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scō̆rnen v.
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(a) To be contemptuous; hold (sb. or sth.) in disdain, despise; ppl. scorninge as adj.: ?disdainful, scornful; (b) to bring (sth.) into contempt.
(a) To act contemptuously; treat (sb. or sth.) with contempt, disregard; ~ ayenes (to, with); (b) to abuse (sb.) sexually.
(a) To refuse; -- also with inf. phrase; reject (sth.); shun (sth.), avoid; (b) to shrink, quail; ~ with, ?flinch from (sth.) [some quots. in 2b. may belong to scurnen v.].
(a) To speak slanderously; speak ill of (sb. or sth.), calumniate; (b) to blaspheme (God).
(a) To mock, ridicule; ~ on (to, with), mock (sb.); ppl. scorninge as adj.: mocking, derisive; (b) to ridicule (sb. or sth.) with words, laughter, actions, etc.; mock (sb. or sth.), deride; (c) in proverb; (d) to jest; ?also, waste time by bantering [last quot.].
To act deceptively; deceive (sb.), fool, trick; act deceptively toward (God); cheat (nature); refl. delude oneself.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1340) Ayenb.(Arun 57)54/27 : Þhe dyeuel…And þet yef hit him ne is naȝt worþ he him zayþ. 'eth and drink ase þe ilke and þe ilke; uelaȝrede þe behoueþ hyea[l]de yef þe wylt þet me ne scorne þe naȝt.'
  • Note: Gradon corrects Morris's 'storue'
    Note: Additional quote(s)
  • c1460 Chaucer CT.WB.(Hrl 1239)987 : [Hng: Hoom he qooth; he myghte nat] shorne. [The day was come þat homward moste he tourne].
  • Note: was under sojournen v.--but the spelling seems too far removed from sojournen. It prob. goes w. scornen, perh. 2b.?--per REL