How to Search the Quotations

Searches within Quotations allow you to find a specified word, phrase, or combination of words within the Middle English quotations illustrating each dictionary entry, which collectively comprise a corpus of nearly a million snippets of Middle English.

A Quotation search will retrieve quotations that match your terms. Quotation results contain a link to the Dictionary entry that cites the quotation and the Bibliography entry for the work that contains it

Quotations search types

Quotations including citation
Searching for Quotations including citation will retrieve quotations that contain your search term anywhere, both in the text of the quotation and in the bibliographic information attached to it. A search for Cambridge will find quotations that are cited in The University of Cambridge from the Earliest Times to the Royal Injunctions of 1535 and quotations that contain the word Cambridge.
Quotations text only
Searching within Quotations text only will only retrieve your search term within the Middle English quotations