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rēden v.(1)
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To read; engage in reading; also, know how to read; ~ in, read in (a book); also fig.; read on (a surface); ~ on, read or read in (a book, etc.); also fig.; ~ of (upon); connen ~, know how to read; lernen (leren) ~ on bok, learn how to read; (b) to read (graphic characters or sth. written in them); peruse (a book, letter, etc.); -- also without obj.; also fig.; read (an author); (c) ~ over, to read (a letter, book, etc.) over; -- also without obj.; also fig.; ~ forth (on), read on; (d) ~ or heren, ~ other iheren, to read or hear (a book, etc.); heren or (other) ~, etc.; (e) to read often; read often with eagerness or attention; (f) to read through.
(a) To read for particular information; ~ in, read in (a book, etc.) for particular information; ~ on, read (a book) for further information; (b) to read (an author, a book, etc.) for particular or further information; ~ doun bi roue, read (a story) line by line for particular information; (c) ~ over, to read (a book) throughout for particular information; ~ in-to (forth in-to), read to (a part of a book) for particular information; ~ from ende to other.
(a) To read with understanding (a particular language or dialect, a technical notation); (b) to read and understand (sth. written in a particular language or in a mixture of languages, etc.); read (a word taken in a certain way); ~ in, read with understanding (sth.) in (a particular language).
To read (a book of the Bible) as canonical or authoritative; read (a portion of text in the Bible, a version of the Bible) as authoritative.
(a) To read aloud; ~ on, read or read in (a book, etc.) aloud; ~ in (upon), read aloud in (a book, etc.); ~ of, read aloud from (a roll); ppl. redinge as noun: a reader; (b) to read (a book, words, etc.) aloud; also fig.; read or recite (a charm, written prayer, etc.); ~ over, read (a book) aloud completely; ~ names, read out names, call a roll of names; (c) heren ~, heren (ben) red, to hear (a book, etc.) read; (d) to read (sb. a romance, etc.); ~ of, read (to sb.) from (Scripture); ~ to, read to (sb.); read (a part of a book, etc.) to (sb.); (e) to read (sth.) aloud in a particular language; ~ in; heren red, hear (sth.) read in a particular language.
(a) To read aloud or chant during a church service; ~ and singen, singen and ~, etc.; ~ or singen; -- used as meaningless rime tag; (b) to read or chant (a church service or part of one); ~ and singen (seien), singen and ~, ~ other singen, etc.; heren ~ or singen, hear (a service) read or sung; (c) to celebrate (mass) for someone; ~ and singen (singen and ~) for, celebrate masses for (sb., his soul); (d) to read during a Jewish Sabbath service; read (a Biblical text) during a Sabbath service; (e) to read aloud in the refectory in a monastic community; read (sth.) in the refectory.
To read aloud (a formal petition, charge, etc.) for official consideration in Parliament, a court of law, etc.
(a) To learn by reading; learn (sth.) by reading, find out; read about (sb. or sth.); also fig.; find or see (a statement) in written form; (b) ~ hou (hou that, that), to read how, etc. (sth. is so, sb. does sth.); -- sometimes without conj.; ~ of, read about (sb. or sth.); ~ bi, read about (sb.); (c) to read (a book, etc.) saying (that sth. is so, etc.); (d) in parenthetical expressions: as ich rede, as me (mon) redeth, as clerkes reden, etc.; as we reden of, as we read about (sb.); we reden thus, so we reden, etc.
(a) To read aloud (some matter, that sth. is so, etc.); ~ of; (b) to read aloud (to sb. concerning sth., how sth. happens, etc.); (c) iheren ~, to hear (doctrine, a statement) read aloud.
To read aloud or chant (sth.) during church services; ~ of, read aloud or chant about (sb.) during church services; as men reden, as people read during church services; as ye heren ~, as you hear read aloud during church services.
(a) To teach; instruct (sb.); teach (sb. to do sth.); of God's words: be instructive to (sb.); ~ in, offer instruction in (a subject) [quot.: a1425]; ~ of, teach about (sth.); teach (sb.) about (sth.); ben red in, be instructed in (a field), become learned in; (b) to teach (a subject, moral lesson); give (a lecture); ~ in chaiere of, teach authoritatively (an opinion); (c) to teach (sth. to sb.); ~ in-to (to); ~ in chaiere, teach authoritatively (a moral lesson to sb.); (d) to preach; preach (to sb.); preach (a sermon); (e) to study (a subject), learn (to do sth.); (f) red of, possessed of knowledge concerning (sth.), versed in.
