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sǒur adj.
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(a) Sour to the taste, tart, bitter; also fig.; also in prov. expressions; also, used of taste: ~ savour (tast), sapoure ~; (b) ~ stok (tre), a tree that produces sour fruit; (c) foul to the smell, stinking; -- also used of smell; (d) of blood, bodily humors, sulphur, etc.: acrid, acidic; ~ fleume, phlegm mixed with melancholy, sour phlegm.
(a) Of milk, ale, or wine: soured, overfermented; (b) of dough: fermented; of bread: leavened; ~ bred (lof); ~ dough, q.v.; ~ levain, levain wel ~, a fermenting agent used in medicinal recipes, sourdough.
(a) Bitter, harsh; unpleasant, disagreeable; also, of tears: expressing grief, bitter; (b) vile, base.
(a) Unattractive, unpleasant-looking; of facial expression, a look: agonized, angry, fearful; ~ contenaunce (semblaunt); ~ eied, bleary-eyed; ~ loten, ill-looking [cp. loten adj. (Suppl.)]; (b) ill-tempered, spiteful, hateful, malicious; ~ chere (herte); (c) ~ greme, rage, vengefulness.
(a) In surnames; (b) in place names [see Smith PN Elem.2.169].