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Tobias. / [ca. 1650?] Mirabilia opera dei certaine wonderfull works of God which hapned to H.N. even from his youth: and how the God of heaven hath united himself with him, and raised up his gracious word in him, and how he hath chosen and sent him to be a minister of his gracious word, / published by Tobias a fellow elder with H.N. in the houshold of love. Translated out of Base Almain.
Tobin, Maurice. / [1697] A true account of the celebrated secret of Mr. Timothy Beaghan lately killed at the Five Bells tavern in the Strand, famous for curing the king's-evil : in a letter to Mr. William Cowper, surgeon / by Maurice Tobin ...
Tofte, Robert, 1561-1620. / [1597] Laura The toyes of a traueller. Or The feast of fancie. Diuided into three parts. By R.T. Gentleman.
Tofte, Robert, 1561-1620. / [1598] Alba The months minde of a melancholy louer, diuided into three parts: by R.T. Gentleman. Hereunto is added a most excellent pathetical and passionate letter, sent by Duke D'Epernoun, vnto the late French King, Henry the 3. of that name, when he was commanded from the court, and from his royall companie. Translated into English by the foresaid author.
Toland, John, 1670-1722. / [M.DC.XC.IX 1699] The militia reform'd, or, An easy scheme of furnishing England with a constant land-force capable to prevent or to subdue any forein power, and to maintain perpetual quiet at home without endangering the public liberty.
Toland, John, 1670-1722. / [printed, 1698] A defence of the Parliament of 1640. and the people of England against King Charles I. and his adherents containing a short account of some of the many illegal, arbitrary, Popish and tyrannical actions of King Charles I. unjustly called the pious martyr; together with the following tracts, &c. 1. The Pope's letter to King Charles ... 14. To give a clear demonstration of this holy martyr's religion and piety, see his declaration for the lawfulness of sports and pastimes on the Lord's Day, printed at large in this book.
Toland, John, 1670-1722. / [1698] The danger of mercenary Parliaments
Toland, John, 1670-1722. / [1696] Christianity not mysterious, or, A treatise shewing that there is nothing in the Gospel contrary to reason, nor above it and that no Christian doctrine can be properly call'd a mystery / by John Toland.
Toland, John, 1670-1722. / [1700] Clito a poem on the force of eloquence.
Toland, John, 1670-1722. / [1697] An apology for Mr. Toland in a letter from himself to a member of the House of Commons in Ireland, written the day before his book was resolv'd to be burnt by the Committee of Religion : to which is prefix'd a narrative containing the occasion of the said letter.
Toland, John, 1670-1722. / [1699] Amyntor, or, A defence of Milton's life containing I. a general apology for all writings of that kind, II. a catalogue of books attributed in the primitive times to Jesus Christ, his apostles and other eminent persons ..., III. a complete history of the book entitul'd Icon basilike, proving Dr. Gauden and not King Charles the First to be the author of it, with an answer to all the facts alledg'd by Mr. Wagstaf to the contrary, and to the exceptions made against my Lord Anglesey's Memorandum, Dr. Walker's book or Mrs. Gauden's narrative, which last piece is now the first time publish'd at large.
Tom of Lincoln. / [1665?] The lavvyers plea, in the behalf of young Tom of Lincoln. Being an answer to a late scandalous ballad, entituled, Merry news from Lincolns-Inn. Adrest to the author of the said ballad, by Tom of Lincoln. To the tune of, Help lords and commons, &c.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1641] Væ scandalizantium, or, A treatise of scandalizing wherein the necessity, nature, sorts, and evills of scandalizing, are handled, with resolution of many questions thereto pertaining / preached at Lemster, in Herefordshire by Iohn Tombes ...
