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sufficient adj.
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Note: Cp. suffisaunt adj.
(a) Adequate for a purpose, enough, sufficient; of adequate number, size, strength, etc. for a certain purpose; also, appropriate [quots. 1st & ?c1425]; (b) ~ to, adequate for (sb. or sth.); adequate in size, amount, etc. for the needs of (sb., an animal); also, adequate in amount (to sb.) for (a purpose) [quot. 1423]; (c) ~ for, adequate in size, amount, etc. for (sb., an animal, sth.); also, adequate in quantity for (a specific period of time); ~ inough for; (d) with inf.: adequate (to accomplish sth., to sb. to do sth., etc.); of a size, number, force, etc. (to do sth.); also, with clause [quots. c1475(1392) & a1500(c1410)]; ~ inough.
(a) Law Satisfying legal requirements; legally com-pelling; also in fig. context [quot. c1450]; (b) theol. sat-isfying divine requirement; sufficient for salvation.
(a) Of a person: reliable, properly qualified, able; also, having legal capacity, competent [2nd quot.]; as noun: those who are capable; (b) with inf.: able or competent (to do sth.); also, of a person: healthy or strong enough (to do sth.) [quot. a1400]; (c) with preps.: ~ for, deserving of (sth.); ~ in, proficient in (sth.); ~ of, able in or of (body, might), superior in; also, wealthy in (property); possessing enough of (goods to do sth.); ~ to, qualified for (sth.), capable of; (d) of good quality; also, sturdy, well-constructed.
(a) Self-sufficient; also, complete [last quot.]; ~ to him-self; (b) satisfied, content.
As adv.: adequately for a purpose.