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scō̆rn n.
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Note: Cp. scar n.
(a) A feeling or attitude of contempt, scorn; in (o, with) ~, disdainfully; haven ~, to scorn (to do sth.); haven ~ of, feel contempt for (sb. or sth.); leten (tellen) ~ of, regard (sb.) contemptuously; taken with ~, yeven ~ to, treat (sth.) disdainfully; tellen ~, disdain (to do sth.); thinken ~ of, scorn (sb.); -- also in impers. constr.; (b) contemptuous hostility; anger arising from contempt or offended dignity.
(a) Contemptuous treatment, mockery, abuse; ~ laughter, derisive laughter; ~ ne scathe; -- used as tag; for ~, as a show of contempt; in (o, of, on, to) ~, mockingly, derisively; in ~ of, in order to show scorn for (sb. or sth.); (b) driven to (til) ~, haven (maken) in-to ~, to subject (sb.) to ridicule; laughen to (at, in-to) ~, laugh (sb.) to scorn, ridicule [see also laughen v.2.(e)]; maken ~ at (bi, of, to), make fun of (sb.), deride; setten at ~, ridicule (sth.), reject scornfully; shouten to ~, offer ridicule; skelten in ~, ?revile (sb.), ?drive (sb.) away [cp. skelten v.(c)]; taken at (on) ~, feel (sth.) as mockery; (c) an indignity, insult, a gibe, mock; a derisive expression; taken in ~, to feel (sth.) as an insult; (d) a jest; foolishness.
(a) An object of scorn or mockery; (b) disgrace, dishonor; (c) ?a feeling of shame; ?error for scurn n.
(a) ?One who ridicules; ?error for scorner(e n.; (b) error for short adj.