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shitten v.
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Note: Cp. forshetten v.
(a) To close (a door, window, gate, etc.); also, close the gates of (heaven) [quot.: PPl.B]; ~ faste; (b) ppl. shitte, closed, shut, not open; (c) ~ ayenes, to shut (a gate) against (sb. or sth.), shut out; ~ to, close (a window, door); close (a gate) against (sth.); also, shut (the door) behind (oneself); ~ upon, shut (the door) behind (oneself); (d) to obstruct (an entrance, a pathway, gateway), block; seal up (a hole, pores), fill; also, effect a closure (with a gate) [1st quot.]; (e) to close (a book); (f) to shut (the mouth, the eye, the mind's eye, etc.); (g) to close up (a fissure); med. constrict (the pores of the skin, the vulva, the anus); close (a wound); -- also without obj.; poudre..shittinge togeder, a consolidating powder; (h) of a door, window, the ground, the eyes, etc.: to shut, close up; of the heart: cease beating; ~ togeder; clos ~, shut itself tightly; also, ben shitte.
(a) To lock; lock (a lock, door, etc.), fasten closed; also fig.; ~ to, fasten (a door bolt); ~ under keie, conceal (malice); (b) to lock up (a building, dungeon, coffer), make secure; also fig.; -- also without obj.; close off (heaven); quarantine (a house) [quot.: a1425(c1395)]; ~ herte, numb (the heart with sorrow, etc.); ~ in, close up (a shop, public bath, or other facility); ~ up, close off (heaven); also, render (the sea) inaccessible; (c) to fasten (armor, a collar, purse); shitte purs, a demon who prevents people from giving alms; (d) to seal (a letter); fold together (leaves inscribed with a message).
(a) To enclose (sth.), surround; also fig.; encircle (an enemy); ?encroach upon (a neighboring house) [quot.: c1436]; ~ in, enclose (the nose); (b) to store (sth.), store away; lock up (a treasure, gold), hide away; -- also without obj.; keep (sth. in one's heart, bosom, mind); also fig.; ~ up; (c) to enclose (sb. in a room, etc.) for privacy or protection; -- also refl.; shitte in bactaricen, isolated in Bactria; (d) to imprison (sb.), confine unwillingly; also fig.; also, cage (a bird); ~ herte, take possession of (someone's) heart, lock (someone's) heart away securely; ~ in, lock up (sb.) in a place; ~ togeder, imprison (sb.); ~ up, lock (sb.) up, confine, imprison; spirites ben shitte up, be overcome with emotion; (e) to bury (a corpse); enclose (a body or ashes in a tomb or coffin); cover (a grave with a stone); ~ abouten, close (a sepulchre); ~ under shaue, bury (sb.); ~ up, enclose (sb. in a coffin); (f) med. to trap (fluid in the tissues), seal in; ~ in.
(a) To exclude (sb. from sth.), keep away; ~ awei (oute, withouten), shut out (sb., oneself, sth.), shut off, exclude; (b) to keep (sb. or sth. from sb.); keep (sb.) safe and secure (from sth.); relieve (sb. from sorrow); ~ handes from yiftes, keep from touching or accepting gifts; ~ oute from us, keep (the enemy) from us.
(a) To conclude (sth.), bring to an end; conclude (a treaty); refl. conclude, be quiet; (b) in literal Bibl. transl.: ~ in a swerde, to make an end of (sb.) by the sword; ~ togeder fatnesse, close their hearts to pity, shut the gates of mercy.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1450 Iff a man (Stockh 10.90)173/348 : Lay a strong loke hyme apone, The loke schal shoit & be vndone.
  • Note: New spelling: Also:..shoit
    Note: [Stockh: on-schetyn and onstrok]
    Note: May be error for unshoit, etc. per MG
    Note: This quot. originally under sheten v.; it belongs either here--perhaps with a queried indication in the gloss that it is meant to be unshitten v.--or it belongs in unshitten v. as an error. Note that the variant quot. with "on-schetyn" is found in sense 2.(e) there: "of a lock: to become unlocked, spring open".--per MLL
    Note: This may not be likely, but could this be a possible error for shiden v., here an intransitive verb "to separate, open"? See sense (a): "to divide (sth.)"--per MLL