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slippen v.
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Note: Cp. aslippen v., sleppen v.
(a) To move quietly or stealthily; slip away, escape; also fig.; ~ awei, of blood: flow away; fig. of wealth: dissipate; ~ bi, pass by quietly; ~ doun, let oneself down, slide down; ~ in, pass in easily; also fig.; ben slipped, have passed away; ppl. slipping as adj.: transient; (b) leten ~, to release (sth.); allow (sb. or sth.) to fall; unleash (dogs); fig. ignore (sth.), skip; leten ~ aside (on side), ignore (sth.), put aside; maken ~ aside from, cause (sb.) to fail to keep (oaths); (c) to slide, move from a set position; fig. of an utterance: slip (from sb.); ~ oute of, slip out of (someone's hand); fig. slip from (one's memory); slipped of, having slid or slipped off (from sth.); ppl. slipping as adj.: sliding; slipping knot, a slipknot; (d) ~ in, to push in (one's finger), insert; (e) to peel (sth.); ~ spindel, strip yarn from a spindle.
(a) To sink (into sleep); ~ and slepen, fall asleep; ~ on (upon) slepe; ben slipped upon slepe, have fallen into sleep; (b) to fall (into error); fig. of the tongue: err, speak evil; (c) to manage (not to be killed), contrive; (d) to change, alter; (e) to pass (one's days), spend, waste; (f) ?to flatter (sb.).