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Th. Tw. / [1653] An elegiack memoriall of the Right Honourable Generall Deane, &c.
Thachame, T. / [1552?] [An exhortation to despise the gifts], whych we receaue by faylynge fortune
Thayre, Thomas. / [1603] A treatise of the pestilence vvherein is shewed all the causes thereof, with most assured preseruatiues against all infection: and lastly is taught the true and perfect cure of the pestilence, by most excellent and approued medicines. Composed by Thomas Thayre chirurgian, for the benefite of his countrie, but chiefly for the honorable city of London.
Theobald, Francis, Sir, d. 1670. / [1667] A discourse concerning the basis and original of government with the absolute and indispensable necessity of it : wherein the excellency of monarchy above any other kind is evidently demonstrated : as it was delivered by way of charge to the grand-jury, at a quarter-sessions of the peace held at Ipswich in the county of Suffolk / by F.T., Esq., one of His Majesty's justices of the peace for the said county.
Theocritus. / [1684] The idylliums of Theocritus with Rapin's discourse of pastorals / done into English.
Theophilus, fl. 1638. / [in the yeare of our Lord MDC.XXXVIII. 1638] Divine and politike observations nevvly translated out of the Dutch language, vvherein they vvere lately divulged. Upon some lines in the speech of the Arch. B. of Canterbury, pronounced in the Starre-Chamber upon 14. June, 1637. Very expedient for preventing all prejudice, which as well through ignorance, as through malice and flattery, may be incident to the judgement which men make thereby, either of his Graces power over the Church, and with the King, or of the equity, justice, and wisdome of his end in his said speech, and of the reasons used by him for attaining to his said end
Thevet, André, 1502-1590. / [1568] The new found vvorlde, or Antarctike wherin is contained wo[n]derful and strange things, as well of humaine creatures, as beastes, fishes, foules, and serpents, trées, plants, mines of golde and siluer: garnished with many learned aucthorities, trauailed and written in the French tong, by that excellent learned man, master Andrevve Theuet. And now newly translated into Englishe, wherein is reformed the errours of the auncient cosmographers.
Thémines, Pons de Lauzière, marquis de, ca. 1553-1627. / [1593] The coppy of a letter written by the Lord of Themines, Seneschall of Quercy to the lord marshall Matignon, the kings lieuetenant generall in Guyenne, concerning the battaile at Villemure, and the victory atchieued against the ennemies of his maiesty. Also, a decree of the court of parliament sittinge at Chaalons, against a rescript in forme of a bull, directed to the Cardinal of Plaisance, and published by the rebels in Paris, in October last. Faithfully done into English by E.A. Hereunto are adioyned, the reportes of certiane letters, of newes out of France, and Sauoya.
Thomas, Anthony, Sir. / [Dated the 11. of Ianuary, 1629] The propositions of Sir Anthony Thomas, knight, and Iohn Worsop, Esquire for making of the bargaine with the country, and Henry Briggs, professor of the mathematicks in the vniuersitie of Oxford, Heldebrand Pruson, citizen and salter of London, and Cornelius Drible, engeneere, with the rest of the undertakers for the drayning of the Levell within the sixe counties of Norfolke, Suffolke, Cambridge, Isle of Elie, Huntington, North-hampton and Lincolne-shire, on the southside of Gleane.
Thomas, à Kempis, 1380-1471. / [1592] Soliloquium animæ. The sole-talke of the soule. Or, a spirituall and heauenlie dialogue betwixt the soule of man and God. Which, for the great affinitie it hath with other bookes of the auctor published heeretofore in our natiue tongue, is now entituled The fourth booke of the Imitation of Christ. Translated and corrected by Thomas Rogers. Neuer before published.
Thomas, à Kempis, 1380-1471. / [MDCLXXXIV. 1684] Dilyniad Christ a elwir yn gyffredin Thomas a Kempis. Gwedi ei gyfieithu'n Gymraec ers talm o amser ynol Editiwn yr Awdur gan Huw Owen Gwenynoc ym M̂on, Esq;
Thomas, John, fl. 1680. / [1680] Unum necessarium: sive practica definitio orationis. Ymarferol Athrawiaeth Gweddi yn Dangos bêth (ac mor angenrheidiol) yw'r Ddyledfwydd bwyffawr honno: Mewn trathawd byrr, O waith Joan Thomas, Y hwaelaf a'r anheilyngaf o weision Crîst.
