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tī̆tle n.
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(a) An inscription, esp. the superscription on Christ's cross; (b) a stone memorial; also, a stone altar.
(a) A small mark or stroke made with a penpoint; (b) the name of the symbol for the Latin word est; (c) the smallest part of something.
(a) The name of a book or section of a book; a descriptive heading for a book or section of a book; (b) a section of a book; (c) a topic, subject [last quot. could also be construed as (b)]; (d) a letter; also, the text of a book [1st quot.].
An appellation attaching to an individual or family by virtue of rank, social position, or office; also iron.; a descriptive or distinctive appellation; also, a descriptive label attaching to an act.
A name under which an activity or condition is sanctioned, esp. one used to conceal the true nature of the activity or condition; bi ~ of, under (the) ~ of, under the rubric of (sth.).
(a) The grounds or basis for the assertion of a legal claim; a reason, cause; also, the justification for an act; ~ of right; ~ or right, right and ~; ~ claim; (b) the assertion of a claim or right; (c) authorization, warrant.
(a) A legal right to the possession of land or immovable property, a legal claim;—also used of the devil's legal claim to sinners [quot. c1400(c1378)]; (b) a title deed, the evidence of the right to a property; also, ?a legal document setting forth the evidence available.
A certificate of presentment to a benefice, certificate of entitlement given when one is ordained.
One of the parish churches of Rome.