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wǒnen v.(1)
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(a) To live (somewhere), reside, dwell; also fig.; ppl. woninge, residing [quots. a1400 Usages Win. & ?c1400]; (b) to remain (somewhere for a period of time), sojourn; (c) to take up habitation (with sb., animals, etc.), abide; dwell (with God in heaven, with devils in hell, etc.); (d) ~ mid wif, to have sexual relations; ~ samen, cohabit; ~ togeder, share a dwelling (with a mate); (e) ppl. woninge as noun: one who inhabits a place;—also coll.
(a) To continue to be (in a certain state or condition); ~ in thin wit, continue to be reasonable; ~ riche, dwell in splendor; (b) to remain, stay; remain (near sb.); also, persist; (c) to exist, be; live; (d) ~ on crist (inne god, etc.).
(a) To be present (inside sb., a body, or part of the body); also, inhere (in the blood); (b) ~ in (mid, on), to maintain a spiritual presence within (sb., an idol, etc.), indwell, inform; ppl. woninge, indwelling; (c) to be a prevailing influence, exercise influence; ~ togeder.
(a) To be accustomed or used;—sometimes with inf. following; (b) to accustom or habituate (sb., oneself to sth. or to do sth.); ~ from, disaccustom (oneself) from (sth.), leave off; wel ~, q.v.; (c) to apply (sth. to sb.) assiduously.
Ppl. wont [cp. iwoned ppl.]: (a) ben wont, to tend by habit, be accustomed;—usu. used in as clause; also, be accustomed (to sth.); (b) ben wont, with inf.: to tend by habit (to do sth.), be accustomed; also, be accustomed (to have sth.); (c) as adj., usu. attrib. but occas. postpositive: customary, accustomed; (d) ben wont, to be inclined (to sth.); with inf.: be inclined (to do or be sth.); (e) to be normally or typically;—used in than clause; be normal (to sth.) [quot. a1382 WBible(1) Prol.Esth.]; with inf.: be normal, typical, or conventional (to be sth., to be in a place, to have sth. done, etc.); also, in past tense: used (to be, to be sth., etc.); (f) ben wont, to be habituated (to sth.); also, ppl. wont, habituated [quot. ?a1425(c1380)]; experienced [quot. ?a1425]; (g) ben wont, to have a natural tendency or capacity (to do or be sth.); (h) ben wont, to be established by custom [quot. c1430]; be established by common practice, a standard, etc. (to be done); (i) usen wont, in pleonastic phrase: to be accustomed (to do sth.).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1400 Roy.17.A.3 Artist.Recipes (Roy 17.A.3) 239/34 : Take oold childis vreyne þat is wonyd to drink good wiyn, and seþe it wel in a caudrun.
  • Note: Additional quote, sense 4b.(a).
    Note: New spelling (ppl.) = wonid.