(a) To relate (a narrative), tell (a story), recount (sth.); describe (emotions, attire, etc.); ~ that (hou, whi, etc.), tell that, etc. (sth. happens, sth. is so, etc.); heren ~, hear tell of (sth.); (b) to narrate or describe something; ~ of, tell of (sb. or sth.); ~ o, tell of (sb.); heren ~ of, hear (sb.) tell of (sb. or sth.), hear tell of (sb.).
(a) To explain something; state (sth.) in speech or writing; utter (a truth); express (repentance); proclaim (power, a name); state (that sth. is so); explain (how sth. is so); (b) to say something, speak; utter (words), state (a cause), cite (a proverb), etc.; ~ redels, speak enigmatically; ~ in berd, mutter, mumble; (c) to recite (poetry, the Creed); give a verbatim account of (a debate); declaim (a dramatic narrative); perform (singing or music); play (a tune or a hunting call); ~ on, play on (an instrument) [for pun cp. 1a.(a)]; (d) to mention or speak of (a subject, atime, etc.); give (a name); ~ of, speak of (sb.).
(a) To interpret (a dream, parable, etc.); solve (a riddle); (b) to interpret a foreign language; ~ on, of words in a given language: to be interpreted in (a different language).
(a) To perceive something, discern; discern (sth.), see; realize (sth.), deduce; grasp the meaning of (a sign, the stars, etc.); (b) to believe; also, intend; think (sth., that sth. is so), believe; (c) to form a conjecture, guess; guess (sth., who does sth., what sth. is); (d) to count (a number of entities), enumerate, estimate; ~ accountes, make up accounts.
(a) To counsel, give advice; advise (sb., oneself); exhort (troops); incite or tempt (the soul); (b) ~ to (til), to advise or urge (sb.) toward (a certain course); ~ ther-to (ther-til); (c) to advise (sth.); ~ red, give advice; devise a plan (that sth. be done); advise (what sb. should do); (d) to advise (sth. to sb.); ~ red, give (sb.) advice; give (sb.) advice (to do sth., to whom to give sth.).
(a) To advise (sb. to do sth.), urge; advise (to do sth.); ~ to, advise (sb. to do sth.); (b) to advise (sb. that, how, where sth. be done); advise (that, how, where sth. be done); -- sometimes without conj.; (c) with impv. clause as obj.; also with person as obj. & impv. clause; ~ to; (d) with ellipsis of obj. clause or phrase.
To order (sth.); bid (sb. to do sth., sth. to be done, that sth. be done); -- also with impv. clause as obj.; ~ to, direct (sb.) into (a marriage).
To confer, consult together; -- also refl.; confer about (a course of action).
(a) To decide (sth.) in council; resolve in council (to do sth.); -- also refl.; decide (that sth. be done); (b) to agree; ~ on, agree together on (sth.).
(a) To decree (an event); ~ for, arrange (sth.) for (sb.), decide; (b) to appoint (sb. to govern); select (sb. to do sth.).
(a) To guide (sb., oneself) to a place; also, fig. direct (oneself); bring (sb. into or out of sorrow, anxiety); ~ to, direct (sb.) to (Christ); ~ til, arrive at (a place); (b) chiefly of God, Christ, the Virgin Mary: to be provident for (sb. or sth.), keep, save, direct; also, of a boastful person: support (sb.), pay; ~ for, provide for (sb., a monastery); ~ in, direct (sb.) in (a way of life); (c) in asseverations: so god me rede, etc.
(a) To govern (a people, land, etc.), rule; exercise a husband's authority over (a woman); ~ ayen, lead (a people) against (an enemy); (b) to exercise control over (everything, one's senses, the soul); manage (an office), exercise (authority); administer (justice); (c) to carry out one's intention; (d) to deal with (sb.); ?strike (sb.); strike(on someone's head).
(a) To prepare, get ready; prepare (sth.); refl. prepare (to do sth.); (b) to make (sb.) ready for a beating; (c) to decorate (sth.).

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  • c1400 *Bk.Mother (Bod 416)25/20 : 'Blessid be he,' seyþ Seynt Ion, 'þat rat and hereþ þe wordes of þis boke and kepeþ hem þat ben write þerinne.'
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