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tōknen v.
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Note: Cp. itaknen v.
(a) To represent (sth.) by a symbol, symbolize; ppl. tokned as adj.: represented, signified; also, as noun: that which is represented [quot. ?a1450]; (b) to constitute a type of (Christ); also, prefigure (sth., usu. an event in the life of Christ).
To portend (sth.), presage; also, of a dream: mean (sth.), have oracular significance about.
(a) To indicate (sth., that sth. is so); also, be symptomatic of (sth.); (b) of a zodiacal sign: to correspond to (a part of the body).
(a) Of a word: to refer to (a concept, class, etc.), signify; of a letter: signify (a number, text); (b) of a digit: to represent (a number); (c) to name (sb.); gloss (a name).
(a) To place a distinguishing mark on (sb. or sth.); also fig.; ppl. tokned as noun: the marked section [3rd quot., 2nd occurrence]; (b) to distinguish (periods of time).
To make a beckoning gesture.
To inform (sb. that sth. is so).