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Tye, Christopher, 1497?-1572. / [1553] The Actes of the Apostles, translated into Englyshe metre, and dedicated to the kynges moste excellent maiestye, by Christofer Tye, Doctor in musyke, and one of the gentylmen of hys graces moste honourable chappell, wyth notes to eche chapter, to synge and also to play vpon the lute, very necessarye for studentes after theyr studye, to fyle theyr wyttes, and also for all Christians that cannot synge, to reade the good and Godlye storyes of the lyues of Christ hys Apostles
Tyler, Alexander. / [1685] Memoires of the life and actions of the most invincible and triumphant prince, Ihon the Great, third of that name, present king of Poland containing a succinct series of affairs from craddle to his present day : with a particular relation of his many great and stupendious victories obtain'd against the Turks and Tartars, from the time he was first made crown-general, and afterwards elected King of Poland / done in verse, out of H. G's historical account of the said princes life and actions, by a lover of the peace and glory of Christendome.
Tyndale, William, d. 1536. / [An. 1573] The vvhole workes of W. Tyndall, Iohn Frith, and Doct. Barnes, three worthy martyrs, and principall teachers of this Churche of England collected and compiled in one tome togither, beyng before scattered, [and] now in print here exhibited to the Church. To the prayse of God, and profite of all good Christian readers.
Tyndale, William, d. 1536. / [the. viii. day of May. Anno M.D.xxviii 1528] That fayth the mother of all good workes iustifieth us before we ca[n] bringe forth anye good worke...
Tyndale, William, d. 1536. / [Anno. 1548] The practyse of prelates. Compyled by the faythfull and godly learned man, Wyllyam Tyndale
Tyndale, William, d. 1536. / [5 April. An. 1533] The souper of the Lorde wher vnto, that thou mayst be the better prepared and suerlyer enstructed: haue here firste the declaracion of the later parte of the .6. ca. of S. Joha[n], beginninge at the letter C. the fowerth lyne before the crosse, at these wordis: merely were. [et]c wheryn incidently M. Moris letter agenst Johan Frythe is confuted.
Tyndale, William, d. 1536. / [1536?] A path way i[n]to the holy scripture
Tyndale, William, d. 1536. / [M.d.xlvii. 1547] The parable of the wycked mammon Compiled in the yere of our lorde .M.d.xxxvi. W.T.
Tyndale, William, d. 1536. / [1528] The obedie[n]ce of a Christen man and how Christe[n] rulers ought to governe, where in also (if thou marke diligently) thou shalt fynde eyes to perceave the crafty conveyance of all iugglers.
Tyndale, William, d. 1536. / [1536?] An exposycyon vpon the chapters of Mathewe which thre chapters are the keye and the dore of the scrypture, and the restoring agayne of Moses lawe corrupt by ye scrybes and pharyses. And the exposycyon is the restorynge agayne of Chrystes lawe corrupte by the Papystes. Item before the boke, thou hast a prologe very necessary, conteynynge the whole sum of the couenaunt made betwene God and vs, vpon whiche we be baptysed to kepe it. And after thou haste a table that ledeth the by the notes in the margentes, vnto al that is intreated of in the booke.
Tyndale, William, d. 1536. / [1526] A compendious introduccion, prologe or preface vn to the pistle off Paul to the Romayns
Tyndale, William, d. 1536. / [1548?] A briefe declaration of the sacraments expressing the fyrst oryginall how they came vp, a[n]d were institute with the true and mooste syncere meaning and vnderstandyng of the same very necessarye for all men, that wyl not erre in the true vse and receauing therof. Compyled by the godly learned man Wyllyam Tyndall.
Tyrie, James, 1543-1597. / [1573] The refutation of ane ansuer made be Schir Iohne Knox to ane letter send be Iames Tyrie, to his vmquhyle brother. Sett furth be Iames Tyrie.
Tyro, T. / [1598] Tyros roring Megge Planted against the walles of melancholy. One booke cut into two decads.
Tyrone, Con Bacagh O'Neill, Earl of, ca. 1484-1559. / [1542] The copye of the submissyon of Oneyll which he made to the Kynges Maiestie at Grenewych the. xxiiii. daye of September, in the. xxxiiii. yere of his Maiesties most noble raygne, and delyuered to his Hyghnes in wrytyng, subscrybed with his owne hande on this fascyon.
Tyrrell, James, 1642-1718. / [MDCXCVI 1696] The general history of England, as well ecclesiastical as civil. Vol. I from the earliest accounts of time to the reign of his present Majesty King William : taken from the most antient records, manuscripts, and historians : containing the lives of the kings and memorials of the most eminent persons both in church and state : with the foundations of the noted monasteries and both the universities / by James Tyrrell.
Tyrrell, James, 1642-1718. / [1692] A brief disquisition of the law of nature according to the principles and method laid down in the Reverend Dr. Cumberland's (now Lord Bishop of Peterboroughs) Latin treatise on that subject : as also his confutations of Mr. Hobb's principles put into another method : with the Right Reverend author's approbation.
Tyrrell, James, 1642-1718. / [1694] Bibliotheca politica: or An enquiry into the ancient constitution of the English government both in respect to the just extent of regal power, and the rights and liberties of the subject. Wherein all the chief arguments, as well against, as for the late revolution, are impartially represented, and considered, in thirteen dialogues. Collected out of the best authors, as well antient as modern. To which is added an alphabetical index to the whole work.
Tyson, Edward, 1650-1708. / [1699] Orang-outang, sive, Homo sylvestris, or, The anatomy of a pygmie compared with that of a monkey, an ape, and a man to which is added, A philological essay concerning the pygmies, the cynocephali, the satyrs and sphinges of the ancients : wherein it will appear that they are all either apes or monkeys, and not men, as formerly pretended / by Edward Tyson ...