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tōken n.
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(a) A physical object that by virtue of a physical or conceptual similarity is used to represent an action, a concept, state, or superior thing, a symbol; also, a property, esp. color, conventionally associated with that symbolized; also, a visionary image with symbolic import; in ~, symbolically; in ~ of, so as to symbolize (sth.); in ~ that, so as to indicate that (sth. is so); (b) an action intended to figure a concept, condition, etc.; also, an action intended to suggest a state of affairs; (c) a representation of the cross; also, the sign of the cross made with the hand; ~ of the cros, rode ~, etc.
(a) An omen, a portent; also, that which presages, a foreshadowing of a future action or event; (b) an occurrence assumed indicative of the divine will; also, a marvel or an event assumed to signify the favor of a supernatural power; (c) significance, meaning, import;—also pl.
(a) An observable characteristic, action, etc. that indicates the presence of a state, condition, or moral quality; also, a visible indicator of an inward state; also, a means of testing an inward state; (b) a means of identifying a person, type of person, or thing; a defining characteristic or set of defining characteristics; also, a physical mark indicative of a past or present status; also, the mark left by a physical injury; (c) med. a characteristic sign of a disease or of a bodily disorder, a symptom; also, a characteristic sign of a bodily condition, of recovery, or of health.
(a) Evidence, proof; a confirming detail; ~ wed, something left at the scene of a putative misdeed that may constitute evidence; (b) support for a belief; grounds for an opinion; bi that ~ that, bi the same ~ (that, for which (the same) reason; in ~ of, on account of, because of; (c) an extraordinary event serving as evidence of supernatural power, a miracle; (d) a physical trace, mark, footprint; also fig.; (e) a seal, ring, or similar object authenticating the bearer or an instruction; a password; also, a disclosure of personal details serving to attest to the speaker's identity; also, a seal guaranteeing the quality of an item.
A prearranged signal; also, a significant bodily motion, a gesture; also, a suggestive motion; in ~, as a signal.
(a) That which serves as a reminder, a memorial, memento, keepsake; a love token; also, an act of commemoration, esp. the sacrament of Communion; (b) an act performed in confirmation or recognition of a contract or an agreement; also, a public symbolic display or act.
(a) A flag, standard, banner; an emblem associated with a person or an event; ~ berere, berere of ~, a standard bearer; (b) a badge; a device for a coat of arms, banner, etc.; (c) a signet ring; (d) an item of apparel worn as an indication of status; (e) a sign identifying an inn.
A model, an example; an illustration; also, a semblance [quot. a1393].
A guarantee, an earnest; also, a pledge.
Astron. & astrol. (a) A celestial beacon; a heavenly body; (b) a sign of the zodiac.
In misc. senses: (a) an asterisk to indicate a part of a text that is missing; also, a marker, pointer; (b) a name, title, designation; to ~, by name; (c) a distinctive characteristic, usu. a word or words, indicating a grammatical case; (d) a statue, an idol; also, some artifact of gold; (e) a prize, trophy; (f) ?the heaped-up middle section of a road; ?a pile of stones used as a landmark; (g) ~ of heven, a medicinal herb [cp. signe n. 11.(b)].
(a) ?A false appearance (cp. sense 8.); ?errors through misunderstanding of OF singe as signe and dessoines as d'enseignes; (b) error, perh. through misunderstanding of L cataracta as ML caragma.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. token.