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stōren v.
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Note: Cp. instoren v.
(a) To supply provisions for (a castle, town, etc.), fill the stores of; provide (a castle) with soldiers; ~ of (with), supply (a castle, town, country, etc.) with (sb. or sth.); (b) to provide (sb.) with supplies, food, etc.; ~ of (with), provide (sb., oneself) with (sth.), supply with; (c) to put livestock on (land), supply with livestock; stock (a place with livestock); (d) to pay for (sth.), furnish, provide; (e) ~ to, ?to add to (the profits of a guild), increase; (f) to deal out blows in battle.
(a) To rebuild or restore (a city, a part of a building, etc.); return (land) to a state fit for cultivation, restore; replenish (mankind by repopulation); also, ?change the location of (a building stone); (b) to restore (sb.) to a state of good fortune, good health, etc.; med. restore (a sore mouth) to health, cure; (c) ~ ayen, to return (property), restore; (d) to enable (sb.) to return (to his lands).
To put or collect (sth.) into storage, store up.
?To provide (for sb. that he do sth.), ordain.

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Note: Though sense 3.(c) does not, perhaps, well represent the Latin "instaurare" ('renew, repopulate,' etc.) of Job 10.17, the English gloss suggests that it was taken that way in this example.