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trusten v.
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Note: Cp. a-tristen v., traisten v.(1).
(a) To be confident; also refl.; also, take heart, take courage [quot. c1384, 1st]; ~ in (of, on, to, unto, upon), have confidence in (sb., sth., oneself); rely on (sb. or sth.) for guidance, support, discretion, etc.; be assured of (sth.), count on;refl. entrust one's safety or well-being to (sb. or sth.), rely on; ~ no-thing to lif, despair of (someone's) life, have no hope of (someone's) recovery; (b) to have or feel confidence in (sb. or sth.), trust, rely on; believe the best of (sb. or sth.), rely on the good faith, honesty, etc. of (sb.); ben leste to ~, be least to be trusted; not ~ lif, despair of (one's) life; also, with inf. or that clause: ~ nought to scapen, despair of escaping; ~ nought that, despair (that sth. may be done);ppl. trusted as adj.: trustworthy, reliable; (c) to have religious faith, trust in the divine being or providence [quot. c1450(c1400)Rev.Jul.Norwich]; also, trust (God, Jesus, etc.), have faith in [quots c1450(c1400) Sultan Bab., a1500(1439), and perh. c1470]; ~ in (o, on, to, etc. ), put one's faith in (God, Christ, idols, divine mercy, etc.), trust in (the Mosaic law, religious observances, etc.), invest one's spiritual well-being in; also, with that clause: trust in (God to do sth.) [quot. c1450(a1425)]; (d) to be overconfident, presume, be presumptuous; ~ of (on), be overconfident of (sth.);ppl. trustinge, complacent.
(a) To have confident expectation of something [quot. ?a1450]; confidently expect (sth.), have good hope of [quots. c1384 & ?c1425]; also, with inf. or clause: confidently expect (to do sth., sb. to do sth., that sb. will do sth., sth. is so, etc.); know with any certainty (when sth. will happen); ~ of, be certain of (sth.), be assured of; also, in asseverations: ~ in (to) god, ~ to oure fader, devoutly hope or believe (sth. will happen, God will do sth., etc.), devoutly hope (to do sth.); (b) to believe (in sb. or sth.), give credence (to sb. or sth.), accept the veracity (of sb. or sth.); also, believe (sb. or sth.), put credence in; with clause as obj.: believe (sb. did sth., that sth. is the case, etc.); ~ in (on, to, etc.); (c) with somewhat diminished force, in parenthetical or emphatic expressions: as ich mai ~, ich trust, as) I believe, as) I think, indeed; trust me (wel, trust to me, trust (it) wel, etc., believe me (it), take my word for it, certainly.
In proverbs & prov. expressions; also, in conventional comparisons.
To entrust (money to a treasury).
In misc. senses: (a)Refl. ?mistransl. of OF s'arester to stop, linger; (b)ppl. trusted, ?mistransl. of L affatus, p.ppl. of affor to address; (c) ?error for thristen v.