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waggen v.
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(a) To be in motion, esp. back and forth or up and down, shake, flutter, swing; also fig. with ref. to (e) [quots. a1387 & a1425]; of teeth: be loose; of a boat: rock with the waves; of flesh: wobble or quiver; of beards: wag with the motions accompanying animated speech; wagginge tethe, loose teeth; (b) ~ with hed, to nod; also, nod in a coquettish or provocative manner; (c) to walk around, move about, wander; also, betake oneself, go; of a swimmer: struggle (to shore through or with the waves); (d) to stagger; totter, sway; also in fig. context with ref. to (e) [quot. a1450]; (e) to waver, vacillate, lack steadfastness; ~ at a strau, ?be indecisive, dither over a situation; (f) ppl. wagginge, of the wind: gusty.
(a) To move (sth.), esp. back and forth or up and down, shake; also fig.; also, brandish (a weapon); stir up (the wind); of an animal: wag (its tail); of a bird: flutter (its feathers); (b) to shake (sb.) so as to get his attention, nudge; (c) to cause (sb.) to waver or vacillate; also in fig. context; (d) ~ oute, to trouble (sb.), afflict.