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shīnen v.
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(a) To send forth light, be bright; also fig.; -- also refl.; ~ in; (b) of plants, precious stones, etc.: to shine with intrinsic radiance; also fig.; (c) ppl. shining(e, effulgent, brilliant; also fig.; also, of fortune: favorable [quot.: c1390]; (d) in selected phrases: ~ in, to shine upon (sth.); ~ in (of) cristal, shine with light reflected from crystal; ~ on, shine on (sb. or sth.); ~ til (to), send light to (sb. or sth.), illuminate; also fig.; (e) to give light to (sth.), illuminate (an area); send forth (a beam of light); of a helmet: emit (fire, sparks).
(a) Of the sky: to be clear, be sunny; of the day: dawn; be sunny; of the night: be cloudless, be starlit; ppl. shininge as adj.: cloudless, clear; (b) impers. hit shineth, it is sunny; (c) ~ upon, of air: to circulate about (fruit).
(a) To shine with supernatural light, be supernaturally radiant; radiate supernatural light; also, be illuminated with supernatural light; ppl. shininge, supernaturally bright or radiant; also fig.; (b) to shine with righteousness, be morally pure, be sinless; also, of holiness, holy influence, virtue: be luminous, be ardent; ~ oute; ppl. shininge, glorious, resplendent; (c) to shine by magical or diabolical power; also, ppl. shininge as adj.
(a) Of a smooth or polished surface: to give off reflected light, gleam, glitter; ppl. shininge, polished, shiny; also, of an animal's hide: gleaming, well-groomed; (b) of a fluid, liquid, or gum: to glisten in the light, sparkle; ppl. shininge, glistening, translucent; (c) of clothing, furniture, etc.: to be splendid, be bright, be colorful; be adorned with precious metals, with gold thread, etc.; ppl. shininge as adj.: splendid, bright, well-adorned; also, of food: sumptuous; (d) of natural scenery: to shine in the light; also, glow with vegetation, be bright, be verdant; ppl. shininge, bright, shining.
(a) Of a person, the face, etc.: to be fair-skinned; be beautiful; ppl. shininge, fair-skinned, beautiful, attractive; (b) of eyes: to glisten; of a frog's eyes: be bright, shine; ppl. shininge as adj.: glistening; (c) of the skin or a membrane, usu. because of an unnatural or a morbid condition: to have a sheen; gleam, glisten; ppl. shininge, glossy, glistening; (d) of the hair: to have a sheen; ~ for, gleam with (a black color); ppl. shininge, shiny, glossy; (e) to be sumptuously dressed; ~ in, be dressed in (sumptuous clothes); ~ with, go decked in (clothing); also, be resplendent by wearing (a crown) [last quot.].
(a) To be illustrious, be eminent, be distinguished; be esteemed; also, be pre-eminent; ppl. shininge, glorious; shininge in lofes, generous in distributing food; also, as noun: one generous in distributing food; (b) to be visible, appear; also, be evident, be clear; follow (from a premise); also, be revealed [quot.: c1475]; (c) to rejoice; of joy: be ardent.
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Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1525 BodEMus.52 Artist.Recipes (BodEMus 52) 193/8 : Burnyshe þi golde fyrste softlye and þen faster tyll it schynne.
  • Note: Postdates sense 2.(a). New spelling (sg. 3: schinne).