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relẹ̄f(e n.
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(a) That which is left over or left behind, remains, remnants, residue; -- often pl.; also, a legacy, charitable bequest; also, dregs; ~ of brucus, what the bruchus leaves; (b) rabble, ruins; (c) pathol. remains or residual traces of a disease or an aposteme; also fig.; (d) as adj.: remaining.
(a) A scrap or fragment of food; remnants of a meal, leftovers, leavings; -- often pl.; also fig.; (b) ?a small basket for collecting fragments from the table.
(a) The remnant of a people; also, the elect, the chosen; (b) the remaining members of a family or other group; (c) progeny, offspring, posterity; (d) a relic of a saint.
A feudal payment to the overlord made by an heir upon taking possession of an estate.
(a) Help, aid, assistance; relief of a city; (b) sustenance; also, support of an institution; (c) hunt. the act of feeding or pasturing.
(a) Alleviation of distress, hunger, sickness, etc.; also, a release, remittance, or discharge [quot.: 1483]; (b) restoration, renovation, recovery; (c) satisfaction, pleasure; ?also, good fortune [quot.: Mirk]; for the point of his ~, in order to please him.