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springen v.
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Note: Cp. aspringen v., bispringen v., inspringen v., outspringen v., sprengen v., upspringen v.
(a) Of a spring, fountain, river, etc.: to spring up, bubble out, gush forth, flow; also fig.; ppl. springinge, flowing, bubbling; (b) ~ oute (up), to flow forth, well up; gush (from a place); also fig.; ben sprungen oute; (c) of a well: to cause (water, oil, etc.) to spring forth, emit; also fig.; ~ oute (up); (d) of a hawk:?to discharge water from the nostrils; also, of a snake: discharge (venom).
(a) Of grass, leaves, branches, etc.: to come up, come out; sprout, grow; also fig.; -- also refl.; of flowers: bloom, open; ~ of (from, oute of), grow or sprout from (sb., sth., or some place); also fig.; ben sprungen; ppl. springinge, growing; blooming; sprungen, grown, having grown; also fig.; (b) ~ up (forth), to burgeon, grow, blossom; ben sprungen up (oute); also fig.; (c) to produce (fruit, blossoms, etc.), bear, yield; ~ oute; also fig.; (d) of hair, teeth, a beard, a horn: to grow, begin to grow, appear; grow (a beard) [1st quot.]; also, of an ulcer, a blain, etc.: appear on the body or skin; ~ up; ben sprungen (up; ppl. sprungen, of a beard: grown.
(a) Of the day: to dawn, break; of the sun, a star: rise, appear; of light, morning, etc.: appear; also fig.; ~ up; ben sprungen; ppl. sprungen, of the day: dawning; sprungen up, of the sun: having risen; (b) impers. hit sprang (the) dai light (the daies light), daylight appeared, the day dawned; (c) to extend upward; of an island: emerge (from the sea); ~ up; (d) of the sea or the tide: to rise, increase; ~ up; (e) to grow, increase; also, flourish, thrive; ben sprungen; (f) to cause (sb.) to rise in status, elevate; create (cardinals), establish (the cardinalate); ~ to, dub (sb. a knight); ppl. sprungen, of knights: dubbed, promoted.
(a) To arise, originate, begin; happen, occur, come about; also, of a word: issue from (sb.) [quot.: a1450 7 Sages(3)]; ~ up; ben sprungen; ppl. sprungen, occurring or having occurred; (b) ~ of (o, from, oute of), to come from (sb., sth., etc.), come out of, originate in; ben sprungen of, of a bird: be hatched from (eggshells); ben sprungen oute of, come out from (a place); (c) to be born; ~ of (o, oute of), be born or descended from (sb., a stock, etc.); ~ forth of, ~ of o (of); ben (worthen) sprungen, be born; also fig. [quot.: ?a1425]; ben sprungen of (oute of), be descended from (sb.), be born of (sb. or one's blood); sprungen of, descended from (sb., a people, etc.).
(a) To leap, bound; jump with joy or excitement; move suddenly, go quickly, run, dash off; ?also fig. [quot.: c1390(?c1350)]; also fig. of the penis [quot.: a1475]; jump (onto a horse); leap (into a place); rush (to sb.); charge (into battle); of a bird: fly about; cause (a horse) to gallop; ride (a horse) to exhaustion; ~ togeder, rush against each other in fighting; (b) ~ oute (abouten, forth, in, up); ~ oute of, to jump out from (a place); also fig. & iron. [quot.: c1450 Dice(1)]; (c) to rebound, snap; spring loose (from sb. or sth.); of a beam of light: issue (from the sky), flash; of a blast of wind: blow (toward sth.); also, deal (a blow); ppl. springinge, pliant; (d) of the heart: to feel elated; feel or become confident; of the spirit: ascend; (e) of fire, flame, a spark: to leap; fly (from sth.); of blood or milk: spurt; gush (from a place, a bodily part, etc.); ~ oute (doun); ppl. sprungen, of a spark: let loose; (f) to shatter (into pieces or fragments); of the heart: break; also glossing L enervare; ben sprungen, be shattered; ?be sprained [quot.: c1475].
(a) Of news, fame, a message, etc.: to spread, be reported, become known; ~ oute (up); (b) to cause (someone's reputation or honor) to spread, make known; ~ abrode, disseminate (knowledge, teaching); ben sprungen, be renowned or celebrated; be made known; also, of a law: be promulgated (by Antichrist); wide sprungen, renowned; (c) to extend (to a certain length); of an odor: be diffused; of an emotion: spread (through one's heart); of a physical feature: be transmitted (to one's offspring); of a tree: spread; -- used fig.; (d) of a custom or belief: to be established, become prevalent; ?of a blessing: spread (over sb.); ~ oute; ben (wide) sprungen, be prevalent, become common or established, be widespread.
(a) To sprinkle (holy water, medicinal powder, etc.); -- also without obj.; also fig. with clause as obj. [quot.: c1450(c1415)]; emit (beams), radiate; -- used fig.; ~ abrode, cause a dispersion or scattering; ~ of, shake off (water); sprungen (abouten, sprinkled; (b) to sprinkle (sb. or sth. with sth.); moisten (grass or plants with dew), moisten (sth. with a liquid); ?decorate (food) by sprinkling coloring; -- also without obj.; also, of an olive: be sprinkled (with salt); ~ upon, bless (sb.) by sprinkling holy water; ppl. sprungen, flecked, mottled, spotted; mixed (with sth.); watered, moistened; also fig.; also, of a garment: spattered or stained (with blood); (c) to bestow (grace), distribute; endow (sb. with love); ~ in, ?engender or instill (virtue).