Thomas, John, rhymester. / [in the year, 1661] A propheticall love-song by one of the sons of Zion, in the dayes of his youth, in his travel towards the holy land through the wilderness. Being a certain true testimony by an infallible spirit of prophesie, of what should befall him in his safe arrival there, with the certainty of that and his portion then. In which is intermingled the miserable estate of all the gentiles, the wicked world, the backsliding house of Israel, the Jews called by the name of Quakers, as it was given forth about the beginning of the a month, 1661. With several other things since, and some before, as at the beginning of each is expressed. And now published in its season, by John Thomas.
Thomas, William. / [1681] Practical piety, or, The pastor's last legacy to his beloved people directing how to walk with God in these apostatizing times. : With two most serious exhortatory epistles to satisfie the Christian readers, concerning the whole work. : To which is added morning and evening prayers for private families. / By that reverend divine, Mr. William Thomas, late rector of the Church of Ubley, in the County of Somerset, after his 44 years labours in the ministry in that place.
Thomas, William, 1593-1667. / [1657] A vindication of Scripture and ministery in a rejoynder to a reply not long since published by Thomas Speed ... : wherein sundry Scriptures are explained, divers questions (relating to these times) discussed, and the truth asserted against the exceptions of papists and Quakers : whereunto is adjoyned a postscript reflecting upon and returning answer to divers passages in Thomas Speed his last pamphlet / by William Thomas ...
Thomas, William, 1593-1667. / [1675] Scriptures opened and sundry cases of conscience resolved, in plain and practical answers to several questions, upon the proverbs of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel / by that faithful servant of Jesus Christ, William Thomas ...
Thomas, William, 1593-1667. / [1656] Rayling rebuked: or, A defence of the ministers of this nation: by way of answer to the unparrallel'd calumnies cast upon them in an epistle lately published by Thomas Speed merchant of Bristol, unhappily become the Quakers advocate. Wherein, some Scriptures are opened, and diverse things objected by the Quakers, examined and answered. With an hortatory epistle prefixed to fasten Christians to Jesus Christ in these un-glewing times, wherein so many play fast and loose with him. By William Thomas minister of the Gospel at Ubley.
Thomas, William, 1593-1667. / [M.DC.LXII. 1662] A preservative of piety in a quiet reasoning for those duties of religion, that are the means and helps appointed of God for the preserving and promoting of godliness. Namely, I. Of four Christian-duties, viz. 1. Reading the Scriptures. 2. Preparation for the Lords Supper. 3. Estimation of the ministry. 4. Sanctification of the Lords-day-Sabbath. II. Of four family-duties, viz. 1. Houshold-catechising. 2. Family-prayer. 3. Repeating of sermons. 4. Singing of Psalms. With an epistle prefixt, to inform and satisfie the Christian reader, concerning the whole treatise. By William Thomas, rector of the church at Ubley in the county of Somerset.
Thomas, William, 1593-1667. / [1661] Christian and conjugal counsell, or, Christian counsell, applyed unto the maried estate by Will. Thomas ...
Thomas, William, 1613-1689. / [1657] The regulating of law-suits, evidences, and pleadings an assize-sermon preach't at Carmarthen, March the 16th, 1656 / by William Thomas ...
Thomas, William, 1613-1689. / [1678] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable, the Lords assembled in Parliament, in the abbey church of St. Peters, Westminster upon the fast-day appointed April 10, 1678 by William, Lord Bishop of St. Davids.
Thomas, William, 1613-1689. / [1691] Echemythia Roman oracles silenced, or, The prime testimonies of antiquity produced by Henry Turbervil in his manual of controversies examined and refuted / by ... Dr. William Thomas ...
Thomas, William, 1613-1689. / [1688] The mammon of unrighteousness detected and purified in a sermon preached in the cathedral church of Worcester on Sunday the nineteenth of August, 1688 / by William Lord Bishop of Worcester.
