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nẹ̄den v.(2)
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(a) To be necessary, needed, required, or essential; ~ to, be necessary to or for (sth.); (b) to be poor, needy, or in want; also, be in need of help; (c) ?to be lacking or wanting.
Impers.: (a) hit) nedeth, etc., it is needed, it is necessary; it is necessary (to do sth.); there is need of (sth.); hit nedeth for, it is necessary (to do sth.); hit nedith the (hem, etc.), it is necessary for you or for them (to do sth.), you (they) need; etc.; hit nedeth unto me, I need it; (b) him nedeth, nedeth him, etc., he needs or wants (sth.), (sth.) is necessary for him, (sth.) is required or desired by him; nedeth me (us), hem (theim) nedeth, I (we, they) need; him (hire) nedede, he (she) needed; that the (us, hem) nedeth, which you (we, they) need; etc.; the nedeth of, to..nedeth me, you (I) have need of (sth.); after that hem nedeth, according to their needs; that hem mister neded, that they needed; him to neden, to be necessary to him; (c) him nedeth, nedeth him, etc., he needs (to do sth.), he is obliged or required; the nedest, us (hem) nedeth, you (we, they) need; him (me, hem) nedede, he (I, they) needed; etc.; (d) to me neden, nedeth unto you, you to nedeth, nedeth to men, etc., I (you, men) need, is necessary for me (you, men); hire to nedeth, she needs; etc.; (e) what nedeth (hit, what nedede hit, what is (was) the need of (sth.), what need is there (to do sth.); what nedeth him (you), what need is there for him or you (to do sth.); ther nedeth (neden), there is need of (sth.).
(a) To need (sth.), want, lack, require; need (to have sth.); -- also without obj.; (b) ~ to (of), to need (sth.); neded to, in need of, requiring; (c) to need (to do sth.), be required, obliged, or well-advised (to do sth.); refl. thou nede the, it is necessary for you (to do sth.); -- also without obj.