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hōl(e adj.(2)
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Note: Cp. heil adj.
(a) Of a person, animal, the body, part of the body: healthy, cured, healed, free from disease or defect; also fig.; maken ~, to heal (sb.); (b) ~ and fere (quert, sound), heil (herti, strong) and ~, healthy and strong, hale and hearty; sek and ~, in sickness and in health; ~ or sek, sek or ~, healthy or sick; (c) al ~ [often indistinguishable from al-hol adj.], well, healthy, healed; (d) ~ be (seo, worth) thou, may you be well; ~ as a fish (trout), ~ as (sum) ani trout, healthy as a fish [see also fish ~]; (e) of a person's physical condition, life, spirits: hearty, sound; of a wound: healed; fig. of a wrong: amended: (f) of plants: healthy, flourishing; (g) as noun: a healthy person, animal, fruit, or part of the body; healthy flesh.
(a) Morally healthy, upright; spiritually saved; al ~; maken ~, to deliver (sb. from sin); rectify (vices); (b) cheerful, happy; relieved of love-longing, sorrow, etc.; maken ~, to cheer up (sb.); ~ and sound (fere, seur); (c) mentally well; sane; ~ in (of) minde, of ~ minde, with ~ wittes, of sound mind.
(a) Of food, drink, air, pasture: wholesome, healthful; also fig.; (b) of words, advice: sound, helpful.
(a) Of persons, animals, or parts of the body: safe, unharmed, uninjured; stonden ~, to be unharmed; -- also in proverbs; (b) ~ and fere (heil, sound, isound), in ~ quert, safe and sound, alive and unwounded; also fig.; (c) of virgins: chaste, pure; (d) free from blame, safe from reproach; ~ and cler.
(a) Of things: not broken, intact; not damaged, in good condition; ~ soun, the sound given off by an undamaged bell, etc.; in point ~, in good condition, intact; ~ and fere (sound, isound); (b) of corpses or parts of them: not decayed, well preserved; al ~, ~ and sound; (c) of honor: unimpaired; of a law or principle: unviolated; of a title: clear; of the crown, royal authority: unimpaired; of free will: inviolate; of a secret: undivulged; of an election: unhampered, not interfered with; of prayer: uninterrupted; (d) as noun: an undamaged thing; -- with reference to land.
(a) All in one piece, undivided, whole; al ~; (b) solid; of a garment: not open; of a breastplate: not hinged; of a leaf: not divided or lobed; (c) of persons: together, not separated; also, harmonious, united [2nd quot.]; (d) ~ foted, of birds: web-footed; of animals: with solid, uncloven hoofs.
(a) Lacking no part, complete; ~ the, the ~ al, the entire, the whole; (b) of an amount, number, sum of money, etc.: undiminished, full, complete; ~ taxe, a tax levied as a lump rather than on the assessed valuation of property [cp. tallage]; (c) of a period of time: full, complete; al ~; (d) of a group of persons or animals, a church, country, household, army, etc.: lacking no member; al ~ and sound; thre ~, ~ trinite, all members of the Trinity; ~ and som, one and all; (e) of a set of things, suit of armor, fleet of ships, tackle of a ship, body of teachings, etc.: complete, all of; al ~; (f) with plural nouns: whole, all; the ~ armes, all the weapons; the ~ barounes, all of the barons; etc.; (g) her. ~ armes, complete coat of arms; sheuing ~ face, facing the viewer, gardant.
(a) Of qualities, conditions, attributes: full, complete; ~ entente, full significance; ~ might, ~ trust, etc.; (b) of the heart, will, mind, emotions: whole, entire; with ~ herte (entente, entencioun), in ~ herte (intente, minde), of ~ herte (entente), wholeheartedly; (c) of assent, agreement, opinion: unanimous; bi ~ avis of, on the advice of all of; with ~ soun (voice, wille), unanimously; (d) of an action: complete; ~ maistrie, total victory; ~ harm, full extent of damage or injury; (e) of a bone fracture: complete; (f) ~ hete, ?heat emanating from the whole of a substance or thing; (g) ~ prime, the second hour after sunrise; ~ undern, the fourth hour after sunrise [cp. heigh 6.]; (h) math. whole, integral; also cubic [last quot.]; ~ nombre.
(a) Of cloth or a piece of cloth: of full size, having certain standard measurements; (b) of canopies, garments, etc.: full-length, full sized; (c) of wine: unadulterated; (d) ~ moneie, a denomination of value for which a coin is provided.
(a) Of a ruler, an heir: sole, undisputed; (b) of persons: perfect (in some respect); (c) ~ brother, full brother, a brother of the same parents, of ~ blod, of a given ancestry by both parents.
Of a number: great; holer (more ~) partie, the majority of a body of persons.
(a) Of persons, the heart: true, honest, faithful; firm, steadfast; (b) of a story: unaltered, true; of an oath: solemn; of countenance, words, demeanor: sincere, open; maken hit ~, to give an appearance of sincerity.
As interj.: hail [cp. heil].

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1450 Eagle Magic in Tul.SE 22 (Add 34111)23/34 : For ache and for sorenes þat falleþ to þe cop of the heued, Take þe mouþe of þe cop of þe heued of þe egle and bere it in a purse y-made of hertes leþer and y-leyd þer-vpon makeþ hope þe cope of þe heued.
  • Note: New spelling (error) hope
  • (1459) Will York in Sur.Soc.30237 : I witt to the house of Newsom..j houle basyn for to whessh thare corporaxes in.
  • Note: New spelling for 4.(a) or 6.(a)
  • ?a1425 *MS Htrn.95 (Htrn 95)98b/a : And ʒif it nede þat a wounde oþer a fissure of þe braine panne be made more large, enlarge þe wounde on þat side þat is moste hurte; but ʒif þe wounde be towarde þe commissures of þe braine panne, for in þat case allonelie þe wounde most ben enlarged on þat partie þat is holest.
  • a1450 Dur-CRO.Bk.Hawking (Dur-CRO Roll D/X/76/7)36/234 : Thow sal say hole-fotyd fawlis lyeng and noʒt sittyng.
  • a1486 Sln.Bk.Hawking (Sln 3488)140 : Then most thou take a siluer spone, and ley the smal ende in þe fire til hit be hote..and opon the mouthe, and bren hir there the sore is, and then annoynte it with the mary that is in a goce wynge..and she shal be hole as a fissh.
  • c1400 Sln.468 Cook.Recipes (Sln 468)88.23/6 : Tak harde soþen eyren & kepe þe ʒelkes hole & hacke smale þe white.
  • Note: Additional quote(s)