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prǒud adj.
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(a) Guilty of the sin of Pride; haughty, arrogant; also, obstinate, rebellious; (b) proudest of pride, supremely proud; ~ as lucifer; ~ herte, proud heart; -- also as surname or epithet; maken hit ~, to behave haughtily, be arrogant; waxen ~, become proud or obstinate; nere he no (never) so ~, no matter how haughty he may have been; ne ben thei never so ~, no matter how arrogant they may be; (c) of fate, destiny, the hand of Fortune: inexorable, implacable; (d) proud of one's appearance, vain; ~ as a po (po-cok); (e) of words, speech, manners, a boast, a desire: arrogant, presumptuous.
(a) Greatly pleased, gratified, elated; glad (to do sth.); ~ mid, greatly pleased with (sb.); ~ of, elated about (sth.); ~ ther-of (ther-for); (b) ~ of, proud of (sth.); (c) ~ for, proud on account of (sth.), proud of (sth.); ~ ther-for.
(a) Brave, bold, valiant; of birds or animals: fierce; of blows: boldly struck, hard; (b) ~ in (on) presse, ~ in pleie (armes), ~ of werre, valiant in battle, war, or combat; ~ as a pie, quarrelsome as a magpie; picher ~, drunk and quarrelsome; (c) of a horse: spirited, fearless; ?also, proud; (d) ?virtuous; ?valiant.
(a) Noble, excellent, splendid; (b) noble in bearing or appearance; ~ in presse, splendid in the throng; ~ of appareil, ~ in (of) pride, splendidly arrayed; ~ in pal, handsome in rich clothing; maken ~, to make (sb.) splendid, adorn (sb.); maken in ~, make (sb.) splendid in (a garment).
(a) Of cities, buildings, walls, etc.: stately, majestic, beautiful; of a country: rich; ~ in pride, magnificent in decoration; (b) of clothing, jewelry, trappings, etc.: sumptuous, splendid, beautiful; on ~ wise, splendidly; (c) of chariots: great; of gold: fine, pure; of gifts, feasts: rich, splendid; of beds, gravestones: handsome, ornate; of a horse's breast: broad, stout; proudest in presse; of plants: finest among the mass; (d) of honors: exciting pride or vanity; privilege ~, an imposing license or commission; (e) ~ fal, the front part of a woman's hair.
Med. & surg. ~ flesh, flesh puffed up by excessive granulation, proud flesh; also fig.