Teaching Media

Teaching Media is dedicated to sharing ideas and resources for pedagogical practices. JCMS Teaching Dossier publishes short essays on pedagogical topics in film and media studies.

Current Issue

Summer 2021

Edited by George S. Larke-Walsh and Murray Leeder


George S. Larke-Walsh and Murray Leeder

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When Zoom Replaces the Cinema: Reimagining Film Studies Online During COVID-19 Through Collaborative Teaching and Community Building

Luke Creely, Robert Letizi, Whitney Monaghan, Grace C. Russell, and Simon Troon

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How Blue-Green Was My Valley? Addressing Unexpected Issues Related to Teaching Media Online

Ted Fisher

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Creativity in the COVID-19 Crisis: Might the Current Student Adoption of Pre-Visualization Re-Center the Cruciality of Constructing the Mise-en-Scène?

Samantha Iwowo, Christa van Raalte, and James Fair

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Justice-Oriented Exploratory Co-Creation (JOEC): A Proposed Method for Teaching Online Media Production Courses

Hamidreza Nassiri

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Teaching Japanese Media Online in Japan: Challenges and Benefits

Lindsay Nelson

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Teaching Audiovisual Media in Chile: Problems and Challenges after COVID-19

Vladimir Rosas-Salazar and Luis Horta

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Using Flipgrid in the Online Film Studies Classroom

Andrea Wood

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Postscript to “Designing and Assessing Hybrid Cinema Studies Courses”: Redefining “Hybrid,” Modular Design, and Student Evaluations as Research

Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges

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Online Teaching with a COVID Flair—Some Thoughts

Kelly Kessler

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The Awakening and Beyond: Ongoing Collaborative Experiences for Online and Peer-Based Filmmaking

Antoni Roig and Talia Leibovitz

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