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sight(e n.
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Note: Cp. isighthe n.
(a) The faculty of sight, ability to see; also fig.; also in proverb; spirit (vertu) of ~; (b) sight as one of the five senses; ~ eie, eyesight; ~ of bodi (eie), bodilich ~, physical as opposed to spiritual vision; eie ~, q.v.; (c) an individual's sight or faculty of vision; also, his range of vision; (d) the eye, the eyes; also, the place of the eyes in a statue [quot.: ?a1439]; ~ closing; aforn (biforen, toforen) ~, before (someone's) eyes; ayen the ~, in front of (a serpent's) eyes; spenden ~, to make use of (one's) eyes; (e) phys. a ray from the eye to the object seen; ~ bem, bem of ~; (f) from (of, oute of) ~, out of (someone's, a bird's) sight, out of (someone's) presence; away from (someone's) presence; also, away; oute of ~ from (of) resoun, far removed from reason; don oute of ~, to remove (sb.); flen (from) ~, flee from (someone's) sight, avoid (sb.), shun; hiden from ~, kepen oute of ~, conceal (sth.); kepen from ~, conceal (oneself) from (the fishes') view; (g) in (o, on, to) ~, before (someone's) eyes; in full view, openly, clearly; also, manifest, apparent; also as tag; in holi chirches ~, with the witness of the church; in most ~, most conspicuous; comen in ~, to enter (someone's) presence; haven in ~, see (sth.), notice; setten in ~, establish (sth.) publicly; (h) at (unto) ~, in full view of (sb.), in (someone's) presence; bi ~, by witness of (sb. or sth.); to ~, to (someone's) eyes, in full view of (sb.); also, apparently, not really; with sighte(s, with (one's own) eyes; also as tag; with loking of frendes ~, with witness of kinsmen; comen to ~, to become available (for sb.) to read.
(a) The activity of seeing, gazing, or looking; thurgh ~, by looking; holden ~ withinnen, kepen ~, to restrain the eyes; (b) an instance of seeing, act of looking, a look, gaze, glance; (c) at a ~, at one glance, all at once; at the first ~, at first sight; also, at a glance; for the first ~, because of one look; for (the) aungel ~, because of seeing an angel; haven ~, to have a look; (d) astrol. an aspect.
(a) The visual cognizance (of sb. or sth.), view; also, an instance of such cognizance, a visual perception; also fig.; (b) haven (taken) ~ of, to get a view of (sb. or sth.), see; haven ~ on (upon), see (sb. or sth.); losen ~ of, lose sight of (sth.); (c) the perception (of God, Christ, the saints); ~ of god (godes neb), godes ~, the beatific vision; (d) the first sight; after (upon) the ~ of, immediately after reading (a document); with ~ of, at first glimpse of (sb.); (e) a place from which something can be seen; (f) a group.
(a) Observation, examination, scrutiny; also, reading; wacchen ~, to keep a vigil; (b) oversight, supervision; (c) a legal viewing; the judgment made by those participating in the viewing [cp. sense 8.]; an inspection and judgment made in settlement of a dispute or claim; also, those present at a view of frankpledge, a tithing [quot.: a1475, 1st]; putten in ~ (of, to submit (a disputed property) to a viewing; (d) a judgment or decision (by a court); also [1st quot.], legal action, litigation; -- ?error for sute n.6.(b).
(a) Divine perception, infinite vision; a perception by the divine intelligence; also, God's looking or gaze [quot.: c1475]; ~ of god, godes ~; to-foren ~, before God's knowledge; (b) biforen (in, in-to, on) ~, before (God's) eyes, in (God's) presence; from (til) ~, from (to) (God's) presence.
(a) The faculty of mental or spiritual vision, intellect, understanding; a capacity for understanding; gostli ~, spiritual vision; inward ~, reason, conscience; haven in ~, to have (sth.) in mind; (b) sightes of corage (eien), the eyes of the soul.
Heed, regard; in ~ that, seeing that; haven ~ to, to have regard to (sb. or sth.), be mindful of, consider; haven in ~ (of, have regard to (sth.).
(a) An opinion, estimation, a judgment; the faculty of judgment, discretion; at alle sightes, from all points of view, by general estimation; (b) in his (hire, godes, etc.) ~, at mannes ~, til oure ~, to oure (mannes, etc.) ~, unto min ~, etc., to (a person's, God's) eyes, as it seems to (sb.); in (a person's, God's) judgment or opinion; in ~ of oure eien, in our opinion; plesinge in min ~, pleasing to me; to (the) ~, to the eye, in estimation; also, obviously [quot.: Cursor].
(a) A thing seen, sight; a spectacle; ~ thing, a thing seen; -- ?error for sighti thing [cp. sighti adj.]; (b) ~ of, a sight of (sth.); a spectacle or display of (flowers, torches, men, etc.).
(a) A vision, dream vision; bok of ~, the Book of the Apocalypse; night ~; (b) ~ of, a vision of (sb. or sth.).
(a) Appearance; good appearance; ?also, embodiment [2nd quot.]; ~ of man, one having the appearance of man; (b) countenance, demeanor; (c) in (on) ~, in appearance; of (with) ~, of appearance; of good appearance [quot.: a1382, 2nd]; (d) bi (at, with) ~, bi menes of ~, by appearance, at sight; (e) to ~ of, in comparison with (sth.).
Mus. (a) A mode of visualizing a tone to harmonize with the melody employed in one kind of polyphonic singing; (b) a visualized tone or interval; in ~, in visualization; (c) one of the voice parts specified in such polyphonic singing.
(a) The aperture of the eyeball, pupil; (b) an eye-slit in a visor.

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Note: Correction: The gloss for sense 8.(b) does not allow for examples of phrase to ~ without a possessive pronoun or genitive noun or of phrase expressing whose opinion is involved, but quots. a1375, (a1393)--second quot., (c1395), and a1400 Cursor(Trin-C) are simply to sight with no specific "see-er". Maybe the construction should have been noted separately? Sense in these quots is just general, "to the sight," not any specific person's sight.--per MJW

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. sight.