Thomas, William, 1613-1689. / [1689] The Bishop of Worcester his letter to the clergy of his diocess
Thomas, William, 1613-1689. / [1679] An apology for the Church of England in point of separation from it by ... William Lord Bishop of St. Davids.
Thomas, William, Clerk of the Council to Edward VI. / [Anno Domini. M.D.XLIX. 1549] The historie of Italie a boke excedyng profitable to be redde: because it intreateth of the astate of many and diuers common weales, how thei haue ben, [and] now be gouerned.
Thomas, William, Clerk of the Council to Edward VI. / [Anno. M. D. XLIX. 1549] The vanitee of this world
Thomas, William, Sir, d. 1653? / [1641] A speech of VVilliam Thomas, esqvire in Parliament in May 1641 being a short view and examination of the actions of bishops in Parliament from Anno Dom. 1116 to this present of 1641 in the severall reignes of 23 kings and queens of this kingdome of England, &c. : in all and each of their times it is made to appeare they have been most obnoxious to prince and people and therefore that it is not fit or convenient that they should continue members of that honourable House in which they have beene so disloyally and traiterously affected to regality and no lesse mischievous and pernicious to church and commonwealth.
Thomas, William, Sir, d. 1653? / [1641] A speech of VVilliam Thomas, esquire Ianurary, 1641 concerning the right of Bishops sitting and voting in Parliament : wherein hee humbly delivereth his opinion that their sitting and voting there is not onely inconvenient and unlawfull
Thomas, William, Sir, d. 1653? / [1641] Master VVilliam Thomas esquire his speech in Parliament Iune 1641 concerning deanes and their office : what it was originally and what it is at this present : and being proved to be for little use yes of great abuse therefore declared not only unnecessary but ought rather to be utterly abolished.
Thompson, Isaac, engine-maker. / [1680?] Advertisement. These are to give notice; that Isaac Thompson (His Majesty's sworn Engine-Maker) hath found out a way with a brass elbow and joint, to fasten a leather pipe upon any common or church engine, which (in case of fire) shall not only carry the water as high and as far to the front of a house, ...
Thompson, Nathaniel, d. 1687. / [1684] A choice collection of 120 loyal songs, all of them written since the two late plots, (viz.) the horrid Salamanca Plot in 1678, and the fanatical conspiracy in 1683. Intermixt with some new love songs with a table to find every song to which is added, an anagram, and an accrostick on the Salamanca doctor
Thompson, Nathaniel, d. 1687. / [1684] An account of the proceedings against Nathaniel Thomson, upon his tryal at the Kings Bench-Bar Westminster who was tryed, and found guilty on Wednesday the 26th of November 1684. for printing a dangerous and seditious libel, intitled the Prodigal return'd home, asserting the Popes supremacy in ecclesiastical affaires, &c.
Thompson, Nathaniel, d. 1687, defendant. / [1682] The tryal of Nathaniel Thompson, William Pain, and John Farwell upon an information exhibited by the Kings Attorney General against them, for writing, printing and publishing libels, by way of letters and other prints, reflecting upon the justice of the nation, in the proceedings against the murderers of Sir Edmond-bvry Godfrey : at Guild-hal on Tuesday June the 20th, 1682, where after a full hearing they were convicted : together with an accompt of several affidavits read in His Majesties Court of Kings Bench and other matters at the time of their receiving sentence : to which is added by way of appendix, several other affidavits which further confirm the testimony of Mr. Prance, given upon the tryal of Green, Berry and Hill about that murder, with some observations touching the said Thompson, Farwell and Pain.
Thompson, Nathaniel, d. 1687, defendant. / [1682] The tryal of Nathanael Thompson, John Farewell, William Pain before the Right Honourable Sir Fran. Pemberton, Kt., Lord Chief Justice of England, by nisi prius at Guild-Hall, London, the twentieth of June, 1682, for writing and publishing scandalous letters to Mr. Miles Prance, in relation to the death of Sir Edmund-bury Godfrey
Thompson, Thomas. / [1675] The Quakers quibbles in three parts : first set forth in an expostulatory epistle to Will. Pfnn [i.e. Penn] concerning the late meeting held to Barbycan between the Baptists and the Quakers, also the pretended prophet Lod. Muggleton and the Quakers compared : the second part, in reply to a quibbling answer to G. Whiteheads, entituled The Quakers plainness ... : the third part, being a continuation of their quibbles ... / by the same indifferent pen.
