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The Impact of Partnership-Centered, Community-Based Learning on First-Year Students' Academic Research Papers Feldman, Ann M.; Moss, Tom; Chin, Diane; Marie, Megan; Rai, Candice; Graham, Rebecca vol. 13 Fall 2006
The Impact of Service-learning Course Characteristics on University Students’ Learning Outcomes Moely, Barbara; Ilustre, Vincent vol. 21 Fall 2014
The Impact of Service-Learning Experiences on Students' Sense of Power Miller, Jerry vol. 4 1997
The Impact of Service-Learning on College Students Eyler, Janet; Giles, Jr., Dwight E.; Braxton, John vol. 4 1997
The Impact of Service-Learning Pedagogy on Faculty Teaching and Learning Pribbenow, Dean A. vol. 11 Spring 2005
Implementing Community Service Learning through Archaeological Practice Nassaney, Michael S. vol. 10 Summer 2004
An Indirect Model of Service-Learning: Integrating Research, Teaching, and Community Service Connor-Linton, Jeff vol. 2 1995
An Innovative University-Based Mentoring Program: Affecting College Students’ Attitudes and Engagement Hughes, Carolyn; Walsh, Megan; Mayer, Allison; Bolay, Jennifer; Southard, Kathryn vol. 16 Fall 2009
The Institutional Challenge of Community Service Learning Williams Minter, Deborah; Schweingruber, Heidi vol. 3 1996
Institutional Impacts and Organizational Issues Related to Service-Learning Holland, Barbara A. vol. spec 2000
Institutionalizing Community Service Learning at Major Research University: The Case of the East St. Louis Action Researh Project Reardon, Kenneth M. vol. 4 1997
Institutionalizing Community-Based Learning and Research: The Case for External Networks Shrader, Elizabeth; Saunders, Mary Anne; Marullo, Sam; Benatti, Sylvia; Maas Weigert, Kathleen vol. 14 Spring 2008
Institutionalizing Faculty Engagement through Research, Teaching, and Service at Research Universities Moore, Tami L.; Ward, Kelly vol. 17 Fall 2010
Integrating Reflection and Assessment to Capture and Improve Student Learning Ash, Sarah L.; Clayton, Patti H.; Atkinson, Maxine P. vol. 11 Spring 2005
Integrating Service and Academic Study: Faculty Motivation and Satisfaction in Michigan Higher Education Hammond, Chris vol. 1 1994
Integrating Service-Learning into the Mainstream: A Case Study Buchanan, Renee L. vol. 5 1998
Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Service-Learning: Lessons from the Health Professions Connors, Kara; Seifer, Sarena; Sebastian, Julian; Cora-Bramble, Denice; Hart, Richard vol. 3 1996
International Service Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Research (Robert G. Bringle, Julie A. Hatcher, and Steven G. Jones, Editors) Crabtree, Robbin D. vol. 17 Spring 2011
Introduction: Special Section on Global Service-Learning Reflexivity in Research: Reflecting on the Borders and Boundaries of the GSL Field Kiely, Richard; Hartman, Eric vol. 22 Fall 2015
Introduction Special Section on the SLCE Future Directions Project Stanlick, Sarah; Clayton, Patti H. vol. 22 Fall 2015
Investigating Faculty Learning in the Context of Community-Engaged Scholarship Katz Jameson, Jessica; Clayton, Patti H.; Jaeger, Audrey J.; Bringle, Robert G. vol. 18 Spring 2012
Invitation to Readers from the Book Review Editors vol. 14 Spring 2008
The Irony of Service: Charity, Project and Social Change in Service-Learning Morton, Keith vol. 2 1995