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spīce n.(2)
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(a) A type or kind of person, flavor, etc.; (b) the human species; mannes ~, mankind; (c) a species of plant; a genus of animals, fish, trees, etc.; (d) med. & pathol. a type or variety of disease, humor, etc.; (e) theol. a subclass or branch of sin, penance, moral virtue, etc.; (f) a subdivision of a subject of study; (g) ?a portion or part of something; haven a ~ of, to be partially of (a lineage); haven no ~ of (to), ?have not a bit of (a quality or an attribute); (h) ?a characteristic or an attribute of a person or persons; also, the nature of a bodily component or medicine; (i) in ~, in particular, specifically [translating L in specie].
(a) A visible form or shape; appearance or semblance; ?coll. the symptoms (of a disease) [last quot.]; under (the) ~ of, under the guise of (piety or doing sth.); haven the (a) ~ of, to have the appearance of (piety); (b) the intelligible or sensible aspect of an object or odor; pl. the shapes or forms of that which is perceived by any of the senses; also, the configurations of sounds produced in speaking; (c) theol. the bread or wine as the eucharistic element in its physical or visible form; (d) splendor, beauty; (e) ?a mental image or notion; ?an idea.