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [December 15. 1645] Tvvo treatises and an appendix to them concerning infant-baptisme. The former treatise being an exercitation presented to the chair-man of a committee of the Assembly of Divines. The later an examen of the sermon of Mr Stephen Marshall, about infant-baptisme, in a letter sent to him. / By John Tombes. B.D.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1660] True old light exalted above pretended new light, or, Treatise of Jesus Christ as He is the light which enlightens every one that comes into the world : against the sense both of the Quakers, Arminians, and other assertors of universal grace, whose light is proved to be darkness / delivered in nine sermons, by John Tombes, B.D., and commended to publick view by Mr. Richard Baxter.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1667] Theodulia, or, A just defence of hearing the sermons and other teaching of the present ministers of England against a book unjustly entituled (in Greek) A Christian testimony against them that serve the image of the beast, (in English) A Christian and sober testimony against sinful complyance, wherein the unlawfulness of hearing the present ministers of England is pretended to be clearly demonstrated by an author termed by himself Christophilus Antichristomachus / by John Tombes.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1661] A supplement to the Serious consideration of the oath of the Kings supremacy; published October 1660. In, first, some consideration of the oath of allegiance. Secondly, vindicating of the consideration of the oaths of the Kings supremacy and allegiance, from the exceptions of Richard Hubberthorn, Samuel Fisher, Samuel Hodgkin, and some others against them, in the points of swearing in some case, and the matters of those oaths. By John Tombes B.D.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1659] A short catechism about Baptism. By John Tombes, B.D.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1660] A serious consideration of the oath of the Kings supremacy wherein these six propositions are asserted. 1. That some swearing is lawful. 2. That some promissory oaths are lawful. 3. That a promissory oath of allegiance and due obedience to a king is lawful. 4. That the King in his realm, is the onely supreme governour over all persons. 5. That the king is the governour of the realm, as well in all spiritual or ecclesiastical things, or causes, as temporal. 6. That the jurisdictions, priviledges, preeminences, and authorities in that oath, may be assisted and defended. By John Tombes B.D.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1664] Saints no smiters, or, Smiting civil powers not the work of saints being a treatise, shewing the doctrine and atempts of Quinto-Monarchians, or, Fifth-Monarchy-Men about smiting powers, to be damnable and antichristian / by John Tombes ...
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1660] Romanism discussed, or, An answer to the nine first articles of H.T. his Manual of controversies. Whereby is manifested, that H.T. hath not (as he pretends) clearly demonstrated the truth of the Roman religion by him falsly called Catholick, by texts of holy scripture, councils of all ages, Fathers of the first five hundred years, common sense, and experience, nor fully answered the principal objections of protestants, whom he unjustly terms sectaries. By John Tombes, B.D. And commended to the world by Mr. Richard Baxter.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1654] A publick dispute betwixt John Tombs ... respondent, John Cragge, and Henry Vaughan ... opponents, touching infant-baptism, the fifth of September, 1653 ... occasioned by a sermon preached the day before, by Mr. Tombs, upon St. Mark 16.16 ... : also a sermon preached by Mr. Cragge, the next Lords day following, upon the same text, wherein the necessity of dipping is refuted, and infant-baptism asserted.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1652] Præcursor, or, A forerunner to a large review of the dispute concerning infant-baptism wherein many things both doctrinall and personal are cleared, about which Mr. Richard Baxter, in a book mock-titled Plain Scripture-proof of infants church-membership and baptism hath darkned the truth / by John Tomes.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1654] A plea for anti-pædobaptists, against the vanity and falshood of scribled papers, entituled, The anabaptists anatomiz'd and silenc'd in a public dispute at Abergaveny in Monmouth-shire Sept. 5. 1653. Betwixt John Tombes, John Cragg, and Henry Vaughan, touching infant-baptism. By John Tombes, B.D.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1643] Iehovah iireh: or, Gods providence in delivering the godly. Opened in two sermons in the citie of Bristoll, on the day of publike thanksgiving in that citie, March 14. 1642. For the deliverance of that citie from the invasion without, and the plot of malignants within the city, intended to have been acted the Tuesday night before. With a short narration of that bloody and abominable plot. Preached by Iohn Tombes, B.D. It is this two and twentieth day of Aprill, Anno Dom. 1643. ordered by the Committee of the House of Commons in Parliament concerning printing, that this booke intituled, Johovah Jireh, or Gods providence in delivering the godly, be printed. John White.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1643] Fermentvm Pharisæorvm, or, The leaven of pharisaicall wil-worship: declared in a sermon on Matth. 15.9 Novemb. 24. 1641. at Lemster in Herefordshire. / By Iohn Tombes, B.D.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1659] Felo de se, or, Mr. Richard Baxter's self-destroying manifested in twenty arguments against infant-baptism / gathered out of his own writing, in his second disputation of right to sacraments by John Tombes.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1645] An examen of the sermon of Mr. Stephen Marshal about infant-baptisme in a letter sent to him.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1669] Emmanuel, or, God-man a treatise wherein the doctrine of the first Nicene and Chalcedon councels, concerning the two natures in Christ, is asserted against the lately vented Socinian doctrine / by John Tombes ...
