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warde-rōbe n.
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Note: Cp. garde-robe n.
(a) A room for the storage of clothing, armor, and similar articles; a closet; a dressing room; also in fig. context; also, a private chamber or small apartment; (b) a stock or supply of clothing; ?also, a chest or an armoire for the storage of garments and similar articles [quot. 1440]; (c) the department of a royal or noble household responsible for clothing, armor, bedding, and various other personal necessities; also, the expenses charged to such a department; ~ of beddes, litel ~, a specialized subordinate department concerned with the keeping of the king’s beds and other things within the Tower of London; gret ~, the Great Wardrobe or Magna Garderoba, originally a specialized department of the royal wardrobe dealing with the bulk purchase and storage of nonperishable commodities, often in a large warehouse or warehouses (hence the name), but later developed into an independent royal office with broader responsibility for the procurement or manufacture, repair, and distribution of durable goods, furniture, arms, equipment, etc.; (d) a building or part of a building set aside to house the royal wardrobe, its offices, etc.; (e) a privy, latrine; also, a building housing a privy, an outhouse; (f) hunt. badger’s excrement; (g) in surnames.