privilege d'impression
Probability Probabilité
Professor Professeur
Promised Land Promission
Proof Epreuve
Proof in copper-plate printing Epreuve
Proofreader Correcteur d'Imprimerie
Property Propriété
Propogation Multiplication des plantes
Proportion Proportion
Protection Protection
Protestant Protestant
Prune (tree), to Egayer
Prune, to (palissade) Serpiller
Prune, to, revive (tree) Rajeunir
Prune, to; Formative pruning (non-fruiters) Emonder
Prunus spinosa, blackthorn Prunellier
Psychology Psychologie
Public corruption Corruption publique
Punch Emporte-piece
Punish, chastise Punir, châtier
Puny, fragile Chetif, Frele
Purgatory Purgatoire
Puritans Puritains
Pussy willow; goat willow Marsaut
Putlogs Boulins
Pyrrhonic or skeptical philosophy Pyrrhonienne ou Sceptique Philosophie