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1641] Christs commination against scandalizers, or, A treatise wherein the necessitie, nature, sorts, and evils of scandalizing are clearly and fully handled with resolution of many questions, especially touching the abuse of Christian liberty, shewing that vengeance is awarded against such as use it to the grievance of their weake brethren / by Iohn Tombes ...
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1646] An apology or plea for the Two treatises, and appendix to them concerning infant-baptisme; published Decemb. 15. 1645. Against the unjust charges, complaints, and censures of Doctor Nathanael Homes, Mr Iohn Geree, Mr Stephen Marshall, Mr John Ley, and Mr William Hussey; together with a postscript by way of reply to Mr Blakes answer to Mr Tombes his letter, and Mr Edmund Calamy, and Mr Richard Vines preface to it. Wherein the principall heads of the dispute concerning infant-baptism are handled, and the insufficiency of the writings opposed to the two treatises manifested. / By Iohn Tombes, B.D.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1650] An antidote against the venome of a passage, in the 5th. direction of the epistle dedicatory to the whole book of Mr. Richard Baxter teacher at Kederminster in Worcestershire, intituled, The saints everlasting rest, containing a satyricall invective against Anabaptists / by Iohn Tombes B.D. Lately teacher at Bewdley in the same county.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1657] Anti-pædobaptism, or, The third part being a full review of the dispute concerning infant baptism : in which the arguments for infant baptism from the covenant and initial seal, infants visible church membership, antiquity of infant baptism are refelled [sic] : and the writings of Mr. Stephen Marshal, Mr. Richard Baxter ... and others are examined, and many points about the covenants, and seals and other truths of weight are handled / by John Tombes.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [MDCLIV 1654] Anti-pædobaptism, or, The second part of the full review of the dispute concerning infant-baptism in which the invalidity of arguments ... is shewed ... / by John Tombs ...
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1645] Anthropolatria; or The sinne of glorying in men, especially in eminent ministers of the gospel. Wherein is set forth the nature and the causes of this sinne, as also the many pernicious effects which at all times this sinne hath produced, and with which the church of Christ is still infected. With some serious disswasives from this sinne, and directions to prevent the infection thereof. A discourse usefull, and in these times very seasonable. / By John Tombes, B.D. and preacher of Gods word at the Temple.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1652] An addition to the Apology for the two treatises concerning infant-baptisme, published December 15, 1645 in which the author is vindicated from 21 unjust criminations in the 92 page of the book of Mr. Robert Baille, minister of Glasgow, intituled Anabaptisme and sundry materiall points concerning the covenant, infants-interest in it, and baptisme by it, baptism by an unbaptized person, dipping, erastianism and church-government, are argued, in a letter, now enlarged, sent in September 1647, to him / by John Tombes . ..
Tomkins, Thomas, 1572-1656. / [1622] Songs of 3.4.5. and 6. parts by Thomas Tomkins ...
Tomkins, Thomas, 1637?-1675. / [1661] Short strictures or animadversions on so much of Mr. Croftons Fastning St Peters bonds, as concern the reasons of the University of Oxford concerning the covenant by Tho. Tomkins ...
Tomkins, Thomas, 1637?-1675. / [1660] The rebels plea, or, Mr. Baxters judgment concerning the late wars in these particulars : viz. the originall of government, coordinate and legislative power in the two Houses, third estate, force upon the Houses in 1642, principles the Houses went by at the beginning, destructive to monarchy, covenant, reasons for submitting to the late government.
Tomkins, Thomas, 1637?-1675. / [1675] The modern pleas for comprehension, toleration, and the taking away the obligation to the renouncing of the covenant considered and discussed.
Tomkins, Thomas, 1637?-1675. / [1667] The inconveniencies of toleration, or, An answer to a late book intituled, A proposition made to the King and Parliament for the safety and happiness of the King and kingdom
Tomkis, Thomas, fl. 1604-1615. / [1607] Lingua: or The combat of the tongue, and the fiue senses for superiority A pleasant comœdie.
