The English register of Oseney abbey
Clark, Andrew, 1856-1922.

[XXX. Of Great Tew]


Reference to no. 186.

A SENTENCE diffinitife Agaynste William, person of þe church of more tywe, i-ȝefe By thabbot of gloucetur prior of lantonye and þe Archedecon of gloucetur of þe smale tithis In litull Tywe, above In the titull of 'litull Tywe.'


Reference to no. 188.

A CHARTER agaynste John of Pratell of A commune, i-ȝefe In þe ȝere of þe Reyne of þe Kyng Henry þe soone of Kynge John [lii], above In þe titull of 'litull Tywe.'