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trouen v.
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Note: Cp. itrouen v. (Suppl.), mistrouen v., overtrouen v.
(a) To have trust, be trustful; rely (on sb. or sth.), place one's confidence (in sb.), trust (in God); also, trust too much (in sth.), be certain (of sth.); (b) to accept (sb. or sth.) as reliable, rely on, trust; also, be overconfident about (one's position in life); also, ?count on (sth.) [last quot.]; (c) refl. to entrust oneself (to sb.), put oneself (in someone's hands).
(a) To be of a certain opinion, form an opinion, exercise one's judgment, think; (b) to believe (sth.); believe (sb.) to be (sth. or somewhere), believe (oneself to be in a certain situation), believe (sth. to be so, an image to be God), etc.; with clause as obj.: be of the opinion (that sth. is or was so, that sb. would do sth., etc.), believe; he is for a fol to ~, he is one for others to judge a fool, one would think him a fool; he is trowede, he is thought (to have done sth.); (c) to anticipate (sth.), expect; also, suspect (sth.); with inf.: expect (to have or do sth.), hope;—also refl. [quot. c1449]; with clause as obj.: anticipate (that sth. will occur, that sb. will do sth., etc.), expect, imagine; ben trowede, be called for, be desired, be hoped for [quot. ?c1425]; (d) to believe (sth.) erroneously; wrongly impute (sth. to sb.); with inf.: have an unfounded expectation (of doing sth.), hope in vain (to do sth.); also, erroneously believe (sb. to be sth., oneself to have done sth.); with clause as obj.: believe erroneously (that sth. is or was so, that sb. was sth., etc.), wrongly suppose or assume; ppl. trowede as adj.: putative; (e) to imagine (oneself to do sth.) in a dream or vision; also, dream (that sth. is so).
(a) To give credence (to an utterance, a premise, conclusion, claim, etc.), put stock in (augury, magic, frauds, etc.); give one's acceptance (to counsel, instruction, etc.) as true or valid, listen credulously; (b) give credence (to sb.), accord belief, listen credulously; (c) to accept (an utterance, a statement, an account, etc.) as truthful, believe to accord with the facts, give credence to; accept (advice, instruction, etc.) as valid, listen credulously to; (d) to accept (sb.) as truthful, believe in the veracity of; credit the words of (sb.), believe what (sb.) says; (e) ?to attest to the truthfulness of (a statement, story), vouch for; ?also, attest to the reality of (God's might) [quots. could also be construed as (c)].
(a) To hold religious beliefs, have religious faith, be a believer; ppl. trowinge as adj.: believing; also, as noun: those who believe, the faithful; (b) with preps.: to believe (in God, Christ, a pagan deity, true religion, paganism), place one's religious faith; accept (a doctrine, the articles of faith, etc.) as true by faith; also, accept (the pope) as divinely directed [quot. a1500(?c1378)]; ppl. trowinge as noun: those who believe (in God); (c) to put religious faith in (God, gods, the Trinity, God's power, an article of faith, etc.), believe in; accept (a proposition) by faith, hold to be true; also, ?practice (a particular faith), hold to [quot. a1500(c1400)]; (d) ?to acclaim (sth.) as religious truth, affirm in faith [could also be construed as sense 3.(e)].
In parenthetical phrases, tags, etc., usu. with diminished force: to suppose, reckon, think, dare say, believe; as) ich trou, me troueth, etc.; trowe thou forsoth, who that righte troueth, etc.; troweth the soth, believe the truth!
?To discern (sth.);—prob. error for drauen v.