Tomkis, Thomas, fl. 1604-1615. / [1657] Lingua, or, The combat of the tongue, and the five senses for superiority a pleasant comoedy.
Tomkis, Thomas, fl. 1604-1615. / [1615] Albumazar A comedy presented before the Kings Maiestie at Cambridge, the ninth of March. 1614. By the Gentlemen of Trinitie Colledge.
Tomlinson, William. / [1656] A bosome opened to the Jewes holding forth to others some reasons for our receiving them into our nation.
Tompion, Thomas, 1639-1713. / [1683] A table of the equation of days, shewing how much a good pendulum watch ought to be faster or slower than a true sun-dial, every day of the year.
Tomson, Laurence, 1539-1608. / [1570] An ansvvere to certein assertions of M. Fecknam, sometime abbot of Westminster which he made of late against a godly sermon of M. Iohn Goughes, preached in the Tower the xv. of Ianuarie. 1570. Seen and allowed.
Tonge, Simson, b. 1656 or 7. / [1681] An elegy on the much lamented death of his pious and learned parent the Reverend Doctor Ezerell Tonge an eminent and indefatigable instrument in promoting the discovery of the horrid popish plot.
Tookey, Thomas, d. 1656. / [1656] The visible porch or known entrance into a church, or Christian fellowship.
Top, Alexander. / [1597] Saint Peters rocke vnder which title is deciphered the faith of Peter, the foundation of the church, Christs sacrificehood, and the comfort of the holy Spirit. Done by Alexander Top Gent.
Top, Alexander. / [1603] The oliue leafe: or, Vniuersall abce Wherein is set foorth the creation, descent, and authoritie of letters: together with th'estimation, profit, affinitie or declination of them: for the familiar vse of all studentes, teachers, and learners of what chirography soeuer, most necessarie. By two tables, newly and briefly composed charactericall and syllabicall. Of Alexander Top Gent.
Top, Alexander. / [M.DC.XXIX. 1629] The book of prayses, called the Psalmes, the keyes and holly things of Dauid translated out of the Hebrevv, according to the letter, and the mystery of them, and according to the rule and methode of the compile-er, opened in proper arguments vpon every psalme, following the same, by Alexander Top Esquier.
Topsell, Edward, 1572-1625? / [1599] Times lamentation: or An exposition on the prophet Ioel, in sundry sermons or meditations
Topsell, Edward, 1572-1625? / [1658] The history of four-footed beasts and serpents describing at large their true and lively figure, their several names, conditions, kinds, virtues ... countries of their breed, their love and hatred to mankind, and the wonderful work by Edward Topsell ; whereunto is now added, The theater of insects, or, Lesser living creatures ... by T. Muffet ...
Topsell, Edward, 1572-1625? / [1596] The revvard of religion Deliuered in sundrie lectures vpon the booke of Ruth, wherein the godly may see their daily and outwarde tryals, with the presence of God to assist them, and his mercies to recompence them: verie profitable for this present time of dearth, wherein manye are most pittifully tormented with want; and also worthie to bee considered in this golden age of the preaching of the word, when some vomit vp the loathsomnes therof, and others fall away to damnable securitie.
Topsell, Edward, 1572-1625? / [1610] The house-holder: or, Perfect man. Preached in three sermons lately by Ed: Topsell, preacher at Saint Buttolphs without Aldersgate
Topsell, Edward, 1572-1625? / [1608] The historie of serpents. Or, The second booke of liuing creatures wherein is contained their diuine, naturall, and morall descriptions, with their liuely figures, names, conditions, kindes and natures of all venemous beasts: with their seuerall poysons and antidotes; their deepe hatred to mankind, and the wonderfull worke of God in their creation, and destruction. Necessary and profitable to all sorts of men: collected out of diuine scriptures, fathers, phylosophers, physitians, and poets: amplified with sundry accidentall histories, hierogliphicks, epigrams, emblems, and ænigmaticall obseruations. By Edvvard Topsell.
