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trinitẹ̄ n.
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The state of having three parts, threefoldness, threeness; also, a threesome, triad, trio.
Eccl. & theol.(a) In Christian doctrine: the existence of one God in three persons, the state of being triune; god in ~; (b) the three persons of the Godhead; the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as constituting one God, the triune God, the Holy Trinity; (c) in oaths and asseverations: bi the ~; bi the vertu (in vertu) of the ~; etc.; (d) Trinity Sunday; the feast of the Holy Trinity, celebrated on the Sunday following Pentecost; also, the season of this feast; ~ son-dai (tide, time); ~ light, a lamp or set of candles burned in church for the feast of the Holy Trinity; also, in adv. constructions: that dai (the even, feste) of the ~, on that day (the eve, feast) of the Holy Trinity; (e) as the name of a specific altar, church, religious guild, etc. dedicated to the honor or worship of the Holy Trinity;—usu. in combs.; pl. ?Trinity Hospital in Fossgate, York; ?the members of the guild of Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin, who maintained the hospital; ~ auter (chirche, gilde, etc.); ~ ele, a wing of the transept in a church, prob. one containing an altar or oratory dedicated to the Holy Trinity; (f) a symbolic pictorial or figural representation of the Trinity; banere of the ~, a banner bearing a device of the Trinity.
(a) In ships' names; (b) in street name.