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sacren v.
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Eccl. & theol.: (a) To consecrate the body and blood of Christ in the Mass, celebrate the Eucharist; (b) to consecrate (bread and wine, the body and blood of Christ, the Host) in the Mass; celebrate (the Eucharist, Mass); of Christ: offer (his body and blood) as sacrifice; ppl. sacred, consecrated.
(a) To consecrate (sb. or sth.), make holy, sanctify; ppl. sacred, consecrated, set apart for religious purposes; holy, sacred, deserving of religious veneration; of an oath: inviolable; of tears: devout; (b) to slaughter (an animal) in sacrifice; also, sacrifice (a human being) to a pagan deity; (c) ~ to (in, in-to, unto), to dedicate (sb. or sth., the soul) to (a deity, divine power), offer up; devote (labor) to (God); -- also refl.; ben sacred of a vou to, be bound by a sacred vow to (the Lord); ppl. sacred, dedicated to Christ or a deity; (d) to worship (a deity), do homage to.
(a) To consecrate (sb., a king, bishop, etc.) to office; ~ bishop (king, etc.), consecrate (sb.) bishop (king, etc.); ben sacred a prophete, be divinely appointed a prophet; also, ppl. sacred, consecrated; (b) ~ to bishop (king, pope), ~ in-to prest (arche-bishop), ~ in arche-bishop (pope), to consecrate (sb.) as bishop, priest, archbishop, etc.
(a) To unite (persons) in the sacrament of marriage, marry (sb. to sb. else); solemnize (a marriage); (b) to swear an oath, make a vow; ppl. sacred, ratified; (c) to conjure (sth.), perform a magic rite over.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Wycl.Tithes (Trin-C O.1.29)271/130 : Iudas..sulde Criste Ihesu when þat he was dedely and nouȝt knawen fore verray God; bot if þat ȝee sell his body sacried in þe messe, þan ȝee sell hym glorifyede and knawen for God.
  • Note: New form (p.ppl. sacried). Sense 1.(a).