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scalden v.
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Note: Cp. forscalden v.
(a) To burn (sb.) with hot liquid; burn (a bodily part) with burning coal; sear (sth. in fire); of the sun, fire, hot or molten metal, hot water, etc.: scorch or burn (sb., sth., an animal); ~ of, singe or burn off (a person's or an animal's hair); (b) ppl. scalded, of persons or bodily parts: burned, scalded; of the earth: scorched; of metal: ?molten or smelted [quot.: 1420-21]; also fig.; (c) of the tears of the sinful in Hell: to scald (sb., oneself); of the devil: burn (sb.); -- in malediction.
(a) To immerse (meat carcasses, poultry, fish) in boiling water for cleaning or removing the skin, scald; (b) to steep (fruits in wine); pour boiling water over (strips of bread), scald (strips of bread with a broth); ppl. scalded, of fruits: steeped in hot wine; of bread:?soaked in hot water; of a hawk's food: hot from having been immersed in hot liquid; (c) ?to cook (meat or poultry) by boiling.
To cause an inflammation on (the skin); ppl. scalded, afflicted with an inflammation (on a bodily part); of a bodily part, the skin, or a skin eruption: inflamed.
Ppl. scalding as adj.: (a) of liquid: exceedingly hot; of tears: burning, searing; ~ hot; (b) of the sea or a waterway: surging, rushing; as noun: a torrent, stream; (c) of a bodily part: inflamed.