Topsell, Edward, 1572-1625? / [1607] The historie of foure-footed beastes Describing the true and liuely figure of euery beast, with a discourse of their seuerall names, conditions, kindes, vertues (both naturall and medicinall) countries of their breed, their loue and hate to mankinde, and the wonderfull worke of God in their creation, preseruation, and destruction. Necessary for all diuines and students, because the story of euery beast is amplified with narrations out of Scriptures, fathers, phylosophers, physitians, and poets: wherein are declared diuers hyerogliphicks, emblems, epigrams, and other good histories, collected out of all the volumes of Conradus Gesner, and all other writers to this present day. By Edward Topsell.
Torquemada, Antonio de, fl. 1553-1570. / [1600] The Spanish Mandeuile of miracles. Or The garden of curious flowers VVherin are handled sundry points of humanity, philosophy, diuinitie, and geography, beautified with many strange and pleasant histories. First written in Spanish, by Anthonio De Torquemeda, and out of that tongue translated into English. It was dedicated by the author, to the right honourable and reuerent prelate, Don Diego Sarmento de soto Maior, Bishop of Astorga. &c. It is deuided into sixe treatises, composed in manner of a dialogue, as in the next page shall appeare.
Torsellino, Orazio, 1545-1599. / [Anno Dom. M.DC.XXXII 1632] The admirable life of S. Francis Xavier Deuided into VI. bookes written in Latin by Fa. Horatius Tursellinus of the Society of Iesus and translated into English by T.F.
Tossanus, Daniel, 1541-1602. / [1635] A synopsis or compendium of the fathers, or of the most famous and ancient doctors of the Church, as also of the schoolmen Wherein is clearely shewed how much is to be attributed to them, in what severall times they lived, with what caution they are to be read, and which were their perfections, which their errors. A treatise most necessary, and profitable to young divines, and delightfull to all such whose studies in humanity take from them the leisure, though not the desire of reading the fathers; whose curiosity this briefe surveigh of antiquity will in part satisfie. Written in Latin by that reverend and renowned divine, Daniel Tossanus, chiefe Professor of Divinity in the University of Heidelberge, and faithfully Englished by A.S. Gent.
Totnes, George Carew, Earl of, 1555-1629. / [1675] To the honourable the knights, citizens, and burgesses in Parliament assembled, the humble petition of George Carew, Esquire, administrator of the goods and chattles of Sr. Paul Pyndar, Knight, deceased (with his will annexed), unadministred by William Toomes
Touchet, Anselm, d. 1689? / [1686] Historical collections, out of several grave Protestant historians concerning the changes of religion, and the strange confusions following in the reigns of King Henry the Eighth, Edward the Sixth, Queen Mary and Elizabeth : with an addition of several remarkable passages taken out of Sir Will. Dugdale's Antiquities of Warwickshire, relating to the abbies and their institution.
Tourneur, Cyril, 1575?-1626. / [1600] The transformed metamorphosis. By Cyril Turner
Tourneur, Cyril, 1575?-1626. / [1605] Laugh and lie dovvne: or, The worldes folly
Tourneur, Cyril, 1575?-1626. / [1609] A funerall poeme. Vpon the death of the most vvorthie and true souldier; Sir Francis Vere, Knight. Captaine of Portsmouth, &c. L. Gouernour of his Maiesties cautionarie towne of Briell in Holland, &c.
Tourneur, Cyril, 1575?-1626. / [1611] The atheist's tragedie: or The honest man's reuenge As in diuers places it hath often beene acted. Written by Cyril Tourneur.
Tovey, W. / [MDCLXXVIII. 1678] News from the goldsmiths or A tryal of gold and silver advertising all buyers and wearers of goldsmiths wares, of the great adulterations of gold and silver (with other defrauds) which are practiced by some dishonest goldsmiths. Discovering the greatness of the cheat, and easiness of the remedy; with advice how to buy gold and silver wares, that you may not be cheated: fitted for the use of the country as well as the city. Published for the publick good, and not for private lucre; to provoke the goldsmiths, to reform the adulterating smiths, and not to dispariage the goldsmith's trade. By W.T. goldsmith. With allowance.
Townshend, Aurelian, fl. 1601-1643. / [1631 i.e. 1632] Tempe restord A masque presented by the Queene, and foureteene ladies, to the Kings Maiestie at Whitehall on Shrove-Tuesday. 1631.
Townshend, Aurelian, fl. 1601-1643. / [1631 i.e. 1632] Albions triumph Personated in a maske at court. By the Kings Maiestie and his lords. The Sunday after Twelfe Night. 1631