Thompson, William, d. 1649. / [Sept. 18. 1645] Montrosse totally routed at Tividale in Scotland on Saturday last, by Lieutenant Generall Lesly, where were taken and kill'd two thousand foot, eight hundred horse, and nine knights; and all the Kings papers and writings sent to Montrosse are taken. Sent to a member of the Honorable House of Commons, and appointed to be forthwith printed.
Thompson, William, d. 1649. / [Printed in the yeer, 1649] Englands standard advanced in Oxfordshire, or, A declaration from Mr. VVil. Thompson, and the oppressed people of this nation, now under his conduct in the said county. Dated at their randezvouz, May 6. 1649. Whereunto is added An agreement of the free people of England, as the grounds of their resolutions.
Thomson, George, 17th cent. / [1675] Ortho-methodoz itro-chymikē: or the direct method of curing chymically Wherein is conteined [sic] the original matter, and principal agent of all natural bodies. Also the efficient and material cause of diseases in general. Their therapeutick way and means. I. Diætetical, by rectifying eating, drinking, &c. II. Pharmaceutick. 1. By encreasing and supporting the vital spirits. 2. By pacifying and indulging them. 3. By defacing or blotting out the idea of diseases by proper specificks. Lastly, by removing the extimulating or occasional cause of maladies. To which is added, The art of midwifery chymically asserted. The character of an ortho-cymist, and pseudochymist. A description of the sanative virtues of our stomach-essence. Also, giawo-mempsiz: or a just complaint of the method of the Galenists. By George Thomson, M.D.
Thomson, George, 17th cent. / [1666] Loimotomia, or, The pest anatomized in these following particulars, Viz. 1. The material cause of the pest, 2. The efficient cause of the pest, 3. The subject part of the pest, 4. The signs of the pest, 5. An historical account of the dissections of a pestilential body by the author, and the consequences thereof, 6. Reflections and observations on the fore-said dissection, 7. Directions preservative and curative against the pest : together with the authors apology against the calumnies of the Galenists, and a word to Mr. Nath. Hodges, concerning his late Vindiciae medicinae / by George Thomson.
Thomson, George, 17th cent. / [1671] Misochymias elenchos, or, A check given to the insolent garrulity of Henry Stubbe in vindication of my Lord Bacon and the author : with an assertion of experimental philosophy : also some practical observations exhibited for the credit of the true chymical science : by George Thomson ...
Thomson, George, 17th cent. / [1665] Loimologia A consolatory advice, and some brief observations concerning the present pest. By Geo. Thomson, Dr of physick.
Thomson, George, 17th cent. / [1672] A letter sent to Mr. Henry Stubbe wherein the Galenical method & medicaments, as likewise bloud-letting in particular, are offered to be proved ineffectual or destructibve to mankind, by experimental demonstrations : also his answer thereunto by letter / on which animadversions are made by Geo. Thomson, Dr. of physick ; by whom is added a vindication of his stomach-essence, or alexi-stomachon and other really-powerful remedies, from the malicious slanders and active ignorance of the Galenists.
Thomson, George, 17th cent. / [1665] Galeno-pale, or, A chymical trial of the Galenists, that their dross in physick may be discovered with the grand abuses and disrepute they have brought upon the whole art of physick and chirurgery ... To which is added an appendix De litho-colo ... / by Geo. Thomson ...
Thomson, George, fl. 1648-1679. / [1665] Plano-pnigmos, or, A gag for Johnson that published animadversions upon Galen-pale and, a scourge for that pitiful fellow Mr. Galen that dictated to him a scurrillous Greek title / by Geo. Thomson.
Thorius, Raphael, d. 1625. / [1651] Hymnus tabaci a poem in honour of tabaco. Heroïcally composed by Raphael Thorius: made English by Peter Hausted Mr of Arts Camb.
