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caul n.
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Note: Cp. col.
(a) Cabbage, kale, colwort, rape, mustard, or some other plant of the genus Brassica; also, any cultivated leafy vegetable, garden greens, pot-herbs; (b) wilde ~, wild mustard, charlock.
(a) ~ plaunte (wort) = caul; (b) ~ lef; ~ sed, the seed of rape or mustard; (c) ~ garth, vegetable garden; (d) ~ hert, cabbage deer [a humorous name for the hare].
A stem or stalk; ~ stok; prob. also, any plant with a prominent stem.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1300 Add.15236 Gloss.(1) (Add 15236)116/250 : Strucium, cauliculus agrestis: wylde coule.
  • a1475 Gilb.Angl.(Wel 537)99/15 : Let him holde castor vndir his tunge, or þe iuse of wilde caul.
  • Note: Supplementary material for sense 1.(b).
    Note: Modify gloss for combination to read: 'wilde ~, wild mustard, charlock Sinapis arvensis; also, wild cabbage Brassica oleracea.'
    Note: New form: Also..coule.
  • a1425 MS Roy.12.E.1 in Hunt Plant Names (Roy 12.E.1)54 : [Borago:] wild borage, galwort.
  • ?a1450 Agnus Castus (Stockh 10.90)138/18 : Borage silvestres is an herbe þat men clepe wylde borage or tauwort [read: cauwort; vrr. calewort].
  • a1500 MS Sln.962 in Hunt Plant Names (Sln 962)54 : [Borago:] wilde borage or calwort
  • a1500 MS Trin-C R.14.32 in Hunt Plant Names (Trin-C R.14.32)54 : [Borago:]wylde borage or katwortte [read: kalwortte].
  • Note: New forms: Also.. (in cpds.) cale-, kal- cau-, gal-, (errors) tau-, kat-.
    Note: Quots. belong to sense 2.(a).
  • ?a1200(?OE) PDidax.(Hrl 6258b)19/6 : Þanne nim þu ærest þane cyrnel þe byð innan þan persogȝe and cyrfetan cyrnel and cawelstelan togædere.
  • Note: New compound: ~ stele.
    Note: Quot. belongs to sense 3..
    Note: Modify gloss to read: 'A stem or stalk; ~stele (stok); prob. also, any plant with a prominent stem.'
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