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quenchen v.
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To extinguish (sth.); -- freq. in fig. context: (a) to extinguish (fire, sth. burning); (b) to extinguish (light, a candle, lantern, etc., the sun); (c) to cool (heat, sth. hot, an inflammation, a fever); ~ of hete, deprive (sth.) of (its) heat, cool; (d) in proverb; (e) to become extinguished, cease to burn; diminish in heat; ~ of hete; (f) of a light, lamp, torch: to cease to burn or shine.
(a) To drench (sth.) with water; (b) ~ in, to cool (a heated object) in (a liquid); submerge (stones) in (goat's milk); (c) water quenched with iren, water in which hot iron has been quenched; (d) quenched lim, slaked lime.
(a) To bring (sth., vital force, a condition, an activity) to nought, end, eliminate; still (a tempest, strife); destroy (good reputation); ~ oute; (b) to kill (sb.), destroy(a host); overcome (sb., mortal nature); oppress (sb., the common people); (c) to render ineffectual (God's grace or mercy), stifle (the holy spirit, spiritual illumination, fervor, love, etc.); (d) to end (an illness, morbid condition), cure; (e) to expunge (sin), take away, efface; (f) to settle (a legal dispute); (g) to surpass (another's ability); (h) to blind (an eye).
(a) To assuage (sorrow, enmity, indignation, etc.); (b) to mitigate (desire, sinful desires), diminish; suppress (sinful impulse); (c) to slake (a desire, hunger, thirst), satisfy; (d) of sinful desires: to abate; of envy: be appeased; of love: fail, cease.
(a) Med. To alter (mercury) so as to render it suitable for mixing with other ingredients; (b) ?to soak (fruits), perh. to moderate their pungency; ?to dry.