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savāciǒun n.
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(a) Protection or preservation from some present or threatened danger, trouble, calamity, etc.; deliverance from destruction; defense; (b) a state of safety, security; personal safety; ~ of thinges, safety; weie of ~, a secure way; withouten ani ~, without anyone being spared; (c) that which affords protection, a preserver, defender; (d) relief from an intolerable condition; in ~ of, for the relief of (sb.); (e) ~ of lif, preservation of life; for (in) ~ of lif, to save (someone's, one's own) life.
Theol.: (a) Deliverance from sin and damnation, redemption; admission to eternal life; -- also pl.; ~ of soule; (b) one who brings salvation, a savior; that which affords or conduces to salvation; also, one who affords spiritual comfort [1st quot.]; (c) dedes (weie) of ~, acts (a way of life) conducive to salvation; bringen (drauen, turnen) to ~, to bring (sb., the world) to salvation; comen to ~, achieve salvation; haven ~, be saved; techen ~, teach about salvation; werken ~, bring about salvation; (d) in oaths and asseveration.
(a) The act or process of preserving an organism or a part of the body from destruction or decay; ~ of kinde, preservation of a species; (b) ~ of, the preservation of (sth.) from loss; (c) that which affords physical support; (d) pl. savaciouns of wines, means of or devices for preserving wines; (e) med. the process of healing, curation; also, that which heals [last quot.]; yeven ~ to..of, to cure (a horse) of (a condition).
A state of well-being; prosperity; commune (publike) ~, the common (public) good.

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  • a1500(1439) Lydg.Sts.AA (Lnsd 699)1137 : The soone in sooth…For mannys help & savacion Was incarnate, & took flessh & blood.
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