Thornborough, John, 1551-1641. / [1641] A discourse shewing the great happiness that hath and may still accrue to His Majesties kingdomes of England and Scotland by re-uniting them into one Great Britain in two parts / by John Bristol.
Thornes, Edward. / [1615] Encomium Salopiæ, or the description of the pleasant situation, commendable gouernement, and rarities, of the ancient and famous towne of Shrowesbury. By Edward Thornes of McIverley gent
Thoroton, Robert, 1623-1678. / [1677] The antiquities of Nottinghamshire extracted out of records, original evidences, leiger books, other manuscripts, and authentick authorities : beautified with maps, prospects, and portraictures / by Robert Thoroton ...
Thorowgood, Thomas, d. ca. 1669. / [1650] Ievves in America, or, Probabilities that the Americans are of that race. With the removall of some contrary reasonings, and earnest desires for effectuall endeavours to make them Christian. / Proposed by Tho: Thorovvgood, B.D. one of the Assembly of Divines.
Thorowgood, Thomas, d. ca. 1669. / [1652] Digitus dei: nevv discoveryes with sure arguments to prove that the Jews (a Nation) or people lost in the world for the space of near 200 years, inhabite now in America; how they came thither; their manners, customs, rites and ceremonies; the unparallel'd cruelty of the Spaniard to them; and that the Americans are of that race. Manifested by reason and scripture, which foretell the calling of the Jewes; and the restitution of them into their own land, and the bringing back of the ten tribes from all the ends and corners of the earth, and that great battell to be fought. With the removall of some contrary reasonings, and an earnest desire for effectuall endeavours to make them Christians. Whereunto is added an epistolicall discourse of Mr John Dury, with the history of Ant: Monterinos, attested by Manasseh Ben Israell, a chief rabby. By Tho: Thorowgood, B:D.
Thorowthistle, Theophilus. / [1674] Sober reflections, or, A solid confutation of Mr. Andrew Marvel's work in a letter ab Ignoto ad Ignotum.
Thorpe, William, d. 1407? / [1530] The examinacion of Master William Thorpe preste accused of heresye before Thomas Arundell, Archebishop of Ca[n]terbury, the yere of ower Lord .MCCCC. and seuen. The examinacion of the honorable knight syr Jhon Oldcastell Lorde Cobham, burnt bi the said Archebisshop, in the fyrste yere of Kynge Henry the Fyfth.
Throckmorton, Job, 1545-1601. / [1589] M. Some laid open in his coulers VVherein the indifferent reader may easily see, hovve vvretchedly and loosely he hath handeled the cause against M. Penri. Done by an Oxford man, to his friend in Cambridge.
Thucydides. / [the xxv. day of Iuly in the yeare of oure Lorde God a thousande, fyue hundredde and fyftye. 1550] The hystory writtone by Thucidides the Athenyan of the warre, whiche was betwene the Peloponesians and the Athenyans, translated oute of Frenche into the Englysh language by Thomas Nicolls citezeine and goldesmyth of London
Thucydides. / [1629] Eight bookes of the Peloponnesian Warre written by Thucydides the sonne of Olorus. Interpreted with faith and diligence immediately out of the Greeke by Thomas Hobbes secretary to ye late Earle of Deuonshire
Thwing, Thomas, d. 1680. / [1681] The proceedings at the assizes holden at York, the 24th day of July, 1680, before ... Sir William Dolben ... and Sir Edward Atkyns ... then judges of assize for the northern circuit, against several prisoners then indicted for the horrid Popish Plot against the life of the King and for subversion of the government and Protestant religion : with an accompt at large of the arraignment of Sir Miles Stapleton ... , and of the tryal, condemnation and execution of Thomas Thwing for the same plot.
Thwing, Thomas, d. 1680. / [1680] The last speech of Thomas Thwing priest; executed at York for high-trenson [sic], on Saturday the 23. of October 1680.
Thynne, Francis, 1545?-1608. / [1652] The perfect ambassadour treating of the antiquitie, priveledges, and behaviour of men belonging to that function. / By F.T. Esquire.