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PAR for the Course: A Congruent Pedagogical Approach for a PAR Methods Class Hammond, Joyce D.; Hicks, Maria; Kalman, Rowenn; Miller, Jason vol. 12 Fall 2005
Participants in, not Spectators to, Democracy: The Discourse on Civic Responsibility in Higher Education Williams, Dilafruz R. vol. 7 2000
The Path to Altruism in Service-Learning Classes: Big Steps or A Different Kind of Awkwardness? Marchel, Carol A. vol. 10 Fall 2003
Pedagogical Variations in Service-Learning and Student Outcomes: How Time, Contact, and Reflection Matter Mabry, J. Beth vol. 5 1998
Place-Building Theory: A Framework for Assessing and Advancing Community Engagement in Higher Education Kimball, Michael J.; Thomas, David F. vol. 18 Spring 2012
Points of Discomfort: Reflections on Power and Partnerships in International Service-Learning Sharpe, Erin K.; Dear, Samantha vol. 19 Spring 2013
Political Consciousness but not Political Engagement: Results from a Service-Learning Study Harker, Dave vol. 22 Spring 2016
Power and Privilege: Community Service Learning in Tijuana Madsen Camacho, Michelle vol. 10 Summer 2004
Pragmatism, Pedagogy, and Community Service Learning Yoder, Scot D. vol. 22 Spring 2016
Principles of Best Practice for Community-Based Research Strand, Kerry; Marullo, Sam; Cutforth, Nick; Stoecker, Randy; Donohue, Patrick vol. 9 Summer 2003
The Problem of Time: Enabling Students to Make Long-Term Commitments to Community-Based Learning Wallace, John vol. 7 2000
Problematizing Service-Learning: Critical Reflections for Development and Action (Trae Stewart and Nicole Webster, Editors) Zlotkowski, Edward vol. 18 Fall 2011
Program Planning: The Neglected Dimension of Service-Learning Sandmann, Lorilee R.; Kiely, Richard C.; Grenier, Robin S. vol. 15 Spring 2009
A Proposal for Mandatory Citizen Education and Community Service Barber, Benjamin R. vol. 1 1994
Psychometric Properties and Correlates of the Civic Attitudes and Skills Questionnaire (CASQ): A Measure of Students' Attitudes Related to Service-Learning Moely, Barbara E.; Mercer, Sterett H.; Ilustre, Vincent; Miron, Devi; McFarland, Megan vol. 8 Spring 2002
Public Interest Anthropology: A Boasian Service-Learning Initiative Reeves Sanday, Peggy; Jannowitz, Karl vol. 10 Summer 2004
Public Work and the Academy: An Academic Administrators Guide to Civic Engagement and Service-Learning (Mark Langseth and William M. Plater (Eds.)) Burkhardt, John; Pasque, Penny vol. 11 Spring 2005
Pushing Back the Gates: Neighborhood Perspectives on University-Driven Revitalization in West Philadelphia (Harley F. Etienne) & College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be (Andrew Delbanco) Butin, Dan W.; Saud, Daniyal vol. 19 Spring 2013
Pushing Boundaries: Introduction to the Global Service-Learning Special Section Hartman, Eric; Kiely, Richard vol. 21 Fall 2014
Putting the Local in Global Education (Neal Sobania) Lee, Chance vol. 22 Spring 2016